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					            Welcome to the Spring Auction at the Centerville Public Library.

Thank you for coming this evening. We hope you have a great time and leave here with
an armload of wonderful things and a great feeling about your village library.

We are so grateful to Cape Cod Package Store, Cape Cod Beer, and our Awesome
Auctioneer, Bill Murphy for donating their services. Their contributions enable us to
raise the money needed to continue to answer your questions, offer you great books,
films, music and programs and to give your children and grandchildren a lifelong love of
reading and libraries.

Enjoy the entertainment provided by the John Dirac and Clayton March Duo.

Tonight we are offering Silent and Live Auctions with many wonderful items sure to
please many tastes.

In addition Gee Gee Murphy is bringing back the popular “Balloon Buy” where everyone
is a winner. We have some great prizes in the “Balloon Buy” this year.
     Gardener’s Delight Basket
     Gift certificates
     Artwork
     Fashion items
     And lots more
Simply purchase a balloon for $10 and open the attached envelope to discover what you
have won.

New this year is “Bust the Box.” We have five items or packages for you to choose
from. Here’s how it works:
    Purchase chances for $10 each.
    Put your bid number on the front and your phone number on the back.
    Review the items and make your selections by placing your chance in the ballot
    The more chances you invest in an item the greater your chance to be a winner.
    Drawings will be held at the end of the Live Auction.

The Live Auction will begin at 6:15 in the Children’s Room. Be sure to look at the list of
Live Auction items in the catalog. Those items will be on display before the auction

                                       Have Fun!!
                                  Conditions of Sale

The property listed on this sale will be offered and sold under the following terms
and conditions:

      The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In
      the event of any dispute between bidders, the Auctioneer shall have absolute
      discretion as to who is the successful bidder. All sales are final.

      Full payment of each purchaser’s account must be received on the date of
      purchase: payment to be made by cash, check, or credit card before the item is
      removed from the premises. The Library accepts Master Card, Visa and
      Discover cards.

      Items purchased must then be removed from the premises immediately
      following the auction unless specific arrangements to hold them have been made.

      All bidding in the silent and live auctions must be done using the assigned
      bidding card number in order that the winning bids may be recorded on the
      appropriate receipt.

      By his or her purchase, the bidder waives any claim for liability against the
      Centerville Public Library Association, Inc, or the donor of the property or
      service. Neither the Centerville Public Library Association, Inc. nor the donor is
      responsible for any personal injuries or damages to properties that may result
      from the use of properties or services sold at the auction.


   1. The Silent Auction begins at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, May 16, 2009, and continues
      until 6:00 p.m. Guests must register at the entrance to receive a bid number and
      catalog. Couples may share a number and register together.

   2. All items have a bid sheet at its display. Persons desiring to bid must do so by
      writing their bid number, and the amount they wish to bid, on the bid sheet.
      Some items may have a minimum opening bid as well as minimum incremental bid

   3. No bid may be crossed out!

   4. The Live Auction commences at 6:15 p.m.

   5. Following the Live Auction, cashiers will accept cash, a personal check or a
      credit card. The Library accepts Master Card, Visa and Discover. Upon payment,
      winners receive a receipt and may take possession of their items.

   6. We recommend that you review the display area for Live Auction items before
      6:00 p.m.

Please note: Trips, accommodations and services are valid for one year from today
unless otherwise indicated, and are not transferable or resalable.


                                 Silent Auction Items

                              Jewelry, Fashion and Style

S-1   Silva Jewelers
      Use this $25 gift certificate to purchase something special for someone special
      from Silva Jewelers of Osterville.
      Donor: Silva Jewelers                                   Value: $25

S-2   Talbot’s Woman
      The well-dressed woman knows how to accessorize. Brighten up any outfit with a
      beautiful paisley scarf in vibrant shades of summer. Pair it with a tangerine
      canvas bag trimmed in leather.
      Donor: Talbot’s Woman-Mary Jane Hill                    Value: $128

S-3   Inspirations Design
      Barbara Mackay makes exquisite, one-of-a-kind jewelry. This necklace was
      fashioned from Aquamarine and Aventurine stones and features hammered
      Sterling silver fastenings and links. It is absolutely beautiful.
      Donor: Inspirations Design                              Value: $165

