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					        Illawarra Computer Enthusiasts Newsletter
                      “Information, Computer Literacy, Education.”

                Affiliated with the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA)
  February 2012                          ® Illawarra PC Users Group                           $2.00
                     Available on-line at: http://www.illawarrapcug.org.au/nl-index.html

                            PATRON: Sharon Bird MP, Member for Cunningham

 Google Maps by Marilyn Walters
     Google has several online
   applications. Marilyn will at some
   different ways we can use Google
   maps and iGoogle.
 Creating ‘Frozen Fonts’ in
   Photoshop by Bodo Schwarz
     Use filters and other effects in
   Photoshop to make letters take on the
   characteristics of the word they spell,
   such as ICICLES.
feature at both meetings. So have those
questions ready, written down preferably.
If you can do this, the question and
answer will probably be included in the
newsletter as a letter to the editor for
future reference.
  Ideally you should e-mail your questions to
the editor, who will pass it on to the relevant
member so it can be properly researched.

WELCOME – It gives us great pleasure to welcome
        John Moses as a member of the Illawarra                    ICE SOCIAL NIGHT
        Computer Enthusiasts and we hope that                 When? Friday, 23 March 2012, 6:30 pm
        his association with ICE will be a long and                   for 7:00 pm
        happy one.
                                                      Where? German Club, Northcliffe Drive, Kembla
SICK LIST – We are sorry to hear that Michael                 Grange (Next to Prime)
         Haane has been ill for some time now.        RSVP Friday, 9 March 2012
         Michael, your well-being is of great         Contact Bodo Schwarz,
         concern and your absence deeply felt.                 4284 8754,
Please get well soon.                                          bodo@tadaust.org.au
    FERUARY 2012                               PAGE 1
                                     (Continued on page 6)
                                                                                                                     Vol. 30, No. 1, February 2012

                                                                     INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
                                                                                                                                    Official Journal of
                                                                                                                           The Illawarra PC User Group Inc.
                                                                     13 FLASH DRIVE USES                   13                      ABN: 81 127 508 207

                                                                     BEEP ON CAPS LOCK                      5                       4284 8754
                                                                                                                                bodo@tadaust.org.au
                                                                     DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BIRD FLU                               www.illawarrapcug.org.au
                                                                     AND SWINE FLU                          9
                                                                                                                     Correspondence to: Illawarra Computer
                                                                     DOUBLE JEOPARDY                       15        Enthusiasts, 9 Ursula Road, Bulli, NSW 2516
                                                                     FORWARDING E-MAILS                     8             Editorial Team and Contributors
                                                                     HOW IT BEGAN                           3        Editor, Production, Advertising:
                                                                     HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR A                     Bodo Schwarz, bodo@tadaust.org.au
                                                                     FLASH DRIVE TO WEAR OUT?              11        Assistant Editor, Research: Robert Castles,
This page is sponsored by Jan Ferguson, in memory of Sid Wilkinson

                                                                     INTERNET EXPLORER 9 TABS ON A
                                                                     SEPARATE ROW                          12        Distribution: Robert Parsons,
                                                                     INTERNET EXPLORER 9 AND                         Contributors: David Adams, Lynnette
                                                                     SILVERLIGHT MICROSOFT                           Armour, Robert Davidson, Richard Harding,
                                                                     INCOMPATIBILITY                        9        Bodo Schwarz.
                                                                     INTERNET SITE OF INTEREST?            16

                                                                     NETIQUETTE                             5                         WANTED
                                                                                                                         We are seeking page sponsors for
                                                                     LOOKING BACK AT THE
                                                                     COMMODORE 64                          14             this newsletter at rate of only
                                                                                                                                $20.00 per annum.
                                                                     QUESTIONS & ANSWERS                    5

                                                                     SHORTCUT FOR COPYING
                                                                                                                             You can recycle your old printer
                                                                     AND PASTING                           10
                                                                                                                             cartridges by handing these in at the
                                                                     SUBJECT: MOUSE VIRUS                   9                reception desk at our meetings.

                                                                     WRITING FILES TO A CD                 10

                                                                     REGULAR FEATURES
                                                                     HELP DESK                            16
                                                                     HINTS & TIPS                   4, 8, 10
                                                                     HUMOUR                  3, 9, 12, 15, 16
                                                                     TRIVIA                       6, 7, 9, 15
                                                                     QUOTABLE QUOTES                      12
                                                                     ROUND AND ABOUT ICE                   1
                                                                     STOP ME IF...                         9

                                                                                                                     At your club meetings there’s always someone
                                                                                                                     who can teach you a new trick… see you there.

                                                                                                                PAGE 2                                   FERUARY 2012
                                         HOW IT BEGAN
                                                                                     By David Adams, ICE
Here is an item which gives us an insight of how ICE began, sadly our predecessors did
not keep any information in reference to – When? Where? And why? Perhaps this item
will instil the older members to look in there records and are able to clear the mystery.

