Prepping a Dentist to Start a Private Office by sethtj1


									Prepping a Dentist to Start a Private Office
Making the decision to own and operate your own dental practice is like taking a leap of faith into a
pitch black cavern, hoping for a ledge to land on just below sight. You may know that a ledge could exist.

Someone may have even told you a few tips to find that ledge. While they were talking, the concept
seemed so easy.

Thinking it Through
Now that you’re here though, you’re not sure if you can recall exactly what he or she said. Nor do you
think they knew what they were talking about since the dark cavern looks a lot scarier and unpredictable
than you previously imagined.

You need proper equipment to start up a new practice, and where are you going to get the money you
need for that? You are going to need a new set of clients.

                                            Sure, some will follow you from where you currently work,
                                            but how do you market yourself to get more? You will need a
                                            location, a receptionist or two, a tax expert, a waiting room,
                                            fancy magazines, and an insurance guru that will get you
                                            money owed.

                                            It was all so much easier to think about when you didn’t have
                                            to do it yet. Now that the time has arrived to make those
                                            plans and break off on your own, what can you do to make
                                            your dream a reality?

You should start by taking a break and grabbing a cup of water. Calm yourself down for about half an
hour before your hear explodes from the pressure.

When you’re calm, get out a pen and several pieces of paper to begin taking control. In a list type
format, list out every concern you have about starting your own business.

This includes things that are financial, logistical and frightening. Getting them down on paper will help
you calm down about them.

These challenges are never quite as insurmountable when written down as they are when they keep
swimming around in your head. You gain control over them by seeing them enumerated in front of you.

Gain control of the situation. You know what you want to do, and these are the things you’re going to
have to do to accomplish that goal.
Gaining Equipment and Customers
If you don’t have the money to purchase needed equipment or facilities, find out how much those
would cost and look into loan options. Many businesses start with a loan to get them on their feet.

Banks are accustomed to this and can finance you. If you don’t have enough clients, approach your
mentors and colleagues with real questions as to how you can get more.

Ask the clients you do have to let their friends know about you and put your name in every director you
can. Get a website up and running so that Google can help residents find you.

                                     Talk with insurance companies so you can get on their lists of
                                     dentists in the area. Run an advertisement or two in the paper and
                                     be sure to get a sign out front.

                                     Cover the basic marketing techniques to attract attention and get
                                     ideas from peers. If you’re worried about hiring, then be sure to be
                                     careful with your candidates to make sure they’ll get the job done.

Finally, if you’re worried about some of the finer logistics, let outside help come in to assist you.
Booktup, for instance, is a company that provides you with online scheduling software to assist you in
the daily tasks of scheduling appointments.

The software allows clients to schedule their own appointments according to your availability. That way
some of the burden is taken off your shoulders and made easier for your client to schedule an
appointment at any time.

Reminders will be sent to you to let you know what to expect in the coming days. External software will
help your task of starting a business easier.

The cavern you are jumping into may be dark, but that doesn’t mean it’s not navigable. Take the right
steps to ensure you pass through safely and you’ll find yourself with a flowing amount of business to
sustain you and the office.

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