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All about combination locks

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There are different kinds of combination locks and one can see further variation in the 4 types of locks
found. These locks have specific techniques to be opened and hence these are not usually used by
people. However, combination locks are good choice for commercial areas and for people who require
carrying confidential things. Call your locksmith San Jose for any kind of problems with combination

Combination locks are a very different type of locks. In order to unlock these locks, passwords, in the
form of words or numbers are used. There are about 4 different kinds of locks that fall under the
category of combination locks. Not just passwords, but combination locks can also come in such a form
that the dial has to be turned in order to unlock the lock.

Combination locks can be bought from any locksmith San Jose. Also, locksmith Sunnyvale can help
you with any kind of problems relating to combination locks. Combination locks are not difficult to
operate if you have purchased them from a good locksmith Cupertino or if you remember the

A brief description of the four types of combination locks has been mentioned below:

   1. Single dial: Single dial combination locks have a singles dial and parallel disks inside them that
      interact with each other in order to help the lock in working. The numbers are first to be rotated
      towards the right, then to the left and then again towards the right. This enables the disks to
      align and help with the unlocking. These are usually used by banks.
   2. Multiple dial: There are a number of dials in this type of combination lock. All the dials have to
      be rotated so that the come down to the preset number. As soon as all the dials are aligned on
      the preset number, the lock opens. These are used in briefcases majorly.
   3. Magnetic: The magnetic combination locks have two major parts to them i.e. electro magnet and
      the armature. The former is installed on the outside while the latter is installed on the outside.
      These are used on doors. When you close the door, the armature engages with the electro
      magnet and prevents the door from opening. The magnetic locks are not very common in
      residential areas. In order to unlock the magnetic doors, a password has to be entered.
   4. Electronic: These require a numeral sequence to be entered into the lock to open it. There are
      different types of electronic locks. There are locks that can be opened by only one code,
      whereas there are electronic locks where the lock can be opened by several codes assigned to
      different individuals. These can be seen in commercial areas or high security regions.
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First Bay Locksmith San Jose has the required amount of trained staff to deal with problems relating
to combination locks. Their locksmith Sunnyvalehas the techniques to unlock, combination locks
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