S-4   Aargh Matey! Ties by Vineyard Vines
      Bring out the pirate side of your favorite guy with this fun blue tie with skull
      and crossbones motif from Vineyard Vines. If he’s captain of his own ship we’ve
      got you covered with a sage green tie with a compass pattern.
      Donor: Vineyard Vines                                   Value: $150

S-5   Hanlon’s Shoes
      Hanlon’s has donated a very generous gift certificate to the auction. They love
      to sell running shoes, but you may use your $100 toward any of their shoes you
      might like to own.
      Donor: Hanlon’s Shoes                                   Value: $100

S-6    Silver and Acrylic Pendant
       Bernadette Sheridan has taken some of her fun artwork and transformed it into
       pendants. I have one and have already received many compliments. This pendant
       features a Cape Cod lilac.
       Donor: Bernadette Sheridan                               Value: $20

S-7    You’re Gonna Love This Bag AND the surprises inside
       This summer bag by Bungalow 360 is fun and practical. It has pockets for
       everything. We love the lobster motif and the contrasting polka-dot interior.
       The folks at the 1856 Country Store have tucked a great pair of navy flip flops
       by Douglas Paquette inside. AND Talbot’s Woman has added a navy nylon wallet
       with leather trim.
       Now you are really ready for summer.
       Donor: 1856 Country Store                                Value: $112

S-8    Mother and Child Earrings
       What mother, mother-to-be, or grandma wouldn’t love this pair of 14kt gold
       pierced earrings depicting mother and child? They are just beautiful.
       Donor: Guertin Jewelers                                  Value: $220

S-9    Shoe Salon
       The Shoe Salon of Osterville has a fabulous collection of designer shoes. Use
       these two $50 gift certificates to buy yourself something really pretty for
       Donor: Rosalie Zanderer & The Shoe Salon                 Value: $100

S-10   “Lola” Bag by Vera Bradley
       This fun Vera Bradley bag is the perfect size and cheerful color for summer
       days. We have added a pair of Embroidered sandal/slippers in a size 7.
       Donor: Judith Gautrau-Mary Jane Hill                     Value: $75

S-11   Puritan Clothing of Cape Cod
       Father’s Day is June 21st. This is a great opportunity to buy something special
       for Dad at Puritan Clothing of Cape Cod with this gift certificate for $50.
       Donor: Puritan Clothing of Cape Cod                      Value: $50

S-12   “Betsy” Bag by Vera Bradley
       This is another of the retired patterns by Vera Bradley. The dark color and
       subdued but fun pattern make it good for year-round use.
       Donor: Judith Gautrau                                   Value: $61

S-13   Pretty Baby
       This Hand-knit sweater ensemble is just perfect for taking your baby girl for a
       stroll to the Library, Four Seas or the Candy Store. Included are booties, cap
       and a sweater fashioned from multicolor yarn. A magnificent hand crocheted
       afghan will keep her cozy as you travel Main Street, Centerville.
       Donor: Sarah Sinclair & Barbara Murphy                  Value: $100

S-14   Island Outfitters-Patchwork bag
       Island Outfitters is the newest store in Osterville. They have donated a
       Patchwork Madras Bag by K Madras Accessories lined in blue and white striped
       seersucker. A really fun fashion accessory.
       Donor: Island Outfitters                                Value: $78

S-15   Short Silk Kimono
       This elegant reversible silk kimono jacket would be perfect for home
       entertaining or a night out on the town.
       Donor: Oyster Island Emporium                           Value: $168

S-16   Vintage Jewelry
       Vintage is “In”. We are offering these two beautiful necklaces for you to pair
       with your favorite outfits. The ivory and black choker was purchased in China. It
       features a lovely centerpiece and multiple strands of smaller “beads”. The clasp
       is 14K. The other piece is a three strand bead necklace in shades of aubergine
       and amber.
       Donor: Rosalie Zanderer                                 Value: $+++

S-17   Evening Bag
       Mulberry Corners has donated a divine navy satin evening bag with flower
       detailing in beads and sequins.
       Donor: Mulberry Corners                                 Value: $30

S-18   Talbots of Mashpee
       The perfect summer bag, a hot pink canvas tote sprinkled adorned with an
       embroidered dragonfly. Take it shopping or out to dinner. Stylish and
       Donor: Talbots of Mashpee                               Value; $49

