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									What Sort of Nurse Jobs Are Available?

There are many types of nursing jobs and careers out there today. Nursing
is in very high demand, especially for specialty nursing fields. There
are many different kinds of nursing careers to choose from, each dealing
with different skills and responsibilities. They differ in kinds and are
based upon various categories. In succeeding as a nurse, you have to
figure out which field is best for you so you can maximize your skills in
the nursing career you pick.

The first field of specialty is a Licensed Practical Nurse. These nurses
generally take your temperature, weigh you, and check your blood pressure
at your doctor's appointments. L.P.N's typically work under the
registered nurses and doctors. Licensed Practical Nurses must pass a
NCLEX exam after completing a program. L.P.N's can make up to nineteen
dollars an hour, depending on the state and facility.

Another type of specialty nursing job is a Registered Nurse. This type of
nursing career is the pick for most people. It is the largest profession
in the healthcare industry, attracting the most seeking a medical career.
These nurses care for the sick and injured in many kinds of facilities
and hospitals. This field of work usually takes around two years to
complete the schooling. Registered Nurses make a very good salary, making
up to twenty dollars an hour depending on the state and facility.

School Nursing is another type of career. This is for the person that
would like to work in elementary schools, high schools, and some
colleges. A school nurse mainly helps with minor things associated with
children and young adults in the schools. The school nurses will see
certain students that need to take certain medications at certain times a
day. She may also help the teachers and faculty that may have certain
health issues. Depending on the level of experience, and the size of the
school district, a school nurse can make anywhere from thirty two
thousand to forty one thousand dollars a year.

Home Health Care Nurses are a great example of popular nurses today. The
purpose of these nurses is for going to people's homes checking on them.
These are usually Registered nurses that go to homes of patients that
have been discharged from the hospital. Their duties include educating
the patients on the medications they will be taking, dressing their
wounds, if any, and caring for the patient with sicknesses, disabilities,
and terminal illnesses. These nurses work out of hospital settings,
nursing homes, and assisted living centers.

One more type of nurse is called a C.N.A, or Certified Nurse Assistant.
C.N.A's provide basic duties under the supervision of Registered, and
Licensed Practical Nurses, and do not have powers of a certified nurse.
They provide assistance to the certified nurses. These types of nurses
work towards getting certified in certain fields, so being a C.N.A is
usually temporary training. Duties for these nurses include observing
patients, making the beds in the hospitals, keeping the patients' spaces
clean, toileting the residents of certain facilities, and having the
ability to administer CPR and first aid, to those in need.
These are just a few types of nurses. There are endless amounts of jobs
and careers out there in the field. You just have to do the right
research and look into the best training that fits your lifestyle and

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