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									Glover Park Gazette                                                                         November 2006

  November 2006
                                   First Tuesday                         Now we find ourselves separated
                                   By Jackie Blumenthal                  by fences, by jobs and obligations,
  Inside this issue:
                                           living inside more than out due to
                                                                         air-conditioning, with few everyday
  3         End Human
                                   How to involve new members –          ways to connect with each other,
            Trafficking in
                                   that seems to have been a             even though most of our houses
            Glover Park
                                   perennial problem for the GPCA.       are literally connected. So we meet
                                   Ariadne Henry recently unearthed      through the school or the dog park
  3         Old Europe’s 5 Star
                                   the minutes from the September        or through civic involvement—
                                   19, 1956 meeting of the GPCA          through the Glover Park Citizens
                                   executive committee during which      Association.
  4         Who’s Running for
            ANC?                   the question came up as to “why
                                   people are ready to pay dues but      I lived in Glover Park for nearly 5
                                   uninterested in attending             years before I ever attended a
  7         This Month in
                                   meetings.” After some discussion,     GPCA meeting and I went to two
            Glover Park
                                   they came to the amusing              before I became a member. A
                                   conclusion that “long arguments       problem with rowdiness and
                                   about small things keep members       excessive partying had kept me up
  8         GP History
                                   from returning to meetings.” Fifty    enough nights that I knew I had to
                                   years later, we’re still trying to    do something about it but I couldn’t
  10        Inside Trading
                                   keep meetings short and               solve the problem by myself. By
            (Classified Ads)
                                   interesting.                          joining with other concerned
          Next GPCA Meeting                                              neighbors, I not only learned how
          November 7 @ 7pm
                                   Pat Bitondo told me that a long       to get things done in Glover Park
           St. Luke’s Meeting
        Next GPCAChurch                                                  but I also made new friends and
         Basement Auditorium       while ago, GPCA meetings
             February 1                                                  personalized my connection to this
                                   included tea and coffee and cakes
      On the agenda: pm                                                  neighborhood I like so much.
                                   and snacks. Everyone just came
         St. Luke’s Church
                                   to eat, she said, and to chat with
          Vote Room Upstairs)
      (Wesley on increasing                                              Given my own experience (and
          membership dues          each other about whatever was on
        Wisconsin & Calvert                                              how one thing led to another until
                                   their minds, building the personal
          Membership recruitment   connections that make for good        suddenly I found myself elected
   On the agenda:
        plans                                                            president of GPCA), I was
                                   neighbors. That brings to mind
                                   Jim DeVol’s description of life       extremely pleased to see nine new
   1. GPCA Business Cards
          Website proposal
                                   along the alley behind his family’s   faces at last month’s GPCA
   2. Holiday Party Details
   3. Discuss Beautifying on
          Follow up discussion     funeral home not too many years       meeting. And not only that, four of
   Wisconsin Aveparlors
          massage                  ago. He said no one had fences        them volunteered to take on tasks
   4. Vote on new GPCA Logo        then and every pleasant evening       for the community! That is just
          Update on Stoddert Rec
   5. Findings fromalley between   his family would gather on the        what we need in Glover Park—
          Hall Place & Tunlaw
   Center Community Meeting
                                   back porch (back when the funeral     more people getting involved in
   6. Membership Update                                                  doing whatever it takes to make
          Update on GP             home had one and the DeVols
   7. Increased efforts withPlan
          Commercial District                                            our community better.
   ROSA program                    lived upstairs) and visit with the
                                   residents across the alley who
                                   were all arrayed on their back        So I urge you to take the time
  The monthly newsletter of the                                          today and use the enclosed
      Glover Park Citizens’        porches. Jim said a lot of
                                   community issues were aired and       membership envelope to join the
          Association                                                    GPCA or to renew your
         P.O. Box 32268            resolved right then and there,
     Washington, DC 20007          neighbor to neighbor.                 membership for another year. This
Glover Park Gazette                                                                              November 2006
