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					2007 Clarion Application Guide
Guide Overview
     WELCOME TO CLARION!     This Sales and Application Guide provides you with all the informa-
                             tion necessary to sell and install the entire Clarion product line.
                             Clarion has been a driving force in the mobile electronics indus-
                             try for over 50 years. At Clarion, research and development has
                             always played a key role decade after decade. Our worldwide
CLARION CORPORATION OF       engineering team is responsible for many technological innovations
  AMERICA DEALER TECH        that have influenced the entire car audio industry. Clarion products
              HOTLINE        are designed to satisfy not only the casual listener, but the discern-
                             ing audiophile as well.
                             As part of the Clarion dealer network, you are able to offer your
                             customers car audio components unparalleled in quality and value.
                             We not only provide the right products, but also the necessary
                             support services.
      DEALER TECH HOTLINE    The Dealer Technical Hotline is available to all authorized Clarion
                             dealers for installation and technical questions. It is manned by
            905-829-4600     Clarion experts from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM PST, Monday through
            800-668-5612     Friday. A voice mail system is available to leave a message during
                             non-business hours and weekends.

                             Wiring diagrams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
                             from the web site. Also available online are
    ONLINE WIRING, OWNERS    owner's manuals, FAQs, product images, display board tags, and
          AND INSTALLATION   online order entry.
                             Clarion makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and detail of the
                             information contained within this Product Application Guide.

                             However, due to continuous improvements and availability of infor-
                             mation, the content of this binder may need to be updated through-
                             out the year. The most recent and accurate version of the binder
                             can always be found online at

                                             Corporate Overview
QUALITY CONTROL    Clarion products have long been recognized as being extremely
                   reliable. Quality control is an essential ingredient for reliability. During
                   manufacturing, products are tested at every stage – from first prototype,
                   through various stages of production, to the finished product. They are
                   subjected to a battery of tests ranging from vibration, shock, temperature
                   fluctuation, moisture, and other elements. Clarion’s attention to quality
                   control has earned an ISO 9002 Certification, the highest in the industry.

                   Clarion has maintained a strong research and development program ever
  RESEARCH AND     since the company’s founding in 1947. By keeping ahead of the industry
   DEVELOPMENT     with new innovations, Clarion has been able to offer “leading edge”
                   products for discerning audiophiles the world over. Clarion maintains
                   research facilities around the world. Three main laboratories in Japan
                   include product development, product engineering, and semi-conductor
                   research. In the United States, Clarion has a Technical Support Service
                   Center, as well as the North American Product Planning Department,
                   based at the Cypress (California) Corporate Office Complex. The staff of
                   engineers in Cypress work closely with engineers in Japan for product
                   development in both OEM and aftermarket products.

  CLARION FIRSTS   • First car radio in Japan (Model A-214 – 1948)
                   • First audio equipment supplier to Japanese auto maker (Renault Motor
 IN THE INDUSTRY   Co. - 1953)
                   • First fully-transistorized car radio in the world (1959)
                   • First car stereo set in Japan (CA-802 – 1963)
                   • First cassette car stereo set in Japan (PE-801 – 1968)
                   • First auto-reverse car cassette player in the world (PE-666 – 1971)
                   • First car radio FM impulse noise suppressor in Japan (CZ1 – 1978)
                   • First car graphic equalizer booster in the world (EQB – 1978)
                   • First AM noise-suppressing IC in the world (CZ2 – 1979)
                   • First motorcycle radio set in the world (Honda Motor – 1980)
                   • First DAT player for the car in the world (DAC2000 – 1984)
                   • First combination AM/FM, CD changer-controller, and cellular
                     telephone to operate by voice recognition (CAL-1000 – 1992)
                   • First active digital control system (ADCS-1 – 1993)
                   • First car multimedia system (TTX7101/VMA9181 – 1995)
                   • First in-car computer/audio system (Clarion Auto-PC – 1998)
                   • First in-dash integrated multi-zone DVD/MP3/CD/Tuner/Navigation
                   system (Clarion Joyride – 2002)
                   • First half-DIN in-dash powered center-channel speaker (SRK5 – 2003)
                   • First static memory, in-dash digital recorder (DXZ845MC Music Catcher
                   System – 2003)
                   • First Fully transportable Navigation and Entertainment system (NICE -

                                                       Audio Technologies
iPod Connectivity                                      CCA691
                                                       iPod Video Interface Cable for VRX375USB and
In 2005, Clarion established a new benchmark           VRX575USB
for iPod integration with the VRX755VD. This           • iPod-like on-screen Control and Display
was the first mobile audio unit to feature a fully     • Will feed video signal to source unit - videos
graphical iPod interface. For 2006, Clarion raised     must be started manually from the iPod.
the bar much higher with the introduction of           • Direct Access Buttons for Play/Pause, Track
the VRX765VD and MAX675VD. Both of these               Advance and Repeat, Shuffle, and Browse
units feature iPod video playback connectivity, as     • Onscreen Information of Track, Playlist
well as improved feature functionality for music       Information, and Elapsed Time
menus. Now, in 2007, we replace the VRX765VD           • Connects to USB port on the back of the
with the Navigation-Ready VRX775VD and add             source unit.
the VRX375USB and VRX575USB, both with iPod            • Recharges iPod Battery
Audio control and iPod Video playback capabili-
The new EA1276B is our new Advanced CeNET              CeNET-Controlled Black Box Interface for iPod
iPod Interface. The EA1276B, when connected to         • iPod Audio Transfer Through CeNET Busing
an appropriate source unit allows song selection       • Sort music by Song Title, Album, Artist,
sorted by Song Title, Album, Artist, Composer,         Composer, Genre, and Playlist.
Genre, and Playlist.                                   • Track Information on CD Text Compatible
                                                       Source Units
Clarion also offers the EA1251B CeNET interface.
                                                       • Recharges iPod Battery
This allows you to connect your iPod via the dock
connector to Clarion CeNET source units dating         Compatible with 2007 DXZ275MP through
back to 2001.                                          DXZ775USB, DFZ675MC, M455A, CMD4A,
                                                       M475 and CMD5 source units
Both CeNET iPod Interfaces will recharge the bat-
tery of the iPod when connected, and assume            EA1251B
full control over the iPod, allowing you to store it   CeNET-Controlled Black Box Interface for iPod
safely in your glove box or center console.            • iPod Audio Transfer Through CeNET Bus
                                                       • Direct Access to “clarion” Playlists
All three of these iPod solutions source audio via
                                                       • Track Information on CD Text Compatible
the line-level output on the iPod for the optimum
                                                       Source Units
in sound quality and performance.
                                                       • Charges iPod Battery
iPod Interface Cable
• Graphical on-screen Control and Display
• Will feed video signal to source unit - videos
must be started manually from the iPod to com-
patible source units (MAX675VD, VRX765VD,
VRX775VD only)
• Direct Access Buttons for Play/Pause, Track
Advance and Repeat, Shuffle, and Browse
• Onscreen Information of Track, Playlist
Information, and Elapsed Time
• Recharges iPod Battery

