2011 AnnuAl RepoRt - St. Helena Hospital Foundation by linxiaoqin


									2011 AnnuAl RepoRt
2011 Foundation Board oF directors

David R. Duncan, Chair
Chuck McMinn, Vice Chair
Stacey Bressler, Secretary
Joseph H. Wender, Treasurer
Steve Lundin, Chief Development Officer
Kendace O’Donnell, Executive Director
Edward McDonald, Chief Financial Officer
Terry Newmyer, President and CEO, St. Helena Hospital

Daphne Araujo
Karen Cakebread
Jae M. Chun
Thomas Coon, MD
Jim Gamble
Rick Jones
Robin Lail
Diane Livingston
Robert MacDonnell
Martha May
Valerie Montgomery
Gail M. Policy
Laura Rombauer
Andreas Sakopoulos, MD
Elaine M. Sczuka
Gregory B. Smith, MD
Bob Trinchero
Thomas C. Wajnert                                       Front cover photo:
                                                        Detail image of St. Helena Hospital’s Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center.
Roger O. Walther                                        Photo was taken from the Sally Jones Healing Garden, which surrounds
Kenneth B. Weeman                                       the back side of the building.
                                           changing it up
                                           Should you need to visit St. Helena Hospital in the next 24 months, you will see changes
                                           everywhere. Start with the Main Lobby, which has been transformed into an elegant,
                                           welcoming space. We will soon have a new, state-of-the-art Family Birth Center, a
                                           cutting-edge Orthopedic Department, and a brand new Heart and Vascular Department.
                                           More private spaces, more suites and comfortable view lounges and consulting rooms for
                                           physicians and patient families – these are just a few of the enhancements being made
                                           to our hospital’s physical plant as part of our Project Transform campaign.

                                           Such dramatic changes come at a price, of course, and we’ve already surpassed our
                                           fundraising target of $9.25 million, which will be matched by an equal commitment
                                           from Adventist Health. Such success was the result not only of major gifts, but small
                                           contributions as well. Generous members of this enthusiastic community enabled us
                                           to meet our three-year campaign goal in just one year.

                                           Another change on the horizon is our intention to strengthen the scope of the Foundation
                                           Board of Directors. We are creating new opportunities for more community members
                                           to be engaged in outreach activities that support St. Helena Hospital. Stay tuned for
                                           further details in the months ahead.

                                           Finally, we’ve transformed the leadership of the St. Helena Hospital Foundation, bringing
                                           in a new Chief Development Officer, Steve Lundin, and appointing Kendace O’Donnell as
                                           Executive Director. The result is a more dynamic team approach to our fundraising efforts.

                                           As I look forward to my final year as chair of the Foundation Board, I’m incredibly gratified
                                           by what we’ve been able to achieve. Three or four years ago, we were at risk of losing this
                                           remarkable hospital, but now we are stronger than ever. As Upvalley residents, we should
                                           ask ourselves to imagine what life would be like if we had to travel to Napa or Santa Rosa
                                           for urgent or high-quality health care. It’s a luxury we can’t afford to lose – and thanks to
                                           you, we are now healthier than ever. That kind of change is good!

                                           David R. Duncan
                                           Chair, Board of Directors
                                           St. Helena Hospital Foundation

St. Helena Hospital Foundation I 2011 Annual Report
Look How Far We’ve come
Improvement is the positive side of change. Continuing our tradition at St. Helena Hospital,
we spent the past year striving to set a new standard of excellence. You’ll read more in these
pages about our Project Transform campaign, which has been expanding and upgrading our
physical plant, heightening our ability to provide patient-focused care. We have also established
St. Helena as a destination health-care center for the West Coast. To achieve viability that
produces sufficient demand and volume to justify all of our top-notch services, we must be
able to attract patients from a wider geographical area to support our unique specialties.

Another exciting change this year has been the growth of our hospital network across
California. In late 2011, Adventist Health expanded its Northern California Network
from three hospitals to five. St. Helena Hospital remains the tertiary center, with partner
hospitals in Clear Lake, Vallejo, Ukiah, and Willits. Through this relationship, we are
sharing management services to increase our expertise and efficiency, while improving
the patient experience at all five facilities.

Our hospital is located in a rural area with a population of about 20,000 people, where
you might expect to find a small hospital with perhaps 20 beds. Communities of this
size generally offer acute care, transferring those who require specialty care to larger
cities with more sophisticated facilities. And yet we have a 150-bed hospital with the
technology and services to care for more than 100,000. We have a top-tier dedicated
cancer center, cardiac services, surgical facilities, and a world-class orthopedics program.
It’s been said that the attributes of St. Helena Hospital are equal to that of a small
academic medical center, our technology and expertise are so outstanding. But we have
all this in the middle of a small rural community.

Without your gifts and generous spirit, none of these remarkable achievements would
have been possible. We will continue to find ways to expand our reach and deepen our
level of service to our patients and the broader community. With your ongoing investment,
we can advance excellence in health care, not only for the Upper Napa Valley, but for the
entire West Coast.

Terry Newmyer
President and CEO
St. Helena Hospital Napa Valley

The St. Helena Hospital Foundation
Statement of Financial Position for                                                          2011 income from
2011 is available on our website,
www.shhfoundation.org.                                                                       charitable donations

                                                  6   %              2%
                                                                                             Thanks to the generosity of our donors,
                                                                                             the St. Helena Hospital Foundation raised
                                                                     Income                  more than $8 million in 2011.

                                                                             11 %
                                                                                             In addition to capital for new technology
                                                                              Grants         and facilities, funding helped to support
                                                                                             many health programs and services that
                                                                                             benefit the community.

                                                   20 %
                                                    Events                                                       2%
                                                                     58 %
                                                                     Major Giving
                                                                                                                (gifts added to corpus)

                                              3%                                                                    Equipment

                                                                                                                    11 %
                                             Planned Gifts
                                                                                                                     Charity Care,
  Cash & In-Kind Gifts (includes new                                                                                 Community Benefit
   2011 pledge payments of $492,583)
                                                                              69                                   %

     Net New Signed Pledges (2011)                                          Construction
                                                                          and Renovation
                                                                                                         %      1
    TOTAL (including pledge payments
                                                                                           General Operations
                                                                                                                Research and
   from previous years of $1,640,063)

                             TOTAL                     $492,583            $1,640,063            $5,183,710
         $8,272,877                                                   $3,089,167
               St. Helena Hospital Foundation I 2011 Annual Report
What does it take to transForM a hospital?
It takes the same “sweat equity” and community support that it took to build St. Helena Hospital over 134 years ago.
Philanthropy is the cornerstone that was set in 1878. It is this same culture of philanthropy that the Foundation strives
to preserve and we are proud to acknowledge the overwhelming generosity of our donors.

The MONEY COMES FROM people like you through many avenues – events, major gifts, annual donations, and grants,
to start with. And how does it get here? Via planned gifts, annual cash donations, stocks and securities – and through the
gift of time as a hospital volunteer, just to name a few. In 2011, 164 volunteers donated over 18,397 hours of their time to
the hospital, serving as couriers, coordinating mailing projects, and staffing the Big Oak Gift Shop.

In addition to money raised for major capital projects, the hospital counts on annual contributions which provide a reliable
source of funds to assist with the current needs of the hospital. Who are the champions of the annual fund? Members of
the President’s Forum. In recognition of their generosity, the Foundation offers members two annual thank-you dinners in
elegant settings that feature presentations from leading authorities on important health issues. In 2011, President’s Forum
members gave over $127,000 to support the greatest needs of the hospital. For more information or to join, call the
Foundation Office, 707.963.6208.

WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? In 2011, 69% of the money raised supported CAPITAL PROJECTS or will
go toward funding Project Transform – an ambitious plan to modernize and expand St. Helena Hospital over the next
two years. All programs and services of the hospital are touched by gifts donated to GENERAL OPERATIONS and
CHARITY CARE/COMMUNITY BENEFIT PROGRAMS. These contributions help fill the gap between what
it costs to provide best-practice standard of care and the amount that our patients are able – or unable – to pay for
these services.

WHO IS LEADING THESE EFFORTS? We are pleased to welcomeSteve Lundin, Chief Development Officer.
Steve provides executive leadership for the St. Helena Hospital Foundation. He also works closely with the other
Adventist Health Northern California Network hospitals in fundraising activities to support our quality, growth, and
infrastructure initiatives. Prior to arriving here in August 2011, Steve was the President and CEO of the Alta Bates
Summit Foundation, one of the leading hospital development programs in Northern California.

“i go to the sally Jones Healing Garden frequently,
 to eat my lunch or to pray – the soothing natural
 environment offers a great break from the chaos of
 my work day. i often refer patients and visitors to
 the garden. one woman later told me that she had
 been anxiously awaiting word from the operating
 room about her husband’s surgery. Being able to sit
 in the sunshine and hear the waterfall, she was able
 to relax and prepare herself for whatever news she
 received. Fortunately, the news was good!”
        dorrie skadal
        registered nurse
        Preadmission testing and outpatient services
        st. Helena Hospital
Caring for the Future 2011
Scheduled for completion by the end of 2013,
this renovation will enable us to provide
advanced care to more patients, reduce wait
times, and operate with reduced power
consumption and waste:

New State-of-the-Art Family Birth Center
Expanded Heart and Vascular Wing
Expanded Orthopedic Wing
Expanded Intensive Care Unit
Updated Patient Rooms and Lobby
Modernized Sterilization Equipment
Remodeled Medical Surgical Unit
Refreshed Mental Health Wing

        St. Helena Hospital Foundation I 2011 Annual Report
transformative Philanthropy
If you want something done, ask a busy person, goes the old saying. And if you want something done with passion,
thoroughness, and elegance, ask Daphne Araujo. For twelve years, the Calistoga vintner has served on the St. Helena
Hospital Foundation Board – three of them as chair. She co-chaired the Foundation’s Caring for the Future capital
campaign from 2006–2009 and the Caring for the Future–2011 Project Transform campaign. Ask about any of these
projects and it quickly becomes clear that Daphne is no casual board member – her boots are firmly on the ground.

“Caring for the Future has been a high point of my work here,” Daphne says. “Hospitals aren’t static; they’re constantly
influenced by research and new technology. The fundraising process never really ends.” The 2006-2009 campaign
exceeded its ambitious $28 million goal by $8 million.

In November, Daphne and her husband, Bart Araujo, were honored at Heartfelt, the Foundation’s 17th-annual fundraising
gala. The event netted over $1 million to benefit the Hospital’s Heart and Vascular Services. “Good hospitals are always
striving to have positive outcomes,” Daphne says. “In most cases, people go in sick and come out well. But cardiac problems
need immediate attention; you don’t have that much time. Heart disease is consistently one of the top two causes of
death in both the nation and in Napa County. It’s incumbent upon a world-class hospital like ours to provide the best
possible cardiac care.”

Now Daphne has turned her attention to Caring for the Future–2011 Project Transform, a plan to expand the hospital
by 21 beds and remodel it to offer patient-centered care. “Our birth center had been inadequate for years, but we had no
place to move it,” Daphne explains. “The patient rooms, located in a facility that was built in 1948, were badly in need of
refreshing. Our level of care is superb, but we didn’t have a healing environment. The updated facilities will support the
technical excellence that St. Helena’s doctors and staff already provide.”

Such commitment echoes the passion that Daphne and Bart have brought to their own endeavor, Araujo Estate Wines,
which they farm biodynamically on the historic Eisele Vineyard. The Araujos are highly respected for the way they have
maintained the integrity of the vineyard and their hand-crafted, limited release wines. “We’ve tried to honor the land as
we’ve impacted it, in the same way the land has impacted and honored us,” Daphne says.

St. Helena Hospital clearly bears the imprint of her generous spirit, with so many improved facilities and programs.
“As board members, our job is to listen to the community about its concerns and needs for health care,” she says. “So
many people have benefited from this hospital, they want to give something back through philanthropy. It’s gratifying
to help them make that connection. You realize you can really make a difference.”

 A Grateful Patient
“ We had just moved up here from Los Angeles and knew no one in the community. After dancing all weekend at my daughter’s
  wedding, I woke up with my lungs completely filled with fluid – a mitrovalve prolapse, it turned out. Our neighbor’s San Francisco
  doctor assured us that we had the best five-star cardiac hospital we could hope for right here in the valley. I was treated with
  so much love, respect, and rapid attention, I felt like I was at a spa manned by angels! My cardiologist was Dr. Lies, my surgeon
  Dr. Jacobson – they not only saved my life, but made me feel so safe and secure and well taken care of. There is no need to travel
  from our magnificent Napa Valley for the ultimate in world-class cardiac care.”
 Mimi DeBlasio, Scarecrow Wines

St. Helena Hospital Foundation I 2011 Annual Report
When seconds count
With the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, the rate of heart disease is on a steady rise – they are experiencing
heart disease in higher numbers than any previous generation. The good news? Today, with rapid response and quick
treatment, a heart attack is very survivable.

Fortunately, St. Helena Hospital has a multidisciplinary team of cardiac and vascular specialists that enables us to offer
one of the most active cardiovascular programs in the region. St. Helena’s Heart Institute provides the highest possible
level of cardiac care right here in the Valley.

Until now, however, our capable team has been working in a less-than-modern environment. While the surgeries and
interventional methods are top-notch, our facilities haven’t allowed a good continuum of care. “Our monitoring
equipment, respiratory therapy machines, and infusion pumps are the latest technology, but the aesthetics of our
intensive care unit and waiting room are vintage 1970s,” says cardiologist James Srebro, M.D. “ There is a division
between the level of care we’re giving and the environment the patients and their families experience.”

In 2010, St. Helena Hospital opened the Wilfred M. Huse, MD, Heart & Vascular Suites. The new facility offers cardiac
catheterization and equipment to diagnose and treat diseases of blood vessels outside the heart and brain. “It’s extremely
well-designed and a benefit to every doctor who uses it,” says Dr. Srebro. “It allows us to do our very best work.”

The next step, slated for completion in 2014, is a 9,200 square-foot Heart and Vascular Unit. The new facility will
offer an expanded bed capacity; two VIP suites for patients desiring upgraded accommodations; a View Lounge offering
patient families a serene setting to wait during their loved one’s stay; improved telemetry equipment; and closer proximity
to the Intensive Care and Cardiac Surgery Units. Not only will the new unit provide more comfortable care but, in the
rare case when two patients are having serious cardiac events at the same time, it gives doctors more flexibility in
handling those critical moments.

St. Helena’s Heart Institute will benefit from more than just improved facilities. “We will be bringing on a cardiac clinical
nurse specialist and a cardiac nurse practitioner to assist the thoracic surgeons in their day-to-day interactions,” says
Director of Cardiovascular Services and Medical Imaging Chuck Adams. “All patient records will be immediately
available across the computerized system. We will offer the full package: the expertise, the equipment, and the technology.”

“The new Heart Institute is a tremendously sound investment for our community,” Dr. Srebro adds. “People like to feel
that whatever they give does touch human beings, and their gifts are really making a difference. They’re enabling us
to offer the best health care available.”