may be the deal of the century,            erroneously noted the year as     GPCA December Holiday Party
too, since we will be voting in            2004.                             Brennan Hogan volunteered to co-
November to increase dues next          A motion was made and passed to      chair the holiday party with Cathy
year. And then, come to the             approve the amended minutes.         Fiorillo. It will be held December 9.
meeting on November 7 (don’t
forget to vote first) or the holiday    Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer        Membership Drive. Jackie
party on December 9 or the              Ariadne Henry reported that after    Blumenthal said she had
meeting on the first Tuesday in         expenses of $2,126.63 and income     purchased 3 stamps that say “E-
January. We need you and you            of $1,403.00 in the period           Mail             “ to add that
need the GPCA.                          September 5 to October 3, 2006       request to the existing stock of
                                        the closing balance stands at        membership envelopes, and that
GPCA Meeting October 3                  $1,532.63. A motion was made         she would organize people to help
By Anslie Stokes                        and passed to accept the             stamp the 3,500 needed for the
                                        treasurer’s report.                  November Gazette.
President Jackie Blumenthal called
the meeting to order at 7:05pm.         Old Business. As announced in        Jackie also gave an overview of
Officers in attendance were             The Gazette, a motion was made       dues schedules from a selection of
President Jackie Blumenthal; 2
                               nd       for the GPCA to participate in the   neighboring citizens associations
Vice President Frank Martorana;         Glover Park Coordinating Council     to compare with what GPCA
Treasurer Ariadne Henry;                to help oversee the community’s      membership dues are: an
Secretary; Anslie Stokes; Sergeant      relationship with the construction   individual membership, for
at Arms; Dennis Soiberman               of the new Stoddert Recreation       example, in Palisades, Burleith or
                                        Center. The motion went on to say    Foxhall is $25; it’s $20 in Dupont
2nd District Police Report.             that the GPCA executive              Circle and $50 in Georgetown.
PSA204 Lt. Cusik distributed new        committee shall appoint a GPCA       GPCA asks only $8 for an
Second District contact information     member to the Glover Park            individual membership. A
and gave an update on officers          Coordinating Council Leadership      discussion followed which focused
who moved in and out of PS204.          Team. Motion Passed.                 on why GPCA needs more
He gave a traffic report. He noted                                           revenue – the cost of the Gazette
the traffic officer was pulled from     GPCA Website. A motion was           was one major reason given.
traffic duty often during the past      made and passed to allocate
month due to a high level of            $139.40 per year to host a website   A motion was made to increase
dignitaries in Washington during        for the GPCA.                        GPCA annual dues to Single $20,
the month. He reported a 32%                                                 Double $35, Senior $15, Business
reduction in crime compared to the      A presentation on the website        $75. It was decided to table the
same period last year (SPLY).           content, domain and a                motion until the November
                                        memorandum of understanding          meeting so that the motion could
Minutes. The following                  with the volunteer webmaster will    first be published in the Gazette.
corrections were made to the            be made at the November meeting
September minutes:                      by Anslie Stokes                     It was also agreed that a
                                                                             temporary committee would be set
•   The Partnership for Problem         Massage Parlors. Jackie              up to come up with new ideas to
    Solving meeting with the police     Blumenthal opened the floor for a    stimulate more membership. Arlyn
    is on the last Saturday of every    discussion on what, if any,          Stokes, in abstentia, Neil Hare,
    month at noon, not the last         response the GPCA should take        and Joe Alfenito agreed to be on
    Sunday.                             regarding the so-called massage      this committee and report back to
•   Chris Lively did not say ‘vote in   parlors located at 2352 and 2428     the general membership in
    good commissioners’. He             Wisconsin Ave.                       November.
    meant ‘vote in commissioners
    who are neighborhood friendly’      A motion was made that the GPCA      Senior Citizens Outreach
                                        encourage Glover Parkers to write    Program. Elizabeth Barones
•   Ruth Kahn did not want to be
                                        a letter to each of the landlords    volunteered to coordinate a Senior
    on record as the one who
                                        expressing their concerns about      Citizen Outreach Program. She
    reported that the OK Spa had
                                        leasing to such tenants.             wants to focus on an easy way for
    reopened since she had only
                                                                             seniors to request help and other
    read it in the newspaper.
                                        An amendment was made and            neighbors to volunteer to provide
•   Treasurer’s Report should
                                        passed that the name(s) of the       it. She will team up with Jarrett
    have read “In the period May 2
                                        owner(s) be published in the         Ferrier to get this project
    to September 9, 2006. It
                                        Gazette.                             underway.

