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									Bringing On A New Shopping Experience With Magento Templates

Launched in 2008, the e-commerce software Magento, has gained massive popularity with e-business
owners and web designers. It`s features are irresistible, easy to configure and can be customized as per
one`s business need. The variety of themes, templates, extensions and add ons can sweep anyone off
their feet. But we will be talking especially about how Magento templates can provide a fulfilling and
interesting shopping experience.

Magento templates offer out-of-the-box features and attractive appeal which assists in retaining
customer`s attention from the very first time they visit the store. By applying in-build characteristics of
targeted promotions and merchandising, customer segmentation and search engine optimization the
customer is kept attracted and allured to do more sighting of the displayed products. Attributes such as
custom coupons, product suggestions tools and reviews keeps the client interested and entertained. The
client visiting the site feels engaged and is drawn to make a purchase.

Easy to configure features contain tools to create a user-friendly buying procedure. These tools offer
powerful search capabilities, layered navigation and customer-assisted shopping that lead to higher
conversions. The customer feels at ease with multiple payment and shipping options to choose from
(which are easily visible) and the attractive return policies further encourage them to make the purchase
with confidence.

Once a shopper is satisfied with a purchase they would like to come back. By providing a personalized
platform for a customer to shop at promotes customer loyalty. This is achieved by using mini features
like customer rewards points, store credit, “wish lists”, automated email reminders, private sales, etc.
The key to a successful retail business is create customer`s affinity to the brand.

You will need to keep the shoppers interested in your products to keep coming back to the website. For
that you will need to keep refining your website which can be done easily. Magento templates allow
flexible customization of product catalog and landing pages. Other applications and extensions can be
configured for finer visibility, publicity and shopping experience.

Features of Magento templates facilitate mobile and global commerce while keeping your online
enterprise secure and optimized. It provides facets for testing and updating environment, optimizing the
speed so that the clients can shop in a safe and flexible environment.
There is an unending variety of Magento templates to compliment every type of e-business be it online
beauty and fashion store, gadget store, a store for pet`s supplements, online furniture store, etc. These
templates are eye-catching and hence look inviting. A single Magento template theme may be available
in different colors. All Magento templates are designed to be SEO friendly and compatible with all major
browsers for client`s easement.

 Most of the Magento templates are available through open source which means these can be
downloading without expending any resource. They are easy to configure and have nearly swapped
themselves with all other shopping cart software solutions.

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