Audio Technologies
Bluetooth Connectivity                                  target device is the one whose characteristics are
                                                        being altered. In the DGL370 paired to the BLT370
Bluetooth: it realizes high efficiency audio and        scenario, the control device is the BLT370, that
data communication between compatible devic-            allows tracks to be skipped/paused and the tar-
es. For 2007, Clarions unique Bluetooth solutions       get device would be the iPod equipped with the
allow easy access to all your favorite songs stored     DGL370 Cradle.
on your cellular phone, iPod or any portable audio
device without the clutter or complication of addi-     BLT370
tional wiring.                                          Auxilliary Input Bluetooth Audio Transceiver

Bluetooth Information                                   Transfers audio from paired Bluetooth devic-
                                                        es to the aux input of a source unit. Up to
The Bluetooth Version 1.2 wireless communica-           four profiles can be paired to this unit. Headset
tion standard was standardized in November,             Profile (HSP), Hands free Profile (HFP), Advanced
2003 with Version 2.0+ Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)         Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video
being adopted in 2004.                                  Remote Control Profile (AVRCP). Has control wire
                                                        to automatically trigger compatible Clarion source
Hands-Free Profile (HFP)
                                                        units to switch to the auxiliary input.
This profile is most commonly used to allow
automobile hands-free kits to communicate with
mobile phones. The transmitted signal is a mono
PCM audio channel.

Headset Profile (HSP)

This is the most common Bluetooth Profile. It
includes a basic set of commands that allows
two-way hands-free communication. The HSP
profile also includes commands that allow a
device to ring, a call to be answered, hung up or       DGL370
adjust the volume.                                      Bluetooth Audio Transmitter
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)              Transmits audio output wirelessly to a Bluetooth
                                                        receiver. The DGL370 is equipped with a 2.5mm
This profile allows high quality stereo quality audio
                                                        audio input jack and is charged via a USB port.
to be streamed from from one source to another
                                                        Uses A2DP profile
- such as your MP3-enabled cell phone to the
BLT370 or FB275BT.

Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)

This profile is most commonly used in conjunc-
tion with the A2DP profile to allow control over
the transmitting devices. Some possible func-
tions include pause, play, volume control as well
as other types of remote control operations. The
AVRCP profile defines two roles, that of a control-
ler and target device. The controller is typically
considered the remote control device while the

                                                      Audio Technologies
BC001N Cradle for iPod Nano                           BT1 Universal Bluetooth Interface

Allows First Generation iPod Nano to connect          The BT1 was designed to integrate Bluetooth
directly to the DGL370. Provides A2DP control         hands free operation to any source unit. The BT1
(track up/down, play and pause). Must be used         connects on the speaker wires of your radio, and
with DGL370                                           provides two ways to control the function of your
                                                      source unit - it provides a mute signal to compat-
                                                      ible source units, or can interrupt the accessory
                                                      line from your cars ignition.

BC002M Cradle for iPod Mini

Allows iPod Mini to connect directly to the DGL370.
Provides A2DP control (track up/down, play and
pause). Must be used with DGL370

BC003V Cradle for iPod Video

Allows iPod Video to connect directly to the
DGL370. Provides A2DP control (track up/down,
play and pause). Works with 30GB and 80GB Ipod
Video models. Must be used with DGL370.

Audio Technologies
USB Connectivity                                       file number and directory structure format limita-
Transporting music from your computer to your
car has never been easier than with our USB            Auxiliary Inputs
equipped source units. Simply copy up to 15,000
                                                       Making it easy to connect an external audio source
of your favorite songs to a USB storage device,
                                                       to your mobile entertainment system means that
and plug it in. There you have it, all your favorite
                                                       you can enjoy any source, any time. You can con-
MP3, WMA or AAC files (depend on the source
                                                       nect a portable music player, satellite radio tuner,
unit you are using), accessible and easily trans-
                                                       portable DVD player, video game system or even
portable. No need to burn fragile compact discs or
                                                       a computer without complicated and expensive
purchase expensive portable music players.
                                                       interfaces or adapters.
Clarion offers the DXZ575USB and UDB275MP
                                                       Clarion Auxiliary input circuits feature three sensi-
source units with front panel USB slots. Simply
                                                       tivity levels, letting you match the output of your
connect your USB Mass Storage Class device
                                                       portable audio device to that of your radios inter-
and enjoy.
                                                       nal sources (Tuner or CD player). You can, through
For source units with rear USB inputs (DXZ775USB,      the source unit menu, select Low, Medium or High
DXZ675USB, VRX575USB, and VRX375USB)                   Sensitivity ranges.
Clarion also offers the CCAUSB extension cable
                                                       Front Panel auxiliary input
for custom installations. This cable is a three foot
long USB extension and mounts in a 3/4" round          For 2007, Clarion offers eight source units with
hole. This means that installation is quick and easy   front panel auxiliary inputs. These source units
and doesn't require any custom work.                   feature a 3.5mm (1/8-inch) head phone style jack
                                                       on the front panel. All you need to do is run a
Clarion USB ports are all powered - this means
                                                       cable from the jack to the head phone or line level
they provide 5V to the connected USB storage
                                                       output of your portable device and select the AUX
device. This means that portable media players,
                                                       function using the source control on your radio.
cellular phones, navigation systems and more
can be recharged by simply connecting them to a        Rear auxiliary input
Clarion USB port.
                                                       Clarion offers twelve source units with rear auxil-
USB ports are compabitle with USB Mass                 iary inputs. These source units feature a set of red
Storage Class devices only. USB storage devices        RCA cables with white and red connectors. If you
that require special software or software drivers      require easy access to the Aux input, the CCAAUX
may not be detected when connected to USB              Auxiliary input adapter features a 3-foot long RCA
equipped source units. Always test your storage        cable and a 3.5mm head phone style jack in an
device before proceeding.                              easy to install mount. Simply drill a 3/4-inch hole
                                                       and the installation is nearly complete.

SD Card Connectivity
Just as easy to use as our USB ports, Clarion
offers two source units with front panel SD card
slots - the DFZ675MC and FB275BT. Copy your
favorite digital music files to the SD card, plug it
in and enjoy.