Glover Park Gazette                                                                                            November 2006
Jackie Blumenthal noted how             our local police service area (PSA             Old Europe’s
pleased she was to see that not         204), says that it is often difficult to       Five-
only were there several new             shut down a legitimately licensed
                                                                                       Five-Star Evening
                                                                                       By Ariadne Henry
people at the meeting, but that so      massage business because of an
many of them had volunteered to         unlawful act committed by an
                                                                                       Right about 3:30pm on Monday
take on tasks on behalf of the          individual employee. It is also
                                                                                       September 18th, I knew something
community.                              difficult to determine whether
                                                                                       was afoot. That’s when the first
                                        unlawful acts are occurring.
                                                                                       Chevy Suburban pulled into
End Human Trafficking                                                                  Pearson’s Liquor parking lot and a
                                        So, for now, our community’s only
   Glover ark!
in Glover Park!                         recourse is to put pressure on the
                                                                                       man wearing a bulging suit got out.
                                                                                       Mysteriously, he kept talking into
                                        building owners to stop leasing
Two “massage parlors” operate in                                                       his lapel. By 6:30pm, all 18
                                        space to these establishments.
Glover Park, one on the top floor of                                                   spaces in the parking lot were
                                        The GPCA voted to encourage
the Pro Video building and one on                                                      taken up by Suburbans with tinted
                                        residents to write such letters by
the bottom floor of the Shade and                                                      windows: stern-looking federal
                                        publishing the names and
Shutter Shack building. You can                                                        agents had taken over the place!
                                        addresses of the building owners
take your concerns about these
                                        in the Gazette. Please put yourself
establishments directly to the                                                         A good 4 weeks before, Alex
                                        on record in opposition to
building owners that rent to these                                                     Herold had been contacted by Mrs.
                                        “massage parlors” and human
so-called massage parlors by                                                           Rumsfeld’s office. They wanted to
                                        trafficking in Glover Park.
writing to them at the addresses                                                       set up a private party for 50 or so
below.                                                                                 guests. A menu was worked out of
                                        Write to:
                                                                                       traditional Oktoberfest fare--there
                                        Ms. Helena A. Galich,         .
There is an ongoing federal                                                            would be plenty of brass at the
                                        Owner, 2352 Wisconsin Ave. N.W
investigation of at least one of the                                                   party, and many had done tours of
                                        Marx Properties
establishments for illegal                                                             duty in Germany, so everything
                                        7200 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 501
transportation and sale of human                                                       had to be just right. Well, what
                                        Bethesda, MD 20814-4880
beings for the purposes of forced                                                      better place for such a shindig than
prostitution (OK Spa, 2428                                                             Old Europe Restaurant? Karl
                                        Mr. Leung Lo
Wisconsin) which takes                                                                 Herold has owned the restaurant
                                        Owner, 2428 Wisconsin Ave., N.W
precedence over local law                                                              for over 30 years. His son Alex is
                                        15201 Plane Tree Court
enforcement investigations. But Lt.                                                    now running the day-to-day affairs,
                                        Bowie, MD 20721
Kelvin Cusick, who is in charge of                                                     and daughter-in-law Cindy Herold

