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									                                          LIST OF SUPERVISORS IN AUSTRIA

  University          Department                   Professor                               Topic                       Places   doc/pos
                                                                                                                                 t doc
Medical           Biophysics             Prof. Dr. Helmut Tritthart      Analysis and Monitoring of Cardiac near      3        post-
University Graz                          helmut.tritthart@meduni-         Fields                                                doc
                                         graz.at                        Studies of Defibrillation and
                                                                          Arrhythmogenesis using realistic Computer
                                                                          Models of the whole Heart
                                                                        The behavoir of prearrhythmias during
                                                                          pharmalogical modulation of gap junctions
Medical           ENT University         Prof. Dr. Christoph          Video-Oculography – Simulation of Strabismus     1        post-
University Graz   Clinic                 Faschinger                   and Adaption                                              doc
                                         ni-graz.at                   Paranasal Sinus Surgery
                                         Prof. Dr. Helmut             Sinusitis
                                         Stammberger                  Phoniatrics
                                                                      Neurootology
Medical           University Clinic of   Prof. Dr. Hans Tritthart   Interoperative Neuromonitoring                     1        post-
University Graz   Neurosurgery           hans.tritthart@meduni-     (post-doc cannot work directly at the university            doc
                                         graz.at                    clinic of neurosurgery)
Medical           University Clinic of   Prof. Dr. Helmut Kerl        Malignant melanoma: Role of chemoline           2 (3)    post-
University Graz   Dermatology            (Soyer)                         receptors                                              doc
                                         helmut.kerl@meduni-graz.at  Merkel cell carcinoma
Medical           University Clinic of   Prof. Dr. Gernot Tilz      Clinical Immunology, GBT                           1        post-
University Graz   Immunology             gernot.tilz@meduni-graz.at                                                             doc
Medical           Physiology             Prof. Dr. Günther            Developmental Neurology and                     3        post-
University Graz                          Schwaberger                     Developmental Physiology (Prof. Christa                doc
                                         guenther.schwaberger@me         Einspieler)

                                         duni-graz.at                    Measurement of glucose tolerance and
                                                                          insulin resistance in hemodialysis
                                                                        Measurement of hepatic function in
                                                                          hemodialysis patients
Medical           Institute of Medical   Prof. Dr. Klaus Wagner         Clinical and molecular human-genetics         3   post-
University Graz   Biology and Human      klaus.wagner@meduni-           Isolation of genes                                doc
                  Genetics               graz.at                        Examination of Hereditary Deseases
University of     Division of            Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kofler    Functional analysis of candidte genes in         2   doc
Medicine          Molecular              reinhard.kofler@uibk.ac.at   glucocorticoid-induceed aopotois of acute
Innsbruck         Pathophysiology                                     lymphoblastic leukaemia
University of     Department of          Prof. Dr. Lukas Huber        Proteomics – signal transduction –cell biology   1   doc
Medicine          Anatomy,               lukas.a.huber@uibk.ac.at
Innsbruck         Histology, and
University of     Division of            Prof. Dr. Alexander          identification of non-coding RNAs in model       1   doc
Medicine          Genomics and           Hüttenhofer                  organismus
Innsbruck         RNomics                alexander.huettenhofer@ui
University of     Division of Human      Prof. Dr. Gerd Utermann      analysis of human genetic desease                1   doc
Medicine          Genetics               gerd.utermann@uibk.ac.at

University of   Institute of        Prof. Dr. Hans Winkler                                                         2   doc
Medicine        Pharmacology        hans.winkler@uibk.ac.at
                                    AProf. Dr. Reiner Fischer-   Generation and functional characterisation of a
                                    Colbrie                      secretoneurin knock-out mouse

                                    Prof. Mag. Dr. Christoph     Investigation on Dynorphin knockout mice,
                                    Schwarzer                    Neurochemistry and Behaviour

                                    Prof. Dr. Mag. Günther       Rearrangement of neuronal circuitries in
                                    Sperk                        temporal lobe epilepsy

                                    Prof. Dr. Francesco          Functional neuroanatomy of the amygdala
University of   Division of         Prof. Dr. Peter Loidl        Epigenetic mechanism for regulation (Histon       3   doc
Medicine        Molecular Biology   peter.loidl@uibk.ac.at       modification in different systems)
                                    Redl                         Molecularbiol biochem research in lipocalins
                                    Lusser                       Chromatin-Assembly and Remodeling in higher
                                    Haas                         eucarionts
                                    Marx                         regulation genexpressi in Asparagillus
                                                                 antifungal peptides in fungi
University of   Internal Medicine   Prof. Gert Mayer               Biocompatibility – gene expression profile – 1     doc
Medicine        Division of         gert.mayer@uibk.ac.at             applications e.g. prostethic devices
Innsbruck       Molecular Biology                                  Organ quality in transplantation: microarray  1
                                                                      technology – expression profile
University of   Department of       Prof. Dr. Manfred Dierich      HIV – innate immunity in productive infection 2    doc
Medicine        Hygiene,            manfred.dierich@uibk.ac.at        of dentritic cells
Innsbruck       Microbiology, and                                  Antibody- and Complement-immeduated
                Social Medicine                                       destruction of HIV
                                                                   Complement-mediated lysis of animal