S-19   Delicate Beaded Necklace
       Gee Gee Murphy has created this necklace and earrings just for the auction. It
       is fashioned from blown glass beads and fine cording in shades of amber. Pair it
       with a Coldwater Creek faux alligator handbag and create your own fashion
       Donor: Gee Gee Murphy-Mary Jane Hill                    Value: $108

                  Just for Fun-Activities for You and Your Family

S-20 Boston College Football
       Love big-time college football? We have four tickets to the BC vs. Wake Forest
       game on September 26, 2009.
       Donor: Karen and Bob McDonald                           Value: $164

S-21   Tour Around the Kennedy Compound and the JFK Museum
       Guests coming this summer? Send them off for an afternoon of sightseeing. Jim
       Ruberti will contribute a two-hour Kennedy Country Tour for up to 6 people (his
       van seating capacity). We have added a visit to the Kennedy Museum on Main
       Street and a copy of the DVD “Hyannis Port and the Presidency of John F.
       Kennedy. Memories!
       Donors: Jim Ruberti-The JFK Museum                      Value: $200

S-22 Boston Whale Watch Cruise
       Join the people from Boston Whale Watch Cruises for a wildlife experience you
       will never forget. This certificate is good for two adults and two children
       Donor: Boston Harbor Cruises      Value: $100

S-23 Prefer the Vineyard??
      The Lady Martha will get you to the Vineyard quickly and comfortably. This pass
      is for two round trips courtesy of Hy-Line. Guy and Pat Giammasi have donated a
      travel kit to carry your bathing suits, sunblock and a good book.
      Donor: Hy-Line Cruises                                  Value: $200

S-24 Paintball
      Is someone in your family a paintball player? Balls to the Wall in Hyannis has
      donated a gift certificate good for two free, two hundred round packages. This
      certificate must be used within one year.
      Donor: Balls to the Wall                                Value: $89

S-25 PawSox
      What a terrific family outing! Contact the donors and choose one of the 2009
      Pawtucket Red Sox games. This certificate is good for four box seats.
      Donor: Rob Rice                                         Value: $50

S-26 Party anyone?
      Ben and Jerry’s on Main Street in Hyannis has donated a gift certificate for an
      ice cream cake that will serve up to 16 people. Just a few doors away is Red Fish
      Blue Fish. Use your $20 gift certificate to purchase something for yourself or
      for a gift.
      Donor: Mike and Mary Lyons-Red Fish Blue Fish           Value: $50

S-27 Catboat Rides

       The Eventide is a Catboat class of sailboat, an authentic traditional local
       design. She is 34 feet long, has a wide 10 foot beam and a sloop rigged
       mast 38 feet tall, assuring a steady, smooth, and comfortable ride. With
       our centerboard up, we can sail in only 30 inches of water, allowing us to
       get much closer to coastal attractions than other Hyannis excursion
       boats. Come sail with us. Skipper, Marcus Sherman has donated two
       certificates for 2 people for a 1 and 1/2 hour cruise around Lewis Bay.

       Donor: Catboat Rides, Inc.                               Value: $120

                               Food and Accommodations

S-28 Carbo’s Grill and Bar & Sopranos
       “Located in Mashpee, Carbo’s Grill and Bar is the place to be for great food, fun
       times and live music.” Family friendly. Soprano’s is an upscale Italian restaurant
       with an extensive wine list.. It’s claim: ”People die for our food.” Mangia!
       Donor: Carbo’s Grill and Bar & Soprano’s                 Value: $50

S-29 The Boathouse & Falmouth Raw Bar
       Great food and friendly service at these two Falmouth restaurants. Take a drive
       and treat yourself.
       Donor: The Boathouse & Falmouth Raw Bar                  Value: $50

S-30 Baxter’s Boathouse Club
       Relax overlooking Hyannis Harbor while you enjoy great seafood. Baxter’s is a
       local summer tradition.
       Donor: Baxter’s Boathouse Club                           Value: $30

S-31   Wimpy’s Seafood Cafe
       No need to say more! Wimpy’s is an institution. Use these two gift certificates
       to enjoy a great burger or some of the best seafood around. Two certificates,
       one for now, one for later.
       Donor: Wimpy’s                                           Value: $50

S-32 Steak House and Sports Bar
      Visit Hyannis’ newest restaurant, the Steak House and Sports Bar on North
      Street. This gift certificate for $25 will help you to enjoy the evening.
      Donor: Steak House and Sports Bar                        Value: $25