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                                                                                                             SINCE 1959!
                                                                                                           Fax 703.647.5056

                                                                           Two properties, Two opportunities!

                                                                                   3838 Beecher St., NW
                                       (202) 965-8800                              $695,000

                                       The small office with
                                        the big reputation.
                                                                                     2217 39th Pl., NW

Glover Park Gazette                                                                                November 2006
runs the kitchen.                          Memoriam
                                        In Memoriam                            commissioner. The Gazette
                                        Jean Snowden June 21, 1933 -           contacted each of the 5 candidates
The guests included some news-          October 19, 2006                       who will appear on the November
people and celebrities (yours truly                                            ballot and asked them to identify
saw Charlie Rose alighting from         We are sad to report the death of      the key issues facing the
his limo) along with George Will,       Jean Snowden. Jean lived at the        neighborhood currently and the
Britt Hume, and Ambassador              Carillon House for many years          skills they bring to address them.
Negroponte and other politicos.         before moving to Friendship
But the guests of honor were            Terrace retirement home in AU          ANC 3B01- Cathy Fiorillo (that’s
Donald Rumsfeld, the Joint Chiefs       Park. She was both painter and         Kathleen Fiorillo on the ballot) has
of Staff and all the Combatant          photographer and active in             lived on Calvert Street for 13 years
Generals and Admirals.                  neighborhood affairs. She loved        with her husband, Joe, and their
                                        nature and especially liked            two children. She graduated from
Pearson’s Liquor felt the pinch a       wandering through Glover-              St. Louis University in St. Louis
bit that day. There was no parking      Archbold woods and                     with both a BS and MBA and
available for customers, and Steve      photographing the unusual. She         worked primarily in sales for GE for
Silver said (laughing), “even           exhibited paintings at 1st Union       22 years. She has served on the
though business was slower than         Bank (now Wachovia), sold many         board of Friends of Guy Mason
normal, it was for the good of the      of her photos at Glover Park Day       and been active with GPCA. She
country!” But Pearson’s got in on       and always reminded her                has been President of the Stoddert
the action too. One of Secretary        neighbors to keep the streets clean    PTA and, over the years, has
Rumsfeld’s aides came in and            and to pick up trash and litter!       headed many committees at
spoke with Harold Goldstein, a                                                 Stoddert including the famous Big
long-time employee at the store.        A memorial service will be held at     Chili. She is Co-Chair of Friends
While they were chatting, Harold        a later date. The family suggests      of Glover Park, the formally
mentioned that his daughter, Shari      that memorial contributions be         recognized DPR ‘Friends of’ group
Mancuso, had served for 14              made to Iona Senior Services,          for Stoddert Rec Center, which has
months in Iraq. About 10 minutes        4125 Albemarle St., NW, DC             refurbished the Tot Lot, enhanced
later, Donald Rumsfeld came to          20016. Funeral arrangements by         the current facility, supported the
Pearson’s and thanked them for          Adams-Green Funeral Home,              staff and programs, and continues
the use of the parking lot, and         Herndon, VA. --- Ariadne Henry         working with DPR on the proposed
especially wanted to meet Harold                                               new facility.
and shake his hand. He asked            Who’s Running for ANC?                 Cathy’s priorities for the next
Harold to pass on his thanks to
                                                                               ANC3B are to ensure the
daughter Shari for her service. It                                             successful completion of the new
                                        Among important choices you will
was a nice touch, much                                                         Stoddert Rec Center, work with DC
                                        have on Election Day, Tuesday,
appreciated by the Pearson’s staff.
                                        November 7, is the choice of your      Public School officials on efficiently
                                        Advisory Neighborhood                  moving forward with the plans to
GP Day T-Shirts Available               Commissioner. DC’s Advisory            renovate Stoddert School; work
                                        Neighborhood Commissions               with the community and District
Come to the November 7 GPCA             (ANCs) consider a wide range of        officials on enhancements to the
meeting and get your Glover Park        policies and programs affecting        Glover Park Commercial District;
Day T-Shirts while you still can        their neighborhoods, including         and strengthen bonds between
(sorry--we can’t order more).           traffic, parking, recreation, street   community groups to more
Shirts are $14, checks preferred;       improvements, liquor licenses,         effectively lobby city government.
cash ok! T-shirts have a white          zoning, economic development,
bird/map design. Here’s what’s                                                 ANC 3B 02 – Will Miller. Hall
                                        police protection, sanitation and      Place resident. No further
still available: Women’s: Small         trash collection, and the District's
black and pink; Medium black and                                               information available.
                                        annual budget. ANCs ensure input
pink; Large black. Men’s: Small         from the residents of the
black and blue; Medium blue;                                                   Melissa Lane has represented
                                        neighborhoods directly affected by     ANC 3B03 (West Glover Park) as
Large black; X-Large black and          government action. Their
blue; 2X-Large black and blue.                                                 Commissioner since 2002.
                                        recommendations are given great        Working with neighborhood groups
                                        weight by city government.             such as the GPCA, Friends of Guy
Don’t be a parking pig! Park in a
                                                                               Mason, and Friends of Glover
way that maximizes, not minimizes       All of Glover Park falls within the    Park, she helped on several
remaining space for others. e.g         boundaries of ANC 3B, which is         successful neighborhood projects
park to the outside limit of the last   further composed of 5 regions,         such as resurfacing and
legal space before a corner.            each represented by an elected         reconstruction of neighborhood
Glover Park Gazette                                                                                        November 2006
streets, the negotiation of the St.           •   Working with neighborhood             ANC 3B04 incumbent candidate
Luke’s Condominium Project, new                   groups and city agencies to           Horace Kreitzman, is a Cathedral
tree plantings, Glover Park and                   improve the street-scaping of         Heights resident. Kreitzman, an
Stoddert grounds clean-ups, and                   Glover Park’s commercial              Industrial Engineer, worked for the
the approval of a new facility for                district;                             U.S. Government Accountability
the Stoddert Recreation Center.               •   Working with neighborhood             Office (GAO) as an Audit Manager
                                                  groups to renew the Glover            and for the Federal Deposit
Melissa has spent most of her                     Park Liquor License                   Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as
career at the National Science                    Moratorium Zone due to expire         Manager of Internal Control in its
Foundation, where she is currently                in April 2008; and                    Division of Minority and Women-
the Staff Associate for Information           •   Working with D.C. Public              Owned Business Contracting. He
Management in the Directorate for                 Schools and the DPR to                is also an Adjunct Professor of
Geosciences.                                      improve grounds care                  Business and Management at the
                                                  around Stoddert school and            University of Maryland University
Melissa believes the most                         playing field.                        College.
important tasks facing ANC 3B in
the next two years are
• Forging positive relationships
    with neighborhood residents
    and groups and the
    Department of Parks and
    Recreation (DPR) to complete
    the Stoddert Rec Center
• Working with neighborhood
    groups, city leaders, and DPR
    to develop and begin a major
    renovation of the Guy Mason
    Recreation Center;

                                                  ??? DID YOU KNOW ???

         •        November begins on the same day of the week as March every year and also February except in leap

         •        Washington, DC is home to 4,000 psychiatrists.

         •        The character of Nintendo's mascot Super Mario is a plumber.

         •        An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain.