                                                                       retroviruses (Friend leukaemia virus): inm
                                                                       vivo and mouse model
                                                                      research with candida albicans of
                                                                       Asperagillus species
University of   Division of           Prof. Dr. Georg Wick          Immunology – Artherosclerosis – cell culture    1   doc
Medicine        Experimental          georg.wick@uibk.ac.at
Innsbruck       Pathophysiology
                and Immunology
University of   Department of         Prof. Dr. Erich Schmutzhard      Murine SHT-Model – neuronale and glial      1   doc
Medicine        Neurosurgery          erich.schmutzhard@uibk.ac         pathology
Innsbruck                             .at                              Cerebral Malaria in mice model – neuronal   1
                                      Zimmerhackl                       and glial mechanisms                        1
University of   Department of         Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Karl                                                         doc
Medicine        Medical Statistics,   Pfeiffer
Innsbruck       Computer              karl-
                Sciences, and         peter.pfeiffer@uibk.ac.at

University of   Department of       VR Prof. Dr. Helga Fritsch                                                     1   doc
Medicine        Anatomy,            helga.fritsch@uibk.ac.at
Innsbruck       Histology, and
University of   Division of         Prof. Dr. Hartmut            Metabolic Pathway Analysis by HTTP Mass           1   post-
Medicine        Biochemical         Glossmann                    Spectrometry in Clinical Pharmacology                 doc
Innsbruck       Pharmacology        hartmut.glossmann@uibk.a
University of   Division of Human   Prof. Dr. Gerd Utermann      clinical genetics Cytogenetics – human genetics   1   post-
Medicine        Genetics            gerd.utermann@uibk.ac.at                                                           doc
University of   Department of       Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Vogel     gastroentereology – depending on the needs of     1   post-
Medicine        Internal Medicine   wolfgang.vogel@uibk.ac.at    the country                                           doc
University of   Department of       Prof. Dr. Raimund               all abdominal organs                          3   post-
Medicine        Surgery             Margreiter                      hepator-surgery, minimal invasive surgery     3   doc
Innsbruck                           raimund.margreiter@uibk.a                                                          post-
                                    c.at                                                                               doc
University of   Department of       Prof. Dr. Lothar Bernd       Nephrology, Oncology, Immunology                  2   post-
Medicine        Pediatrics          Zimmerhackl                  (may be as a dissertant too)                          doc
Innsbruck                           lothar.zimmerhackl@uibk.ac
University of   Department of       Prof. Dr. Georg Simbruner    Neonatology: Neuroscience – Respiratory           1   post-
Medicine        Pediatrics          georg.simbruner@uibk.ac.at   Science                                               doc
University of   Oral and            Prof. Dr. Michael Rasse                                                        1   post-
Medicine        Maxillofacial       michael.rasse@uibk.ac.at                                                           doc
Innsbruck       Surgery (OMS)       maxillofaziale-

Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. Olaf Bodamer       The development of a denaturing HPLC method 1         doc
University of   Pediatrics          olaf.bodamer@univie.ac.at    for the effective mutation analysis of disorders of
Vienna                                                           creatine metabolism
Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. Olaf Bodamer         The use of stable isotopes for analysis of the 1   post-
University of   Pediatrics          olaf.bodamer@univie.ac.at         methionine homocysteine-creatine                 doc
Vienna                                                                metabolism in different mouse models
                                                                   Cloning of a gene responsible for a disorder
                                                                      of glycosylation in a large Turkish pedigree
Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. Martha Feucht       Neuropediatrics                                      doc
University of   Pediatrics          martha.feucht@meduniwien                                                           and
Vienna                              .ac.at                                                                             post-
Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. Kurt Widhalm       Nutrition                                             doc
University of   Pediatrics          kurt.widhalm@meduniwien.                                                           and
Vienna                              ac.at                                                                              post-
Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. Wolfgang                                                                 doc
University of   Medical Chemistry   Schneider                                                                          and
Vienna                              wolfgang.schneider@medu                                                            post-
                                    niwien.ac.at                                                                       doc
Medical         Oral and            Prof. Rolf Ewers             Tissue Engineering in research of osteoblasts         doc
University of   Maxillofacial       rolf.ewers@meduniwien.ac.    and bone regeneration                                 and
Vienna          Surgery (OMS)       at                                                                                 post-

Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. Martin Schreiber    Expression profiling of breast cancer with DNA     1-2   doc or
University of   Gynecology          martin.schreiber@meduniwi     microarrays -Molecular and functional analysis           post-
Vienna                              en.ac.at                      of signaling in mouse models and cellular                doc
                                                                  models of breast cancer
Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. Robert Zeillinger   Molecular Diagnostics in Gynecologic Oncology      1     post-
University of   Gynecology          robert.zeillinger@meduniwi                                                             doc
Vienna                              en.ac.at
Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. Markus                 Stem cells in human amniotic fluid             1     doc
University of   Gynecology          Hengstschläger                   The molecular biology of tuberous sclerosis
Vienna                              markus.hengstschlaeger@
Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. S. Baumgartner-        Endothelial remodeling by metabolic factors          doc
University of   Internal Medicine   Parzer                            in target tissues of diabetes associated
Vienna                              sabina.baumgartner-               micro- and macrovascular complications:
                                    parzer@meduniwien.ac.at           Characterisation of the underlying molecular
                                                                      mechanisms and signaling pathways.
                                                                     Mutational spectrum of Calcium Sensing
                                                                      Receptor (CASR)-defects in the Austrian
Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. Th. Stulnig            Molecular mechanisms of obesity-                     doc
University of   Internal Medicine   thomas.stulnig@meduniwie          associated adipose tissue inflammation.
Vienna                              n.ac.at                          Molecular mechanisms of
                                                                      immunomodulation by polyunsaturated fatty
Medical         Department of       Prof. Dr. C. Fürnsinn            Roles of cellular energy state and mTOR-             doc
University of   Internal Medicine   clemens.fürnsinn@meduniw          pathway in the physiological and
Vienna                              ien.ac.at                         pharmacological modulation of muscle
                                                                      insulin sensitivity
Medical         Center for          Prof. Helmar Bergmann                                                                  doc
University of   Biomedical          helmar.bergmann@meduni                                                                 and
Vienna          Engineering and     wien.ac.at                                                                             post-
                Physics                                                                                                    doc