I n the beginning it is said there was light.
  When the Illawarra Computer Enthusiasts
Club began there was little light and the light
                                                          We had no funds we had to incorporate and
                                                       insure ourselves against a similar disaster or
                                                       disband. Arguments were the order of the day,
we did have was from a 10” mono monitor.               many suggestions as to how we could side
                                                       step the issue, but we would in reality only be
    We met in the Unanderra Community hall next
                                                       cheating ourselves.
to the library a very small room that was filled to
capacity when all five members turned up.                 Graeme took the lead and somehow or
                                                       other raised the funds to incorporate and
   We all seemed to be pulling in different            insure the members against all risks.
directions as our skills were limited to turning
the computer on and when we managed that                  Sometime later Lou and Graeme met with
we would stand and gaze in pure wonder at the          me after they had been to Darling Harbour
yellow writing on a grey background. Two               Computer Expo (think it was Darling Harbour).
members left never to be seen again this left          They were exited and about the Computer Fair
Graeme Lock Lee, Lou Amardio and I, with a             concept that they had seen. Me being what I
few persons who wandered in and out. Not               am sucked their brains as to how it was set-up
really a club just guys getting together to learn      and how it worked. We jointly agreed to

                                                                                                                 This page is sponsored by Bodo Schwarz
from each other. Graeme was employed at                attempt to develop our own Computer Fair.
Lysaght’s as a Computer Consultant and                    Neither of us had a clue about what we had
managed the computer network for that firm             started and the work load that we had
(most of us were in awe of his skills).                given ourselves.
   Lou was with the management team at BHP                Where were we going to get stall holders etc?
his knowledge was similar to Graeme’s. I had           The first thing was to get a venue. I approached
been with a marketing company and was the              Western Suburbs Leagues Club Unanderra.
computer dunce of the crowd (still am).                They agreed that we could use the Old Church
   We struggled a lot to hold our little group         building that the club had just purchased (It was
together, but often it was just the three of us.       later to become the clubs gym).
    I was studying for exams and did not have a             My Son-in-law worked as a contractor for a
lot of time to spare. Lou and Graeme did most          major financial institution and became aware
of the work and our group grew into around 15          that they were to replace all the computers
of us. Then I came along and dropped a major           printers and peripherals. I spoke to the CEO of
bombshell. “We had to form a properly                  that company. He agreed we could sell the
constituted club and insure ourselves against          unwanted components on consignment. We
disaster. You see I had been working on a              had some stock to sell but most of it was of
major legal case where two gun clubs had               little value to home computer owners.
arranged a family picnic and club competition.
                                                          We worked like crazy to entice all the local
The day was a disaster. A fire broke out and
                                                       computer retailers to join us in this venture and
spread to the live ammunition tent. Instead of
                                                       set a price for them to set up a stall of $20.00.
running away from the tent people ran towards it
                                                       We got around 30 stalls plus what we had to sell.
to put the fire out. People got killed and
maimed. Neither club was insured or                      An entry fee of $2.00 for the general public
incorporated; this meant each and every                was agreed. The money from the stall holders
member got sued for big dollars in                     was used to buy advertising in the local paper.
compensation (millions of dollars).                                                      (Continued on page 4)


FERUARY 2012                                       PAGE 3
                                                     HOW IT BEGAN
                                                     (Continued from page 3)                                                      TIP
                                                     We made signs and brochures that we spent days                                To view an entire slide on the
                                                     delivering and posting all over the Illawarra.                       screen at optimum magnification choose
                                                                                                                          Fit in the Zoom drop-down list or the
                                                        The big day came; we had spent Saturday
                                                                                                                          Zoom dialogue box.
                                                     setting up our first market and were exhausted
                                                     by the end of the day. However the doors were
                                                     to open at 9:00 am on Sunday.                                   were more and more demanding. ICE moved
                                                        Lou, Graeme and I arrived at the club                        forward and grew into what it is today and I am
                                                     around 8:00 am to be met by a crowd of people                   sure will survive for a long-time to come.
                                                     who wanted to get in early; we stuck to our                           So what happened to Lou, Graeme and me?
                                                     scheduled opening time of 9 o’clock. By that
                                                     time the whole of the club’s car park was taken                    Graeme fell madly in love with the lovely
                                                     up with cars and people wanting to get in to the                Florence. They now live in Kiama.
                                                     computer mart.                                                     Lou and his wife still live in Figtree and
                                                        We opened the doors and the three of us                      recently visited their children who are making
                                                     attempted to collect the $2.00 entry fee. The                   their careers in London. Lou is into models
                                                     crush was so great the doors of the old church                  (Aircraft that is) flying has always been a
                                                     were torn from there hinges as we tried to                      passion of his.
                                                     control the crowd. I don’t have a clue how many                    I, my wife and I built our business and made
This page is sponsored by Computer Fairs Australia

                                                     buyers turned up as it became to hard to                        some money, sadly Florence died in 2002. I
                                                     control the crowd. Every stall holder insisted                  retired and have just returned from an
                                                     that we hold another markets as soon as                         extended holiday overseas. I am now involved
                                                     possible. Lou, Graeme and I thought that we                     in another project that I hope you will all
                                                     could repeat the market every month. However                    become aware of in the near future, it I believe
                                                     we needed a bigger venue.                                       maybe a great platform for clubs such as ICE
                                                                                                                     to promote themselves and raise the
                                                                                                                     communities awareness of what you offer new
                                                                                                                     and existing computer junkies such as we.
                                                                                                                     Editor’s note: Illawarra PC Users Group was
                                                                                                                     incorporated on 18 March 1994.

