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									       GATED WYE
       April 2009 . Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal . 4760 Portland Road NE . Salem Oregon 97305-1760 . No. 303

Wildfire Awareness Week 2009                                                           Wildland Fire
                                                                                       Skills Gap course

          ildfire Awareness               has available to all Oregon                  available
          Week 2009 is May                fire departments a free poster

          3 – 9. It’s the fourth          (shown below) covering safe                      he United States Fire Ad-
consecutive year Governor                 debris burning for homeowners.                   ministration (USFA) has
Kulongoski has declared the first             To order your poster, contact            available a series of wildland
full week of May as Wildfire              Candice Clark at 503-934-8266                fire skill Gap courses for
Awareness Week in Oregon.                 or candice.clark@state.or.us.                structural firefighters.
    This year’s theme focuses on             Other materials to support                    The USFA’s National Pre-
safe debris burning. According            your Wildfire Awareness Week                 paredness Network has pro-
to Keep Oregon Green, humans              campaign are available on the                duced a webcast explaining
are responsible for more than             web at http://www.oregon.gov/                the requirements, availability,
69% of all wildfires in Oregon.           OSP/SFM/CommEd_WAW.shtml.                    and distribution of the new
Most of those are the result of                                                        Gap course materials. The
careless burning of backyard                                                           webcast, Crosswalk: Bridging
debris.                                                                                the Skills Gap, is available
    With thousands of
Oregonians living in            Wildfire                                               for viewing any time on the
                                                                                       USFA website at http://www.
the wildland/urban in-
terface or where their       Awareness Week                                            usfa.dhs.gov/fireservice/sub-
homes are intermixed                                                                   shtm.
with forested areas,
                                     Before you burn...
                                Call your local fire district for permission to burn       The Gap courses take
the Oregon Office of                                                                   advantage of the existing skill
                                             Burn only backyard debris
State Fire Marshal has                     If you are using a burn barrel,             sets of structural firefighters
once again teamed                        cover it with ¼” mesh screen                  and minimize redundancy
up with Keep Or-                    Keep burn barrels away from structures,            and classroom time for those
egon Green, Oregon                      overhanging branches or autos                  seeking to develop their
Department of For-                   Keep piles small; add debris to the pile          wildland fire skills.
estry and the Oregon                      Make sure that your fire is out
insurance industry to                                                                      Each Gap course is com-
                                                  DEAD OUT
help fire departments                                                                  posed entirely of National
                                     Drown! Stir! Drown!                               Wildfire Coordinating Group
and districts promote
wildfire awareness                                                                     training material. More in-
throughout the state.                                                                  formation is available on the
                                                                                       USFA website at http://www.
    Through this                                                                       usfa.dhs.gov/fireservice/sub-
partnership, the OSFM                                                                  jects/wildfire/index.shtm.
From the desk of the State Fire Marshal

                                Wildfire Awareness Week
                                is another partnership

                                       egardless of their location, all Oregon fire     State Fire Marshal
                                       departments and districts can be affected by      Randy Simpson
                                       a wildfire event. Rural agencies may have
                                higher odds of experiencing a wildfire, but most                Office of
                                                                                           State Fire Marshal
                                municipal fire departments also face fire risk in
                                their wildland urban interface areas.                     Oregon State Police
“We need to send out                                                                     4760 Portland Rd. NE
 constant reminders                 Reducing this wildfire risk is a shared respon-         Salem Oregon
                                sibility between communities and agencies at the             97305-1760
  at all levels, urging
 homeowners to act              local, state, and federal level.                          www.sfm.state.or.us
safely and responsibly                                                                      503-373-1540
                                    That’s why making an effort to support Wildfire
and take the necessary          Awareness Week and to seek out partnerships with             Administration
    steps to reduce             wilderness agencies is important. Partnerships lead              ext. 211
 their risk of wildfire         to more efficient and cost-effective efforts to safe-      Codes & Technical
       damage.“                 guard communities from fire.                                     Services
                                                                                                 ext. 269
                                     We need to send out constant reminders at           Community Education
                                all levels, urging homeowners to act safely and                  ext. 273
                                responsibly and take the necessary steps to reduce             Community
                                their risk of wildfire damage. This includes educat-         Right-to-Know
                                ing citizens to make their property survivable, not              ext. 214
                                just defensible.                                              Data Services
                                                                                                 ext. 236
                                    This year the OSFM continues its long-standing
                                                                                         Emergency Planning &
                                relationships with Keep Oregon Green (KOG), Or-                 Response
                                egon Department of Forestry, and the Oregon in-                  ext. 227
                                surance industry as a member of the KOG wildfire          Emergency Response
                                awareness committee. As part of this relationship                ext. 238
                                we are distributing Wildfire Awareness Week post-           Fire & Life Safety
                                ers from KOG to any Oregon department or district                ext. 204
                                who requests them.                                       Firesetter Intervention
                                    We are also making other campaign materials                  ext. 230
                                available on our website. Please reference the front       License & Permits
                                page article for contact and web information.                    ext. 264