S-33 Alberto’s Ristorante
      Alberto’s offers a very special dining experience. This gift certificate for $25
      can be used the next time you want to enjoy the best Northern Italian cuisine in
      the region.
      Donor: Felis and Donna Barreiro                          Value: $25

S-34 Captain’s Table at the Hyannis Yacht Club
      The Captain’s Table dining room at the Hyannis Yacht Club overlooks the water.
      What a spot to have dinner or lunch! We are offering you an associate
      membership to this private dining club.
      Donor: Hyannis Yacht Club                                Value: $135

S-35 The Roadhouse
      The Roadhouse serves everything from great pizza in the tavern to fine dinners
      in the dining room. They have donated a gift certificate for $25 that is good
      any night but Saturday.
      Donor: The Roadhouse Cafe                                Value: $25

S-36 Centerville Corners Inn
      Need a place for unexpected guests?? What better place than right here in the
      village at the Centerville Corners Inn. We are offering a gift certificate for
      midweek accommodations for two nights during any season the property is open.
      Donor: Centerville Corners Inn                           Value: $350

S-37 Guests coming off-season?
      The Centerville Corners Inn is offering a gift certificate for a two-night stay
      off-season. Not redeemable in July and August.
      Donor: Centerville Corners Inn                           Value: $180


S-38 Constance Casey-Long Beach
       Be the first to own this framed print of Connie Casey’s newest oil painting. It
       features the view of the Centerville River as seen from Long Beach. The
       original painting will be on display and for sale in August.
       Donor: Constance Casey                                    Value: $200

S-39 Beach Plums
       We all love this cheerful original acrylic painting of Cape Cod beach plums. It
       was painted by local artist Mary Elizabeth Grieve Wry, professionally known as
       T-Bu. It would brighten up almost any room in your home.
       Donor: T-Bu                                               Value: $150

S-40 Enamel in Art
       We hope you will enjoy a different side of art! Enameling is the process of
       fusing glass to metal. A thin layer of finely ground glass is applied to a metal and
       heated in a hot kiln until the glass flows into a smooth glossy surface. This
       unique piece of artwork was created by local artist Lois Grebe.
       Donor: Lois Grebe                                         Value: $75

S-41   Redheads
       Zoe Albino has donated a beautifully framed and matted print of her painting,
       ”Redheads.” Wouldn’t it look great in a den, study or summer room?
       Donor: Zoe Albino                                         Value: $300

S-42 Beautiful Digital Photography
       Rima Zolina lives in Boston and Craigville. When she is on the Cape she loves to
       take pictures of our beautiful scenery. She has donated a framed print of Lake
       Elizabeth in Craigville Village.
       Donor: Rima Zolina                                        Value: $75

                          House & Garden and Everything Else

S-43   Coffee for a Crowd
       Coffee and dessert, coffee and donuts, serve it to the crowd. This West Bend
       coffee urn will provide you with thirty-six cups of freshly brewed coffee.
       Donor: Margaret Sutphin                                  Value: $35

S-44 Books by the Sea
       This Osterville bookstore has you ready for the season with a Red Sox
       bookmark and a book about Fenway Park. They have also donated a $20 gift
       certificate towards something wonderful in the bookstore.
       Donor: Books by the Sea                                  Value: $40

S-45 Angelic Reflections
       Feng Shui, Channeling, spiritual healing. Connect with your angels with this gift
       certificate for one and a half hours of raising your sensory awareness.
       Donor: Katherine Kaczyk                                  Value: $140

S-46 Photography
       Mark Cote is an Osterville Photographer. He does weddings, family portraits and
       aerial photography. He has donated a gift certificate good for a Family Portrait
       sitting on Cape Cod and one 16 x 20 custom color print. It may also be used for
       other photography services.
       Donor: Mark Cote                                         Value: $250

S-47 Home Design
       WHO KNEW two passionate moms could take your existing furnishings and
       accessories and create a home which you have only seen in home design
       magazines. By minimizing the clutter and rearranging pieces through a trained
       eye this stunning transformation will take place. We will come to your house and
       work with you for 4 hours to design a “new” home.....you will not be disappointed!
       Donor: Gina Uribazo & Mary Luczkow                       Value: $160

S-48   Cape Cod Community College
       This gift certificate is good for all tuition and fees for 1 three credit course
       from sections 40-99 or for 1 non-credit Community Service course offered by
       CCCC during the following semesters: Summer 2009, Fall 2009, Spring 2010.
       Donor: Cape Cod Community College                        Value: $395

