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									                                                                LAYOUT REGULATIONS
                                                            Check Memo For Residential Layouts
    A. Fees to be paid
           Scrutiny fees at Rs.5/10 Sq.Mts or Rs 2100/acre(rule:4.3.2a) Yes / No
           Development charges at Rs.10/Sq.Mtr(rule:4.3.2C) Yes / No
           Development without permission –2times the scrutiny fees(4.14)Yes /No
    B. Development Regulations

           Land use as per Z.P./M.P. Satisfying or not Yes / No
           Proposed roads as per Z.P/M.P. indicated or not Yes / No
           Public Access road to the Layout ( 9 mts) Yes / No
           Road widths in the layout as per the following table Yes / No

(Rule : 7.2.1)
Length of Access                               Width of Access                     Splay                Carriage way
Upto 240 mts                              12.0                                     2.0                  4.0
 240 to 400                               15.0                                     3.0                  7.0
401 to 1000                               18.0                                     4.5                  11.0
Above 1000                                24.0                                     4.5                  11.0
      Open spaces as per the following table (Rule :7.3) Yes / No

Size of the layout in Ha                       Open space                          Remarks
                                                                                   Double the value fixed by the registration department
Up to 0.5                                      20%
                                                                                   equivalent to 10% of the layout.
                                                                                   10% as open space additional 3% for amenities or market
Above o.5 –3.0                                 13%
                                                                                   value to be paid
Above 3.0 – 6.0                                12%                                 -do- (2% for amenities)
   Check for additional facilities if the area is more than 20 Ha

   Minimum Plot size ( Rule : 7.5) Yes / No
    (a) 12mt road : 150 (9x16) ( Detached)

   If the residential plots are abutting open space
    2mt pathway should be provided Yes / No

   Restriction of Activities:

   Buffer zone for water bodies Provided as per the following table: Yes / No Type of Water body (Ha) Buffer green zone Rivers
    30 mts Lakes> 50 15 mts 1 0 to 50 9 mts < 10 5 mts major channels etc., 5 mts minor channels 3 mts
   Buffer zone for Railway line Provided Yes / No Within ZDP of Tirupati 12 mts Beyond ZDP 30 mts

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A. Documents to be submitted

   Copy of Registered documents for the land attested by the Gazetted officer
   MRO’s certificate
   E.C. for 13 years
   Combined FMB & individual FMBs earmarking the site
   Layout plans
   CD in AUTOCAD format showing the layout superimposed on the FMBs
   Agreement for completion of development works
   Registered Mortgage Deed for 25% of the Layout plotted area.
   Registered gift deed for the layout open space in favour of the local authority
   Gift deed for the roads to the local authority
   Resolution of the local authority taking over the openspaces & roads
Note: The check memo is meant for guidance only, for details check with the relavant GO’s

                                                                        LAYOUT REGULATIONS
                                                                            Proceedings of The Vice-Chairman
                                                                      TIRUPATI URBAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
                                                                                Present: Sri Ranga Chary,
Proc No. 559/G1/2005                                              Dated:02.4.2005.
                    Sub: TUDA-Planning wing – Revised Procedure for adopting new policy in release of layouts-Orders-Issued.
                                                Ref: 1. Proc.No. 1767/G1/2004, Dated 28.10.2004.
Through the proceedings 1 & 2nd cited, orders were issued prescribing the detailed sub division regulations in respect of layouts with individual plot
To ensure compliance of the condition of development of infrastructure by the developer the revised procedure as detailed below shall be adopte
hence forth.
   a.   The layout applications shall be processed and finalized by the Planning Department on the Proposals submitted by the applicant with reference to the notified land use and also of the ru
        governing the layouts approval issued from time to time and also as per the conditions that are imposed in change of land use wherever applicable and approval of the competent author
        obtained in the matter.
   b.   On payment of development charges, processing charges etc., by the developer a copy of the unsigned approved layout shall be handed over to the applicant for demarcation of plots, op
        space etc., as shown in the plan on ground preferably within 15 days from the date of receipt of the payment.
   c.   After the developer informs that necessary demarcation has been done the Junior Planning Officer pertaining to the layout area shall inspect and confirm the same.
   d.   On certification by the Junior Planning Officer of the demarcation on the ground, proposals identifying the 25% area to be mortgaged in one block shall be worked out and submitted to t
        Vice-Chairman for approval.
   e.   On approval of the area to be mortgaged by the Vice-Chairman, the applicant shall be asked to produce the certificate of Encumbrance on property issued by the Sub-Registrar of t
        Registration Department indicating that the area under mortgage is not sold to any other person(s) and vests with the developer only. For this purpose the Building Inspector of the layout ar
        shall be responsible for ascertaining the actual facts in person from the sub-Registrar.

