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									BHM Healthcare Solutions Assists Western Highlands Network With URAC

WHN,in collaboration with BHM Healthcare Solutions was recently awarded
3-year URAC Accreditation in Health Utilization Management, Health Call
Center & Health Network – a testament to WHN’s commitment to quality and
efficiency of healthcare service provision and management.

St. Louis, MO, January 22, 2013 -- Western Highlands Network (WHN) was
recently awarded a 3-year URAC Accreditation for Health Utilization
Management, Health Call Center, and Health Network. BHM Healthcare
Solutions, a comprehensive Healthcare Management Consulting firm,
provided assistance to WHN that was pivotal in reaching accreditation
success. URAC is the largest accrediting body for healthcare
organizations and is recognized nationwide. URAC Accreditation is a
symbol of excellence and commitment to the responsible provision of
quality care.

Western Highlands Network connects the population it serves with mental
health, substance abuse, and developmental disability care providers. WHN
needed to become a Managed Care Organization (MCO) as specified in the
Affordable Care Act. To make this transition, WHN first had to attain
URAC Accreditation or it would not be permitted to continue delivering

Preparation for the accreditation process began with a comprehensive gap
analysis to determine how the organization’s existing standards and
practices compared to URAC specifications for the three modules. Using
the results of this analysis, BHM’s URAC Accreditation Assistance Team
developed a well-defined project plan and worked with the organization’s
human resources team to assign specific tasks to a selected team of the
organization’s staff members. BHM consultants prepared WHN’s team by
conducting similar question and answer sessions they would encounter in
the actual URAC surveys. “We are so pleased to have assisted Western
Highlands Network reach their goal of accreditation,” states Mark
Rosenberg, President of BHM. “WHN has long been committed to excellence,”
he continued, “and we know that the new URAC Accreditation corroborates
their promise to continue to provide the highest quality behavioral
healthcare services.”

BHM is a healthcare management consulting firm whose specialty is
optimizing profitability while improving care in a variety of health care
settings. BHM has worked both nationally and internationally with managed
care organizations, providers, hospitals, and insurers. In addition to
this BHM offers a wide breadth of services ranging including
accreditation, financial risk management, clinical operations, quality
improvement, and denial management.

Linda Ringquist
BHM Healthcare Solutions
Suite 102, 1033 Corporate Square Drive
St. Louis, MO, 63132

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