St. Helena Hospital Foundation I 2011 Annual Report
changing Lives for the Better
It is estimated that 23,460 women in California will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year; 100 of them will live
in Napa County. Fortunately, state-of-the-art screenings are available at St. Helena Hospital’s Women’s Center
Mammography Services. These life-saving exams are vital to early detection – mammography is still the best screening
tool for detecting cancer, making outcomes more successful. Thanks to annual grants from Auction Napa Valley, the
Women’s Center is able to provide not only digital mammograms but also breast ultrasounds, bone density screenings,
and cardiac risk screenings at no cost to individuals in our community who cannot afford them.

“Last year we performed 2,377 mammograms and of those, 80 were provided for free,” says Rosa Plancarte Ayala,
the Community Registration Associate at the Women’s Center. “Our patients are always so grateful. Although they
can’t afford to pay for these procedures, they often make small donations back to the hospital, just out of appreciation.”

Another transformative gift acquired through the Auction Napa Valley grant was digital mammography equipment: a
GE Senograph 2000D which provides crystal-clear images in just a few seconds, often with less discomfort than that
associated with analog mammography.

These life-saving technologies are quick, convenient and more accessible than ever, thanks to the generosity of
Auction Napa Valley. “It’s my favorite part of the job,” says Rosa, “seeing the change that comes over our patients
during the screening process. They come in frightened and anxious. When they leave, you can see their relief and
broad smiles on their faces. ‘ That wasn’t bad at all!’ they say. It always makes my day.”

        A Grateful Patient
        I’m self-employed and currently uninsured. From the first moment I spoke with Rosa, I felt comfort and relief.
        “This is what we’re here for,” she said. “We want you to take care of yourself.” Rosa’s attitude made my day; she
        was so encouraging and helpful. I’m considered high-risk for breast cancer, and therefore, screenings are vital to
        my preventative care. I’m eternally grateful to the Women’s Center and Auction Napa Valley.
        Pamela, St. Helena

Auction Napa Valley
Adolescent Mental Health Unit
Cardiovascular Laboratory
Community Needs
Emergency Room Capital
Family Birth Place Operations
Health Center Room Renovation
Hospital Charity Care
Hospital Diagnostic Equipment -
  Spiral CT, Outpatient Surgery
  MRI, Martin-O’Neil Cancer
  Center Linear Accelerator
Hospital Information Technology –
  Electronic Patient Record System
Job Care Operations
Latino Health Education
Medical Imaging
Nuclear Medicine
Osteoporosis Screening
Out Patient Surgery –
  Special Procedures
Respiratory Care Education
Seniors Outreach
Women’s Center Diagnostic
  Equipment and Programs
Game-changing Gifts
It would be impossible to talk about generous philanthropy in this community without mentioning the Napa Valley
Vintners Association, whose Auction Napa Valley has annually funded the most ambitious advances at St. Helena
Hospital. Of the many organizations to benefit from the Vintners’ grants, our hospital is among the top two, and the
group’s cumulative funding to us now exceeds an astonishing $10 million.

When I arrived in St. Helena 14 years ago, my own practice benefited from the upgraded outpatient surgery center
made possible with a Napa Valley Vintners donation. Having a dedicated space for such procedures enables me to
perform at my highest capacity. More than that, as a physician I have seen at close range how patients’ lives have
been touched by such improvements to our facilities.

Now, from the added perspective of an administrator, I have a better view of the hospital’s overall operation. And across
the board, we have achieved the highest possible standard of facilities, technology, and programs – largely due to the
considerable annual funding of the Napa Valley Vintners and Auction Napa Valley. Nowhere is this more apparent than
in the fact that we regularly achieve the highest quality scores among health-care organizations nationwide.

We have so much to be grateful for at St. Helena Hospital. The Napa Valley Vintners Association is at the top of that list.