Please refer to the source unit owner's manual for

                                                     Audio Technologies
OEM Remote Ready                                     it takes to listen to the song, Music Catcher II has
                                                     stored it in its flash memory IC.
Factory integration has never been more impor-
tant than it is now. With more and more vehicles     By using the Music Catcher System, no longer is
offering OEM radio steering wheel controls, it is    there a need to carry around that cumbersome CD
only logical that your aftermarket source unit be    storage case, or risk damage to your favorite CD.
able to interface with these controls. For 2007,     This system also eliminates the need for space-
Clarion offiers nine source units with an OEM        taking CD changers.
Steering Wheel Control input.

On the back of the source unit is a 3.5mm jack
that connects to an interface module and pro-
vides control over common radio functions. PAC
(Pacific Accessory Corporation) offers the SWI-
JACK interface. This interface contains control
codes for Clarion source units, and is com-
patible with Ford, GM, Chrysler/Dodge, Acura,
Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chysler,
GMC, Honda, Hummer, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar,
Land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi,
Nissan, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab, Toyota,
Volkswagen and Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Please vist for specific vehi-
cle compatability.                                   CeNET is a proprietary audio control bus devel-
                                                     oped by Clarion to allow for the integration of
The SWI-JACK will control Volume Up, Volume
                                                     optional accessories to our source units. The
Down, Mute, Seek Up, Seek Down, Band and
                                                     CeNET bus provides high quality balanced audio
Source functions on the following Clarion source
                                                     signal transmission from devices such as our
                                                     Satellite Radio tuner, CD changer, DVD changer,
VRX775VD, VRX575USB, VRX375USB,                      iPod Interfaces, TV Tuner or Surround Sound
DXZ775USB, DXZ675USB, DXZ575USB,                     decoder.
DXZ475MP, DXZ375MP and DXZ275MP
                                                     The beauty of CeNET is that not only can you
Music Catcher II                                     listen to these external audio sources, but you
                                                     have fully integrated control over them. Their fea-
Clarions evolved Music Catcher System II can         ture menu's become part of your source list and
be found on the DFZ675MC. Music Catcher II,          their functionality. Radio presets work with your
which utilizes an on-board flash memory module,      Satellite radio tuner and TV tuner or as disc selec-
allows one to record, play and erase up to 13        tion when enjoying the CD or DVD changer.
CDs worth of music data files (Music Catcher will
not record MP3/WMA files). Music Catcher offers      2007 Clarion CeNET Products:
four recording modes to choose from, so you can      SIRCL3        Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner
choose between storage capacity and fidelity.        EA1276B       Advanced iPod Interface
                                                     EA1251B       CeNET iPod Interface
Music Catcher II is also capable of recording        DCZ625        6-Disc CD Changer
audio at 4x normal playback speed, letting you       VCZ625        6-Disc DVD Changer
record your favorite songs faster than ever. Load    TTX7501z      TV Tuner
your favourite CD, hit record, and in 1/4 the time   DVH940N       Surround Sound Decoder

Audio Technologies
Phone Mute Input                                      with the front seat passengers can listen to the
                                                      Radio Tuner, iPod or Visual Input. Volume control
Clarion source units feature a Cell Phone mute        over the 2-Zone output is performed by the head-
input wire. As discussed previously, this wire also   phones as the 2-Zone output is line-level.
functions as the Bluetooth Control wire on some
models.                                               Please review your source unit owner's manual
                                                      for limitations pertaining to 2-Zone functionality
In its normal function, when a (-) ground signal is   with respect to accessories.
applied to the brown wire in the radio harness,
the radio will mute the audio output until the (-)    CCD Camera Input
ground signal is removed. This is designed to be
                                                      The Clarion VRX775VD and MAX675VD feature a
used with Cell phone car kits and works great
                                                      dedicated CCD camera input jack on the rear of
with the Clarion BT1 Bluetooth Interface.
                                                      the source unit. When connected to the CK525E
2007 Bluetooth Ready source units feature a pro-      camera kit, the camera input will be triggered
gramming option that will, when enabled, switch       automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse.
the source unit to the auxilliary input when (-)      This makes backing up safe and secure.Note:
ground is applied to the brown wire. This is for      The trigger input for the reverse wire is on the
use with the BLT370 Bluetooth Interface.              camera power supply. The Clarion CK525E cam-
                                                      era kit must be used with the CCD Camera Input
Navigation Ready                                      connection.
Clarion is a world leader in the development of
GPS Navigation systems, manufacturing OEM
systems for the top car manufacturers in the world,
including Porsche, Nissan, Infiniti, Volkswagen,
Ford and more.

For 2007, Clarion offers two source units that are
Navigation Ready - the 1-DIN VRX775VD and
the 2-DIN MAX675VD. These source units fea-
                                                      A/V Inputs
ture a RGB connection on the back of the radio
that accepts a high resolution video signal from      The     Clarion     VRX775VD,       VRX575USB,
our NAX970HD Navigation System, as well as            VRX375USB, and MAX675VD feature an addi-
programming to provide full touch screen control      tional A/V input. This allows you to connect and
over all navigation functions. These source units     external A/V source such as a video game system
will also mute the audio signal to allow navigation   or TV Tuner (TTX005) to your multimedia source
commands to come through loud and clear while         unit. This allows for system expansion and when
you are driving.                                      combined with the MSS430 Source Commander
                                                      A/V Switcher, can be at the heart of a massive
2-Zone Entertainment                                  multimedia system.
Clarion offers four source units that offer 2-Zone
                                                      A/V Outputs
Entertainment. This function allows front seat
passengers to listen to one audio source while        The     Clarion    VRX775VD,      VRX575USB,
rear seat passengers can enjoy another through        VRX375USB, MAX675VD and VB475 all feature
and overhead or headrest monitor with head-           A/V outputs. This allows you to connect the out-
phones.                                               put of the internal DVD player, or Visual input
                                                      to an external monitor. The A/V output features
The rear seat passengers can enjoy a DVD movie

                                                       Audio Technologies
a line-level audio signal. The connected device        WAVE Format
must have it's own volume control. Compatible
devices include overhead or headrest monitors          Wave (.wav) files are considered to be uncom-
with wireless headphones.                              pressed. This is file format is used for the stor-
                                                       age of 2-channel audio in digital form. The file
Video Distribution                                     is stored in PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) form
                                                       and uses the standard 44,100 samples per sec-
Any time a video signal is to be split and connect-
                                                       ond, 16 bits per sample times two channels. The
ed to multiple vide sources, the use of a proper
                                                       resulting data rate is 1,411.2 kbps.
electronic video distribution amplifier is required.
The Clarion VA700 provides seven buffered video        MP3 Format
outputs from a single composite video input con-
nection.                                               MP3 files gained popularity due to their reduced
                                                       file size. MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer
Using the VA700 will ensure that picture qual-         3. MP3 files uses what is known as perceptual
ity remains clear and sharp and the brightness         encoding to reduce files sizes while limiting the
and contrast levels are not altered. The use of        effect on sound quality.
Y-cables is not an option for splitting a composite
video signal as the signal voltage determines the      The MP3 standard allows for bitrates between
black level of the image, and will be altered when     32 kbps and 320 kbps with sampling rates of 32,
split.                                                 44.1 and 48 kHz. A higher bitrate represents less
                                                       compression and better (relative to the original)
                                                       sound quality.