                                                                                                                                  Returning to the active cell
                                                                                                                                  Pressing [Ctrl] + [Backspace] in
                                                                                                                                  an Excel sheet selects the active
                                                                                                                          cell when it’s off screen.
                                                      This is a scanned pass to a Computer Market from that                  Click the Name Box (in the upper-left
                                                      era; this particular pass was for the market held at the            corner, just left of the Formula Bar) and
                                                      Berkeley Community Centre.
                                                                                                                          press [Enter]. This method is a bit more
                                                                                                                          intuitive and therefore, probably easier
                                                        Farmborough Road Public School came to                            to remember.
                                                     our rescue and we made arrangements to hold                              The two don’t produce exactly the
                                                     a monthly fair in the school’s auditorium. Our                       same screen. [Ctrl] + [Backspace] returns
                                                     fame had spread and vendors from Sydney                              the view to the way it was when you
                                                     were contacting us for sites at the fair.                            clicked the active cell. For instance, if the
                                                     Management was becoming a fulltime task                              active cell was in the middle of the
                                                     neither of us could afford the time as our day                       screen, it’ll be in the middle of the screen
                                                     jobs were very demanding, plus of course we                          again. Clicking the Name Box positions
                                                     had families to consider. However we ran the                         the active cell at the top of the screen.
                                                     markets for almost a year and then decided to
                                                     sell out. Some young guys who had started a
                                                     magazine (Silicon City) made us an offer. We                                          Want to close a window or
                                                     accepted and retired from computer fairs. We                                          program in a jiffy?
                                                     also one at a time found it difficult to attend the
                                                     computer club as our respective work loads                           Press Alt-F4.
                                                                                                                 PAGE 4                                        FERUARY 2012
                                                              Be careful of what you say/write: once your
”N     etiquette” is good manners when using
       Information and Communication
Technology (ICT). Basically, the same rules
                                                                comments are written and e-mailed or
                                                                posted on the web in a discussion group,
apply as face to face communication. Here are                   they can be forwarded, cut and pasted and
some extra hints to help you out:                               sent anywhere.
 CAPS LOCK: if you type CAPITAL                             Read, re-read and read your text again
   LETTERS in an e-mail, that’s the web                         before you send it… especially if the
                                                                message is important. It is easy to get a
   version of SCREAMING or SHOUTING.
                                                                message fouled up by misplaced or poorly
   Your recipients could get quite offended…
                                                                chosen words.
   so be careful not to lock that key!
                                                              You can add humour to your messages by
 Chain letters: sending chain letters to                      using smileys, and other emoticons which
   someone can be illegal, can be a hoax or                     you create from the characters on your
   can simply put a bad taste in someone’s                      keyboard. Here are some examples:
   mouth. Avoid them; they’re a waste of time
   and energy.                                                   :-) happy             :-D laughing

 Line spacing: If you have a long e-mail to                    ;-) winking           :-o surprised
   send, try to break up and chunk together                      a grinning            :-( sad
   bits of information so it is easy to read.
                                                                 :-@ screaming         :-e disappointed
   Reading on the screen is pretty difficult

                                                                                                                This page is sponsored by Robert Parsons
   anyway, so if you chunk your content into                     :-I indifferent       :-< mad / angry
   paragraphs, you’ll find the recipient will be
                                                              In e-mails you send, wiki entries you write
   able to read your points more clearly and be
                                                                or post to discussion groups, always clearly
   more receptive to what you’re saying.
                                                                identify the subject of your message in the
 Keep your communications concise and                         subject line or the opening sentence.
   pointed. Remember, many users don’t have                   Be careful of the size of files you attach to
   unlimited Internet time.                                     e-mails: large files can be impossible to
 Think of the importance of tone and attitude                 download or take several hours when the
   when you write things down. This is as                       recipient only has a telephone connection.
   important in an online discussion room and                   If you have lots of images or video, why not
   in e-mails, as it is when you and your                       save these onto a CD/DVD and send it in
   students are chatting face-to-face with                      the mail?
   someone. Also, think of how you sign off                   Think of the format you will use for images:
   your e-mails – are you abrupt, friendly,                     bitmaps take up a lot of space while jpegs
   cheery or formal? Do you use: ‘bye’,                         tend to be smaller in size. You may have to
   ‘cheers’, ‘regards’ or just your name or your                resize an image if it is too large to send.
   signature? Make sure your hellos and                     Source: Extract from http://www.bridge.edu.au/en/
   goodbyes are also culturally sensitive.                  collaborations/etiquette

 If you lend someone $20 and never see them again, it                QUESTIONS & ANSWERS
 was probably worth it.
                                                            Q I have old Microsoft software that won't
                                                              run on Windows 7. Is there any chance I
          BEEP ON CAPS LOCK                                   can get this working?
                                                            A In some cases, Microsoft's Windows XP
Do you sometimes accidentally press CAPS
                                                              Mode might be exactly what you're looking
LOCK and start typing everything in CAPITALS?
                                                              for. It does depend on your hardware
  You can set up your computer to beep when                   requirements, so check out Microsoft's
CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK and NUM LOCK                           guide on how to install and use Windows
keys are pressed.                                             XP Mode in Windows 7 (http://
1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel.                      windows.microsoft.com/en-AU/windows7/
2. Select Accessibility Options.
                                                              windows-7) and see if that's what you're
3. Check Use Toggle Keys.                                     looking for.
FERUARY 2012                                            PAGE 5
                                             ROUND AND ABOUT ICE                                   are asking you for this and as a result it will
                                             (Continued from page 1)                               make our meetings more enjoyable.
                                                 We're all just sick that Uta Seemann is ill.
                                                                                                    POSITIONS VACANT– As you are aware , we
                                             So, the sooner you get better, the better we'll
                                                                                                    had our Annual General Meeting in October and
                                             all feel.                                              unfortunately there are a number of positions that
                                             CONGRATULATIONS – Catherine Saunders                   were left vacant. We are looking for:
                                             has won 3rd place in the 2011 ASCCA Creative            Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
                                             Writing Competition.                                    Education Officer
                                                Catherine’s entry was titled “The Shed
                                             Door”. Here’s an extract: ‘Clumsily, I poked the        Fundraising Officer
                                             key into the lock. It slipped in and stood              Marketing Officer
                                             gleaming… Then came that delicious “thunk”              Programming Officer
                                             as the catch was released.’
                                                                                                     Publicity Officer
                                                 Hopefully the whole story can be published
                                                                                                     Welfare Officer
                                             in the future.
                                                                                                      If you are willing to help in any of the capacities,
                                             CyberLink DVD Suite V6 – The DVD’s                    contact Duncan Charig, our new President, or
                                             were donated by PCspares.com and can only             Muggins, the overworked Secretary.
                                             be collected at our meetings or Computer Fair.
                                             They are only available to those members that         2012 CALENDAR – The 2012 Calendar can
                                             ordered a copy.                                       be collected at any of our activities. Please
                                                                                                   note that the calendar will not be mailed out.
                                             Q & A Forum – The next Q & A Forum is on
This page is sponsored by Gladys Pickering