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Glover Park Gazette                                                                              November 2006
Kreitzman said that his experience      News from Stoddert!                  about Stoddert Elementary School
serving as ANC Commissioner has         by Shari Gilbert                     from the principal and parents.
given him first hand knowledge of                                            Stoddert offers Pre-K through
the issues the Commission will          Stoddert Elementary School was       Grade 5 and a great before and
likely face in the coming term.         internationally recognized as a      aftercare program.
Foremost among them will be             school that participated in the
monitoring the progress of the          President's Program for Fitness      The Open House will take place
Stoddert Recreation Center Project      takeoff program entitled             from 9am to 11am on November
to ensure that community concerns       "Straighten Up America/World."       14 at Stoddert Elementary School
are given proper consideration by       Stoddert's Nurse Ana Ngwa served     at 4001 Calvert Street, NW. For
the DPR during the design,              as the coordinator, and the          more information, please contact
construction and programming            students of grades 4/5               Jenny Epstein at (202) 577-1365
phases of the project. Also of          participated. A group of well        or
great importance will be the review     known chiropractors,
and approval of the new D.C.            neurosurgeons and orthopedists       Babes in the Nabe
Comprehensive Plan, which will          shared information with the          By Ellen Berg Hultman
regulate the density and type of        children on care of the spine,
development for the Glover Park         proper nutrition, and obesity        Congratulations are due to one
area, especially the Wisconsin          connections to spinal disease.       neighborhood family: Josephine
Avenue commercial strip. He also        The coordinating physician was       Hunter Schneider was born on July
hopes to give more attention to the     neighborhood chiropractor Dr.        23. She was welcomed into the
community policing and traffic          Connelly. A well known Olympic       family by her four-year-old twin
calming efforts of the DC               medal winner in the games of         sisters, Simone and Ellie, and her
Metropolitan Police Department.         Barcelona and Australia was also     parents, Julie and Rick Schneider
                                        a guest. The children got to take    of Beecher Street. According to
                                        pictures with the medalist and       Julie, “She's quite the social
                                        communicate with the guests.         butterfly already, and is hoping to
                                                                             meet the other new kids” in Glover
                                        The program was an interactive       Park soon.
                                        one that culminated with an
                                        exercise session for the students.   Looking street by street, the fertile
                                        It was a great learning experience   ground of Observatory Place has
ANC 3B 05 – Brien Cohen lives           and crossed over curricular areas    cultivated three new arrivals so far
on Benton Street with his wife          and included physical education,     this year in addition to three born.
Molly and their two boys. He’s          health and wellness.                 last year. Thus, in the two-year
lived in – and loved – Glover Park                                                                     th
                                                                             totals, it is tied with 39 Place for
for 8 years, and says he knows          The safety patrols are in full       the most babies. Hall Place and
that the next few years will be         operation at Stoddert and are        Benton Street, which had strong
exciting and fun. Our community         receiving some great training for    showings in 2005, have yet to
faces many important issues:            the program, thanks to second        report any babies born this year
getting the new Stoddert Rec            grade teacher Justina French, who    On the other hand, neither
Center built rapidly and without        has undertaken this effort.          Huidekoper Place nor W Place
disruption to the community;                                                 showed up in this column in 2005
funding the renovation of the Guy       We thank realtor Anslie Stokes for   but they are now legitimate
Mason Rec Center; ensuring that         donating proceeds of October’s       challengers for the title of most
the city follows through on its plans   Glover Park House Tour (more         new Glover Parkers of 2006 with
to improve pedestrian safety and        than $2400) to Stoddert! It was a    two babies each born in 2006.
the streetscape in Glover Park;         beautiful day in the neighborhood.   If you have a baby to introduce,
and the everyday issues of traffic,                                          e-mail me at
parking and keeping our                 Stoddert Open House         to be
neighborhood safe and clean. As                                              included in the next column.
ANC representative, Brien notes         November 14
that he will listen to the community,   By Jenny Epstein
                                                                             Furthermore, if you haven’t joined
act to build consensus among                                                 already, consider becoming a
community leaders and on the            Are you looking for a wonderful
                                                                             member of the on-line community
ANC, and work closely with the          elementary school for your child?
                                                                             of Glover Park parents and
City Council and the new Mayor to       We have fabulous teachers and
                                                                             parents-to-be at
keep improving our community and        staff, a super arts program and a
ensure that Glover Park remains a       friendly and diverse student
fantastic place to live.                population. Come learn more
Glover Park Gazette                                                                                       November 2006

November 7 . . . Glover Park Citizens’ Association meets at 7pm in the downstairs auditorium of St. Luke’s Methodist
Church at the corner of Wisconsin and Calvert. See box on page 1 for agenda.

November 7 . . . Don’t forget to vote! Polls are open 7am to 8pm. Polling place is the International Union of Operating
Engineers at 2461 Wisconsin Ave. (On the Southeast corner of Wisconsin & Calvert.)

November 7 and 21 . . . Georgetown Toastmasters meets from 12:00 to 1:00 pm in Room 427 of the Car Barn (3520
Prospect Street NW ). Visitors and new members welcome. Toastmasters focuses on developing public speaking and
leadership skills within a supportive atmosphere. For more information see
November 9 . . . Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 3B meets at 7 pm at Guy Mason Rec Center. For
agenda/more information, go to or call 338-2969.
November 12 . . . Glover Park artist Lori Milstein will display her fused glass jewelry and other art. 12 to 5 at 2450
Huidekoper Place. Share holiday fun and refreshments. A percentage of the sale will be donated to the Stoddert PTA.
Children as well as adults are welcome!