                                                       ID3 Tags
                                                       ID3 tags were created and inserted at the end
                                                       of an MP3 file allow for the storage of meta-
                                                       data information such as Song title, artist, album
                                                       name, genre and year.

                                                       WMA Format
                                                       WMA (Windows Media Audio) is a compressed
                                                       audio file format created by Microsoft. It is very
Compressed Media Formats                               similar in concept to MP3 files, but includes provi-
                                                       sions for DRM (Digital Rights Management).
Transmitting audio and data via satellite spawned
the need to various formats of media compres-          Microsoft originally claimed that WMA files had
sion. These formats allow multiple signals to          better sound quality than MP3 files recorded at
occupy the same bandwidth as an uncom-                 the same bitrate. Subsequent double-blind test-
pressed signal. This increased efficiency, reduces     ing and repeatedly confirmed that the file formats
cost and allows more data to be transmitted at         are very similar.
higher speeds.                                         AAC Format
Clarion is at the forefront of compressed media        AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) is another lossy
file playback. For 2007, Clarion adds support for      compression and encoding format for digital
AAC, DiVX and MPEG compressed media files to           audio. The AAC format has been made popular
our already extensive list.                            as it is the standard format for the Apple iPod.

 Audio Technologies
AAC offers more sample and bitrate options as            MPEG-1
compared to MP3 files. Sampling rates from 8             This was the initial audio and video compression
kHz to 96kHz are avaiable) and up to 48 channels         standard and later became the standard for the
can be encoded.                                          Video CD. It utilizes MP3 for the audio track.

AAC happens to the default audio codec used on           MPEG-2
the PlayStation 3 and PSP.                               The is the standard format for audio and video
                                                         broadcast for standard television. It is used for
DivX                                                     over-the-air broadcast, as well as Dish Network,
                                                         digital cable and with some slight variations, on

At the forefront of compressed video technol-            This is an expansion of the MPEG-1 format and
ogy is the DivX codec. The latest version of this        adds the ability to support audio/video objects,
codec, called DivX 6 (or DivX Media Format)              low bitrate encoding, 3D content and support for
reduces the file size of digital movies while retain-    Digital Rights Management (DRM)
ing support for multiple audio tracks, interactive
menus, chapter points, multiple video streams            Video CD
and subtitles.
                                                         Video CD (VCD) is the standard digital format for
For 2007, the Clarion VRX375USB and                      storing video on a compact disc. The VCD for-
VRX575USB support the DivX Media Format in               mat offers a resolution of 352x240 pixels with an
its native form. Offering high quality, fully interac-   aspect ratio of 107:80 (within 0.3% of 4:3) and a
tive movie playback. These units are fully DivX          framerate of 29.97 or 23.976 frames per second
Certified.                                               and a bitrate of 1.150 kbps

CD Text                                                  MP3 on DVD
                                                         Storing MP3 files on a DVD provides you with the
                                                         ability to have days and days of music on hand,
                                                         on a single convenient disc.

CD Text is an extension of the standard audio
CD format and allows Album Name, Song Name
and Artist information to be stored on a standard
audio CD. Source units bearing the CD Text logo
are capable of displaying this information from
compatible discs. Not all store-bought CD's are
encoded with CD Text information. Look for the
CD Text logo on the packaging or disc to confirm
proper encoding.

MPEG 1, 2 and 4
The Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is a
group that oversees the development of video
and audio encoding standards. The various
MPEG standards outline the capabilities of each
compression format.

        Performance Technologies and Features
Signal Processing                                      The result of Sound Restorer processing is music
                                                       that sounds more like the original recording. The
Clarion products remain at the forefront of sound      subtle nuances and harmonics are recreated and
quality and performance. Our source units have         your music won't sound like compressed music
features that make your mobile audio system rec-       any more.
reate sound that is closer to the original recording
than ever before. These features include advanced      Digital Z-Enhancer
signal restoration for compressed audio, digital
                                                       High performance system equalization to com-
equalization advanced D/A converters and digital
                                                       pensate for factory speaker performance or vehi-
storage systems.
                                                       cle acoustics has never been easier, thanks to
Clarion calls the concept of remaining true to the     Digital Z-Enhancer.
original audio recording Sound Genesis. This is at
                                                       Clarion's Digital Z-Enhancer features three preset
the heart of everything Clarion does.
                                                       equalization curves, each with 7 'effect' levels.
Sound Restorer                                         The result is 21 different easily accessible curves
                                                       to make altering the performance of your audio
Compressed audio files allow a large amount of         system quick, easy and satisfying.
information to be stored in a small space. The
drawback is that some of the audio information,
particularly in the high frequency range is lost.

Clarion introduces Sound Restorer - a digital
technology that analyzes a musical waveform for
high frequency content, then recreates harmonics
to restore those lost during compression.

Original Recording

Compressed Recording

Sound Restorer Processed Recording

                                                       Digital Z-Enhancer can be found on the DFZ675MC,
                                                       DXZ775USB, DXZ675USB and DXZ575USB.

Performance Technologies and Features
Z-Enhancer                                         Here are the parameters for each of the frequency
Making system tuning as easy as possible is one
of the primary concepts behind HMI. Z-Enhancer     Bass: Boost: -12 to +12dB
makes tuning as easy as pushing a single but-            Q-Factor: 1, 1.25, 1.5 or 2
ton.                                                     Frequency: 50, 80 or 120 Hz

Z-Enhancer offers bass and treble equalization     Mid:   Boost: -12 to +12dB
via three preset EQ curves, each adjustable in            Q-Factor: 1.5 or 2
effect level in seven steps from -3 to +3.                Frequency: 700Hz, 1kHz or 2kHz

Excite - Emphasizes Bass and Treble while          Bass: Boost: -12 to +12dB
dempahsizing midrange                                    Frequency: 8kHz or 12kHz

                                                   5-Band Parametric Equalizer
                                                   The DRZ9255 features a 5-Band parametric
                                                   equalizer. This evolves its flexibility and tuning
                                                   features to allow for perfect frequency response
                                                   adjustment. The 5-Band parametric equalizer
                                                   allows allows for independent left and right chan-
Impact - Emphasizes Bass and Treble
                                                   nel adjustment. The copy command allows you
                                                   to quickly duplicate settings from one channel to
                                                   the other. Here are the parameters for the differ-
                                                   ent bands:

                                                   Band 1, 2 and 3
                                                         Boost: -12dB to +12dB
                                                         Q-Factor: 0.5 to 12.0
B-Boost - Emphasizes Bass
                                                         Frequency: 50Hz to 20kHz
                                                   Band 4 and 5
                                                         Boost: -12dB to +12dB
                                                         Q-Factor: 0.5 to 12.0
                                                         Frequency: 630Hz to 20kHz

3-Band Parametric Equalizer                        The following graphs show the relationship
                                                   between center frequency, gain and Q-curve.
This advanced equalization system is found on
the MAX675VD and VRX775VD. A parametric            When a large Q-Factor number is selected, the Q-
equalizer allows for advanced and detailed sys-    curve becomes sharper. When a small Q-Factor
tem adjustment.                                    number is chosen, the Q-Curve becomes wide.
                                                   The shape of the Q-Curve determines the range
The 3-Band Parametric Equalizer allows you to
                                                   of frequencies the boost or cut will affect.
adjust the bass and midrange for Q-factor (band-
width), Boost and Center Frequency. Treble is      The calculation that determines the Q-Factor is
adjustable only for Boost and Center Frequency.    based on the center frequency of the equaliza-
                                                   tion, and the bandwidth at the -3dB point.

       Performance Technologies and Features

                                                     To make adjusting time alignment easy, Clarion
                                                     calibrates our two time alingment systems (found
                                                     on the DRZ9255 and DXZ775USB) in units of
                                                     measure, rather than in units of time. This means
                                                     you can simply take out a tape measure and
                                                     record the distance from the listener to each
                                                     speaker. Fine tuning by a trained ear will result
                                                     in an excellent soundstage and realistic audio

                                                     The DRZ9255 offers the industries finest time
                                                     alignment adjustment steps. You can adjust
                                                     each channels delay in 0.7cm (roughly 1/4-inch)
                                                     to perfectly align the output of each channel.
                                                     The DRZ9255 feautres 8 channels of output
Magna Bass EX                                        (Subwoofer, Low, Mid and High) and both left
                                                     and right outputs are adjustable independantly.
Conventional loudness circuits boost bass fre-
                                                     The maximum distance is 512.4cm (roughly
quencies around 100Hz. This results in a muddy
                                                     201 inches). This is perfect for a three-way front
over-boosted sound which is un-natural. Magna-
                                                     stage and subwoofer system.
Bass EX focuses the bass boost at 50Hz, adding
warmth and richness to the sound. This 50Hz          DXZ775USB
boost efffectively extends the frequency response    The is the little brother to the flagship DRZ9255,
of smaller speakers, making you system sound         but is still incredibly potent. The time alignment
larger and more capable. The result is dynamic       on this unit is adjustable in 2.3cm (roughly 1
bass performance that sounds real.                   inch) steps. There are six channels of output
                                                     on the DXZ775USB (Low, Mid and High) and of
                                                     course, each of the six is adjustable indepen-
                                                     dantly. This is perfect to a bi-amped front stage
                                                     plus subwoofer system. The maximum delay is
                                                     501.4cm (just under 200 inches).

                                                     Electronic Crossovers
                                                     Electronic crossovers are designed to pass only
                                                     a certain range of frequencies through a circuit.
                                                     There are two types of eletronic crossovers: High-
Time Alignment                                       Pass and Low-Pass.
Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows      A High-Pass crossover will allow only those fre-
for intricate and complex mathematical functions     quencies above (higher than) the crossover point
to be performed on an audio signal. One of these     to pass through. This type of crossover is used on
advanced functions is Time Alignment.                tweeters to protect them from low and midrange
                                                     frequencies and on midrange drivers to protect
Time Alignment refers to the ability to adjust the
                                                     them from low frequencies.
relative arrival time of one signal as compared to

Performance Technologies and Features
A Low-Pass crossover will only allow those fre-        to run your speakers and connect an amplifier
quencies below (lower than) the crossover point        and subwoofer to handle low frequency output.
to pass through. This type of crossover is used on     Clarion electronic crossovers are all adjustable for
subwoofers to keep midrange and high frequen-          frequency and are easy to implement.
cies from being reproduced.
                                                       The following chart outlines the crossover func-
A combination of High- and Low-Pass crossovers         tionality in each unit.
may be used to fliter both and low frequencies
                                                       Source         HPF Frequency           HPF Slope
passed to a device such as a midrange or mid-
                                                       DXZ375MP       120Hz                   6dB
bass driver.
                                                       DXZ475MP       120Hz                   6dB
There are two important numbers to consider            DXZ575USB      50/80/120Hz             12dB
when considering a crossover - the cutoff fre-         DXZ675USB      50/80/120Hz             12dB
quency - fc and the crossover slope.                   Source         LPF Frequency           LPF Slope
                                                       DXZ375MP       50/80/120Hz             12dB
The crossover frequency determines the point at        DXZ475MP       50/80/120Hz             12dB
which the filter will start to work. For example, a    DXZ575USB      50/80/120Hz             12dB
High-Pass crossover set to 100Hz will attenuate        DXZ675USB      50/80/120Hz             12dB
the frequencies below 100Hz and pass frequen-
cies above 100Hz.

Crossover slope describes the rate at which the
crossover attenuates those frequencies.

Speakers are designed to operate within a spe-
cific range of frequencies. Sending frequen-
cies to a speaker that it was not designed to
handle reduces its performance and will result
in poor sound quality. For 2007, Clarion includes
electronic Low-Pass and High-Pass crossovers
on the DXZ375MP through DXZ775USB source

The electronic crossovers found in Clarion source
units not only affects the pre-amp outputs, but the
signal being sent to the internal amplifier as well.
This means you can use a high-power source unit

         Performance Technologies and Features
DXZ775USB Crossovers                                  DRZ9255 Crossovers
The DXZ775USB features three different operat-        The DXZ775USB features three different operat-
ing modes - 2-Way, 3-Way and Normal.                  ing modes - Standard, Multi and Direct

The following chart outlines the output functions     The following chart outlines the output functions
in each mode:                                         in each mode:

Mode           Front   Rear   Subwoofer               Mode
Normal         Front   Rear   Subwoofer               Direct         Front, Rear & Non-Fader
3-Way          High    Mid    Subwoofer               Multi          High, Mid, Low & Subwoofer
2-Way          High    Mid    Rear                    Standard       Front High, Front Low, Rear &
The internal amplifier receives the same signal
as the front and rear RCA channels to allow a         The crossover settings associated with these
2-Way or 3-Way system to be built using only an       modes are outlined as follows:
amp for the subwoofer or rear speakers.
                                                      Direct Mode
The crossover settings associated with these          No crossovers active in this mode
modes are outlined as follows:
                                                      Standard (Front 2-Way) Mode
High                                                  High (HPF)   315Hz to 20kHz
Items          Range                  Initial value   Front (LPF)  250Hz to 20Khz & Through
Filter (HPF)   25Hz-20kHz & Thru      2 kHz           Rear (HPF)   25Hz to 250Hz & Through
Slope          6, 12 or 18dB          12dB            Sub (LPF)    25Hz to 250Hz & Through
Phase          normal / reverse       Normal          Sub (HPF)    16Hz to 80Hz & through

Mid                                                   Slope (ALL)    6, 12 or 18dB / Octave
Items          Range                  Initial value   Gain (ALL)     0 to -24dB
Filter (LPF)   630Hz-10kHz & Thru     2 kHz
                                                      Multi Mode
Slope (LPF)    6, 12 or 18dB          12dB
                                                      High (HPF)     315Hz to 20kHz
Filter (HPF)   25Hz-10kHz & Thru      Through
                                                      MID (LPF)      250Hz to 20Khz & Through
Slope (HPF)    6, 12 or 18dB          12dB
                                                      MID (HPF)      200Hz to 20Khz & Through
Phase          normal / reverse       Normal
                                                      LOW (LPF)      250Hz to 10kHz & Through
SUB (3-Way) / (Rear 2-Way)                            LOW (HPF)      25Hz to 250Hz & Through
Items        Range                    Initial value   Sub (LPF)      25Hz to 250Hz & Through
Filter (LPF) 25Hz-10kHz & Thru        80Hz            Sub (HPF)      16Hz to 80Hz & through
Slope (LPF)  6, 12 or 18dB            12dB
                                                      Slope (ALL)    6, 12 or 18dB / Octave
Filter (HPF) 16Hz-250Hz & Thru        Through
                                                      Gain (ALL)     0 to -24dB
Slope (HPF) 6, 12 or 18dB             12dB
Phase        normal / reverse         Normal

Performance Technologies and Features
D/A Converters                                         24-Bit 96kHz
Converting digitally stored information (such as       At its price point - there is nothing like the
that found on a Compact Disc or DVD) back into         DRZ9255 in the industry. It's not just the incred-
an analog signal is the job of the D/A Converter.      ible time alignment, equalization and state of the
                                                       art hardware - its got technology too.
The D/A converter reads each 16-bit word from
the disc and assigns it an analog voltage. A con-      The DRZ9255 features a 96kHz 24-Bit D/A con-
ventional D/A Converter repeats this task 44,100       verter. Why is this important?
times a second.
                                                       The sampling rate (or how often the D/A converter
The accuracy of the D/A Converter in terms of          converts a digital signal back to analog) defines
voltage and timing are a key component to deter-       the highest frequency that can be reproduced. A
mining the sound quality capabilities and noise        conventional D/A converter operates at 44.1kHz
content of the source unit.                            and as defined by the Nyquest Frequency (the
                                                       highest frequency that can be reproduced is half of
1-Bit                                                  the sampling frequency) the highest frequency that
A 1-Bit D/A converter works by comparing one bit       can be reproduced is 22.05kHz.
of information to the one previous to it. If the new   The 96kHz D/A converter in the DRZ9255 oper-
bit is higher than the previous one, it increases      ates at twice this frequency, moving the maximum
the output voltage. If the new bit is lower than the   reproducible frequency up to 48kHz.
previous, then it decreases the output voltage. A
filter on the output of the D/A Converter smoothes     What does this mean for the end-user? Any time a
out the signal and the result a reproduction of the    filter is implemented in a circuit, it not only affects
original audio waveform.                               frequency response, but also phase response
                                                       (the relative arrival time of different frequencies).
24-Bit                                                 Moving the high frequency roll-off up one octave
Clarion source units featuring our 24-Bit D/A con-     higher means that the DRZ9255 can reproduce
verter bring new realism and detail to your music.     high frequencies with coherence, detail and clar-
24-Bit D/A converters offer several benefits as        ity. Clarion was the first company to implement a
compared to a conventional 1-Bit D/A converter.        96kHz DAC in the car audio industry.
Primarily, a 24-Bit D/A converter significant-
ly increases dynamic range capability, reduces
quantization error and improves jitter. The result
is music that sounds more realistic, especially
in the high frequency range. Cymbals become
clearer and more detailed. Ambience and room
effects become more accurate. The entire listen-
ing experience takes a step forward in fidelity and

This effect can be clearly heard on even the most
basic of audio systems. Comparing one source
unit to another, even when using four factory          Frequency response of the DRZ9255 as compared
speakers will reveal the significant improvement       to a conventional 44.1kHz D/A Converter.
in performance.

        Performance Technologies and Features
High Voltage Preamp Outputs                            CD Operational Safeguards
Noise is bad. From the noise of the wind whistling     Clarion’s CD operational safeguards allow the
past your windows to the hum of your tires on          CD mechanism to detect disc size, prior disc-
the road, noise makes it harder for us to enjoy        in-drive detection, foreign object detection, and
our music. When it comes to music, having noise        auto reload.
in your system is no fun at all. Clarion offers two
                                                       Clarion’s CD mechanism uses photosensors and
step-up preamp output systems for 2007.
                                                       LEDs to identify 3" or 5" compact discs. Clarion’s
The DXZ375MP and DXZ475MP both feature four            CD mechanism uses a tapered roller to precisely
channel, 4V preamp outputs. This will provide a        center the CD onto the drive spindle.
3dB increase in output at the same volume setting,
as a 2V source unit, or cut the noise in your ampli-
fied audio system in half when the amplifier sensi-
tivity controls is adjusted for maximum output.

The DXZ575USB, DXZ675USB and DXZ775USB
feature a six channel, 6 Volt preamp output. This
provides a 4.5dB increase in output or reduction in
noise. The DRZ9255 can provide 8Vrms of output
on it's 8 channels. This equates to 6dB more out-
put or less noise from your amplifiers / system.

Low Impedance Preamp Output                            A tapered loading-roller precisely centers the CD
All Clarion preamp outputs all feature low output      onto the drive spindle. Since the roller mechanism
impedance drive circuitry. Output impedance is         is tapered, only the edges of the CD are touched,
most commonly looked at in terms of an imped-          thereby eliminating the possibility of scratches.
ance measurement, in the case of Clarion preamp        These operational safeguards allow safer CD disc
outputs, this specification is ~330 Ohms.              handling, prevent jams from accidental loading of
This has several effects in terms of sound quality     two CDs, and helps to reduce service problems
as compared to products that have high output          by detecting foreign objects in the drive mecha-
impedances (1,000+ Ohms). More of the audio            nism.
signal voltage is passed to the load device. The                        Tapered Roller
                                                                      Touches CD Edges
preamp is capable of driving lower impedance
loads (necessary should RCA Y-cables be used).
The audio signal is less succeptable to frequency
response effects caused by reactances in the
RCA cables or the input stage of the amplifier or
processor.                                                                CD Mechanism

Many processors and amplifiers use DC blocking
capacitors on their inputs. When a high-impedance
source unit is connected to these loads, the bass
and treble performance can suffer. Low imped-
ance outputs result in flatter frequency response
and more output from your amplifiers.