                                             Monday, 27 February, 9:30 am, members only.           ‘QUICKIE’ RAFFLE – The results of the
                                                                                                   raffles were:
                                             VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – We are looking for
                                             an interested member to act as Program                November Day meeting –
                                             Officer. This position is considered one of the         Marian Jordan – Norton Internet Security
                                             key position in the club, without a Program               2012 donated by George Hood
                                             Officer we might see ourselves twiddling our            Gladys Pickering – WinFast DTV2000 H
                                             thumbs for the lack of a presenter. So how                card donated by George Hood
                                             about it, if you think you can give it a go see         Dusan Cugalj – Copy paper
                                             Duncan Charig.
                                                                                                    December Night meeting –
                                               We need helpers to help set up for the
                                                                                                     Margaret Chadwick – ‘Yashica’ Film & Slide
                                             meetings. Many members complain that they
                                                                                                       scanner donated by George Hood
                                             have difficulties of hearing the presenters.
                                                                                                     Lorna James – ASCCA carry bag donated
                                                Yes, we have the microphones, speakers,                by Peggy Stransky
                                             etc; however due to many jobs that need to
                                             be done before the meetings it is left undone           George Hood – Copy paper
                                             because there’re not enough people to do all           January Night meeting –
                                             the jobs.                                               George Hood – 4GB USB flash drive
                                                We need the following jobs done prior                  donated by ITSA
                                             each meeting:                                           Fred James – 10 x DVD/RW pack
                                              2-3 members to set up the tables and chairs          Doug Watchorn – Copy paper
                                              2 to set up the projector and screen
                                              2 to set ‘Philby’ and lay out the floor mats        LUCKY DOOR DRAW –
                                              1-2 to get the canteen ready                        November Day meeting –
                                                                                                     John Moses – Stubby holder donated by
                                             A number of members indicated that, when
                                                                                                       the German Club
                                             they filled out their membership applications,
                                             they can help set at our meetings.                      Bert Matthews – 5 x 4” x 6” Photo paper
                                                                                                       donated by Moya Visman
                                                So how about it, see Fred James (failing that,
                                             any committee member) if you are able to help.          Bob Bydder – Introduction to PowerPoint
                                             You need to be at the hall 6:30 and 12:00 for our     December Night meeting –
                                             night and day meetings respectively.                   Peggy Stransky – Boston Multimedia Digital
                                                Just remember, it’s only twice a month we             BA7500G system donated by Max Benjamin
                                                                                                                                         (Continued on page 7)

                                                                                               PAGE 6                                         FERUARY 2012
ROUND AND ABOUT ICE                                     BADGE DRAW –
(Continued from page 6)
                                                        November Day meeting –
   Bob Bydder – ICICLES 2011 Yearbook                  Duncan Charig – ‘Wise up to IT’ DVD
   Moya Visman – What’s New in Office 2010?            Margaret Sharp – 5 x Paper Mate pens
   Val Partridge – Photo paper by Moya Visman          Don Estell – Adaptive Technology CD
   Don Estell – Stubby holder donated by the
                                                        December Night meeting –
     German Club
                                                         Keith Brooks – ‘Wise up to IT’ DVD
   Norman Lay – Excel Stage 1
   Bill Dargan – Printing Options in Excel             Noel Manuel – 5 x Paper Mate pens
   Fred James – Introduction to PowerPoint             Monica Dowdell – Australian Clipart CD
   Jeanny Budrikis – Word Stage 2                     January Night meeting –
   Roma Bates – Enviro bag donated by Fred             Peggy Stransky – ‘Wise up to IT’ DVD
     & Lorna James
                                                         Fred James – Australian Clipart CD
January Night meeting –
                                                         Noel Manuel – History of the Internet notes
 Dusan Cugalj – ICICLES 2011 Yearbook
                                                         Janet Holloway – World’s most unique
 Lorna James – Using Excel 1                             streets notes
 Peggy Stransky – Word Stage 2
                                                         Doug Watchorn – Car runs on air notes
                                                         Eugene Keenan – 11 Ways to search
           Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.
                                                           without Google notes