November 14 . . . Open House at Stoddert School 9am to 11am. See related article on page 6.

November 18 . . . Glover Park tree awareness event 9-12am. Meet at Huidekoper Place and “W” Street at 9AM to
canvass the neighborhood and collect data on needed tree maintenance. See related article on page 11.

November 18 . . . - Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walkathon on the National Mall. Walk the mall to raise
awareness and money for St. Luke's Shelter. Each participant gets a t-shirt with their pledge to raise $30 ($15 for youth)
or more. For more information go to or to register for the walk go to

November 20 . . . Deadline for content and ads for next Gazette. Snail mail to Judie Guy, 4114 Davis Place NW #309,
Washington, DC 20007, email, or call 337-2364.

                      Excellent, hardworking, energetic
                              cleaning women

                           Cleaning in Glover Park
                                Over 20 years
                          Call Veronica at 723-4590

Glover Park Gazette                                                                                        November 2006

                                                 Old Saint Luke’s Church
                               (Photo circa 1940, Archives of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church)

In 1911 Angeline Barnes Drinkhouse left $5,000 to the trustees of Mount Tabor Church, the old wooden chapel at the
intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and 35th Street. Extensive renovation took place in 1913: a lower room for meetings
and an upper room for Sunday school were added to the chapel, and it acquired a half-timbered façade, an extended
porch, and a covering of pebble-dash stucco.

An early resident of Hall Place reports that, in her childhood, “practically everyone” on her street attended Mount Tabor
Church. As Glover Park grew, however, the proportion of its residents affiliated with Mount Tabor declined. By 1945 the
Washington Federation of Churches reported that only one in eight residents of the neighborhood was a Methodist.

In 1946, the dwindling Georgetown congregations of Mount Tabor’s parent church, Congress Street Church, and of
Aldersgate Church, were consolidated with the congregation of Mount Tabor Church. The new name would be Saint
Luke’s United Methodist Church.
                                                                                      Reminder! The holidays are
It seemed clear that a larger building would be needed. The trustees decided to sell, nearly upon us – a time when
and use the proceeds of the sale of Congress Street, Aldersgate, and Saint Luke’s to  the neighborhood often
build a new Saint Luke’s elsewhere. To clear its right to sell, the church had to sue experiences an increase in
the heirs of Joseph Weaver, who had stipulated in his donation of the land that it    thefts from cars and yards.
should revert to the heirs if it was no longer used for a Methodist church.           Don’t encourage crime in Glover
                                                                                      Park. Remove everything of
The church lost, and the Weaver heirs sold the land to the government, which          value from your yards and cars.
intended to widen and extend Whitehaven Parkway. The Barnes and Weaver                Report any suspicious activity to
families, who had lived on Wisconsin Avenue for generations, moved away in            police on 311. Cancel
anticipation of a highway that was never built, and old Saint Luke’s has been the     newspapers subscriptions if you
Divine Science Church ever since.                                                     go away. Turn on your outside
                                                                                      lights for safety. Have a safe
“Church Sale Blocked By ‘Reverter Clause’”, Star, May 14, 1948                        and happy holiday season!

––Carlton Fletcher
Glover Park Gazette                                                     November 2006