University of   Institute of     Prof. Dr. Hermann Stuppner      the isolation and structural elucidation of
Innsbruck       Pharmacy         pharmakognosie@uibk.ac.a         secondary metabolites from higher plants
                                 t                                with anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-
                                                                  microbial activity,
                                                                 chemosystematic investigations mainly
                                                                  focusing on the tribe Lactuceae and
                                                                 analysis and quality assessment (DC,
                                                                  HPLC, GC, CE, HPLC-MS, CE-MS, GC-MS)
                                                                  of (medicinal) plants and phyto-
                                                                 the discovery of pharmacologically active
                                                                  natural products (inhibitors of
                                                                  acetylcholinesterase) by means of computer
                                                                  aided models (pharmacophor modelling)
                                                                  and ethnobotanical data
University of   Institute of     Prof. Dr. Andreas Bernkop-                                                      doc
Innsbruck       Pharmacy,        Schnuerch                                                                       and
                Department of    andreas.bernkop@uibk.ac.a                                                       post-
                Pharmaceutical   t                                                                               doc

University of     Institute of            Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bauer        Isolation and structural analysis of natural        1   doc
Graz              Pharmaceutical          rudolf.bauer@uni-graz.at      substances with NMR
                  Department of
University of     Institute of            Prof. Dr. Adelheid H.            Microbiological and pharmacological tests of    1   doc
Graz              Pharmaceutical          Brantner                          the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
                  Sciences,               adelheid.brantner@uni-           Activity of plant extracts, natural compounds
                  Department of           graz.at                           and phytopreparations
Graz University   Institute for           Prof. Zlatko Trajanoski       Genomics and Bioinonformatics
of Technology     Genomics and            zlatko.trajanoski@tugraz.at    Large scale expression profiling of stem
                  Bioinformatics                                           cells during differentiation
                                                                         Integrating analytical tools for decision
                                                                           making in bioinformatics
Graz University   Institute for Medical   Prof. Paul Wach               Magnetical induction tomography for the human
of Technology     Engineering             wach@bmt.tu-graz.ac.at        thorax

University of     Institute of Zoology    Prof. Thomas Frank            Diversity and Efficacy of beneficial arthropods     1   doc or
Natural                                   thomas.frank@boku.ac.at       relative to landscape complexity                        post-
Resources and                                                                                                                   doc
Applied Life
University of     Institute of       Prof. Dr. Johann Fischer           General Topic:                                      1   doc
Natural           Chemical and       johann.fischer@boku.ac.at          Thermodynamic data as basis for reducing                and/or
Resources and     Energy Engineering                                    greenhouse gas emissions in energy supply and           post-
Applied Life                                                            conversion                                              doc -
Sciences,                                                               Special Topics:                                         learn
Vienna                                                                    Development of software for the                      and

    implementation of the Equation of State       speak
    BACKONE into process simulation software      Germa
   Using Thermal Solar Energy for Producing      n
    Electricity and for Cooling: Measurement of
    thermodynamic data of working fluids

General Topic:
Molecular Modelling and Simulation in Chemical
Special Topics:
 Molecular Simulation of Interfacial Transport
 Molecular Simulation of Adsorption of

University of   Department of         Prof. Dr. Florian Grundler    Plant-nematode interactions, plant fungi           1-2   doc
Natural         Applied Plant         florian.grundler@boku.ac.at   interactions, pathogen induced gene expression
Resources and   Sciences and Plant                                  in plants
Applied Life    Biotechnology
University of   Division of           Prof. Gerhard Stingeder       Trace analysis and speciation in different         1-2   doc
Natural         Analytical            gerhard.stingeder@boku.ac     matrices by ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma
Resources and   Chemistry             .at                           mass spectrometry)
Applied Life
University of   Institute of Water    Prof. Hans-Peter              Subject dependent on qualification and interests   1     doc
Natural         Management,           Nachtnebel                    of student
Resources and   Hydrology and         iwhw@boku.ac.at
Applied Life    Hydraulic
Sciences,       Engineering
University of   Institute of Forest   Prof. Hubert Sterba             patterns of forest growth (analysis of          1     doc
Natural         Growth and Yield      instwafo@edv1.boku.ac.at         permanent sample plots and experiments to
Resources and   Research                                               investigate how growth efficiency and
Applied Life                                                           productivity of stands and individual trees
Sciences,                                                              depends on site quality, and stand density)
Vienna                                                                forest inventories with special consideration
                                                                       of analysis and methods describing species-
                                                                       and structural diversity of the tree layers)
University of   Division of Organic   Prof. Bernhard Freyer         Subjects around Organic Farming – also in the      2     doc or
Natural         Farming               bernhard.freyer@boku.ac.at    sense of "livelihood"                                    post-
Resources and                                                                                                                doc
Applied Life