                                                                                                                    This page is sponsored by George Hood
         2011 YEARBOOK                                              YOU WILL FIND THE
     T   he ICICLES Yearbook can be
         ordered by interested members
     by pre-payment of $15.00.
                                                                    BIGGEST RANGE OF
                                                            HARDWARE & SOFTWARE
        Again as last year, the yearbook will                     CNR KING STREET &
     be produced in colour as the monthly                        SHELLHARBOUR ROAD
     issues appear on the ICE website.                          WARRAWONG, NSW 2502
        You can place your order at the                              4275 2722
     reception desk at our meetings.                          www.harveynorman.com.au

                                                            1B/18 Princes Highway, Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519
                          thirroul                               Corner of Jardine St. Off street parking.
                                                                       1300 139 419 or 4284 0022
  Licence No. 2TA4622. A Travelworld Franchise
                                                             Remanufactured Cartridges for Inkjet, Laser, Fax
     Office owned and operated by Keith and                    & Copiers.
                Ann-Maree Scott.                             Compatible & Genuine Cartridges for Inkjet, Laser,

           See Ann-Maree and Keith                             Fax & Copiers.
                                                             Compatible & Genuine Fax Transfer Rolls.
         for all your travel arrangements                    Specialist Inkjet Papers.
                                                             New & Used Printer Sales.
         Shop 9B, Thirroul Plaza                             Printer Repairs.
            Thirroul, NSW 2515                                                   Don't Trash It!
  4267 4011                   4267 4125                                  Remanufacture and Save
                                                                          UP To 60% on Printing Costs!
       thirroul@travelworld.com.au
FERUARY 2012                                       PAGE 7
                                                                               FORWARDING E-MAILS

                                        W     hen you forward an e-mail DELETE all of
                                              the other addresses that appear in the
                                        body of the message.
                                                                                                  If you don't see your Bcc option click on where it
                                                                                               says To: and your address list will appear.
                                                                                                  Highlight the address and choose Bcc: and
                                           That's right, DELETE them. Highlight them           that's it, it's that easy.
                                        and delete them, backspace them, cut them,                When you send to Bcc: in this manner, your
                                        whatever it is you know how to do. It only takes       message will automatically say "Undisclosed
                                        a second. However, you MUST click the                  Recipients" in the "To:" field of the people who
                                        "Forward" button first, then you will have full        receive it.
                                        editing capabilities against the body and
                                        headers of the message.
                                           If you don't click on "Forward" first you won't
                                        be able to edit the messages at all.                        Mouse
                                           Whenever you send an e-mail to more than                 Like the keyboard, there is also a mouse
                                        one person DO NOT use the To: or Cc: fields                 control panel. This allows users to set the
                                        for adding an e-mail address.                               mouse to either right or left hand along with
                                            Always use the Bcc: (blind carbon copy)                 adjusting the double-click speed. If you find
                                        field for listing the e-mail addresses. This is the         it hard double-clicking, slow this setting
                                        way that the recipients of the small only see               down so you have a higher rate of accuracy.
                                        their own e-mail address.
This page is sponsored by George Hood

                                                    WOLLONGONG DRAWING
                                                     & OFFICE EQUIPMENT                                         German Club
                                                 PRESENTATION PRODUCTS
                                                   Sales - Rental - Service

                                                               HOME THEATRE
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                                                                                                             AGA Club Germania Ltd
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                                        ABN: 82 119 434 623
                                                                                                           KEMBLA GRANGE, NSW 2506
                                        Call Goran or Adrian on
                                                                                                     4271 5011            4271 5884
                                         4229 9333                            : 4229 9966
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                                        wdoe@wdoe.com.au              www.wdoe.com.au
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                                                                                           PAGE 8                                             FERUARY 2012
                           MICROSOFT INCOMPATIBILITY

U      sers of Hotmail who've upgraded to
       Internet Explorer 9 on 64-bit versions of
Windows 7 or Vista have been surprised to find
Silverlight – Microsoft's mechanism for
displaying attached pictures - no longer
supports the handy slideshow it used to with
the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer 8. It can
still display your attached pictures as a row of
small images, but when you click on the View
a slideshow option, it tells you that you need
to install Silverlight – even if you already have
it installed. Pick the option to install and it takes
you through the installation process before
finally recognising you do already have it.             It seems Internet Explorer is confused by Silverlight
    Internet Explorer 9 is the only common 64-          option doesn't help.
bit browser- the supported versions of Firefox,
Chrome and Safari are all 32-bit – and it seems           The solution at present seems to be to use
Silverlight hasn't followed, causing the browser        another browser.
to get confused. And no, the compatibility              Source: Choice Computer, Nov/Dec 2011

                                                                                                                     This page is sponsored by Norm Gadsby
                                                                             If webpage text is hard to read
                                                                             because it's too close to the
                                                            background colour, click on the page and
                                                            press Ctrl - A to highlight all text by selecting it.

                                                        SUBJECT: MOUSE VIRUS
                                                        I received an extremely serious virus yesterday
                                                        and know it came from someone on the list of
                                                        people receiving this e-mail. I demand to know
                                                        who did this. Just look, what you have done to
                                                        my mouse (See photo below).
                                                                                                   

       “I assume you have Internet access.”

What is the difference between Bird Flu and                 Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk
Swine Flu?                                                  ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside
                                                                   me, either. Just leave me the hell alone.

                                                        STOP ME IF ...
                                                                    What happened to the frog when it
  For bird flu you need tweetment and for                           parked in the “no parking” zone?
swine flu you need oinkment.                                        It got toad away

FERUARY 2012                                       PAGE 9
                                                                         WRITING FILES TO A CD
                                                                                                                                    By Richard Harding
                                        O    nly 8 - 10 years ago the cost of a CD writer
                                             could be over $4,000. Fortunately the price
                                        has dropped significantly.
                                                                                               To select more than one file, hold down the
                                                                                               Ctrl key while you click the files you want.