                      We are Friends of Guy Mason and fans of Glover
                      Park. This month, however, our listings seem to be
                      in Georgetown:
                       • Unique urban home spans four levels and
                         includes a large, lush rear garden – near
                         Rose Park – 2629 O Street NW
                       • Metropolitan home meets the Hoya –
                         University-adjacent, stylish one-bedroom
                         best suited for sophisticated guest lecturer
                         or campus trendsetter
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Glover Park Gazette                                                                                  November 2006
Inside Trading                         Help for the Elderly                      few days later, I made a jasmine
                                       By Jarrett Ferrier                        necklace on my own to give to my
Got anything to sell or trade?                                                   mother. Making jasmine necklaces
Advertise in Inside Trading. Cost is   Last year GPCA initiated The              is our family tradition, and it
just $5 for ads of 25 or fewer         Glover Park Elderly Assistance            symbolizes love, admiration and
words. Add $1 for every 5 words        Program, pairing folks willing to         appreciation specifically directed
over 25. Mail your ad to Judie         help with folks who needed the            towards our mothers and
Guy, 4114 Davis Place #309,            help, and it was a huge success.          grandmothers.
Washington, DC 20007 by                We are continuing this
November 20 for the next issue         program, and we need both of the          The flower jasmine has a very
(December) with your check made        aforementioned individuals!               strong sweet and unique
out to “GPCA”. Or email                                                          fragrance. Its shiny evergreen                        Come to the November 7 GPCA               leaves take the shape of an oval.
                                       meeting to find out how you can           The small white star shaped flower
Window Cleaning: Residential –         get involved. Can't make the              blooms during the late summer
Condominiums – Apartments              meeting? Please call me, Jarrett          season and releases its fragrance
Professional Cleaning &                Ferrier, at 202-337-7608, and we’ll       after sunset – supposedly
Maintenance.                           get YOU hooked up with someone            releasing its strongest aroma late
Decolores Corporation                  who needs help or someone who             at night and under a full moon.
Cell phone: 703-608-0007               wants to help.
                                                                                 The shrub or vine grows in a clay
Native Spanish Tutor Sought.                                                     and well-drained nutritious soil.
                                       A Jasmine Tradition                       The jasmine shrub will need a
Intermediate student looking for       By Reem Nourallah Chiaviello
tutoring/conversation evenings or                                                minimum of half day of sunshine
weekends in Glover Park. Rate                                                    and should be fertilized to ensure
                                       Jasmine is a vine or shrub known
negotiable. Please call Steve at                                                 its health and well being. Jasmine
                                       worldwide. Just mention the word
202-294-5055.                                                                    requires a lot of water especially
                                       jasmine and you can start a
                                                                                 during hot summer days.
                                       conversation with your neighbor, a
For rent: Lovely cottage in Little     friend, relative or even a stranger.
Washington, Rappahannock                                                         It is very easy to care for jasmine.
County, on 4 secluded acres with                                                 The plant requires the removal of
                                       In my house, jasmine is a very well
pond. 15 minutes to Shenandoah                                                   nearby weeds to both survive and
                                       loved and cared for flower. It has
National Park, 5 minutes to Inn at                                               thrive. The tip of the plant should
                                       been a tradition in my family to
Little Washington, 90 minutes from                                               be pinched or pruned to encourage
                                       grow this beautiful delicate white
DC, 1,000 miles from the rat race.                                               the plant’s growth and maturity.
                                       flower from one generation to the
1 bedroom plus sofabed in LR,          next. I was told that my great great
screened-in porch. $250/weekend,                                                 Sunday, October 15 at 1:00 p.m. I
                                       great grandmother used to collect
$600/week. Contact Carol 202-                                                    step out to my Glover Park
                                       this flower at night when its aroma
342-7375 or                                                  neighborhood. I pass by a number
                                       is most intense. She put a thread
                                                                                 of jasmine vines climbing on my
                                       through the flowers, made a fresh
Handyman Service. We do the                                                      neighbors’ fences. I contemplate
                                       jasmine necklace and wore it all
projects a spouse would do if they                                               planting a jasmine plant. I look into
                                       night long. The story goes that she
had the time, tools, and talent.                                                 my yard. I foresee a jasmine
                                       used jasmine to attract love and to
Fisher HomeWorks                                                                 shrub. I remember my mother, my
                                       incorporate affection into her life. It                                                              grandmother and our special
                                       was believed that wearing this
202 232-3781                                                                     times. I foresee myself collecting
                                       flower would invite wealth and
                                                                                 jasmine with my daughter and look
Bill Claus, Master Electrician w/      money and overcome frigidity.
                                                                                 forward to sharing this very special
over 30 years of experience.                                                     experience with her.
Enthusiastic Glover Park               My earliest memories of jasmine
references. Free estimates and         stem from the time when my family
senior discounts. 301.367.0555 or      gathered at my grandparents               Lill
                                                                                 Lillies Restaurant
                                       house to enjoy the cool summer            By Liz Hardin
                                       nights. I think I was about seven
Housecleaning/babysitting. Call        years old when my grandmother             There are plenty of Glover Parkers
Ruby at 301-408-0736 or Cathy at       asked me to collect this delicate         who haven’t yet ventured into this
202-342-0225. References               flower from her garden. We then           cheerful handsome restaurant.
available.                             sat together, and she showed me           People often overlook eateries that
                                       step-by-step how to make jasmine          are attached to hotels, and
                                       necklaces and bracelets. Then a           although Lillies shares a