University of   Department of          Prof. Klaus Dieter Kulbe   Enzyme technology, process development              1       post-
Natural         Food Sciences and      klaus_dieter.kulbe@boku.ac                                                             doc
Resources and   Technology             .at
Applied Life
University of   Department of          Prof. Karl-Georg Bernhard   ecology of vegetation, biology of populations      up to   doc or
Natural         Integrative Biology,   karl-                       and similar areas:                                 2       post-
Resources and   Botany                 georg.bernhardt@boku.ac.a     Genetic diversity in soil seed banks,                   doc
Applied Life                           t                             Dynamics of populations of endangered
Sciences,                                                              plant species (small populations)
University of   Department of          Prof. DI Dr. techn. Peter   biological waste treatment, composting, low cost   1       doc or
Natural         Water-Atmosphere-      Lechner                     models in waste management                                 post-
Resources and   Environment,           abf@boku.ac.at                                                                         doc
Applied Life    Institute of Waste
Sciences,       Management
University of   Department of          Prof. DI Dr.techn. Werner   Crop Drought Stress Monitoring by Remote           1       post-
Natural         Landscape, Spatial     Schneider                   Sensing                                                    doc
Resources and   and Infrastructure     werner.schneider@boku.ac.
Applied Life    Sciences, Institute    at
Sciences,       of Surveying,
Vienna          Remote Sensing
                and Land

University of   Institute of Botany      Prof. Dr. Sigmar               Biological water quality monitoring of             doc/pos
Innsbruck                                Bortenschlager                  running waters (diatoms)                           t-doc
                                         sigmar.bortenschlager@uib      Thermotolerance of various developmental
                                         k.ac.at                         stages (seeds-germination-seedlings) during
                                                                         establishment of plants in alpine ecosystems
                                                                        Drought tolerance of various developmental
                                                                         stages (seeds-germination-seedlings) during
                                                                         establishment of plants in alpine ecosystems
                                                                        Regeneration potential in plants after frost
                                                                        Dynamics of flower and seed develpoment
                                                                         and the developmental plasticity under
                                                                         different climatic conditions

Veterinary Medicine
University of     Clinic for             Prof. Dr. Walter               Monitoring of the excretion of                1    doc
Veterinary        Ruminants,             Baumgartner                     Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis          and/or
Medicine,         Department for         walter.baumgartner@vu-          and detection of serological antibodies for 2      post-
Vienna            Farm Animals and       wien.ac.at                      to 3 years in a cow herd naturally                 doc
                  Herd Management                                        infected with Johne´s disease.
                                                                        Investigations to study the possible role of
                                                                         Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis,
                                                                         the cause of Johne´s disease in cattle, and
                                                                         morbus CROHN in humans.
University of   Clinic for Avian,        Prof. Dr. Michael Hess                                                        1    doc or
Veterinary      Reptile and Fish         michael.hess@vu-                                                                   post-
Medicine,       Medicine                 wien.ac.at                                                                         doc
University of   Institute of Nutrition   Prof. Josef Leibetseder     biochemistry or chemistry                          1   doc
Veterinary                               josef.leibetseder@vu-                                                              from
Medicine,                                wien.ac.at                                                                         2006


       Information Technology/Mathematics
University of      Institute of Applied Prof. Dr. Roland Wagner       Information systems (including web              1   doc or
Linz               Knowledge            rrwagner@faw.uni-linz.ac.at   engineering, knowledge based systems, any           post-
                   Processing                                         application in these areas)                         doc
University of      Institute of         Prof. Dr. Ruth Breu              Quality engineering: models at work         2   doc/pos
Innsbruck          Informatics          ruth.breu@uibk.ac.at                                                              t-doc

                                         Prof. Dr. Thomas Fahringer      Grid computing                              5   doc/pos
                                         thomas.fahringer@uibk.ac.a      Parallel processing                             t-doc
                                         t                               Networking

                                                                         Computational logic                         5   doc/pos
                                         Prof. Dr. Aart Middeldorp                                                        t-doc
                                         anna-                           InfMath Imaging
                                         maria.scheiring@uibk.ac.at                                                   2   doc/pos
                                         Prof. Dr. Otmar Scherzer
University of     Institute for          Prof. Dr. Karl Kunisch       Partial differential equations, optimisation,       doc and
Graz              Mathematics and        karl.kunisch@uni-graz.at     optimal controls, inverse problems                  post-
                  Scientific                                                                                              doc
University of     Institute for          Prof. Dr. Franz Kappel          Mathematical modeling in physiology and         doc and
Graz              Mathematics and        franz.kappel@uni-graz.at         medicine                                        post-
                  Scientific                                             Delay equations, abstract evolution             doc
                  Computing                                               equations and semigroup theory
Graz University   Institute for Signal   Prof. Gernot Kubin              nonlinear signal processing
of Technology     Processing and         gernot.kubin@tugraz.at          mixed signal circuits
                  Speech                                                 ultra wide-band communications
                  Communication                                          mobile radio channel modelling
                                                                         machine learning for signal processing

                                                                        bayesian networks and graphical models
                                                                        speech recognition
                                                                        media mining and multi-focal interfaces
Graz University   Institute for    contact via Prof. Dr.
of Technology     Automation and   Hartmut Kahlert
                  Control          kahlert@tugraz.at
Graz University   Institute for    Prof. Hermann Maurer                 Aspects of digital libraries
of Technology     Information      hmaurer@iicm.edu                     aspects of web-based communities
                  Systems and                                           aspects of multimedia encyclopedias
                  Computer Media                                        aspects of e-learning
Graz University   Institute for    Prof. Franz Wotawa
of Technology     Software         wotawa@ist.tugraz.at
University of     Department for   Prof. Dr. Phil. Wilfried Imrich      "Structure of graphs, graph algorithms,     1   doc
Mining, Leoben    Applied          imrich@unileoben.ac.at                products and approximate graph products"
                  Mathematics                                            or depending on wishes and inclination of
                                                                         student, part or parts thereof:
                                                                        Structure of Graphs and/or Graph
                                                                         Algorithms and/or Products of Graphs
                                                                         and/or Approximate Graph Products.

