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									                      RIVERSIDE CITY COLLEGE
                     ACADEMIC SENATE MINUTES
                               Quad 204
                           February 23, 2009

CALL TO ORDER         President Richard Mahon called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m. in
                      the Hall of Fame.

ROLL CALL             Academic Senators:
                      Mike Barnes, Counseling
                      Nikki Bonzoumet, Physical Education
                      Steve Brewster, Library, DAC Liaison
                      Tim Brown, Academic Planning Council Chair
                      Mark Carpenter, Part-Time Faculty Representative
                      Debbie Cazares, Early Childhood Education
                      Jill Christiansen, Nursing (absent)
                      Ross Clark, Applied Technology
                      Richard Davin, Behavioral Sciences, Academic Standards Chair
                      Les Dean, Curriculum Chair (absent)
                      Dorothy Gaylor, World Languages
                      Lewis Hall, PRC Chair (absent)
                      Ted Hewitt, Part-time Faculty Issues Chair
                      Chie Ishihara, Business Admin/IST
                      Mary Margarita Legner, Mathematics
                      Richard Mahon, President
                      Dayna Peterson Mason, Art
                      Rom Masterson, History/Humanities/Philosophy (absent)
                      Kevin Mayse, Performing Arts
                      Lee Nelson, Vice President (absent)
                      William Phelps, Physical Science
                      Nicholas Rodriguez, Cosmetology
                      Mark Sellick, Economics/Geography/Political Science
                      Diane Solorzano, Secretary-Treasurer
                      Susan St. Peters, English & Speech Communication
                      Leo Truttmann, Chemistry (absent)
                      Virginia (Ginger) White, Life Sciences

                      Administrative Representatives:
                      Virginia McKee-Leone, Dean of Instruction (absent)
                      Jan Muto, City College President
                      Patrick Schwerdtfeger, Vice President - Academic Affairs (absent)


                      ASRCC Representative:
                      Christy Okpo, Student Senate Liaison (attended later)

                      Marilyn Martinez-Flores, Academic Support
                      Tara McCarthy, Academic Support
                      Trisha Wilgirg, Academic Support

APPROVAL OF AGENDA    M/S/C Clark/Sellick . Approved by consensus.
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                 Page 2
February 23, 2009

December 1, 2008                    M/S/C Phelps/Clark. Approved by consensus.
December 4, 2008 Special Senate     M/S/C Bonzoumet/Davin. Approved by consensus.

PRESIDENT                           Announcements distributed. Richard Mahon requested whether or
                                    not to keep this meeting minimal with focus on the business items
                                    listed. By a show of hands the majority preference was for a
                                    succinct meeting. He provided information regarding the state
                                    budget. ASCCC President’s Update to be forwarded to senators.

                                    Lee Nelson was not present due to illness.

SECRETARY-TREASURER                 No report.

COLLEGE PRESIDENT                   Jan Muto introduced herself and reported as follows: proponent of
                                    shared governance; keeping open channels of communication. She
                                    will be giving a state of the college address regarding targets and
                                    goals, continued strategic planning process on Mar 10, 2009 during
                                    the college hour, in the DL Auditorium.

DEAN/VP OF INSTRUCTION              Pat Schwerdtfeger was off-campus today. Virginia McKee-Leone
                                    was not present.

RCCDFA/CCA/CTA/NEA                  Mark Sellick discussed the following: Continued issues noted in the
                                    minutes of Dec. 4; modification of review committees; MOU
                                    regarding changes in the committees from four members to five;
                                    faculty hiring. Administrative Retreat Rights which will be
                                    discussed later in the agenda.


