The Power of Conviction – ‘Consider my Inner Wussy Officially Deleted.’ by SteveKallock


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									The Power of Conviction – ‘Consider my Inner Wussy
Officially Deleted.’ wussy?id=powerkeg                         January 21, 2013

‘Consider my inner wussy officially deleted’

I just got back from Austin Texas, and the “Release Your Inner Badass” Empower Network event.

To sum up what took place in one sentence would be like….

….trying to teach Spanish to a baby.

It just would be impossible.

You had to be there.

To experience something like this, in person, is truly the only way to understand it.

And so when my wife picked me up from the airport a little while ago….

….and asked me how it went?
….and asked me how it went?

I had a very hard time coming up with anything other than….

“Consider my ‘inner wussy’ officially, deleted.”

It is just hard to explain.

Now there will be video footage that hits YouTube in the next few weeks….

….and pictures all over Facebook….

… posts in this space, and all over the Empower Network blogging community talking about
the experience.

And if you take time to read and watch….

….the content, you may get a small feel for it.

But to completely understand the power of the event….without attending….

….just simply can’t be recreated in a blog post, or a video.

The breakt hroughs t hat t ook place were prof ound.

And everywhere.

I saw grown men and grown women wiping tears from their face….

Embracing one another….

And lifting each other up.

It felt nothing like a network marketing event.

It felt like a baptism….

A baptism of badasses.

Inner Badass stomps on Inner Wussy
One of the leaders at Empower Network, likes to say, there are….

….two creatures, one on each of your shoulders….left shoulder is….

….your ‘inner wussy’….and the one on your right shoulder is your….’inner badass.’

Anytime you delete one of these you have a release of energy.

Sometimes that release of energy shows up as tears.

When 4,000 badasses, delete their ‘inner wussy’ there is bound to be some….

….energy released.

And this was powerful to be a part of, and to witness.
So which voice do you listen to? Inner Wussy or Inner Badass?

The event re-programs your brain to delete your inner wussy and release your inner badass.

These were the repeated themes at the event:

Are you going to fill your brain with garbage or knowledge?

Are you going to focus?

Are you going to get clarity in what you want?

Are you going to make excuses?

And are you going to make a decision or sit on the sidelines?

Because the number one thing that I learned this weekend was….

….that everything I need to make the life of my dreams come true….

is inside Empower Network.

It is all right t here bef ore me.

And now it is up to me.

It is up me to grab the opportunity and run with it.

Empower Network does not fail people.

People fail Empower Network.

And I refuse to be someone 20 years from now….

….saying to myself….what if?….

What if I had made a decision?

What if I had t aken massive act ion?

What if I had just f ollowed t his simple syst em?

What if I had made my dreams a realit y?

What if I had not deleted my ‘inner wussy’ and released my ‘inner badass?’

Now I don’t have to worry.

Because I have conviction now.

Because I made a decision and took action.

And now it is your time.
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