                                          If you buy a CD writer, it will have software            To select a contiguous list of files select the
                                        supplied to enable you to write files to the CD.       first file then hold the Shift key as you select
                                                                                               the last file in the list.
                                           If you have Windows XP, then instead of using
                                        the supplied software, you can simply drag the            Another way to copy files to a CD is to
                                        items to the required location on the CD.              right click on one of the selected files then
                                                                                               select Send to from the pop-up menu.
                                        Writing files to a CD using Windows XP                 Select the CD-RW drive from the list of
                                        1. Insert the writable CD into the CD recorder.        locations to send the selected files.
                                        2. Open Windows Explorer. (Short cut is to hold        Tips
                                           down the  key and press E.)                        The CD writer must receive and uninterrupted
                                        3. Click the files or folders you want to copy to      flow of data from your hard disk. If you have
                                           the CD.                                             trouble writing to your CDs, try the following.

                                        4. There are a number of ways to copy the files        1. Disable screen savers.
                                           to the CD. Perhaps the easiest is to hold the       2. Don’t use other programs whilst writing to a
                                           right mouse key down and drag the files to             CD especially those that read and write to
                                           the required location on the CD.                       your hard disk.
This page is sponsored by M & P Haane

                                        5. In Windows Explorer, select the CD-RW               3. Defragment you hard drive before writing to
                                           drive. A list of Files Ready to be Written to          the CD.
                                           the CD is displayed.
                                                                                               4. Change the writing speed of the CD.
                                        6. Right click on the CD-RW drive.
                                                                                               Change the Write Speed of a CD
                                        7. Select Write these files to CD from the pop-        1. Right clicking on the CD-RW drive in
                                           up menu.
                                                                                                  Windows Explorer
                                        8. Windows displays the CD Writing Wizard.
                                                                                               2. Select the Properties menu item.
                                           Follow the instructions in the wizard. You
                                           have the opportunity to change the label of         3. Select the Recording tab.
                                           the CD.                                             4. Select a slower write speed from the drop
                                        9. After the copy is completed, check that you            down list.
                                           can view the files on the CD.                       Source: Clicks 50, reprinted with permission.

                                                 Faster Thumbnails                                    SHORTCUT FOR COPYING
                                                 When you hover the mouse pointer                         AND PASTING
                                                 over a taskbar icon, Windows
                                        displays thumbnail previews of each of the
                                        windows open in that application. If you'd like
                                                                                               Y  ou can use your mouse to copy and paste
                                                                                                  text in a number of applications including
                                                                                               Word and Publisher.
                                        a speedier display of these thumbnails, try
                                        this registry hack.                                    1. Select the text you want to move.
                                        1. Click Start, type regedit and press Enter           2. Click on the selected text with the left
                                           to open the Registry Editor.                           mouse button.
                                        2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT USER\                      3. Hold the button down and drag the text to
                                           Control Panel\Mouse.                                   the new location.
                                        3. In the right-hand side of the editor, double        If you want to copy the text instead of moving
                                           -click MouseHoverTime.                              it, then hold the <Ctrl> key down whilst you
                                        4. Decrease the default value from 400 to              drag the text.
                                           something in the 100-200 range.
                                                                                                 You can use the same technique to move
                                        5. Close the Registry Editor.                          and copy appointments in Microsoft Outlook.
                                                                                          PAGE 10                                          FERUARY 2012
                                                                                          By Bodo Schwarz, ICE

I  ’m afraid there’s no easy answer to this
   question. The truth is that despite all the
protections and features of a modern USB
                                                              administrator rights to access this application
                                                              under Windows Vista and 7).
flash drive, it will wear out eventually.                   The check disk application will start. Select
                                                              both check disk options and click Start.
    It’s because of how a flash drive works. You
see, when data is stored in a flash drive, it is            If the check disk utility finds any errors or bad
loaded into its memory and then a charge                      sectors on your flash drive, it might be prudent
(flash) is sent to the device telling it to retain            to transfer all the data to your computer and use
that information. As soon as the memory is                    that flash drive with caution.
“flashed”, it is capable of retaining that data
even after all the power has been
removed from the device.
    This is what makes the flash drive
so useful and versatile. The downside
to this process is that a flash drive
can only be “flashed” a limited
number of times.
    Most flash drive manufacturers put
that number at around 10,000 to
100,000 times. However, some
studies estimate that recent flash

                                                                                                                    This page is sponsored by Fred and Lorna James
drives can tolerate millions of flashes
before they wear out. This means                                                   Click first, then Computer
that a newly bought brand name flash
drive can last for years of daily use
before it fails. Moreover, even if the            Figure 1
flash drive fails you’ll still be able to
read data from it, you just won’t be
able to write any new data to it.
    Here are a few tips that will increase the life
expectancy of your flash drive.                                                                          Figure 2
  Always backup your flash drive data on
     a computer.
  Don’t use disk intensive applications                                           Right click
     (compression programs, installers, databases)
     from your flash drive. They will constantly write
     to the drive, severely reducing its life
     expectancy. A flash drive’s primary role is to
     copy files between computers. If you use it just
     for that, it will last you a very long time.
  Slowdowns and read/write errors can be
     considered warning signs that a flash drive is
     about to fail. The easiest way to determine
     the health of your flash drive is to use the
     error-checking utility built into Windows.
  To access this utility, go to the Start menu
     (Figure 1) and click on Computer (My
     Computer for Windows XP).                                                                          Figure 3

  Now, insert your flash drive into a free USB port
     and wait for it to be recognised by your system.
  Next, right-click on its icon in the Computer
     window and click on the Properties option
     (Figure 2).
  In the Properties window, select the Tools
     tab (Figure 3).
  Here, under Error-checking (Figure 4), click
     the Check now… button (you need                              Figure 4

FERUARY 2012                                         PAGE 11
                                       ...What? Now what?? I loaded             ...Don’t tell me “System Error
                                              that perfectly!                   #8679PXQ”! I don’t know what
                                                                               your secret little numbers mean!