OPEN HEARING                        The following topics were brought up: Inability to make comments
                                    on a new course on Curricunet because it was a Norco-only course;
                                    email communication started with disciplines on all three campuses
                                    regarding approval for the new course which was still passed by the
                                    Curriculum Committee with 10 no votes, 1 yes vote, and 1 no
                                    response; taking back control of City College Curriculum
                                    Committee; requests to place issue on the agenda have been made
                                    for the last year--to be agendized for March meeting; online courses
                                    and webadvisor; open classes and waitlist; add-in attempts did not
                                    work; lecture and lab sessions; STEM classes overlapping. Richard
                                    Davin is to make a report later on.
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                  Page 3
February 23, 2009

UNFINISHED BUSINESS                 Chancellor Search Process – Question whether or not the Senate
                                    has the capacity and time to make a general recommendation to the
                                    Board about the Chancellor selection? Two finalists came last
                                    week—Charles Taylor and Wayne Watson. Third finalist will come
                                    tomorrow (2-24-09), to Moreno Valley and Norco; and here on
                                    Wednesday (2-25-09). Tom Fallo, 4th finalist, withdrew his
                                    candidacy. All finalists are out of state. Forums have been taped for
                                    viewing by those who could not attend, and will be taped for the
                                    upcoming one. Noted that Virginia State faculty is not unionized
                                    and without tenure privileges—conversations were guarded;
                                    [regarding Gregory Gray] Miami Dade has a campus president and a
                                    systems president, the latter had a falling out with the Senate and he
                                    disbanded it, the union has authority over some areas; Chicago has
                                    both a Senate and union, obtained conversations with faculty in both
                                    systems, including one person who was hired in 1981 by Sal
                                    Rotella; Board will have closed private meetings with each of the
                                    candidate finalists at Ciao Bella. Noted that Wayne Watson also is a
                                    candidate for presidency in the Illinois State College system.
                                    Concern was raised regarding having had representation on the
                                    president search committee and the undermining of the process, as
                                    well as issues with the previous chancellor search and the search
                                    firm. Questions raised and addressed and further extensive
                                    discussion ensued regarding feedback, the process being flawed, and
                                    faculty representation with the Board. Noted that there is a Board
                                    meeting tomorrow evening (2-24-09). Senate follow-up meeting on
                                    Wednesday the 25th at 3:00 p.m., place to be announced. M/S/C
                                    Sellick/Davin to approve that the senate resolve to consider new
                                    information, discuss it and perhaps modify its position on search
                                    outcomes as new information becomes available to members of the
                                    senate. 1 abstention. Objection to the words “new information” was
                                    raised and an amendment was suggested as additional information in
                                    an “ongoing phase in deliberation.” M/S/C Davin/Clark to approve
                                    amendment to emphasize members are not looking for new
                                    information, but rather “ongoing information.” 2 abstentions.

NEW BUSINESS                        Retreat Rights – Discussion regarding state senate document
                                    “Empowering Local Senates.” Cites various Education Code
                                    statutes—law passed by the legislature, which is stronger than Title
                                    5 regulations which are typically drafted by the Chancellor’s office
                                    in collaboration with, and approved by, the Board of Governors.
                                    Education code recognizes Senate Retreat Rights. Full document to
                                    be emailed to Senate by Richard. Mark Sellick provided further
                                    information. Mark stated he would send the policies of other
                                    colleges (Shasta and South Orange) to the senate for review. .
                                    Different rights for those who are tenured and those who are not.
                                    Document to be read, feedback to be provided, and language to be
                                    drafted. To be agendized again for next week.
Riverside Academic Senate Minutes                                                 Page 4
February 23, 2009

                                    Academic Support – Trisha Wilgirg introduced herself, distributed
                                    a newsletter, and gave a presentation regarding the Supplemental
                                    Instruction Program. She explained the goal to keep students in
                                    classes with use of model students, noting that it has been working
                                    since 2007 and is overwhelmingly successful. Tara McCarthy
                                    introduced herself as the educational advisor and presented
                                    information and distributed USB drives containing a video, “Access
                                    to Success.” An email with a web based survey will be sent later.

STANDING COMMITTEES                 Copies of various committee meeting minutes were available at the

ADJOURNMENT                         Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

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