Steven C. Herber, M.D.
Executive Vice President
St. Helena Hospital

Gifts received              cHairMan’s circLe:             Robin & Jon Lail             Festival Association          Joanne & David McDonald      Carolyn & Fred Cohen
from January 1 –            GiFts oF $25,000 -             Cliff Lede                     Napa Valley                 Frances & James McGlothlin   Cook Restaurant
december 31, 2011           $49,999                        Belinda & Pascal Levensohn   Sharon & Robert Freed         Chiara Mondavi               Lucinda & Charles Crocker
                            Alexis & Robert Adler, MD      The Lexington Cancer         Joan & Launce Gamble          Jeff Murray                  Anita & David Cummings
Founder’s circLe:           Martha & Bruce Atwater
GiFts oF $1,000,000+                                         Foundation, Inc.           Jule A. Grant                 Barbara & Don Niemann        Corey Dahline
                            Debbie & John Brincko          Lyons Huber Anesthesia       Patricia & Joseph Harbison    Earl Ongman                  Christine & Christopher
Kathryn & Kenneth
                            Stacey & Bob Bressler          Linda & Mike Markkula        Pam & Richard Kramlich        Peter Michael Winery           Davis, MD
                            Joanne & Harmon Brown          Mercedes & E.R. Muirhead     Diane & John Livingston       Rachael Poer, Hopscotch      DC & E Vineyards
                            Karen Cakebread                Kathleen Heitz Myers &       Marilyn & Robert Long           Events                     Fran De Mazio
PLatinuM circLe:
GiFts oF $500,000 -         Valerie & Robert                 George Myers               Jannine & Robert              Shafer Vineyards             Jean & Robert Edwards
$999,999                      Montgomery                   Maggie & Stephen Oetgen        MacDonnell                  Elizabeth & William Shea     El Konejo Kampers
Auction Napa Valley         Lois & John Mueller            Christy & Peter Palmisano    Diane & Ronald Miller         Wayne Siemens                Faithsearch Partners, Inc.
Evalyn & Bob Trinchero      Paul Marciano Foundation       Carolyn & Damian Parker      Margrit Mondavi               Dorothy & Charles            Barbara & Jim Fetherston
                            Elaine Sczuka                  Jean Phillips & Edward Zuk   Suzy & Tony Narducci            Simmons, MD                Marilyn & Delmer
GoLd circLe: GiFts oF       Silver Oak Cellars             Planetz/Echelon              Mary W. Novak                 St. Jude Medical               Fjarli, MD
$200,000 - 499,999          Patricia & Donald Stephens     Gail & Carmen Policy         Valerie & Robert Peebles      Rusty Staub                  Kathy & Jim Fleming
Rick Jones Family           Stryker Orthopaedics           Powers Charities             Alexandra & Robert Phillips   Anne & Patrick Stotesbery    Judith Ford Newman
Dennis O’Neil &             Anne & Roger Walther           Mary & Steven Read           Margo & Scott Reiner          The Robb Report              Mark Freeman
 Stephen Martin
                                                           Laura & K.R. Rombauer        Mary Ellen Brook &            Debbie Torres                Nancy & David Garden,
                            BeneFactor’s circLe:           Barbara & John Shafer          Madaiah Revana, MD          Michele B. Torres              The White Barn
siLver circLe: GiFts        GiFts oF $10,000 -
oF $100,000 - 199,999                                      Silicon Valley Bank          Sandy & Koerner Rombauer      Toshiba America Medical      Julie & Patrick Garvey
Daphne & Bart Araujo        David Abreu                    Margo & John Simons          Catherine Schmidt               Systems Inc.               Frank Greene
Victoria & Peter Chow       Adventist Health               Claire & Steven Stull        Elizabeth & W. Clarke         Carol Trivett Williams &     Kathryn & Craig Hall
Jennie & Jae Chun             Corporate Office             Roger Trinchero                Swanson                       Robert C. Williams, DDS    Birgit Hall
Stephanie & James Gamble    Teresa & Mark Aubert,          Michael Uytengsu             Jean Viereck                                               Deborah & H. William
                              Aubert Wines                 Jennifer Nice &                                            Friend’s circLe: GiFts         Harlan
Mary & Bruno Ghiringhelli
                                                             Barry Waitte               contriButor’s                 oF $1,000 - $2,499           Mike Harris
Mabel C. Johnson            Lori & Howard Backen
                                                           Lisa & Jim Walker            circLe: GiFts oF              Lauren & Bob Ackerman        Margie & Bill Hart
Anne & Charles McMinn       Marge Bartolucci                                            $2,500 - $4,999
                                                           Betsy & Deepal                                             Albion Surveys, Inc.         Harvest Inn
Susan & Leslie Rudd,        Alison & Peter Baumann                                      Abigail & Richard Baker
                                                             Wannakuwatte                                             Barbara & James Allen        Heck Foundation
  Rudd Foundation           Christine & Jim Bean                                        Judy & Jim Barrett
                                                           Kerry Whitaker                                             Anonymous (2)                Heitz Wine Cellars
Jack Thomas Trust           Johanna & Barry Berkowitz                                   Peggy Bergmann
                                                           Margaret & Angus Wurtele                                   Mark Ashlock                 The Hess Collection Winery
Ann Colgin & Joe Wender     Susan & Dann Boeschen                                       Linda & Gary Burdick
                                                           Susan & Tucker York                                        Marilyn & Paul Asmuth        Sara & Austin Hills
                            Valerie Boyd & Jeff Gargiulo                                Calistoga Ranch
                                                           Zumwalt Ford                                               Auberge du Soleil            Hooper, Lundy & Bookman,
Bronze circLe: GiFts        Bonnie & Philip Cabaud                                      Naoko Dalla Valle
oF $50,000 - $99,999                                                                                                  Michelle Fields &              P.C.
                            Dolores & Jack Cakebread                                    Dameron Hospital                Robin Baggett
Anonymous                   Central Valley                 Patron’s circLe:                                                                        Jane & David Jackson
California Labelstock                                      GiFts oF $5,000 -            Lucy & Thomas Danis           Catherine & Charles Ball     Nancy Jefferson
                              Builders Supply                                           David’s Jewelers
Peter A. & Vernice H.                                      $9,999                                                     Kristi & Jay Barrington      Julie & Jamie Kellner
                            Charles Krug Winery –          Mary Cunningham Agee &       Mimi De Blasio &
  Gasser Foundation                                                                                                   Mike Beatty                  Matthew Kelly
                              Peter Mondavi Family           Bill Agee                    Bret Lopez
Priscilla & Keith Geeslin                                                                                             Betty & Andrew Beckstoffer   Bradley Keywell
                            Joan & Robert Clifford         Patti Brown                  Far Niente Winery and
Dan Lynch                                                                                                             Edna Bevins Bell &           Kongsgaard Wine
                            Paula Brooks & Bob Cook        Florence & John Bryan          Nickel & Nickel Winery
Maurice Marciano Family                                                                                                 Charles Bell               Ladera Vineyards
                            Suzanne Deal Booth &           Sarah Buxton                 Joan & Donald Farrar
  Foundation                                                                                                          Belvedere Scientific Fund    Frank LaHaye
                              David Booth                                               Kathleen & David Fink
Martha & Tom May                                           Anne Carver & Denis Sutro,                                 Marla & Dale Bleecher
                            Deann Wright &                                                                                                         Lail Vineyards
The V Foundation                                             Carver Sutro Vineyard      First Republic Bank           Jane Brovelli
                              Luke Evnin                                                                                                           Barbara & Tom LaTour
Julie & Gary Wagner                                        Molly & Donn Chappellet      Cynthia & Charles Henning     Cathy Buck, Cameo Cinema
                            Candace & Vincent                                                                                                      Mariann & Michael Layne
Teresa & Thomas Wajnert                                    Clif Bar and Company         Laura Cunningham &            Mark Cappadonna
                              Gaudiani, MD                                                                                                         Aura & Fred Lee
                                                           Mary & Frederic Constant       Thomas Keller               Central California
Diane B. Wilsey             Pamela & Corbin Gwaltney                                                                                               Sharon & Gary Lessing
                                                           Culinary Institute of        Keith Korver, MD                Conference of
                            Ellen & Charles Haas                                                                                                   Livingston-Moffett Winery
                                                             America at Greystone       Gretchen & Robert Lieff         Seventh-day Adventists
                            Heather & Brant Hartsock                                                                                               Catherine & David Marsten
                                                           Martha & Ronald Doornink     Simone & Scott Lutgert        Chateau Montelena Winery
                            Honig Vineyard & Winery                                                                                                Alexandra & Michael
                                                           Lexie & Bob Ellsworth        Linda & James Malone          Chavez, Kirstien & Co.
                            Joseph Phelps Family                                                                                                     Marston
                                                                                        Leigh & William Matthes       Cliff Lede Vineyards