                                    Helping to promote wildfire awareness and           The Gated Wye is published
                                educate homeowners at risk is just a natural            monthly by the Oregon Office
                                extension of local fire departments assisting           of State Fire Marshal. For sub-
                                                                                        missions or suggestions contact
                                state and federal agencies in ensuring seamless         Rich Hoover at 503-934-8217
                                protection coverage of people, property and             or email richard.hoover@state.
                                natural resources.                                      or.us. In compliance with the
                                                                                        Americans with Disabilities
                                   Thanks for all you do.                               Act, alternative formats of
                                                                                        this publication are available,
                                                                                        contact 503-934-8217.

April 2009, GATED WYE, page 2
Last chance to submit your                             Fireworks training in Albany
Sparky awards nominations                              cancelled

A                                                      T
       pril 15, 2009 is the deadline to submit your         he fireworks education and safety train-
       nominations for the 2009 Oregon State Fire           ing scheduled for April 20-22, 2009 at the
       Marshal Golden and Silver Sparky awards.             Albany Fairgrounds in Albany, Oregon is
                                                       cancelled due to lack of registrations.
     Nomination forms are available online at
http://www.oregon.gov/OSP/SFM/docs/Adminis-                The Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal
tration/09_Sparkyform.pdf or by contacting Laura       (OSFM) is planning alternative training for fire and
Drager at 503-934-8211 or email laura.drager@          police officials. The OSFM will announce dates
state.or.us.                                           as they become available. For more information
                                                       contact Anita Phillips at 503-934-8264 or anita.
   Submit completed forms with an explanation
and examples of your nominee’s achievements and
contributions to preventing fires and fire losses in
    Send forms to State Fire Marshal Randy Simp-       Oregon Response Reporting
son by email, standard mail or fax. To submit
by email, send to randy.simpson@state.or.us; by        System update
standard mail, send to OSFM 4760 Portland Road

NE, Salem, OR 97305; or fax your nomination to                 SFM staff are reviewing the initial build of
503-373-1825.                                                  the new Oregon Response Reporting Sys-
    Awards will be presented Saturday, May 30,                 tem (ORRS) submitted by software devel-
2009 at the Oregon Fire Service Meritorious            oper ImageTrend and are developing test cases and
Awards banquet at the Salem Conference Center in       scenarios to test the capabilities of the system.
Salem, Oregon.                                             Because there are a number of departments
                                                       using third-party vendors to organize their fire
                                                       data, OSFM is working with ImageTrend to create
Public safety chaplain                                 technical requirements needed by these third-party
                                                       reporting programs to be compatible with the new
roundtable                                             ORRS.

       roundtable is scheduled for public safety           The Data Services unit is creating a list of fire
       chaplains April 15, 2009 at Eagle Crest         departments using third-party vendors. If your de-
       Resort in Redmond, Oregon.                      partment uses a third- party vendor for fire incident
                                                       reporting, please email Claire McGrew at claire.
    The roundtable is co-sponsored by the Oregon       mcgrew@state.or.us with your name, the name of
Fire Chiefs Association and the Oregon Office of       your department or FDID, and contact information
State Fire Marshal and is designed for all chaplains   for your vendor. Once the technical requirements
working with public safety organizations – fire, law   are available, OSFM will provide them to you and
enforcement, emergency management, and non-            your vendor. Gathering this information early will
government organizations.                              make this transition as smooth as possible.
    The purpose is to develop a resource list of           As development progresses, the OSFM will be
trained chaplains, plan training opportunities, and    able to provide more details of how the system op-
organize information needed to conduct call-outs       erates. The OSFM Data unit staff appreciates your
when necessary.                                        support during the transition to the new system,
   The roundtable is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2       and your dedication to timely, accurate reporting.
p.m. in Ballroom B. Lunch is provided at no cost.          For more information, contact Claire McGrew
   For more information, contact Laura Drager at       at 503-934-8217 or claire.mcgrew@state.or.us.
503-934-8211 or laura.drager@state.or.us.
                                                                                April 2009, GATED WYE, page 3
Workshop available on                                  Fireworks inspection form
Multi-Family Housing, Fire                             available on the web
Reduction Program
                                                             he Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal has

       ualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R) is               available a fireworks display inspection form
       conducting a free Train-the-Trainer workshop          on the web at http://www.oregon.gov/OSP/
       on the Multi-Family Housing Fire Reduction      SFM/docs/Licensing_permits/fireworks/2006Toolkit/
Program, April 16, 2008 at the Office of State Fire    Public_Display/OutdoorPublicDisplayCheckList.
Marshal (OSFM). The workshop is designed to help       doc. The form may be customized to meet the
fire departments develop their own fire and life       needs of any inspecting agency.
safety training program for apartment managers.            A retail stand guidebook is also available for
    The train-the-trainer workshop is delivered        retail operators at http://www.oregon.gov/OSP/
through a partnership between TVF&R, the OSFM,         SFM/docs/Licensing_permits/fireworks/RetailSale-
and the Oregon Life Safety Team.                       sOperatorGuidebook.pdf. The guidebook includes
                                                       information on proper tent/stand set-up, and other
When: April 16, 2009, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.                 criteria fire departments will be covering during an
Where: Office of State Fire Marshal                    inspection. It is intended to improve tent/stand set-
       4760 Portland Road NE                           ups before an inspection takes place.
       Salem, OR 97305                                    For more information, contact Anita Phillips at
    A registration form is available at http://egov.   503-934-8264 or anita.phillips@state.or.us.
TVF_R_Registration_Form.pdf. Registrations may
be submitted via email using the online form or
you can print the form and submit it by fax or         Simpson takes oath of office
standard mail. Send fax to 503-373-1825; standard

mail to 4760 Portland Road NE, Salem, OR 97305,           n a ceremony attended by more than 175
attention Candice Clark.                                  people on March 13, Governor Ted Kulongoski
                                                          administered the official oath of office to State
    Early registration is recommended, space is
                                                       Fire Marshal Randy Simpson at the Chemeketa
limited to 24 participants. For more information,
                                                       Community College auditorium in Salem.
contact Candice Clark at 503-934-8266 or email
candice.clark@state.or.us.                                 “I am honored
                                                       to be your state fire
                                                       marshal and will
                                                       work hard to con-
OFMA annual meeting set for                            tinue the great path
                                                       we have set to keep
May 4-8                                                Oregonians safe

         he Oregon Fire Marshals Association’s         from fire and haz-
         annual business meeting and fire preven-      ardous materials,”
                                                                             Governor Kulongoski (center)
         tion institute is scheduled for May 4-8,      said Simpson. “Al- congratulates State Fire Marshal
2009 at the Linn County Expo center in Albany,         though our agency, Randy Simpson (right) and his
Oregon.                                                like all other state wife Samantha.
    The event features training for Fire and Life      agencies, is chal-
Safety Competency and Recognition levels 1, 2, 3,      lenged by current economic times, it will not deter
& 4, Fire Inspector 1 & 2, Courtroom Testimony,        us from providing the best service possible.”
Oregon Fire Code Amendments, NFPA 13-D Fire                Simpson is the eighth person appointed as
Sprinklers, Effective Report Writing, and more. Up-    Oregon’s top fire official. A brief biography of State
dated information will be posted at www.ofma.net.      Fire Marshal Simpson may be viewed at http://
April 2009, GATED WYE, page 4
National Fire Academy classes                         OSFM offers basic fire
offered in Oregon                                     investigation training

T                                                     T
     he Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal
                                                           he Office of State Fire Marshal’s (OSFM)
     (OSFM) is hosting two, 2-day National Fire
                                                           DPSST-certified 16-hour basic fire investiga-
     Academy courses June 1-4, 2009 at the
                                                           tion class is available to the fire service upon
Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
                                                      request. Training can be provided with or without
(DPSST) in Salem, Oregon.                             burn props. Without burn props, the class is eight
     The OSFM is awarding 30 tuition scholarships     hours.
to fire prevention and safety educators to attend         The OSFM provides instructors at no charge.
one or both courses. Travel and meals are students’   The sponsoring department is responsible for pro-
responsibility. Low cost meals are available at       viding classroom space and for printing of student
the DPSST cafeteria. Lodging is provided free on      materials.
the Public Safety Academy campus for attendees
who live more than 50 miles from Salem. Classes           If your department is interested in sponsoring a
include:                                              class or you would like more information, contact
                                                      your district deputy state fire marshal.
   Community Risk Issues and Prevention
     Interventions, June 1-2, 2009
Students receive an overview of the three E’s
of prevention - education, engineering, and           Fire prevention and safety
enforcement. Topics include evaluation of types       materials available
and levels of community prevention; how injuries,