Graz University   Institute for          contact via Prof. Dr.              Geogene Hazards: Landslips, mass
of Technology     Engineering            Hartmut Kahlert                     movements, countermeasures;
                  Geology and            kahlert@tugraz.at                  Geological and geotechnical investigations
                  Applied Mineralogy                                         and evaluation of active fault zones;
                                                                            Impact of tectonical disturbances
Graz University   Institute for          Prof. Siegfried Voessner           Modelling of instationary flight patterns
of Technology     Engineering and        voessner@tugraz.at                  (tailspin etc.) for flight simulation
                  Business                                                  simulation models for jet engines
                  Informatics                                               safety critical software for mechanical
                                                                             engineering applications
                                                                            analytical supply chain supply management
                                                                            operation strategies for business informatics
                                                                             infrastructures (joint project with industry)
Graz University   Institute for          Prof. Rainer Ernst Burkard
of Technology     Mathematics B          burkard@tugraz.at
                  Dynamical Systems
                  and Discrete
Graz University   Institute for          Prof. Olaf Steinbach         Topics in numerical analysis of partial differential
of Technology     Mathematics D          o.steinbach@tugraz.at        equations e.g.: Finite Element Methods,
                  (Numerics and                                       Boundary integral equations, Boundary element
                  Partial Differential                                methods, fast boundary element methods, area
                  Equations)                                          dismantling methods, parallelisation.
Graz University   Institute for          Prof. Ernst Stadlober        Applied statistics: model and building
of Technology     Statistics             stadlober@stat.tu-graz.ac.at experimental design
Technical         Institute of           Prof. Gustav Feichtinger       Control Theory                                      doc
University of     Mathematical           gustav.feichtinger+e105@tu  Differential Games
Vienna            Methods in             wien.ac.at                     Non-linear dynamic systems
                  Economics                                             Bio-Mathematics
                                                                        Demography

                                                                     Mathematic Economy
Technical       Institute for           Prof. Andrew U. Frank       Geoinformation                                  doc
University of   Geoinformation and      andreas.frank+e127@tuwie
Vienna          Cartography             n.ac.at
Technical       Institute of            Prof. Werner Purgathofer    Scientific Visualization, especially Medicine   doc
University of   Computer Graphics       werner.purgathofer+e186@t   Visualization
Vienna          and Algorithms          uwien.ac.at
Technical       Institute of Software   Prof. Silvia Miksch            Information Visualization                   doc
University of   Technology and          silvia.miksch+e188@tuwien      Explorative Data Analysis
Vienna          Interactive Systems     .ac.at                         Information Extraction and Integration
                                                                       Plan Management
                                                                       Process Engineering

Technical       Institute of     Prof. Dietmar Dietrich          Security in wireless sensor networks         doc
University of   Computer         dietmar.dietrich+e384@tuwi      VHDL to SystemVerilog HDL Translator -
Vienna          Technology       en.ac.at                         Develop a platform indenpendent tool to
                                                                  convert existing VHDL designs to
                                                                 VHDL/SystemVerilog LINT Tool - Develop a
                                                                  platform indenpendent coding style checker
                                                                  for the HDLs VHDL and SystemVerilog with
                                                                  configurable sets of rules
                                                                 Hierarchical HDL Design Management -
                                                                  Develop a platform independent tool to
                                                                  manage complex mixed HDL designs
                                                                 Comparing & Evaluation of Routing
                                                                  Algorythms in High Performance Networks
                                                                 Implementation of Protocollstacks for
                                                                  Embedded Fieldbus nodes (Fieldbus
                                                                 Modelling awareness and recognition
                                                                  building automation- Handling of huge
                                                                  amounts of redundant diverse sensory
                                                                 Smart Cards in Control Networks
                                                                 Self-adaption of distributed Systems in
                                                                 Management systems for control networks
                                                                 Bionic systems concerning intelligence
Technical       Institute of     Prof. Walter Leeb               Statistical Signal Modeling and Parameter    doc
University of   Communications   walter.leeb+e389@tuwien.a        Estimation for Optical Computer
Vienna          and Radio-       c.at                             Tomography (good knowledge of Statistical
                Frequency                                         Signal Processing)
                Engineering                                      Robust Nonstationary Statistical Signal
                                                                  Processing (good knowledge of Statistical

    Signal Processing)
   Time-Frequency Models for Non-WSSUS
    Mobile Radio Channels (good knowledge of
    Statistical Signal Processing)
   Information-theoretic performance limits of
    OFDM based multiple-access schemes for
    time-frequency selective environments
    (knowledge on some of the following topics
    is desired:
              Information theory
              Signal processing for
              Communications theory
              Mobile radio channels (time-
        varying delay spread channels with
        multiple antennas - MIMO))
   Matrix Polynomials and Their Application to
    MIMO Communications Systems (statistical
    signal processing, wireless communications,
    linear algebra)
   Efficient Precoding Techniques for Mulituser
    MIMO Systems (statistical signal
    processing, wireless communications, linear
   Efficient Detection Techniques for Multiuser
    MIMO Systems
    (statistical signal processing, wireless
    communications, linear algebra)
   Information Theoretic Analysis of Wideband
    MIMO Multiple Access and Broadcast
    Channels (good knowledge of Information
   Performance Limits and Design Aspects in

                                                                       Distributed MIMO Systems (good knowledge
                                                                       of Information Theory and Wireless
                                                                      MIMO Systems with Partial Channel State
                                                                       (good knowledge of Information Theory and
                                                                       Wireless Communications)
                                                                      Multiuser MIMO Systems with Bit
                                                                       Interleaved Coded Modulation (good
                                                                       knowledge of Wireless Communications)
                                                                      Wave Propagation Aspects in Ultra
                                                                       Wideband Communication Networks (
                                                                       Requirement: Master in electrical
                                                                       engineering or in telecommunications).