          St. Helena Hospital Foundation I 2011 Annual Report
Richard L. Martin              Alan Thompson               Barnett Vineyards           Cain Vineyard & Winery       Stephen Crowe                 Esperanza Resort
Elizabeth J. Martini           Clay Timon                  Anderson Bartlett           Cakebread Cellars            Bruna Crunkleton              Eufroncinia & Jose
Carissa Chappellet &           TLG Security and            Nancy Batt                  Lane Calvin                  Lori Culbertson                 Eustaquio
  Archie McLaren                 Transportation            Janie Beach                 Betty M. Campbell            Jennifer Curran               Dorothy & Robert Evans
Meadowood Napa Valley          Deborah & Raymond           Valerie & Robert Beck       Stephen Canny                D. R. Stephens Estate         Harry Fegan
Michael Wolf Vineyard            Tonella                   Linda & Robert Beckstrom    Canon Creek Service          Dancing Hares Vineyard        Beth & Tom Fehr
  Service                      Katie & Todd Traina         Kirsten & Peter Bedford     Cindi Cantril                Andrew D’Anneo                Joanne Fernandez
Debra Miller &                 Vera Trinchero Torres       Lynne Jones &               Cardiology Consultants       Darioush Winery               Noreen & Patrick Fetzer
  Michael Dobler               Eve Kanne Ulin &              Robert Begley             Patricia & David Carey       Barbara & J. Thomas           Merritt Fink
Fred Miller                      Jeffrey Ulin              Christina & Fred Belka      Robert Carli                   Davidson, MD                Hertha & Charles Fintel
Timothy Mondavi                Sarah & Pieter              Bell Products Inc.          Linda Carnevale Skale        Elizabeth de Baubigny         Keith Fisher
Morgan & Allen Morton            VandenHoven               Norma & Felix Beltrami      Marit & Steve Case           Lydia & Anastacio de Leon     Kelly Fleming
Madeline Murray Trust          Vineyard Country Inn        S. Kenneth Benson           Casey Flat Ranch             Eleanor De Limur              Anita A. Ford
Kathy & Steve Nelson           Lyndal & Howard Walker      William Berglund            Shirley Castaneda            Dean & DeLuca                 Frank Borges Jr General
Nancy Ogg                      Sandy & Kay Walker          Kathy Bertolino &           Timothy Cayley               Marie & Al Del Bondio           Contracting
Mary Ann & Gordon              Celeste & Robert White        Richard Chesi             Ralph Cechettini             John Del Bondio               Susan & Paul Frank
  Osborn, MD                   Carole & Richard Williams   Lloyd Bianchini             Karen & Raymond              Lorraine & Ralph Del Prete    Dianne & Don Fraser
Ovid Napa Valley               Wolf Family Vineyards       Marianne & Maurice Bihan      Chadwick                   Lydia & Anastacio Deleon      Margaret Frederick
Pacific Union College          Woodhouse Chocolate         Katherine & Roy Bisagno     Deborah Chandler             Juvenel Depina                Marceline M. Frediani
Patina Estate & Fine Jewelry   Stephanie & Michael Woods   Kathleen & David Bjork      Chappellet Winery &          Judith Devolder               Elaine & David Freed
Kathleen E. Patterson          Anita & Ron Wornick         Blackbird Vineyards           Vineyard                   Darcy & James Diamantine      Nancy & Andrew Freedman
Betsy & Christopher            Soha Yamin                  Scott Blakley               Manuel Chavez                Diamond Creek Vineyards       Douglas Freund
  Peacock                                                  Chotsie & Allan Blank       CHEERS! St. Helena           Diane Dillon & Bill Moseley   Pat Friday
Elizabeth Peters               otHer GiFts                 Barbara & Salvatore         Julia W. Cheever             Thomas M. Dixon               Lawrence Furnstahl
Piner’s Ambulance Inc          38 Spatial, Inc.              Bommarito                 Kathy & Mike Chelini         Annette & Joe Domgaard        Barbara & Mose Galante
Piner’s Nursing Home           Barbara Abate               M. Colleen Bonner           Clara Chen                   Harrietta & Richard Doran     Marcella & Bob Gallagher
Carolyn Pride                  Mitzi Aguirre               Jan L. Booth                Zelock Chow                  Teresa Dorothy                Rica Gallegos
REACH Air Medical              Alan’s Studio on Main       Barbara & Frank Borges      Shirley & John Christian     Dreyfuss & Blackford          Alice Galleron
  Services                     Alpha Omega Winery          JoAnn & Brian Bowen         Donald Chu                     Architects                  Colette & Thomas Gamble
Revana Family Vineyard         Karen & Tom Amato           Jim Boyd                    Crystal Church               Lisa H. Drinkward &           Jane Garassino
Muneca & Fred Rijke            Bernell Amick               Deanna & Joseph Boyd        Kathryn & Ronald Citron        Les Behrens                 Gary Gates
Denise Hicks Santos            Lisa Marie & Scott          Barbara & Harry Bratt       Patrick Clark                Roanne & Roy Dunbar           Max Gellert
Laurence & Rene Schlatter        Andersen                  Deborah Brecher             Sandy Clarke                 Christy & Nathanael Dunn      Genaro Cousins – Sue,
Sally & Fred Schweiger,        Anne Anderson               Joyce Breland               Clyde Beffa Jr. Cattle       Brent Dupper                    Cynthia, Laura & Michael
  Schweiger Vineyards          Diane & Jack Anderson       Marie & Bill Bresciani        Company                    Norma & Frank Dupper          Askale George
George Sheldon                 Linda & Robert Andreae      Bressler Vineyards          Angelo Colbasso              Colleen & Robert Dye          Dan George
Mary & Paul Slawson            Anomaly Vineyards           Del Britton                 Thomas Colbert               Dawnine & Bill Dyer           Berti & Ralf Gerdes
Patricia & Sam Sloan           Anonymous (14)              Janet & Sidney Brizendine   Victoria Coleman             Kathleen Ecker &              Charlotte Gill
Jennifer & Dan Smith           Maureen & Lawrence Appel    Donna & Charles Broder      Rosemary & John Collins        John Mackie                 Gillwoods Cafe
Solage Calistoga               Armadillo’s                 Gary Brookman               Kathleen & William Collins   Mary L. Edano                 Katherine Goddard
Spottswoode Estate             Lorraine & Harold Ashton    Kathi & David Brotemarkle   Joan & Eugene Combs          Rachel Egan                   Gary Goebel
  Vineyard & Winery            Eleanore & Edward           Rosanne Brouette            Computer Therapy of          Elizabeth Spencer Wines       Elizabeth & Glenn Goelz
St. Helena Hospital              Aslanian                  Cynthia & Dale Brown          St. Helena                 Merry & John C. Ellis         Golden State Warriors
  Clearlake                    Negede Ayele                                            Anne Cook                    Dorothy & Don Emerson         Nina & Lucas Gomez
                                                           Brown Holder Alfaro &
Kate Stanley                   Ronald J. Azevedo             Co. LLP                   Gerald M. Cople              Empire Elevator Company,      Mary Gosney
Cathy Stocker                  Michael Babler              Elizabeth Bruan             Nancy Stoltz &                 Inc.                        Ann & Richard Grace
Dan Stotesbery                 Carolyn Bacigalupi          Barbara Bryant                Craig Corbitt              Enco-water                    Cirila & Benjamin Grajo
Mary Stuard                    Lois Bailey-Dodds           Betty & Robert Bryant       Jerry Cormack                Dorcas & Craig Erickson       Amanda Granados
Susman Family Foundation       Stephen Ball                Susan & Stuart Bushnell     Nancy Coursen                Beverly & Joel Erickson       Judith Greene
Carry & John Thacher           Rachael Balyeat             C.C. Blue                   Judith & James Crabtree      Valerie & Paul Erickson       Nancy Gressinger
The Elizabeth S. Wells         Maxine & Peter Bardessono   CADE Winery                 Georgia & W. Craddock        Vernon Eriksen                Tatjana & Mike Grgich
  Charitable Trust             Jon Barker                                              Crocker & Starr Wines        Gloria & Rogelio Espejo
                                                           Nancy & Paul Caffo                                                                     Gavin Grinnell
The Vintage Estate             Joseph W. Barkley Jr