                                                                        LAYOUT REGULATIONS
                                                                              Proceedings of The Vice-Chairman
                                                                     TIRUPATI URBAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
                                                                               Present: Sri C.H. Penchala Reddy
   f.   On the necessary clearance/confirmation obtained form the Sub-Registrar the developer shall be asked to fence the area to be mortgaged with barbed wire and to display a board indicating t
        particulars of plot Nos., mortgaged to TUDA and are not for sale.
   g.   On completion of the above work and after obtaining the ground position by the Building Inspector that fencing has been done, the letter of mortgage shall be issued to the layout developer f
        submitting                               the                            filled                              in                               stamped,                                documen

        The Junior Planning Officer of the layout area shall attend the office of the Sub-Registrar as representative of the TUDA and shall put his/her signature in the presence of the Su
         Registrar/developer on behalf of TUDA. There shall not be any deviation in this regard. The Building Inspector, shall periodically visit the office of the Sub-Registrar to ascertain the lat
         position with regard to the plots under mortgaged and record the same in the file for bringing to the notice of the higher officials.
    h.   On receipt of the mortgage deed from the sub-Registrar and also the latest certificate of Encumbrance on the Property from the sub-Registrar infavour of TUDA proposals shall be submitt
         for the approval of the Vice-Chairman, Confirming the fulfillment of all the required conditions for obtaining the approval of the layout.
    i.   The approved plan shall be sent to the owners/developers for development and fencing of the open space. The layout plan should be recorded by giving L.P.No., year wise separately befo
         forwarding to the local Municipality/Gram Panchayat.
    j.   A copy of the layout plan shall also be sent to the sub-Registrar of the Registration Department indicating the mortgaged area and other area permitted for sale. The sub-Registrar shall
         specifically addressed to ensure that no sale transaction takes place in the mortgaged area till further communication is sent by the TUDA, to the Registration Departme

         All this will be done under the direct supervision of Asst.Planning Officer. If any irregularity found they will all to be held responsible.
    k.   The applicant shall takeup the development of amenities such as formation of WBM roads, cross drainage works as per Standards, avenue Plantation along the roads and in open spaces a
         Rain Water Harvesting Structures in open spaces to the satisfaction of the TUDA within the prescribed period and on completion of all the developmental works shall submit a requisition let
         to the TUDA for release of mortgaged plots, duly handing over open spaces and master plan roads by way of registered gift deed and roads by way of gift deed to the local Authority.
    l.   In case the applicant do not want to take the developmental works detailed above, the Authority may consider permiting him to pay the betterment charges to the local authority or TUDA
         per the rates prescribed by them or on the actual cost of development as arrived.

                                                                            LAYOUT REGULATIONS
                                                                                 Proceedings of The Vice-Chairman
                                                                          TIRUPATI URBAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY
                                                                                  Present: Sri C.H. Penchala Reddy
    m. In case the applicant fails to undertake the developmental works, the Vice-Chairman TUDA is competent to take up auction or any mode of disposal of mortgaged plots/area without any furth
       notice to the applicant and the amount so received by auction shall be spent for providing the amenities in the layout area.
    n. The applicants are not eligible and competent to question TUDA about the receipt of the amount in the auction or allotment and also expenditure for undertaking the developmental works. T
       local authority shall be addressed not to approve/release any building permission in the area under mortgage to TUDA and in other plots of the layout in general and until and unless t
       applicant completes the developmental works/pays required charges.
    o. The developer shall be asked to undertake the development of the open areas under the directions and guidance of TUDA.
    p. It shall be noted that the developer executes the deed of mortgage by conditional sale to the TUDA as per rules and the mortgage is purely a measure to ensure compliance of the condition f
       development of infrastructure by the developer and the TUDA is in no way accountable to the plot purchasers in the event of default by the developer. In case, the developer fails to develop t
       layout area with all the infrastrural facilities as specified by the TUDA the area so mortgaged in favour of TUDA shall be forfeited and also liable for any criminal action taken up by TUD
       under the provisions of the A.P.U.A.(D) Act.

         These orders will come into force with immediate effect.
                                                                                                                                                                           Sd/-Sri Ranga Char
//t.c.f.b.o.//                                                                                                          Planning Officer.
The Layout developers Association,
A.I.R. bye-pass road, Tirupati.

Copy to the Planning Officer/Asst. Planning Officer, TUDA
Copy to all Technical officials in Planning wing.

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