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									TGW Awards 2012 Conveyor Material Handling Equipment Integrator Award for
6th Time to Integrated Systems Design - ISD

Conveyor and high density storage and retrieval systems manufacturer, TGW
of michigan, awards one of their top 2012 sales awards to integrated
systems design – ISD for integrating TGW conveyor and automated storage
and retrieval systems – ASRS - in distribution, manufacturing, warehouse,
retail, and wholesale organizations throughout north america which reduce
floor space, inventory and labor requirements while providing a fast
return on investment.

Wixom, MI, January 16, 2013 -- TGW, a world leading manufacturer of
material handling equipment such as conveyor, mini-load automated storage
and retrieval systems has awarded Integrated Systems Design Wins TGW
Sales AwardIntegrated Systems Design (ISD) with headquarters in Wixom,
Michigan one of their top 2012 sales awards. The 2012 silver award was
presented by TGW’s Tom Brower, Distributor Services Manager and Jim
Bronsema, Director Distributor Sales to ISD’s Anthony Morgott, VP of
Sales and Mr. Mark Jordan, VP of Operations.

This is the sixth year since 2004 that ISD has won an award from TGW for
selling their material handling conveyor equipment into ISD’s designed
and implemented integrated material handling systems.

“Designing order picking systems utilizing such world class material
handling equipment from manufacturers like TGW helps provide our
customers with quality and reliable manufacturing, distribution, and
conveyor systems which help them outperform their automated storage and
retrieval competitors and surpass their business objectives, said.

Morgott continued, “It’s all about performance and value when we design a
distribution, manufacturing or warehouse system for our customers it’s
very important that the system design and material handling equipment
exceed expectations.”

Integrated Systems Design (ISD) and TGW have worked together for years to
provide some of the top integrated warehouse, distribution and
manufacturing systems in North America.

ISD - Integrated Systems Design is a leading manufacturer and systems
consultant, designer and integrator for warehouse, manufacturing,
distribution, wholesale, institutions and retail organizations in North
America. ISD systems are renowned for their tremendous value, reliability
and ease of maintenance. Systems are designed using technologies from the
leading material handling manufacturers of the world.

Solutions designed by ISD focus on providing space savings, increased
productivity, reduced labor, higher accuracy and system flexibility to
change as on operations activities change in the future. Utilizing proven
technology and off the shelf components helps provide cost effective
solutions requiring minimum maintenance and yielding fast Return on
Investments (ROI).
ISD expertise ranges from handling and picking pieces (eaches), cases,
pallets, build lines, and special or custom handling solutions. Products
and services include: automatic storage and retrieval (ASRS), conveyor,
robotics, batch stations, automatic inserters and printers, pick to
light, A-frames, horizontal and vertical carousels, vertical lift modules
(VLMs), controls, software (including inventory management, WCS, WMS, MES
and ERP), application and facility consulting and design, AutoCAD, system
simulation, moves, installation and service.

For more information on Integrated Systems Design, call 248-668-8250 or
visit the ISD web site at

Ed Romaine
Integrated Systems Design
29659 West Tech Drive
Wixom, MI 48393

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