       Mechanical Engineering
University of     Department of       Prof. Dr. mont. J. Golser                                                     1   doc
Mining, Leoben Geomechanics,          geomech@uniloeben.ac.at
                  Tunneling and
University of     Department of       Prof. Dr. Peter Schumacher   Thermophysical Measurements with Laser Pulse 1       doc –
Mining, Leoben Metallurgy             giesskd@notes.unileoben.a    Calorimetry                                          as of
                                      c.at                                                                              April
University of    Department of        Prof. Dr. Horst Wagner                                                            doc
Mining, Leoben   Mining Engineering   wagner@unileoben.ac.at
University of    Department of        Prof. Dr. Robert Danzer      "Characterization and simulation of mechanical   1   doc
Mining, Leoben   Structural and       isfk@unileoben.ac.at         properties of electroceramics especially
                 Functional                                        piezoceramics“

                 Ceramics (ISFK)
University of    Department for        Prof. Dr. Paul O’Leary                                                        3   doc
Mining, Leoben   Automation            automation@unileoben.ac.a
University of    Department of         Prof. Dr. Albert C. Kneissl   „Shape Memory Effects in NiTi and CuAlNi        1   doc
Mining, Leoben   Metallography         imw@unileoben.ac.at           Alloys“
University of    Department of         Prof. Dr. Helmut Clemens      Smart heat.treatments to optimise and control   1   doc
Mining, Leoben   Physical Metallurgy   imw@unileoben.ac.at           the microstructure in intermetallic titanium
                 and Materials                                       aluminides.
University of    Department for        Prof. Dr. H. Harmuth          Melting behaviour of mould powders              1   doc
Mining, Leoben   Ceramics              ghk@unileoben.ac.at

University of    Drilling Engineering   Prof. Dr.mont. G.                                                          1-2   doc
Mining, Leoben                          Thonhauser
University of    Institute for          Prof. Dr. R. Wörndle         Designing and calculating composites          1    doc
Mining, Leoben   Designing Plastics     verbund@unileoben.ac.at       Calculative design and optimisation of short
                 and Composite                                        and long fibre reinforced parts under
                 Materials                                            mechanical, dynamical and thermal stress
                                                                     Calculating the increase in stress and
                                                                      stiffness due to anisotropy and/or non-
                                                                      Calculation focused on the non-
                                                                      homogeneities and/or the anisotropy
                                                                      concerning stress- and deformation behavior
                                                                      of parts made of various materials;
                                                                      determination of the increase in stress and
                                                                      stiffness (mutual hindrance)
                                                                     Development of special calculation methods
                                                                      for the design of fibre reinforced composites
                                                                      Specialising in calculation methods (e.g.
                                                                      Finite-Element-Calculation, transition mould,
                                                                      optimisation, shearing stress and –stiffness,
                                                                      non-homogeneity, anisotropy …) for the
                                                                      design of composites
                                                                     Calculative development of shearing
                                                                      stresses and stiffnesses for thin walled
                                                                      beams made of anisotropical materials
                                                                      Development of a special Finite-Element-
                                                                      Calculation program for the determination of
                                                                      shearing stresses, shearing stiffnesses and
                                                                      profile parameters for thin walled profiles
                                                                      made of isotropical and/or anisotropical
                                                                      (monocline) materials under radial stress

                                                                          and torsion
University of    Department for         Prof. Dr. F. Kessler           New methods to transport bulk materials over      1     doc
Mining, Leoben   Conveying              foerder@unileoben.ac.at        medium to long distances
University of    Institute of           Prof. DI Dr.techn. Wilfried    Simulation and testing (fatigue)                  2     doc or
Mining, Leoben   Mechanical             Eichlseder                                                                             post-
                 Engineering            ammul@unileoben.ac.at                                                                  doc
University of    Institute of Process   Prof. DI Dr.techn. Werner      A variety of subjects are offered based on        1-2
Mining, Leoben   Technology             Kepplinger                     industrial needs
University of    Institute for          Prof. Dr. F. D. Fischer           Modelling of Martensitic Transformation             doc
Mining, Leoben   Mechanics              mechanik@unileoben.ac.at          Massive Transformation in Ti-Al                     and/or
                                        fischer@unileoben.ac.at            Intermetallics                                      post-
University of    Department of          Prof. Dr.phil. Klaus Lederer      Formulation of multicomponent materials       1     doc
Mining, Leoben   Chemistry of           polychem@unileoben.ac.at          Molecular characterization of polymers
                 Polymeric Materials                                      Analysis and expert’s reports
University of    Department of          Prof. DI Dr.techn. Werner      Physical Chemistry of Materials (electrodes for   2     doc
Mining, Leoben   General, Analytical    Sitte                          high temperature fuel cells and electroceramic
                 and Physical           sitte@unileoben.ac.at          components).