  ...What do you mean, you can’t     ...and don’t start that “Insufficient      You cheap clone! There! I said it!
find the printer??! The printer is   Memory” business! I’m sick of you         You’re a worthless cheap clone and
  right there!! You’ve been using      and your memory problems, you             I wish I’d never gotten involved
      the printer all morning!!            miserable piece of junk!                          with you!

...Wait! I didn’t mean it!                                                             15 January 2012
                                                                                   Upgraded my human to two
I’m sorry! The client needs
                                                                                   gigabytes of grovel power.
this today! Please work one
more time! I’ll read the
manual! I’ll call the hotline!
I’ll get help! Don’t just sit
there blinking at me! I’m
begging you!! Please! I
need you today!!!


N    ow, I may not get into Internet Explorer 9
     as much as I probably should, but the last
time I fired it up in the lab I noticed something
                                                            Now your tabs will open in the expansive
                                                          space under the address bar!

disturbing.... All my open tabs were squished in
next to the address bar!
   No good – especially for me, the bloke with
‘hundreds’ tabs open at a time!                               Remember, you can always switch back by
   So, if you want a little more room for your            following these same steps and un-checking
open IE 9 tabs, simply right-click in the area            Show tabs on a separate row.             
your tabs normally open in and put a check
next to Show tabs on a separate row.                                         QUOTABLE QUOTE
                                                            "If a man is after money, he's money mad; if
                                                            he keeps it, he's a capitalist; if he spends it,
                                                            he's a playboy; if he doesn't get it, he's a
                                                            never-do-well; if he doesn't try to get it, he
                                                            lacks ambition. If he gets it without working
                                                            for it; he's a parasite; and if he accumulates
                                                            it after a life time of hard work, people call
                                                            him a fool who never got anything out of life."
                                                            – Vic Oliver
                                                            Submitted by Lynnette Armour, ICE

                                                    PAGE 12                                           FERUARY 2012
                                  13 FLASH DRIVE USES
S    o almost everyone knows these days what
     a flash drive or USB memory stick is. Right?
Right. But do you also know the various things
                                                         memory sticks specifically equipped for
                                                         ReadyBoost in Windows Vista.
                                                     11. Backing up valuable data when tweaking
you can do with it? Personally, I had no idea of         around with your system or trying to repair
the amazingly different types and uses out there         it. Finally it feels good to format that entire
when I started this blog. So I figured I compile a       hard disk…
random list and invite you to comment on it. If      12. Marketing and promotion. Whether you’re a
you have a warranted addition, no matter how             big company or freelance business individual
abstract or concrete, I will adjust the number in        you can brand Customisable USB Drives
the title accordingly. Here we go!                       with your name, include promotional content
                                                         and give them to your (potential) customers.
1. Transporting personal data like documents,            Artists or music labels have distributed select
   photos and videos and transferring them               songs on memory sticks, especially during
   between computers. This is probably the               concerts, and fast food chains have got their
   most common use for memory sticks,                    consumers hooked with USB Hamburgers
   whether their capacity is 16MB or 16GB.               and Coke Shaped Flash Drives.
2. Running software and applications, mostly
   combined with the data stored on the flash
   drive. This is great with standalone programs
   such as VLC media player as they’re pretty
   independent of any operating system.

                                                                                                             This page is sponsored by Lorraine and Lynnette
3. Storing and accessing game data,
   especially saved games. This is very
   popular with PlayStations and their flash
   memory cards.
4. Booting up your system. Who needs
   ridiculous floppy disks or recovery CDs when
   you can have a nifty, Bootable Flash Drive?
5. Your walking music library. This is
   especially neat when you can connect it to
   a car or home stereo that has a USB port.         13. Simply having fun! Beside fast food memory
6. Your actual music listening device. iPods or          sticks there’s plenty more Crazy Flash Drives
   mp3 players are really nothing more than              out there that make for great company and
   memory sticks equipped with headphones                cheerful gag gifts (while still being useful). My
   and audio running software.                           favourites are probably the Hamburger, Coca
                                                         Cola bottles and USB Thumbs.
7. Storing and providing medical records
   which can save your life in emergencies.
   Medical Flash Drives are specialised for this
   so if disaster strikes, quick and efficient
   patient care can be guaranteed.
8. Running or transferring anti-virus and repair
   programs. You may be able to rescue your
   machine from that pestering infection of
   your system and files. Of course you could
   also get a virus through a memory stick but
   let’s not think about that.
9. Espionage. Industrial, intelligence, private
    investigations, you name it. I don’t
    recommend such use but hey, with Secure
    Flash Drives it should be pretty effective.
10. Increasing hard disk cache. Adding virtual
    memory from your USB storage may make
    your system and programs run a lot               Source: http://www.usbmemorysticks.net/usb-flash-
    smoother. As a matter of fact there are          drive-uses

FERUARY 2012                                    PAGE 13
                     LOOKING BACK AT THE COMMODORE 64
                                                                                            By Alex Kidman
It's the 30th anniversary of the Commodore 64 this week – news that has made
more than a few of us here in the PC & Tech Authority office feel their age. In
memory of the machine, we decided to repost this story below, first published in
February 2010.

