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									Law Of Success #5 – The Law of Desire
by Jean-Francois Gemme | on January 22, 2013

                The Law of Desire By Dani Johnson
When you GET The Law of Desire, you GET that you’ve never disconnected from your own Desire…
Desire Reveals Design and Destiny

We all start in life with a design to succeed… But somewhere… somehow! Something happen.

We all got “programmed” at some point by the media, our family or maybe our Schoolmates…

If we think back! What kind of things WE let other put in our brains?

      “You will never amount to anything…”
      “See what happens when the abortion lives…”
      “You were an accident…”
      “Kids are to be seen and not heard…”
      “This only happens for people in Hollywood…”
      “Get your head out of the clouds…”
      “When are you going to find a REAL job?”
      “If Joe jump off a bridge… Would you?”

We Were Born with Gifts

It doesn’t matter how many people that have put us down… We only need 1 person that believes in us to

WE were designed to Succeed!

For sure you need a few elements like:

      Enthusiasm
      Persistence
      Belief
      Faith
      Be a risk-taker
      Adventurous
      The gift to “get over it”

Law Of Success #5 – The Law of Desire

We all came into the world enthusiastic!!! But we may have traded that for guarantees…

We trade that for the idea that if we don’t get excited we’ll not end up disappointed…

In the Law of Desire, Enthusiasm gives us hope and attract people to us…

98%ers exchange their enthusiasm for guarantees and security…

2%ers are achieving Unusual Success DRIVEN and FUELED by their enthusiasm


Some of us may have been told that we quit too soon… or we are not persistent enough…
But that is not how we were designed! As a Child… We were ALL VERY persistent

Unfortunately, most of us trade our persistence for TV or entertainment… We may also have traded our
persistence and our desire to succeed for being average, mediocre and normal.

Risk-Taking and Adventure

We were all designed to take risks and be adventurous!

We need these to succeed in Life!

The Great Designer planted the Law of Desire as a seed inside us to succeed…

Let’s TAP into it!

The Gift to Get Over It

Maybe we fall down in the past and someone may have told us: “Better not try to do that again… You shouldn’t
have done that in the first place…”

When a child fall down, are we telling him to stop trying to walk?

To become successful we need the Gift to Get Over It and the good news is that we were born with that!


Faith needs no evidence… no proof… it blindly believes and dictate our behavior and sets us up for success.

Having faith is what will allow us to take full advantage of all those things we were designed with… ignite it
and blow the “roof”!

Let’s do it!!! NOW…

Tuesday Daily Assignments

#1 Now!!! you HAVE to take actions…

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#2 Activate your payment system inside your backoffice…

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#5 Execute a new partner coaching every time someone join your team…

#6 Pay attention to the replay from the last Empower Network Hour…
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#7 Listen Daily to an Strenghtening audio not less than 1 hour…

#8 Read Daily a Strenghtening book not less than 30 minutes…

#9 Set your Intention and intend on attending the next Event

#10 Perform your everyday DISCO

#11 Take a look at that other post concerning how to perform your everyday DISCO through your Daily
Method of Operation

#12 Take a look at that other post concerning how to Visualize Your
Intentionhref=”/freedomlife/blog/visualize-your-intention/?id=freedomlife&Blog” target=”_blank”
rel=”nofollow”>Visualize Your Intention

To learn more about The Law of Desire: Click here


Law Of Success #5 – The Law of Desire

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