University of     Department of        Prof. Dr. Fritz Ebner       Investigations on the origin of Cambrian to            1   doc
Mining, Leoben    Geosciences/Geolo    fritz.ebner@notes.unileoben Proterozoic Magnesites in different geotectonic
                  gy and Economic      .ac.at                      environments (China-Russia-Pakistan)
                  Geology              Supervisor:
                                       Prof. Dr. Walter Prochaska
University of     Institute of         Prof. DI Dr. Peter                                                                     doc
Innsbruck         Hydraulic            Rutschmann                                                                             and/or
                  Engineering          wasserbau@uibk.ac.at                                                                   post-
Graz University   Institute for          contact via Prof. Dr.
of Technology     Urbanism               Hartmut Kahlert
Graz University   Institute for Building Prof. Brian Cody            Energy efficient architecture
of Technology     and Energy             brian.cody@tugraz.at
Graz University   Institute for          Prof. Gernot Beer
of Technology     Structural Analysis beer@ifb.tu-graz.ac.at
Graz University   Institute for Steel    contact via Prof. Dr.       Engineering of building (steel constructions,
of Technology     Structures and         Hartmut Kahlert             compound constructions, bridge constructions,
                  Shell Structures       kahlert@tugraz.at           load bearing slabs)
Graz University   Institute for Soil     Prof. Stephan Semprich      Partially saturated soil, Jet methods, slip
of Technology     Mechanics and          stephan.semprich@tugraz.a   stabilization, tunnelling in loose rock, numerical
                  Foundation             t                           geotechnics
Graz University   Institute for Rock     Prof. Wulf Schubert         Rock Mechanics, Tunnelling
of Technology     Mechanics and          schubert@tugraz.at
Graz University   Institute for Building Prof. Ueli Walder           Computer supported Facility Management
of Technology     Informatics            contact via
Graz University   Institute for General Prof. Erich Bauer                Seepage in unsaturated soil;

of Technology     Mechanics            erich.bauer@tugraz.at        Constitutive models for soil and its
                                                                     application to geotechnical problems;
                                                                   Modelling and investigation of shear banding
                                                                     in soil;
Graz University   Institute for        contact via Prof. Dr.      No specific subject given by Institute. Students
of Technology     Materials Science,   Hartmut Kahlert            can choose a suitable subject.
                  Welding and          kahlert@tugraz.at
Graz University   Institute for        Prof. Wolfgang Streicher     Biomass force heat coupling on the basis of
of Technology     Thermal              streicher@iwt.tugraz.at       biomass gasification
                  Engineering                                      Renewable energy sources for fuel cells
                                                                   Heating, cooling and air condition
                                                                     technology (Solar power assisted air
                                                                     conditioning, adsorption engines, CO2 as
                                                                     cooling agent, Heat reservoirs using latent
                                                                     energy media)
                                                                   Thermal solar engineering
                                                                   Thermal simulation of buildings
Graz University   Institute for        contact via Prof. Dr.       Turbines: numerical modelling and
of Technology     Hydraulic            Hartmut Kahlert               optimization
                  Fluidmachinery       kahlert@tugraz.at           experimental investigations: control
                                                                     behaviour, cavitation, foamingbehaviour in
                                                                     Pelton turbines, pressure surge calculations
Graz University   Institute for        Prof. Hermann Steffan      Simulation and validation of car security
of Technology     Automotive           h.steffan@tugraz.at        measures
Graz University   Institute for Tool   Prof. Ralf Kolleck         Cold Forming / Cutting of High Strength Steels;
of Technology     Technics for Non-    ralf.kolleck@tugraz.at     Proceedings in Sheet Hydroforming; Applied
                  Cutting Production                              Laser applications for Forming, Cutting and
Graz University   Institute for High   Prof. Michael Muhr
of Technology     Voltage              muhr@hspt.tu-graz.ac.at
                  Engineering and

Graz University    Institute for          Prof. Erich Leitgeb         Optical communication technologies (fiber optic
of Technology      Broadband              leitgeb@inw.tu-graz.ac.at   / optical wireless)
Technical          Institute of           Prof. Sabine Seidler           Materials testing                                 doc
University of      Materials Science      sabine.seidler+e308@tuwie      Structual Analysis
Vienna             and Technology         n.ac.at
Technical          Institute of           Prof. Peter Lugner          Improvement of the comfort of automobiles             doc
University of      Mechanics and          peter.lugner+e325@tuwien.
Vienna             Mechatronics           ac.at

University of      Institute for          Prof. Dr. Helmut Weiß                                                         1   doc
Mining, Leoben Electrical                 etechnik@unileoben.ac.at
Graz University Institute for             Prof. Fritz K. Brunner        Monitoring of railway tracks using precise
of Technology      Geodesy and            fritz.brunner@tugraz.at        kinematic GPS positioning;
                   Measurement                                         Structural monitoring: optimal selection and
                   Systems                                               placement of sensors;
Graz University Institute for             Prof. Oszkar Biro           computational, electromagnetism
of Technology      Fundamentals and       biro@tugraz.at
                   Theory in Electrical

Technical          Institute for Water    Prof. Paul H. Brunner          Environmental Engineering                         doc
University of      Quality and Waste      paul.hans.brunner+e226@t       Water and Waste Water Management
Vienna             Management             uwien.ac.at                    Waste Management and Recycling

                                                                         Resources Management
                                                                         Regional Materials Management
Technical       Institute of Urban      Prof. Richard Stiles                                                                 doc
University of   Design and              richard.stiles+e260@tuwien
Vienna          Landscape               .ac.at