W      hat made the Commodore 64 so
       special? It wasn't Commodore's first
machine, but for many a child of the 1980s, the
                                                         cheaply as possible, but not every corner was
                                                         one that was cut. Arguably the most enduring
                                                         part of the Commodore 64's hardware design
Commodore 64 still holds a special place in              was the much loved SID sound chip, a sound
their hearts                                             synthesiser that not only started the digital
                                                         composing career of folks such as Rob
   Just look at it. Is that not a thing of design
                                                         Hubbard but endured well past the sales life of
beauty? Well, OK, no, not much. It's brown
                                                         the C64 into the music demo and mash up
and... brown. Or in some later revisions, more
                                                         scenes of today.
grey and... grey.
    It's a very 1980s style computer design,
                                                         Ask anyone who owned a C64 what you really
however, which is exactly what Commodore                 needed for the C64 and the answer was
wanted and needed in the competitive market              invariably "patience". Tape loading software
of the early to mid-1980s. The Commodore 64              (whether a word processor or BC Bill) was a
was priced aggressively (for its time) and was           lengthy and often fraught with disaster affair.
a true mass-market computer well into the era            Or you could (as many did) just pop in the
where a computer in every home was a novelty             International Soccer cartridge into the back of
idea, not a near reality.                                the C64 for the millionth time.

                                                                            The Commodore 64: the
                                                                            64K limit led to wonderfully
                                                                            optimised game code.
                                                                            (Picture credit: Bill Bertram)

                                                            The 1541 disk drive helped speed load
Key stats:                                               times up a significant amount, but under-supply
It's not terribly fast: The MOS 6510 processor           and the cheap nature of tapes meant that
at the heart of the Commodore 64 only just               plenty of C64 software still sold on tape.
clocked in at over 1.02MHz, and that was only
                                                            You can identify yourself as a true child of
the NTSC version. The Australian PAL C64 did
                                                         the 1980s if you can quickly (and without
everything it had to do at a sedate (by today's
                                                         checking) remember how to turn the 170kb
standards) 0.985Mhz. To give that some
                                                         single sided floppies into double sided ones.
perspective, the current crop of processors in,
                                                         Answer at the bottom for those who
say, a slow plodding netbook tend to clock in
                                                         don't know.(*
one thousand six hundred times faster.
                                                         Why was it relevant?
The sound chip was (and is) a revelation
                                                         Because by any significant measure, it was
The C64 may have been built and sold as
                                                                                          (Continued on page 15)

                                                    PAGE 14                                     FERUARY 2012
Continued from page 14)
                                                                   DOUBLE JEOPARDY
wildly successful. Only the Apple II sold in
similar (but never quite as many) quantities,           A    ccidental double spaces between words
                                                             are hard to spot on a computer’s screen
                                                        but can spoil the look of a printed document.
and the C64 was a lot less expensive to buy.
It's also where a lot of programmers and sound          To remove double spaces, in the Editing
designers cut their teeth in early programming,         group click Replace (see figure below).
and especially in optimising code. When you've             Then put two spaces (press the space bar
only got 64K to play with, you make every bit           twice) in the Find window and one space in the
count. This led to some wonderfully optimised           Replace window.
code, and stellar games such as Wizball, The
Last Ninja, Summer Games and International                 Click on Replace All and double spaces will
Karate, as well as some hopelessly optimistic           then be instantly replaced with just one space.
releases that were never likely to be very good
– such as Street Fighter II.
What's it worth?
eBay listings for C64s tend to go for between
$50-$200, depending on the condition of the
machine and whether you want bundled
games and critically the box and instructions.
    If you're an iPhone owner, an officially
licensed Commodore 64 emulator is available
for $5.99, with game packs made available for
purchase on a regular basis. Other emulators
exist for PC, Mac and Linux platforms,
                                                             Wikipedia started in 2001, it currently contains
although the legality of software on those is                              3,842,498 articles.
dubious at best.

                                      The C64 lives
                                      on, on your
                                      iPhone (Picture
                                      credit: Alex

(* Single sided floppies for the C64 (and indeed
many 5.25" disk systems of the day) could
have their capacity doubled with application of
a hole punch to the disk. No, we're not kidding.
Who said hacking had to be software only?
Source: PC & Tech Authority Weekly eNewsletter,
5 January 2012

 My wife sat down next to me as I was flipping
 channels. She asked, "What's on TV?" I said,
 "Dust." ...and then the fight started.

FERUARY 2012                                       PAGE 15
                                              This page is sponsored by Colin and Moya Visman

                                                                             INTERNET SITE OF INTEREST?
                                                                     www.thebill.com is the web site for TV show The
                                                                     Bill. It has details of the episodes (in case you miss
                                                                     one or don’t want to waste your time by actually
                                                                     watching it), stories about the characters and the
                                                                     actors plus heaps of other information for those
                                                                     people who enjoy the show.

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    "First we had the touch screen. And now, in a stunning           Tech support: ”That's not an anti-virus program.”
technological breakthrough, the first truly hands-on computer."      Customer: ”Oh, sorry… Internet Explorer.”

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