otHer GiFts continued      Emma Klement                  Mass Mutual Companies       Martha & Tom Oddo                Barbara Richards              James Sloan
                           Dr. Heather &                 Lorraine Masterson          Donna & Martin Oldford           Ofelia Rios Delocra           Alice Small
Aimee Guillot                Norman Knight               Adriane & Stephen           Gwen & Don Oliver                Rob Roy Golf Club             Helen & Francis Smith
Thomas Gumino              Sean Knight                     Matthews                  Opus One                         Ryan Robertson                Richard Smith
George Haab                Ruth Koch & Bernard Koch      Maverick Services           Armando Oregon                   Tila & Rafael Rodriguez       Pamela & Mark Smithers
Laddie & Ted Hall          Jane & Waldo Kolb             Karen & Dennis Mayer        Sandra & Bernie Orsi             Bethany & Gregory Rogers      Paula Soekland
Mary Lou & Jack Hamilton   Rochelle & Paul Kramer        Jeanette & Clark            Georgeanne Oswill                Holly Rogers                  Patience Somerville
Lucy & William Hamilton    Susan & F. Ron Krausz           McCornack, Sr.            Pacific Landscapes, Inc.         Judith & Richard Rogers       Katie & Ron Somple
William Hardin             Meghan & Paul Krsek           Dan McDonald                Judy & Larry Parady              Rose Construction,            Margaret & Harry Sorenson
Donna & Mike Hardy         Lorene & Mike Kuimelis        Laurie McGuire              Sosonte Pascobillo                 Equipment Rentals           Kathleen & Albert Spadaro
Joyce & Robert Hayes       Thomas Kuntz                  Marilyn & John McIntosh     Deborah & Joseph Patane          Wilma Rose                    Cecily Jordan &
Wm. Alston Hayne           Donna & Walter Kuntz          Martha & Robert Meals       Cynthia Pawlcyn &                Mariano Rosete                  Vincent Spohn
Adrian & Alston Hayne Jr   Jennifer La Liberte           Erika Mee                     John Watanabe                  Miriam & Orville Ross         Sportabout
Cynthia Hays               Michael Laguardia             Cherie & Philippe Melka     Pearl Wonderful Clothing         Mary Jane & Andrew Rossi      St. Helena Hospital -
Jillian & Curtis Helmer    Inger & Wendell Laidley       Roberta & Gary Menegon      Debbi & Jim Pedersen             Rena & William Rossi            Well Now Showcase
Benjamin S. Henry          Shannon Lail                  Louise Menegon              Kathy & Robert Pegram            Round Pond Winery and         St. Helena Junior Women’s
Hergert Company Oil        Carolyn Lambert               Kimberly & James Meredith   Eloise Pena                        Olive Mill                    Club
Mary Hergert               John Lambert                  Sharyn Meyer-Fuller         Jane M. Pepe                     R. Jane Ruddock               Barbara Stanton
Herndon Electric           Andrea & Roger Langley        Helen & David Mezzera       Pepper Hamilton LLP              Donald Rudy                   Steaven K. & Judith G. Jones
Virginia & Wayne Heywood   Dorothy & Joseph Lark         Billie Miller               Jeanne & Merton Perry            William Ryan                    Foundation
Gerald Hicks               Maria & Al Larrenaga          Aldene & Glenn Miller       Teresa & Carl Petersen           Ron Ryskalczyk                Patricia Steele
Brenda Hinton              Betty & Karl Larsen           Roger Miller                Carol & LeRoy Peterson           Joanne & John Sales           Verna & Robert Steinhauer
Lily & Robert Hitchcock    Dave Lawrence                 Dorothy Minns               Noelle Peterson                  Susanne & Edward              Karen Stephenson
Ted Hoehn                  Teresa Lazaro                 Janice Mitchell             Nancy Phillips                     Salvestrin                  Mary Ann & Robert
Alice Hoffman              Denise Leuschner              MLB Associates              Mary Lee & Dan Pina              Richard Sams                    Stephenson
Diana Holmes               Bryan P. Lilienthal           Trent Moffett               Pizzeria Tra Vigne               David Schall                  Toni & James Sterling
Herbert Holt               Lincoln Avenue Spa            Karen Mondon Scarpulla      Christine Plant, Firhill Press   Michele & David Schenone      Elisa Stevens
Donald F. Houghton         Lincoln Theater Napa Valley   Ray Monroy                  Lynn & Edward Poole              Brian Schmaltz                Lanita Stilwell
Hourglass                  Rosa Llamas                   Kathryne & Robert Moore     Sophia & Nick Poulos             Louise & Don Schmidt          James H. Stirling
Elaine & Harter Hudson     Shelly & Donald Logan         Albert Moorhead             John Powers                      Tracey Schmidt                Stony Hill Vineyard
Sharon Hughes              Pat Perini-Long &             Trish Morf                  PRESS                            Stephen Scholten              Wendy Strachan
Elizabeth & Grant Hunt       Robert Long                 Donna & Jack Morgan         Virginia & Salvatore Presti      Schramsberg Vineyards         Louise & John Strasser
Linda Hutson               Douglas Lott                  Martha Morrison             Carolyn & Michael Price          Marguerite Schulte            Susan & David Sturtevant
Amy Iadarola               Thomas MacBride               Mount View Hotel & Spa      Ruth & Michael Price             Marian & Richard              Melinda & Jerry Sweany
Helen Imrie                Inna & John MacDougall,       Sandra & Uwe Mueller        Pride Mountain Vineyards           Schumacher                  Richard Talbot
Inn At Southbridge           MD                          Jennifer & John Muhlner     Prince Sports                    Sally & Fred Schweiger,       Kenneth Taplin
Ebony Jackson              Rosalie & Albert Maddalena    Violet & Milton Mund        Juli Pringle                       Schweiger Vineyards         Melinda Taplin
Nancy Jackson              Richard Madsen                Ray Murphy                  Kathleen Provonsha               Angela & Wayne Scott          James C. Tate
Sherry Jacobs              Kirsten Magario               Napa Valley Country Club    QBE                              Margaret & Manny              Sally & Gordon
Pam & Gary Jaffe           Donald Magnin                 Napa Valley Petroleum       Maureen & Donald Querio            Scrofani, MD                  Taubenheim
Cynthia Jenkins            Deborah & Peter Magowan       Napa Valley Tea Company     Quintessa                        John Scurich                  Kathleen & Lary Taylor
Elaine & Donald John       Dianne & Sean Maher           Napa Valley Vintners        Quixote Winery                   Nancy & Tom Seaver            Verna & Paul Taylor
Reverdy Johnson            Pamela & Mark Maier           Napa Valley Wine Train,     Chalena Ramirez                  Dawn Selanders-Mercer &       Adair & Brian Tench
Bobbie Jones               Maintco Corp                    Inc.                                                         David Mercer                Tesoro
                                                                                     Virginia & Jack Rannells
Juslyn Vineyards           Julie & Robert Makin          Ray L. Nasuti                                                Selene Wines                  The Benefiel Living Trust
                                                                                     Barbara & Douglas Rebok
Leonard Kania              Jacqueline Mansfield          Helen & Bruce Nelson                                         Darla Sell                    The French Laundry
                                                                                     REDD Restaurant
Bob Kapperer               Markham Vineyards             Nichelini Winery                                             Annette & Doug Shafer         Marjorie & Michael Thomas
                                                                                     Susan Reed
Maureen Kelly              Antonio Martin                Pat & George Noble                                           Elizabeth Shafer              Barbara & Bob Thompson
Ursula & Emory Kendall     Mr. & Mrs. J. David Martin    Chloe Noggle                                                 William D. Shaw               Sherri & John Tomaso
                                                                                     Linda Reiff & Richard Ward
Nancy & Doug King          Sal Martin                    Harris Nussbaum                                              Rex Shepherd                  Alisa Pettey-Torres &
                                                                                     Donna & David Reis
Joleane & Francis King     Donald Martinelli             Susan & William Oberndorf                                    Charlotte & Ralph Sherman       Irvent Torres
                                                                                     Helen & Arturo Relevo
James King                 Neilann Martinez              Elizabeth & William                                          Mabel & J. Paul Shively, MD   Robert D. Torres
                                                                                     Judy & Bruce Renati
                                                           O’Connor                                                   Blanca Siguenza               Toss Designs