University of   Department of           Prof. Helmut                                                                         doc
Innsbruck       Pharmaceutical          Schmidhammer                                                                         and/or
                Chemistry               helmut.schmidhammer@uib                                                              post-
                                        k.ac.at                                                                              doc
University of   Institute of General,   Prof. Dr. B.M. Rode              Computer Simulations of Liquids and                doc/pos
Innsbruck       Inorganic and           theochem@uibk.ac.at               Solutions                                          t-doc
                Theoretical                                              Quantum Chemical Calculations of
                Chemistry                                                 Complexes
                                                                         Chemical Evolution and Origin of Life
University of   Institute of            Prof. DDr. Bernhard K.
Vienna          Inorganic               Keppler
                Chemistry –             bernhard.keppler@univie.ac
                Bioinorganic,           .at
                Environmental and
University of   Department of           Prof. Dr. Walter M.F. Fabian Polysaccharides: functionalization,                     doc and
Graz            Organic Chemistry       walter.fabian@uni-graz.at    characterization and molecular modelling (a             post-
                                                                     short project description is available FROM Prof.       doc
University of   Department of           Prof. Dr. Hans Hennig von      Monte-Carlo simulations of two-dimensional       1   doc
Graz            Physical Chemistry      Gruenberg                        colloidal systems near melting                  1   post-
                                        hennig.vongruenberg@uni-       Suspensions of DNA , molecules in strong             doc
                                        graz.at                          electric fields: numerical solution of the
                                                                         electrokinetic equations
University of   Institute for           Prof. Dr. Ellen Zechner       Bacterial gene transfer, biofilms and              1   doc

Graz              molecular             ellen.zechner@uni-graz.at   mechanisms of pathogenity
Graz University   Institute for         Prof. Frank Uhlig
of Technology     Inorganic             frank.uhlig@tugraz.at
Graz University   Institute for         Prof. Günther Grampp           Time-resolved Laserspectroscopy;
of Technology     Physical and          grampp@ptc.tugraz.at           Dynamic Electron-Spin Resonance (ESR)-
                  Theoretical                                           Spectroscopy;
                  Chemistry                                            Kinetic Electrochemistry;
                                                                       Kinetic of Redox Reaction in Solution
Graz University   Institute for         Prof. Jürgen Besenhard
of Technology     Chemistry and         besenhard@tugraz.at
                  Technology of
                  Inorganic Materials
Graz University   Institute for         Prof. Günter Knapp
of Technology     Analytical            guenter.knapp@tugraz.at
                  Chemistry and
Graz University   Institute for         Prof. Peter Macheroux
of Technology     Biochemistry          peter.macheroux@tugraz.at
Graz University   Institute for Food    Prof. Michael Murkovic      EU-Projekt EUROFIR (European Food
of Technology     Chemistry and         michael.murkovic@tugraz.a   Information Resource); Ethnic Food;
                  Technology            t
Graz University   Institute for         Prof. Bernd Nidetzky        Sustainable biotechnological production of
of Technology     Biotechnology and     bernd.nidetzky@tugraz.at    biodegradable polyesters from renewable
                  Biochemical           Prof. Gerhard Braunegg      resources
                  Engineering           g.braunegg@tugraz.at
Graz University   Institute for         contact via Prof. Dr.       Research on equations of state, simulation of
of Technology     Fundamentals of       Hartmut Kahlert             chemical plants
                  Chemical              kahlert@tugraz.at
                  Engineering and
                  Plant Design
Graz University   Institute for         Prof. Rolf Marr             Thermal engineering, environmental

of Technology     Chemical               marr@tvtut.tugraz.at        engineering, procedures with and without
                  Engineering and                                    chemical reactions
Graz University   Institute for          Prof. Michael               Use of renewable resources for cleaner
of Technology     Resource Efficient     Narodoslawsky               production
                  and Sustainable        narodoslawsky@tugraz.at

University of     Institute for Ion      Prof. Tilmann Märk                                                         doc
Innsbruck         Physics                tilmann.maerk@uibk.ac.at                                                   and/or
Graz University   Institute for Solid    Prof. Robert Schennach    adsorption and desorption processes on metals
of Technology     State Physics          robert.schennach@tugraz.a and alloys
Technical         Institute of General   Prof. Hannspeter Winter      Atomic and Plasma Physics                    doc
University of     Physics                hannspeter.winter+e134@t     Laser Physics and Molecular Dynamics
Vienna                                   uwien.ac.at                  Sensors and Ultrasonics
                                                                      Surface and Plasma Technology
                                                                      Surface Physics
Technical         Institute of Solid     Prof. Walter Steiner                                                       doc
University of     State Physics          walter.steiner+e138@tuwie
Vienna                                   n.ac.at

 Human Arts
University of     Forschungsinstitut     Prof. Dr. Johann Holzner       German literature; contemporary and 20th   doc
Innsbruck         Brenner-Archiv         johann.holzner@uibk.ac.at       century
                                                                        philosophy
University of     Institute of           Prof. Chisholm                 Lifelong Learning                          doc and

Innsbruck   Educational   Prof. Hug                         Nonformal and informal education                post-
            Sciences      ezw-                              Comparative education and training,             doc
                          leitungssekretariat@uibk.ac.       especially with reference to the “Education
                          at                                 for All” Initiative
                                                            Modernisation processes and
                                                             education/training, with special reference to
                                                             socio-economic and sociocultural change
                                                            Young and education
                                                            Skills development
                                                            Media education and higher education
                                                            Media literacy and concepts of media
                                                            Global media generations
                                                            E-learning and e-teaching

University of     Institute of Legal      Prof. Dr. Gerhard Köbler                                                doc or
Innsbruck         History of Austria      gerhard.koebler@uibk.ac.at                                              post-
                  and Germany                                                                                     doc
University of     Department of           Prof. Dr. Karlheinz
Innsbruck         Languages and           Töchterle
                  Literary Studies        karlheinz.toechterle@uibk.a
University of     Department of           Prof. Dr. Friedrich          Bilateral Relations Austria - Pakistan     doc
Vienna            History                 Edelmayer
Graz University   Institute for History   Prof. Susanne Hauser        Space Architecture, Art and Aestethics in
of Technology     of Art and Cultural     susanne.hauser@tugraz.at Architecture


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