Performance Technologies and Features
Zero-Bit Detector Mute                                                 output signal can't exceed 1%.

Clarion CD Players feature a zero-bit detection                        Just as with the power ratings, Signal to Noise (S/
circuit. This circuit turns off (mutes) both the line-                 N Ratio) measurements will follow similar guide-
level and speaker-level outputs when it does not                       lines. The S/N Ratio measurement will be taken
see a digital signal for 750 milliseconds. Since a                     at a power level of 1W into a 4 Ohm load. This
digital signal consists of “one” and “zero” bits,                      means that all device measurements will be com-
the zero-bit detector will turn off the analog audio                   parable, no matter how much power the product
input signal to the preamp section when it sees a                      produces.
series of zero bits. The purpose of this circuit is to
                                                                       MOSFET Power IC
eliminate tracking noise or background noise that
is typically associated with the decoding of the                       The MOSFET Power IC is smaller and more
digital signal to its final analog form.                               efficient than previous amplifier designs, virtu-
                                                                       ally eliminating distortion. MOSFET amplifiers are
                                    TRIGGER       ANALOG TRIGGER
                                       ON           OFF     OFF        capable of producing more power because the
                                     750 ms                57 µs       output voltage can be switched closer to the rail
                                                                       voltage. In a head unit, with only 12V of power
R Channel Preamp
                                                                       being supplied from the cars electrical system, it
                                                                       is critically important to maximizing amplification.

                                                                       The solid horizontal lines denote the positive and
                                                                       negative amplifier power supply rail voltage.
Digital Data Stream 011011011011010000000000000000000000001010101001
                                                                       The smaller sine wave shows the maximum
The zero-bit detector mutes the preamplifier ana-
log outputs after a series of zero bits exceeds                        undistorted output from a standard bipolar output
750-ms. Audio is restored after a period of one                        transistor.
and zero bits is longer than 57 µs.

CEA-2006 Ratings

All new Clarion amplified products have been
rated using the CEA-2006 specification. This
specification was created to allow power produc-
tion numbers to be compared between one brand
                                                                       The larger sine wave shows the maximum undis-
and another without concern for measurement
                                                                       torted output from a MOSFET output device.
                                                                       The net result - more voltage means more
The CEA-2006 specification states that power
measured using this format well be constant
through the entire specified audio bandwidth
range. The power measurement will be taken with
14.4V being supplied and the distortion from the

                                               Multimedia Technologies
DVH940N Surround Sound Decoder                         decoding. Dolby Pro Logic II is the first processor
                                                       to produce 5.1 surround sound from ANY stereo
Dolby Digital and dts signals provide three chan-      source, including FM, CD, MP3 or VHS movie
nels of front sound, together with two rear sur-       audio tracks. Now you can experience true “you
round channels and a dedicated low frequency           are there” audio performance. Dolby Pro Logic II
channel for a subwoofer. This combination can          in the DVH940 generates front, center, surround,
reproduce the sound field of a movie theatre in        and subwoofer outputs for a true mobile surround
the confined space of the average vehicle.             sound system.
If your favorite movie is only in stereo, or you are   For audiophile sound quality, the DVH940N uses
listening to CDs, MP3s or Satellite radio, Dolby       24-bit D/A converters for low distortion audio and
Pro Logic II will give you a full 5.1-channel sur-     delivers the 5.1 surround signals through 4-volt,
round sound effect. It features a phantom center-      6-channel RCA line-level outputs.
channel mode that simulates a center channel,
creating a quasi 5.1-channel sound field from          The DVH940N includes an audio mixing circuit
just the four standard speakers of a car audio         compatible with the NAX970HD HDD Navigation
system.                                                system. This mixing circuit lowers the audio level
                                                       of your music while the navigation system is pro-
The DVH940N incorporates Dolby Digital, dts,           viding turn-by-tun information.
and Dolby Pro Logic II processors, a parametric
equalizer, crossovers, digital sound field settings
and digital time alignment adjustments

The DVH940N processor has selectable cross-
overs for the front, center, rear and subwoofer
channels at 50/80/120Hz. To aid in setting proper
speaker levels, all channel gains are independent-
ly adjustable using a built-in pink noise generator
for proper level setting. Along with the adjustable    Center Channel
gain settings, the center and subwoofer chan-
nels’ volume can also be adjusted separately to        Making the installation and integration of a center
allow for different source material.                   channel easier than ever is the SRK604 1-DIN
                                                       center channel.
A built-in 1/3-octave parametric equalizer is also
included, allowing for three bands of independent      The SRK604 features a pair of 30mm dome mid-
adjustment for the front, rear and center channel      range drivers and a 20mm dome tweeter. The
speakers. There are settings for frequency, gain,      SRK604 includes a 40W amplifier.
and Q (how the slope of the adjusted frequency is
                                                       The front panel of the SRK604 offers a center
affected). Either pink noise or audio material can
                                                       channel level control, as well as a subwoofer level
be used to set the EQ.
                                                       control for a pass-through RCA signal.
Also included are seven different DSP surround
settings (such as Club, Theatre, etc.) to help
create a bigger sound stage, as well as a digital
time alignment option to set speaker delays to
compensate for sonic discrepancies caused by
the vehicle’s interior.

The DVH940N also includes Dolby Pro Logic II

Multimedia Technologies
Center Channel (cont.)                                High Resolution LCD Displays
To help explain the concept of the center channel     All Clarion LCD display screens use the latest in
operating and configuration, we have included a       active matrix technology to give you the bright-
basic wiring diagram.                                 est, most detailed image available. Thin Film
                                                      Transistors (TFT) are attached to each RGB, (red/
                                                      green/blue) pixel to provide more control over
                                                      the color being reproduced. This method helps
                                                      reduce display “white-wash” associated with a
                                                      conventional passive-matrix screen, and ensures
                                                      optimal picture quality from any viewing angle.