S-49 George Forman Indoor Grill
       Grill, healthfully with this jumbo indoor grill. Whether you want to cook steaks,
       grilled vegetables or perhaps Sunday morning pancakes, this grill will help you to
       make them with ease.
       Donor: Dom Gautrau                                       Value: $160

S-50 Grateful Dog X5
       Does your pet get you and the bathroom drenched when you try to give him a
       bath? The Grateful Dog offers you a practical solution. They provide the place
       and the products. You provide the dog and the labor. What a great idea. They
       have generously donated multiple certificates.
       Donor: Grateful Dog                                      Value: $100

S-51   Easel
       Hyannis has a new toy shop right on Main Street. The owners have donated a
       terrific Melissa and Doug Easel to our auction. My grandkids will tell you what a
       great product this is.
       Donor: Main Street Toy Shoppe                            Value: $60
S-52 Cookbook
       Carol Williams has donated a cookbook she thinks you will love, Cooking with les
       Dames Escoffier. She has added some extra touches to make this special. Carol
       is one of the Cape’s foremost caterers.
       Donor: Carol Williams                                    Value: $

S-53 Cardi’s Furniture-Gift Certificates
       Cardi’s Furniture is has come to Hyannis. The Cardi family has donated two $100
       gift certificates to our Auction. Have fun picking out something new for your
       Donor: Cardi’s Furniture                                 Value: $200

S-54 Computer Trouble?
      Let Gina Andreozzi of GMPA Computer Consulting, Inc. help you with repairs,
      computer cleaning or training in most major software applications for your PC or
      Mac. She has donated a gift certificate good for four hours of computer
      Donor: GMPA Computer Consulting, Inc.                   Value: $340

S-55 Dress Up Your Driveway
      Northern Sealcoating and Paving has donated a gift certificate good for $250
      off the cost of a sealcoating job on the Cape. Winning bidder must call
      Northern to schedule and estimate.
      Donor: Northern Sealcoating and Paving                  Value: $250

                                 Live Auction Items

L-1   We’re having a party!-Steve and Sue’s
      Mini Golf and Ice Cream Sundaes for you and 15 of you favorite people at Steve
      and Sue’s Par-Tee Freeze and Lightning Falls in Hyannis. What a great party.
      Good for 16 people.
      Donor: Steve and Sue’s                                   Value: $$$$

L-2   Normandy Village Square
      Joline Diehl takes us to France with this original acrylic painting of a Normandy
      village square. The painting is framed with a simple gold frame and the item
      measures 18 by 24.
      Donor: Joline Diehl                                      Value: $$$$

L-3   Charming Cape Cod
      Lisajewel has designed this fine Sterling silver necklace and bracelet set for
      Oak and Ivory. It has become a signature jewelry item for lovers of the Cape.
      Donor: Lisajewel and Oak & Ivory                         Value: $$$$

L-4   Red Sox Tickets
      The winning bidder will receive two tickets to the Friday, July 3rd game
      between the Red Sox and the Seattle Mariners. These are Loge Box seats in
      Section 27, Box 152 Row FF Seats 3 and 4. First pitch at 7:05 pm.
      Donor: Mason Management Group, Boston                    Value: $$$$

L-5   Noah’s Ark
      “The animals marched in two by two”. This delightful limited edition lithograph
      of Noah’s Ark is signed by the artist, Hyannis Port resident Elizabeth Mumford.
      It has been beautifully framed by Marjon Print and Frame Shop.
      Donor: Elizabeth Mumford/Marjon Print and Frame          Value: $$$$

L-6    Handmade Nantucket Bread Basket
       This hand woven bread basket was made for the auction by Gee Gee Murphy.
       She has made it truly one of a kind by imbedding the Centerville Public Library
       medallion in the center. The basket is crafted with a cherry base, rim and
       Donor: Gee Gee Murphy                                   Value: Priceless

L-7    Cocktail Cruise on the “Meritage”
       Bob and Joyce Angelo have generously offered to host a cocktail cruise for six
       individuals on their 33 foot Vector hydrasport, the “Meritage”. Wouldn’t it be a
       divine way to spend a Cape Cod summer evening?
       Donor: Bob and Joyce Angelo                             Value: $$$$

