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									                                 Request for Quotation:

                          Town of Montague, Massachusetts
                           38 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA
                          Mold Remediation and Roof Repair
                                    March 2012

The Town of Montague Economic Development Industrial Commission is seeking quotations
from contractors to remediate mold and repair the roof a one story 2,200 square foot office
building at 38 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA (Assessors Map 4, Lot 41).

We have attached a summary of property data that will assist you in evaluating the scope of work
for this project.

Prospective Bidders - Please indicate your interest in supplying a quote to the Town of
Montague as soon as you receive this RFQ, to:
       Montague EDIC
       C/O Walter Ramsey
       Town Planner + Conservation Agent
Please include official contact information for your business.

Important Dates:
      March 26, 2012 – Request issued
      April 18, 2012 12:00PM – Bids due
      April 18, 2012 – Bid Opening
      April 23, 2012-Contract Award
      May –June- Construction
Existing Conditions:

The one-story 2,200 square foot building is cinder blocks on concrete slab. The structure has a
flat, rubber membrane roof. There is substantial water damage and mold growth on the interior.
The structure is vacant and all utilities have been shut off, and the mold in the building has been
caused by roof leaks. The leaks shall be repaired simultaneously with the mold remediation or
immediately following the professional mold remediation.

Verify all measurements and existing conditions in the field prior to proceeding with work.
Drawings or descriptions, verbal or otherwise, or existing conditions of structures that are given
to the contractor are intended only as an aid in accomplishing the project. Measurements and
locations of existing structures and conditions are not guaranteed to be accurate.

Scope of Services:
   Remove mold infested carpets, wall surfaces, insulation and any other contaminated material
   by a Massachusetts Licensed Contractor who has experience remediating mold. The
   contractor shall follow the recommendations in the EPA’s Mold Remediation in Schools and
   Commercial Buildings guidelines or the guidelines of the American Conference of
   Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) for mold remediation.
   The licensed contractor shall thoroughly inspect the ducts and evaluate the HVAC system
   and report in writing if he/she recommends the ducts to be cleaned due to mold. Note: the
   HVAC has not been run since the mold growth began.
   Patch repair leak(s) in flat-membrane roof
   Obtain building permit and Health Department approval.

Prospective Bidders:
   This RFQ, the winning proposal, and the Town’s standard contract terms will form the legal
   contractual agreement
   All proposals will remain valid until April 18, 2013
   Any clarifying questions to the Town must be submitted electronically
   ( Electronic copies of all questions & answers will be
   distributed to all Prospective Bidders as they are received.
   Minority-owned business enterprises or Woman-owned business enterprises are strongly
   encouraged to submit quotes. These business enterprises shall be determined by SOMWBA,
   the State Office of Minority and Woman-Owned Business Assistance. All such businesses
   are encouraged to contact SOMWBA at (617) 973-8692 for further information.
   Contractor must provide OSHA training certifications verifying that employees to be
   employed at the worksite have completed approved OSHA (United States Occupational
   Safety and Health Administration) training in a construction safety and health course that is
   at least ten hours in duration. This certification must accompany the certified payroll
   The prevailing wage requirements of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 149, are
   applicable to this IFB. Wage rates, as determined by the Massachusetts Division of
   Occupational Safety, are attached. The contractor agrees that the rate per hour and wages
   paid to employees used in the performance of this project shall not be less than the minimum
   rates of wages as determined in accordance with Massachusetts General Law Chapter 149 as
   may be amended. The contractor shall provide a certified copy of payroll every week to the
   Town of Montague for all employees working under the contract for this project.
   Provided there is at least one qualified bidder, the Town will select a winning bidder by
   4/23/2012, unless extended. The Town will determine what bids are qualified based on
   factors listed below and in the Scope of Services.

The quotation should include the following information:
   A detailed cost quote (in a separate envelope clearly marked)
   A list of other similar projects involving mold remediation
   A projected work start and completion date
   Written statement that all workers are OSHA certified and will be compensated according to
   prevailing wages.

The deadline for providing a quote to the Town is 4/18/2012. 12:00 PM

Please return your quotes for this service to the Town to my attention (by certified mail or hand-
delivery). This and any further questions should be directed to:

               Montague EDIC
               C/O Walter Ramsey
               Town Planner and Conservation Agent
               One Avenue A
               Turners Falls, MA 01376
               (413) 863-3200
Appendix A: Assessors Property Information
Appendix B: 38 Ave A Interior Plan
          Appendix C: Prevailing Wage Information

Provided in separate attachment labeled Prevailing_wageRFQ1.pdf

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