                                                      By employing a “striped pixel configuration” to
                                                      align RGB pixels into columns, we can use more
                                                      pixels to enhance details and provide better color
                                                      definition. Having the controls for brightness on
                                                      the front panel allows easy adjustment of picture

                                                      Display Resolution
                                                      Clarions in-dash 7" LCD displays feature a screen
                                                      resolution of 1440 x 234 pixels for a total of
                                                      336,960 pixels. Some companies try and confuse
                                                      you by describing the number of picture elements
                                                      - each of the red, green and blue picture ele-
                                                      ments. By their standards, these units would have
                                                      1,010,880 picture elements. When comparing
                                                      video displays, make sure the specifications you
                                                      are comparing are using the same format.

You also have the option of running the subwoof-
er signal in stereo should your source unit provide
a stereo subwoofer signal. The SRK604 does not
include an electronic crossover, only a subwoofer
level control.

                             Design & Interface Technologies
HMI Concept                                             Shooting Star Interface
Clarion has long been considered the industry           Also New for 2007 is the Shooting Star interface.
leader in the development and implementation            Found on the DB175MP through DXZ475MP, this
of advances Human Machine Interface designs             interface groups all the commonly used controls
and concepts. In 2006, Clarion took the HMI con-        closer to the driver to make them easier to use.
cencept to the next level and made if the focus         The centrally located volume control use easy
of the companies products. HMI refers to the            to use and free from obstruction due to different
interaction, interconnection and interdependance        installation locations.
of man, music and machine - all while being easy
to use.                                                 A side-benefit of the Shooting Star interface,
                                                        especially apparent on the DXZ475MP is the abil-
Slidetrak                                               ity to implement and oversized display. This 2-line
                                                        display allows track and artist information to be
New for 2007 is the Slidetrak interface. Slidetrak      displayed from MP3 file ID3-Tag information, CD
ushers in a new era in source unit operation and        Text encoded discs and when connected to an
control, making it easier and safer to use than         iPod via the EA1276B Advanced iPod Interface.
ever before.

The large acrylic panel that covers the LCD
display on the DXZ575USB, DXZ675USB and
DXZ775USB now serves as your Seek Up and
Seek Down (and tracking function) control. This
panel (known as the Seek Panel) slides to the left
and right to perform these functions. The days of       Metal Shark Interface
searching for tiny little tracking and seek buttons
is gone.                                                Clarion isn't satisfied to sit idly by and watch the
                                                        world go by. We are industry leaders in the devel-
A significant benefit to the end user of Slidetrak is   opment of new HMI interfaces. One of the most
ease of use. With the source unit installed in their    distinctive interfaces to come to the mobile elec-
vehicle, no longer do they need to take their eyes      tronics industry is the Metal Shark Interface.
off the road to change tracks or radio stations.
Simply 'poke' at the center of the radio, and your      Found on the FB275BT, the Metal Shark inter-
are on to new musical experience.                       face takes its look for the gills of a great white
                                                        shark. The FB275BT features edge lit buttons and
                                                        metallic center section with a Vacuum Fluorescent
                                                        Display and centrally located volume control.

                                                        The FB275BT breaks all stereotypes and defines
                                                        the next evolution of source unit design.

Design & Interface Technologies
728 Color Illumination                                ISO Mount Capability
Intergration with your car means more than sim-       An easy installation makes sense, not only for the
ply connecting to your speaker wires - it includes    staff performing the installation, but for the end
control and cosmetics. Clarions 728 color illumi-     user. When a radio looks like it belongs in the
nation allows you to match the radio illumination     dash, all the experiences surrounding its opera-
to the factory illumination in your car. Not only     tion just seem better.
does this mean your radio sounds better than the
one that came from the factory, but now it looks      Clarion 1-DIN source units are capable of being
like it belongs there.                                mounted in ISO Mount Fashion. This means, no
                                                      trim ring is required to install the radio or to have
728 Color illumination can be found on the            it, or its detachable control panel function prop-
DXZ775USB, FB275BT and DFZ675MC source                erly and be removeable.
                                                      ISO mounting typically means that factory style
                                                      brackets are to be used. Clarion source units fea-
                                                      ture industry standard mounting holes on the side
                                                      of the radio that align perfectly with these brack-
                                                      ets. This reduces installation time and improves
                                                      the look of the final product.

                                                      Many new install kits make use of this ISO mount-
                                                      ing technique, allowing radios to be installed so
                                                      they look like they belong.
Touch Panel Operation
Ease of use and intuitive operation are behind
our LCD touch panel operation - found on the
VRX775VD, VRX575USB and MAX675VD. Source
selection and control, setup menus and more are
accessible by a simple touch of your finger.

Add to that the ability to navigate through DVD
on-screen menus by simply touching the menu
item, and using your multimedia source unit is as
easy as can be.

Dimmer Input
Safety comes in many forms - but being able           An example of ISO Mounting taken to the next
to concentrate on your driving is a fundamental       level.
part of the HMI concept. Driving at night adds an
additional level of complexity. To make it as easy
as possible, Clarion includes a dimmer input wire
on many of our source units. This when, when
connected to the factory dash illumination circuit,
reduces the brightness of the radio display, pre-
venting it from being a distraction. Safety in the
form of simplicity.

                            Design & Interface Technologies
Message Info                                           Amp Canceller
Personalization is always on our minds - we want       Taking you audio system to the next level often
the right clothes, the right car and the right music   involves the installation of one or more external
to meet our personal style. Clarion knows this,        amplifiers. If your entire system is being powered
and has included the Message Info option as one        by external amplifiers, simply enable the AMP
of the screen savers on our source units. Users        CANCELLER feature on your head unit. When
can enter a message, up to 30 characters in            Amp Canceller is engaged, power to the internal
length, and have it scroll across the screen.          amplifier IC is turned off. This reduces the current
                                                       draw of the source unit and improves the sonic
Instant Station Recall (ISR)                           performance.
Getting to where you want to go should always
be as easy as simply pressing a button. When it
comes to your favorite radio station, ISR has you
covered. Tune in your favorite radio station, the
npress and hold the ISR button. You can choose
AM or FM - it doesn't care. Now, any time you
want, no matter what source you are listening to,
a simple tap of the ISR will return you the pro-
grammed radio station.

This is a great feature to use on all-news radio
stations when you want up-to-the-minute traffic

Key Off Eject
Have you ever forgotten to bring your favorite
CD into the house after arriving home from a trip.
With Clarion's Key Off Eject feature - the disc
eject function works, even when the ignition isn't
turned on. Press eject and the disc pops out.

Last Position Memory
As CD players started to become popular, many
people started to experience potentional draws
backs of this random access storage media. With
a cassette tape - it stays where you left it when
you shut off the power. Then, when you turn it
back on, picks up and carries on. With Clarion's
Last Position Memory - the same is true for your
CD player. Turn the car off, do your shopping,
then get back in. Your music picks up where you
left off.


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