L-8    Keepsake Chest
       Precious mementos deserve to be cherished. Keep yours in this special hand
       painted keepsake chest. The artist, June Kogut, is well-known for her whimsical
       designs. For you or someone you treasure.
       Donor: June Kogut                                       Value: Priceless

L-9    Spend an Evening with “The King” and Friends
       Thanks to corporate donations we were able to arrange for two of you to spend
       an evening with “Legends” at Foxwoods on Sunday, June 28th. Enjoy this group of
       imitators direct from Las Vegas. You may see Elvis, Rod Steward, Whitney
       Houston, Cher and Tom Jones. After the show try your luck at the Casino. Take
       your time because we have reserved a deluxe room for two at the new MGM
       Grand hotel.
       Donor: Corporate Donations                              Value: A great time!

L-10   Red Sox
       What could be better than Field Box seats to a game between the Red Sox and
       the Baltimore Orioles.? Parking included! The game is on July 24, 2009, with the
       first pitch at 7:05pm. This kind of opportunity just doesn’t come along every
       day. The seats are in Sect. 11, Box 11, Row F, Seats 3 & 4.
       Donor: Jordan Birger                                    Value: $$$$

L-11   Broilmate Gas Grill
       Breakaway at Hall Oil has donated a great Broilmate Royal series gas grill this
       year. This model has porcelain grids, a stainless steel burner and offers 330 to
       520 square inches of cooking space. What a chance for you to get a new grill and
       help the Library at the same time. This would make a wonderful Fathers’ Day
       Donor: Breakaway at Hall Oil                             Value: $$$$

L-12   Signed Nantucket Karen Bullock Mini-tote
       An Oak and Ivory Nantucket Basket mini-tote with a leather insert was hand
       woven by well-known artist Karen Bullock.
       Donor: Ann Sevrens                                       Value: $$$$

L-13   Your very own Wine Cellar
       With this 45 bottle wine cooler you will be ready for a spectacular party and
       your wine will be at just the right temperature. The cooler has two zones, one
       for red wines and one for whites. The cooler may be used either free-standing
       or as a built-in unit. We have started a collection for you by filling the cooler
       with an assortment of our favorite wines.
       Donor: Home Depot/Library Members and Corporate Donors           Value: $$$$

L-14   Patriot’s Tickets-Are You Ready for Some Football?????
       Who says you can’t get Patriot’s tickets? We have two tickets to the first game
       of the regular season. The Pats will be playing against the Buffalo Bills on
       Monday, September 14th at 7pm. Don’t miss this chance to be there to welcome
       back Tom Brady.
       Donor: Clean Uniforms and More                           Value: $$$$

L-15   Sightseeing Cruise for you and 59 friends
       Lobster Roll Cruises has generously donated their boat, the S.S. Lobster Roll,
       and its crew for a one and a half hour afternoon sightseeing cruise from Sesuit
       Harbor in East Dennis. You will board the boat at 2pm and cruise Cape Cod Bay
       until 3:30. If you are the high bidder you will arrange a date with the company.
       At that time you can also arrange whatever catering services you might require
       at an additional cost. The boat has a liquor license. This is a great way to have a
       family reunion, a company outing, a birthday party or whatever special party you
       can imagine. The S.S. Lobster Roll can accommodate 60 guests. ---Make this
       cruise extra special by providing ten sailors with an embroidered t-shirt.
       Embroider-ism will digitize a left-hand logo and embroider up to 10 shirts. You
       get to choose the shirt. This would be great for a business as well.
       Donor: Lobster Roll Cruises and Embroider-ism             Value: $$$$

L-16   Rock Away Your Troubles
       This pair of white wooden rocking chairs would look just perfect sitting on your
       deck or patio this summer.
       Donor: Bradford’s Ace Hardware                            Value: $$$$

L-17   Red Sox Again
       Two more tickets to a Red Sox game have been generously donated by Mr. Crovo
       of Dunhill Builders. The game is at 7:05 on Monday, August 10, 2009 against the
       Detroit Tigers. These tickets are for field box seats in Section 30, Box 75, Row
       H seats 3 and 4.
       Donor: Charlie Crovo Dunhill Builders                     Value: $$$$

The Centerville Public Library extends sincere gratitude to the following individuals
and businesses who lent their support to this auction event. Please thank them too
with your own words and patronage.