          St. Helena Hospital Foundation I 2011 Annual Report
Tra Vigne                   Debra & Gregory Winkle      Holly & David Racker, MD       Peterschmidt               William D. Duge, MD        John Milbridge
Trader Joe’s Napa           Terry Winn                  Lisa Hinz, PhD &             Maryam & Hossein Razavi,     Darcy & Leslie Dunlap      Katie Mittelstadt
Leellen & Douglas Trayler   Colleen Winters               Andreas Sakopoulos, MD       MD                         Judith & Michael Dunn      Peggy Morgan
Alma Tudal                  Robert Winters              Laurie & Emmett Tetz, MD     Paul Reiser, PhD             Tera Edison                Dana D. Nichelini
Suzanne Chambers &          Kenneth Wood                                             Patricia Rutherford          Janet Essman               Robin & Whie Oh, MD
  Dr. Larry Turley          Patricia Wood               contriButor’s                Linda K. Schulz              Andrew Finley              Alexis Parashis
Turley Wine Cellars         Mildred & Neal Woods        circLe: GiFts oF             Karen & Gregory Smith,       Kathy M. Flamson           Maria Pena
Nathaniel Turner                                        $2,500 - $4,999                MD
                            Cathy & Richard Worner                                                                Christopher Foster         Margie & Jim Penkala
                                                        Nancy & Jim Aldred           Kathy Swabacker
Pamela Turner & Ophir Orr   Jane & Jim Wright                                                                     Tammy Francisco            Julie Perez
                                                        Shari & David Bluband        Michelle & David Tate, MD
Turrentine Brokerage        Veronique & Rob Yeakey                                                                Teri Fredrickson           Carolyn Pierce
                                                        Jennifer & Joshua Cowan      Dr. Arlene Taylor
Angelo Tuvo                 Jeannine Yeomans                                                                      Gary Friestad              Nancy Rasmussen
                                                        Ramona & T. Orvin Fillman    David Tilton
Tina Valenzuela             Katherine Yost                                                                        Susan Ganz                 Lianne & Linden Reeves
                                                        Lisa & Mark Fowler           Brigid & John Velyvis, MDs
Valley Radiological         Barbara & Steven Yost                                                                 Josephine & Kevin Gerber   Cheryl & Gordon Rick
  Associates                                            Birgit & Randy               Richard P. Walston
                            Donald Young                                                                          Susana Gerong              Margaret Ritchie
                                                          Hausted, MDs
Gladys Valverde             Joan & Mike Zaccaro                                      Stephanie & Jay Whitcomb     Zackary Gore               Elizabeth M. Rogers
                                                        Linda & Cliff Huff
Edward Van Egri             Inge & Robert Zeller                                     Michael Wright               Allison & Andy Greene      Mikaela Rogstad
                                                        Judy & John Jacobson, MD
Van Winden’s Garden         Jennifer Ziegler                                         Zewuditu Yimer &             Diane Hambrick, MD &       James D. Rubins
  Center                                                St. Helena Hospital Family     Adugnaw Worku
                            Sarah Zimmerman                                                                         Whitney Le Blanc         Amelita & Norbert Sacro
                                                          Birthplace Staff
Irene Varozza               Ann McGhee Zink                                          Lois & Kristopher Zygowiec   Christina Hanzel           Patrice Saenz
                                                        Patricia & Gregory
Teresa Vega                 Broc Zoller                                                                           Daphne Hartley             Mary Jane Salo
                                                          Williams, DrPH
Felix Velez                 Sherlyn & Dave Zumwalt                                   otHer GiFts                  Erin Hays                  Kaye Santos
Verihealth Inc.             Karen Zupko &                                            Toni & Douglas Abdalla       Lisa Herman                Marcie L. Saverien-Basore
                                                        Friend’s circLe: GiFts
Vineyard 7 & 8                Jamie Stuart                                           Alejandra Aguilera           Susan & Rick Highness      Ethan Schram, MD
                                                        oF $1,000 - $2,499
Vintage Contractors                                     Shirley & Chuck Adams        Heather Anderson             Ann Holliday               Retha Snyder
Greg Wallace                st. Helena Hospital         Deborah Aguilar              Anonymous (39)               Christine Holmes           Vickie L. Somarriba
Marie Walsh                 employee and staff          Audrey & Bruce               Francesca Aragon             Tamara Holthouse &         Jesse Sotomayor
Marilyn Walters                                           Anderson, MD               David Armstrong                Michael D. Parsons       James P. Srebro, MD
Marilyn Ward                FLatinuM circLe:            Anonymous (5)                Bonnie Arndt                 Andrew D. Horpeniuk, MD
                            GiFts oF $500,000 -                                                                                              Benny Stafford
Rita Waterman                                           Lisa & Stephen Banks, MD     Ramona M. Asmus              Amy Horst                  Bruce Stern
William Watson                                          Bonnie Baer                  Theerayut Assavapisitkul     Diane Howell               Sarah & Antonio Sumbillo
                            St. Helena Hospital
Betty & William Webster                                 Dianna Ball                  Maureen Ayers                Patty Hsu                  Judy Tamagni
                              Volunteer Services
Kimberly Wedlake &                                      Mary Bergerson &             Leslie & Michael             Timothy Hunt               Bonnie Tauzer
  Ted Osborne                                             Glenn Heath                  Baggish, MD                Manly Hyde, MD
                            cHairMan’s circLe:                                                                                               Debra & David Teesdale
David Weeks                 GiFts oF $25,000 -          Jan & Robert Darter, MD      Ellen Balk-Dick &            Sharon Jellison            Tammy Thomas
Jeanne Weikum-Heinrich      $49,999                     Christine & Thomas Dewitt      James Dick                 Therese & R. Wayne         Martha Thomason
Carolyn R. Weir             Carolyn & Thomas            Esther & Scott Dungan        Hope and Lanvin Ballew         Johnson                  Jeannie & David Tillay
Celia L. Welch               Coon, MD                   Marti Dybedal-Bristow        Sherri Barlow                Mary Arlene Jones          Deborah B. Todd
Madeline & Wendell          Tamela & Edward             Arlene & Carl Ermshar, MD    Marcia Beauchamp             Harjinder Kaur             Ayv Von Blair Uy
  Wenneker, MD               McDonald                   Georgina & Ben Hill          Susan & Rick Bockmann        Afsaneh Khalili, MD        Kirk Van Dolson
Beverley & Robert Wesman                                Jeanie & John Hodgkin, MD    Gail & Russ Burr             Cindylou Kibbe             Michelle Van Hoff
Whirco, Inc.                BeneFactor’s circLe:                                     Danielle Chatterton          Tamia LaGrave
                                                        Holly Kalua-Igarashi &                                                               Danny Vorasaph
                            GiFts oF $10,000 -                                       Michael Chrowl
Katherine & David Wignall                                 Keith Igarashi                                          Patricia E. Lapera         Carol Voth
Leslie Wilks                                            Pamela La Mar                Curtis Church                Carol & James Lies, MD
                            Katherine & Steven                                                                                               Mary Waalk
William A. Saks and                                     Kellie Lind                  Natalie Conant               Judy Lilley
                             Herber, MD                                                                                                      Liliane Walk
  Company                                               Hildet & Daniel Madrid       John Corbett                 Kristine Lockwood
                            Mary Jane & Stephen A.                                                                                           Audrey L. Wallace
Maxine M. Williams           Lundin                     Jonathan May                 Carol & Frank Cowen          Valora Lomax               Julie Perry & Jonathan
Mary Cathryn Genaro         Magaly & Terry Newmyer      Terry McCarthy               Judith & Milton Crabb        Amy Magbanua                 Wheeler, MDs
  Wilsey                                                Kendace O’Donnell &          Kim Dalton                   Nicole Mariani             Tabitha Wilkerson
Lanetta & Gary Wilsey       Patron’s circLe:              Scott Denman               Carol Del Arroyo             Francine Marney            Helen Wilson
Mavis S. Wilson             GiFts oF $5,000 -           Margaret O’Neill             Tracine & Mark Dena          Kim Mazzucco               Susan Witt
Donna & Robert Winchell     $9,999                      Margaret & William Payne     Robert Domondon              Peggy McCormick            Valerie & Andrew
Joan Winger                 Antonia & George Lendaris   Kaaren & Greg                Lisa Duarte                  Tracy Michalek               Wong, MD

