Lightroom 4 Adjustment Brushes For Fashion And Beauty Photography by colorsshops


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									Lightroom Brushes – Color Shop
The color-shop Master Suite includes
all our products in one easy download
for each program and version number:
Lightroom 3, Lightroom 4, Camera
Raw 6 (PS5) and Camera Raw 7 (PS6).
The color treatments have been used in
many beauty, fashion and advertising
campaigns and have been published in
a variety of international editorials in
fashion magazines worldwide.
Day by day people want something
new in technology for fashion and
photo shop market. We are launch
Lightroom Brushes for market and
clients require. By using Presets save
time and money get quick results.
Once communicate with us increase
your business regarding presets. We
are guide and all instruction for
installation, using brushes, Photoshop
version and more.
There are brushes use on skin, eye,
lips, hair and general brushes. It is also
Compatibility Lightroom 4, cross
platform for both Windows and Mac,
and the brushes work on all image
formats like raw, psd, tiff and jpg.
Before And After Using Brushes
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