                    Cape Cod Package Store, The Pendergast family
                          Cape Cod Beer, The Marcus family
                        Bill Murphy, Our Awesome Auctioneer
                                 Alberto’s Ristorante
                                 Il Maestro Ristorante
                                Wimpy’s Seafood Café
                               Ninety Nine, Centerville
                           Cape and Islands Coffee Service

1856 Country Store                             Carbo’s Grill and Bar
Alberto's Ristorante                           Cardi’s Furniture
Alexandria Boudreau                            Carol Williams Catering
Allium of Hyannis                              Catboat Rides
Ann Sevrens                                    Centerville Corners Inn
Balls to the Wall                              Charlie Crovo-Dunhill Builders
Barbara Murphy                                 Cheryl Quast
Baxters Boathouse Club                         Chip and Katie Reilly
Ben and Jerry’s                                Clean Uniforms and More
Bernadette Sheridan                            Constance Casey
Beth Herrick                                   Cupcake International
Boat House of Falmouth                         Cutting Club
Bob and Joyce Angelo                           Daily Paper
Books by the Sea                               Dom and Judy Gautrau
Boston Harbor Cruises                          Dowling and O’Neil Insurance
Bradford's Ace Hardware                        Edmund Sullivan
Breakaway at Hall Oil, Mashpee                 Elizabeth Mumford
Bridge Creek Capital Management                Embargo Martini and Tapas Bar
Cape and Islands Coffee Service                Embroider-ism
Cape Cod at Your Service                       Emerald Physicians
Cape Cod Beer                                  Falmouth Raw Bar
Cape Cod Package Store                         Fein Things
Cape Cod Central Railroad                      Felis and Donna Barreiro
Cape Cod Community College                     Gee Gee Murphy
Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra                    Gina Uribazo and Mary Luczkow

GMPA Computer Consulting, Inc.           Rima Zolina
Grateful Dog                             Roadhouse Restaurant
Guertin Jewelers                         Rob and Julie Rice
Guy and Pat Giammasi                     Rosalie Zanderer
Hanlon’s                                 Sarah Sinclair
Home Depot                               Shoe Salon of Osterville
Hy-Line                                  Silva Jewelers of Osterville
Hyannis Package Store                    Sopranos Ristorante
Hyannis Yacht Club-Captains Table        Spanky’s Clam Shack
Il Maestro Ristorante                    Steak House and Sports Bar
Inspirations Design                      Steve and Sue's
Island Outfitters                        Steve Cahill
James Bogle, CPA, PC                     Talbot's of Mashpee
Jeff and Nancy Komenda                   Talbot’s Woman
JFK Museum of Hyannis                    T Bu
Jim Ruberti                              Vineyard Vines
Joline Diehl                             Wimpy’s Seafood Cafe
Jordan Birger                            Zoe Albino
Judy Beck
June Kogut
Karen and Bob McDonald
Katherine Kaczyk
Lobster Roll Cruises
Lois Grebe
Main Street Toy Shoppe-Hyannis
Margaret Sutphin
Marjon Print and Frame Shop
Mark Cote Photography
Mary Jane Hill
Mason Management Group of Boston
Mike and Mary Lyons
Mulberry Corners
Northern Sealcoating and Paving
Oak and Ivory
Oyster Island Emporium
Puritan Clothing of Cape Cod
Red Fish Blue Fish

                           Auction Business Donors

The following professionals made financial contributions that have enabled us to
offer you all a fun evening. We are most grateful for their support.

                                    The Daily Paper
                       Bridge Creek Capital Management, LLC
                         Dowling and O’Neil Insurance Agency
                                  James F. Bogle, CPA
                                  Emerald Physicians

                             And Last But Not Least

The Auction and Development Committees of the Centerville Public Library,
including Deana Pulsifer, Margaret Sutphin, Karen McDonald, Gee Gee Murphy, Lisa
Conway, Jeff and Nancy Komenda, Dom Gautrau, Deb and John Caney and Julie
Rice. Thanks also to the Friends and Trustees of the Library who helped to
coordinate, compute, run around, write, rewrite, solicit, smile, cry, call, publicize,
decorate, cry some more, laugh, and otherwise organize this event to benefit the
Library. A very special thank you must go to the Library Staff especially Jacqueline
Dager, Carolyn Barnes, Linda Cardone, Robin Maddalena for their work to make the
auction a success.


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