in Honor of               Valerie Montgomery          in memory of                 Ronald Hughes              Karen Mondon Scarpulla           Karen Trivett
                          Judith & Steaven Jones      Ruby Archibald               Sharon Hughes              Donna & Jack Morgan              Shirley Christian
Chuck Adams
                                                      Nancy Phillips                                          Elizabeth & William
Bobbie Jones              Mark K. Potter, MD                                       Wilfred Huse, MD                                            Abraham Tuler
                          Eve Kanne Ulin &            Virginia & Jack Rannells     Carolyn R. Weir                                             Maintco Corp
Daphne Araujo                                                                                                 Martha & Tom Oddo
                            Jeffrey Ulin              Kenneth Taplin
William D. Shaw                                                                    Erin K. Jacobson, MD       Donna & Martin Oldford           Virginia Van Asperen
                          Andreas Sakopoulos, MD      William B. Armstrong         Darcy & Leslie Dunlap      Deborah & Joseph Patane          Catherine & Charles Ball
Michael Baggish, MD                                   Lorraine & Ralph Del Prete                              Mary Lee & Dan Pina
                          Cynthia Jenkins                                          Judy & John Jacobson, MD                                    Brown Holder Alfaro &
Wilma Rose                                                                                                    Virginia & Salvatore Presti        Co. LLP
                          Gregory B. Smith, MD        Mary Aultman                 James L. Jenkins           Maureen & Donald Querio
Mr. Chernoh                                                                                                                                    Charles Krug Winery -
                          Kathryn & Ronald Citron     Barbara & Salvatore          Cardiology Consultants     Judy & Bruce Renati
David Schall                                                                                                                                     Peter Mondavi Family
                          Elaine & David Freed          Bommarito
                                                                                   Sally Jones                Janet Tomaso Riley               Clyde Beffa Jr. Cattle
Thomas Coon, MD           Barbara & Mose Galante      Edgar Beard                                             Judith & Richard Rogers            Company
                                                                                   Lynne Jones &
Lucy & Thomas Danis                                   Mrs. Maxine Bardessono                                  Linda K. Schulz                  Kathleen & William Collins
                          St. Helena Hospital /                                      Robert Begley
Jean Viereck                Martin-O’Neil Cancer      Marie & Bill Bresciani                                  Margaret & Manny                 Douglas Freund
Betsy & Deepal              Center                    Bruna Crunkleton             June E. Nasuti               Scrofani, MD                   Frank La Haye
   Wannakuwatte           Betty M. Campbell           Harrietta & Richard Doran    Ray L. Nasuti              Elizabeth Shafer                 Donald Magnin
Lynn Deming                                           Flora Springs Wine           Hilda Neuman               Joanie Tomaso Sigman             Margrit Mondavi
                          St. Helena Hospital Coon      Company                                               Kathleen & Albert Spadaro        Mary W. Novak
Diane & John Livingston     Joint Replacement                                      Cardiology Consultants
                                                      Joyce & Robert Hayes                                    Cecily Jordan &                  Elizabeth Peters
Eileen Duff, RN             Institute Staff                                        Christopher Papale
                                                      Helen Imrie                                               Vincent Spohn                  Alexandra & Robert
Elizabeth & Grant Hunt    Lucy & Thomas Danis                                      Linda & Robert Andreae
                                                      Dorothy Minns                                           Karen Stephenson                   Phillips
                          St. Helena Hospital         Napa Valley Petroleum        Maureen & Lawrence         Mary Ann & Robert                Rancho Otranto
Mary J. Dylla, MD
                            Emergency Room Staff      QBE                            Appel                      Stephenson                     Barbara & John Shafer
Elaine & David Freed
                          Antonio Martin              Turrentine Brokerage         Jan L. Booth               Toni & James Sterling            Mary Stuard
Eve Kanne Ulin &
                          Noelle Peterson             Maxine M. Williams           Rosanne Brouette           Richard Talbot                   Patricia Wood
  Jeffrey Ulin
                                                      Inge & Robert Zeller         Cynthia & Dale Brown       Sherri & John Tomaso
John Jacobson, MD         St. Helena Hospital Staff                                Linda Carnevale Skale      Celia L. Welch                   Douglas Watson
Bobbie Jones              Dorothy & Robert Evans      Harry Bratt                  Victoria Coleman           Beverley & Robert Wesman         Cardiology Consultants
                          Ruth & Bernard Koch         Barbara Bratt                Joan & Eugene Combs        Katherine & David Wignall
Lynn Jordan, RN                                                                                                                                Robert Weikum
                          Billie Miller                                            Anne Cook                  Mary Cathryn Genaro
Mildred & Neal Woods                                  Lily Briles                                                                              Jeanne Weikum-Heinrich
                          Thomas Stiles, MD           Mabel C. Johnson             Craig Corbitt                Wisley
Robin Lail                                                                         Darcy & James Diamantine   Joan Winger                      Elizabeth C. Williamson
                          Andrea & Roger Langley
Naoko Dalla Valle                                     Flora Brown                  Kathleen Ecker &           Cathy & Richard Worner           William Hardin
                          Angela & Wayne Scott
                                                      Norma & Felix Beltrami         John Mackie              Sarah Zimmerman
James E. Lies, MD                                                                                                                              Richard Wunner
                          David Tate, MD                                           Dorcas & Craig Erickson    Karen Zupko &
Barbara & James Allen                                 Joseph Brown                                                                             Nancy & Paul Caffo
                          Leellen & Douglas Trayler                                Valerie & Paul Erickson      Jamie Stuart
                                                      Norma & Felix Beltrami                                                                   Jerry Cormack
Martha May                Bill von Wittenburg                                      Beth & Tom Fehr                                             William Hayne
                                                                                                              Cathie A. Parsons
Elizabeth de Baubigny     El Konejo Kampers           Justin P. Butler             Nancy & Andrew                                              Nancy Jackson
                                                                                     Freedman                 Noreen & Patrick Fetzer
                          Beverly & Joel Erickson     Delma Fann Butler &                                                                      Kathryne & Robert Moore
Charles J. McMinn                                                                  Colette & Thomas Gamble    Michael Parsons
                                                        Robert Butler
Naoko Dalla Valle         The Benefiel Living Trust                                                                                            Margaret Ritchie
                                                                                   Genaro Cousins – Sue,      James Ross
Linda Hutson                                          George Catalano                                                                          William Ryan
                          James L. Woolley, MD                                       Cynthia, Laura &         Margie & Jim Penkala
                                                      Elaine Sczuka                  Michael                                                   Kenneth Taplin
Debra J. Miller Miracle   Charlotte & Ralph
                                                                                   Mary Gosney                Michael Sczuka                   Melinda Taplin
 Fund - Honoree             Sherman                   Patsy Crowe
                          Mildred & Neal Woods                                     Hergert Company Oil        Elaine Sczuka
Debra J. Miller &                                     Barbara & Frank Borges
                                                      Stephen Crowe                Mary Hergert
 Michael Dobler           Patricia Worthey                                         Sherry Jacobs              We apologize for any omissions, misspellings, or misrepre-
Fred Miller               Verna & Paul Taylor         Helen Gaghen                 Maureen Kelly              sentations in our donor gift lists. Please contact us so that
Barbara & Don Niemann                                 Mary Stuard                  Meghan & Paul Krsek        we may make the necessary correction and/or if you would
                                                      Eugene Grant                 Lorene & Mike Kuimelis     like to opt out of future St. Helena Hospital Foundation
Gary J. Mishkin, MD
                                                      Jule Grant                   Michael Laguardia          mailings.
Matthew Kelly
                                                                                   Maria & Al Larrenaga
                                                                                   Cherie & Philippe Melka    707.963.6208
                                                                                   Roberta & Gary Menegon     shhfoundation@ah.org

           St. Helena Hospital Foundation I 2011 Annual Report
Kendace O’Donnell, Editor
Elaine Sczuka, Associate Editor
Gail Burr, Managing Editor
Kirsten Mickelwait, Copywriting
Julia Allen of Folia Design, Art Direction and Design
Megan Reeves Photography, Photography

Special thanks to Napa Valley Vintners.

 10 Woodland Road
St. Helena, CA 94574
    (707) 963-6208

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