Glover Park Gazette                                                                                November 2006
passageway with Savoy Hotel, it       Over time Lillies will continue to       St. Luke’s. All seemed particularly
has a character that sets it apart.   attract a loyal local and business       happy to be there that night.
                                      clientele and may become a               Because it’s not every night that a
Lillies not only draws a local        mainstay in the neighborhood, as         world-renowned chef prepares the
clientele that appreciates good       they offer a quiet spot for happy        meal.
food, but it also brings in many      hour, dinner, late night talkers, and
who enjoy its cozy bar, which is a    Sunday brunch. This will happen          Until recently, Chef Gerard was the
good perch for quiet conversation,    because they care, very much, that       Executive Chef-Owner of DC’s
unlike other noisy restaurants on     you are comfortable, enjoy               Gerard’s Place, garnering
Wisconsin Avenue. Here’s the          yourself, and have a good dining         numerous culinary awards. He is
perfect place to order small plates   experience. If there is something        the only chef in the United States
of tapas: delicious lamb chops with   you especially feel like eating, the     to have earned two Michelin stars.
pomegranate coulis, and calamari,     chef will try to accommodate you.        He is now head instructor for
which are tender and crisp, with a    The service is good at Lillies.          L’Academie de Cuisine in
lemon butter dipping sauce.                                                    Gaithersburg and the highly
                                      Lillies, 2505 Wisconsin Avenue,          regarded cooking school’s
Others may prefer to take a seat in   NW, 202-377-7737. Open 7 days            Professional Culinary Arts
the warm terra-cotta colored dining   a week, 6:15am to 11:00pm.               Program. He also has a business
area away from the bar. Though        Moderately priced. Entertainment         called Cuisine by Gerard where he
the name Lillies may conjure up an    offered Wednesdays and Friday            customizes formal dinners or
image of lightly tossed salads and    evenings.                                sophisticated picnics for 8 – 100
lemon mousse, the restaurant                                                   guests.
actually has many fine, substantial   What a Meal!
dishes, such as its delicious         By Sharon Armstrong                      Chef Gerard left the shelter after
cooked to order hamburger, with                                                posing for pictures, exchanging e-
provolone and mushrooms, and          It seemed like a usual Friday night      mail addresses, and promising to
grilled salmon with a watercress      at St. Luke’s Shelter on September       return. That’s one promise the
lemon beurre-blanc sauce. If soup     22. But it didn’t take long to realize   residents will count on!
is all you need to keep you warm      that something special was about
on a fall day, the minestrone is      to happen.                               Tree Huggers Needed!
hardy and flavorful. The mostly                                                By Robert Hyman
Mediterranean fare is both classic    Glover Park resident and famous
and contemporary.                     Chef, Gerard Pangaud, had                The GPCA Environmental
                                      prepared a dinner for the six            Committee invites you to
The dinners are generously            residents at the Shelter. His            participate in a tree awareness
proportioned and are served with      fiancée, Ann Casso, was on hand          event from 9am to 12pm on
fall’s julienne vegetables, which     to assist. Gerard, Ann, and              November 18. Volunteers will
have been delicately herbed and       Sharon Armstrong served and              meet at Huidekoper Place and “W”
sautéed, and a heap of mashed         stayed for the meal.                     Street at 9AM to canvass the
potatoes. Most of the dinner                                                   neighborhood and collect data on
entrees, such as the crab cakes,      The meal consisted of braised            dead trees, missing trees, and
champagne chicken, and steak          short ribs and mashed potatoes.          stumps that need removal and
Diane, my personal favorite, are      Dessert was homemade ice cream           learn about proper maintenance of
served with carefully constructed     and chocolate cake. It was so            our trees. This data will then be
sauces. Try to save room the          delicious – it’s almost impossible to    provided to the DC Urban
crème brulee, which is made in-       describe. That didn’t stop the           Forrester for attention. Participants
house, or the sherbet, which is       residents from trying. There were        will also pick up street trash and
quite tangy and flavorful.            comparisons with the food their          remove no longer needed tree
                                      mothers had made…but Gerard              stakes. Proper pruning techniques
Vegetarians can enjoy a range of      got the highest marks each time.         and tips on how residents can help
items from an authentic Grecian       One resident described the dessert       the long term health of Glover Park
sampler of dolmades (stuffed          as the ‘pinnacle’ of chocolate           trees will be discussed. All
grape leaves) and eggplant, which                                              materials will be supplied, but if
we all especially enjoyed, to the     But the incredible food was only a       you have a clipboard, please bring
vegetarian pasta, which comes         part of the special night. At the        it. I look forward to seeing you
with a choice of sauces. We           table, Residential Supervisor            then. Any questions may be
ordered the Robert Mondavi            Saeed Woodall told Gerard about          directed to
Private Selection 2004 Cabernet,      the shelter. Then each resident
and the Estancia 2003 Merlot, fine    spoke about his life and coming to
accompaniments to our dinners.
                                                                        Barbeque and Grilling Company

                                                                     ~ THE BIRD IS THE WORD ~
                                                                        Whole Smoked Turkeys
                                                                        Perfect for the holidays!
                                                                   Eat Your Barbeque!

            Old Europe
 German cuisine in your neighborhood for
              over 50 years
        2434 Wisconsin Avenue NW

      your dear for Oktoberfest
Bring Game Season is Here! beer!
     Reservations recommended

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                                                                Estate & Property Management Services                          Lillies ‘no cover’
                                                                                Personal Property:
                                                                inventory, sell, dispose,donate, organize...we sell cars!
                                                                                                                              by the Savoy Hotel
                                                                            Home & Apt. Specialists:                           202-337-7737
                                                                        clean, repair, paint...we sell residences!
                                                                                       For You:
                                                                                                                             2505 Wisconsin Ave.
                                                                    relocate, manage move...we provide the same
                                                                     services, as would a trusted family member
                                                                        insured and bonded 202-965-4369

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