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									A Great Experience At Barrett-Jackson
By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

"How did you get that jet here?" "How fast can it
go?" "How do you get the patient in there?" These
were just a few of the typical questions people asked
over the week during the 2013 Barrett-Jackson Auto
Auction where Angel MedFlight displayed a Learjet
35. Angel MedFlight representatives were happy to
answer curious car fans while showcasing a valuable

It was really cold... at first.

The first few days at Barrett-Jackson were filled with unforgiving weather. Temperatures reached highs
of only about 30 degrees. This was great for the cars on the drift track near our display area - cooling off
the heated motors of the Corvettes and Mustangs - but not ideal weather for patrons and vendors.

Despite the low temperatures, there was no shortage of car fans stepping out to check out the custom
cars, boats, and of course, the largest jet to ever be displayed at the auction.

As the week progressed, the temperatures warmed to just over 70 degrees and the large standing
heaters near each vendor booth went from heat source to shade source. The weather couldn't have
been more dynamic - or perfect. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. With people from all over
the world in one place, the climate was attractive to meet everyone's approval.

We met some great people.

The Angel MedFlight booth was approached by auto and aviation fans alike. People looking for answers
to questions about the service provided and the Learjet 35 were greeted by our air ambulance medical
crew, executive staff, and marketing department.

Providing scheduled tours of the jet were aviation staff members, Brandon Kearns and Wendy Whitaker.
They were happy to explain the process of patient loading and transport, as well as point out the many
features of Angel MedFlight's custom configurations. The concept of an air ambulance was unfamiliar to
many who stopped by the booth. We were happy to explain the service, should the need arise.

Others that have experienced air ambulance services were kind enough to share their stories. We asked
what they happened to like about their experience as well as what they felt needed improvement. As a
leader in the air ambulance industry, Angel MedFlight is committed to providing world-class service. In
this case, people from all around the world shared their thoughts. We are grateful for sharing their
domestic and international perspectives.

The raffle for the mini tablet was a popular. Hundreds of people entered to win the prize. In addition to
the raffle, Angel MedFlight gave out mini foam planes, mousepads, and informational material to those
interested in our services.
We had a great time.

The week long display was not only informative for the public, but to us as well. Showcasing our staff
and Learjet 35 confirmed that Angel MedFlight's patient care and equipment are industry-leading and
that further exposure of our services is a necessity. We would like to thank everyone that stopped by to
greet our staff and learn more about the aircraft and air ambulance services.

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