fires, and burns can be prevented; strategies and           he Oregon Office of State
countermeasures to help people understand the               Fire Marshal has available the
injury, fire, or burn event and more.                       following free fire prevention
Fire Prevention for High-Risk Populations: Age and    and safety education materials to
         Disability Factors, June 3-4, 2009           any requesting Oregon fire depart-
                                                      ment or district:
Provides students an overview of the knowledge,
skills, and process to conduct successful risk            Home fire safety checklist – a
reduction efforts among older adult populations       9”x4” card printed front and back
and very young children. Topics include personal      with a list of fire safety items for
beliefs and observations about the aging process;     homeowners to check.               What if I have a false alarm?
developing sensitivities about growing older;
                                                                                         •	 Do not disable smoke alarms activated

                                                         New smoke alarm brochure – a
                                                                                            by	cooking	or	other	non-fire	causes
                                                                                         •	 Use	the	smoke	alarm’s	hush	feature	if	
                                                                                            available                                                                  there’s
                                                                                         •	 Open windows and doors to clear
characteristics and challenges associated with
                                                                                            smoke	from	your	home

                                                      9”x4” (folded) brochure with infor-
                                                                                       For	more	information	on	smoke	alarms	and	
                                                                                            Oregon’s smoke alarm law, visit:
                                                                                                                                                                       there’s fire!

addressing risk among older adult and very young      mation on types of smoke alarms,

population groups; the risk reduction process for     where they should be installed and
older adults; and more.                               how to maintain them.
                                                                                                                                                                       Find smoke before it finds you!
                                                                                                                                                                       Smoke alarm information from the
                                                                                                                                                                       Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal

                                                                                                     Oregon State Police
                                                                                                Office of State Fire Marshal

     An application and more information is               Home escape plan and smoke
                                                                                                  4760 Portland Road NE
                                                                                                   Salem, OR 97305-1760

available at www.oregon.gov/OSP/SFM/docs/             alarm flyer – an 81/2”x11” two-sided

Comm_Ed/Training/National_Fire_Academy_               flyer with home escape planning
Classes_in_Oregon.shtml. Applications are due         and basic smoke alarm testing                                                                                     HERE’S THE DRILL: FIRE!

by 5 p.m., April 15, 2009. You may also contact       information.
                                                                                                                                                   PLAn AHEAD. PRACTICE.
                                                                                                                                                       First things first—when was the last time you tested your smoke alarm?
                                                                                                                                                       Was it when you burned the toast? Not good. Test it now. Here’s HoW:

Stephanie Stafford at 503-934-8245 or stephanie.                                                                                                                           1                                                             2
                                                         Any of these items may be
stafford@state.or.us or contact Nicole Ohmart at
                                                                                                                                            Find your finger.                                         Apply finger to the test button.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Repeat as necessary.

                                                      ordered by visiting the OSFM                                                                                         3                                                             4
503-934-8366 or nicole.ohmart@state.or.us.            website at http://www.oregon.                                                     yes it is annoying,
                                                                                                                                      but it will save your life.                                  Good. now let’s talk escape plan.

                                                      gov/OSP/SFM/docs/Comm_Ed/                                                                                        PLAn yoUR ESCAPE. Where’s your

                                                                                                                                                                      meeting place? How do you get there?

                                                                                                                                                  U SE THIS I nSE RT F o R yo U R                HoME ESCA PE PLA n .

                                                                                                                 601_9_SFM_Newspaper_Insert_m1.in1 1                                                                                     8/28/07 3:30:35 PM

                                                                                April 2009, GATED WYE, page 5
Fire grant update                                      most closely aligning with the program priorities,
                                                       (as defined in the program guidance), score the
by Hines Firefighter/Grant Writer Jonathan Manski      highest. Most of the computer score is derived
Ready, Set, Go!                                        from questions in the Request Details section. Your
                                                       project requests should follow the priorities estab-
    The 2009 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)    lished by the program guidance; those most closely
program application period should be open by the       aligned will rank highest.
time you read this article. Do not wait until the
deadline to submit your projects. The Department          As we approach the end of the 2008 AFG pro-
of Homeland Security computer system is notori-        gram, Oregon has about a 27% success rate. Sixty-
ous for getting jammed up near the end of the          one Oregon requests have shared awards totaling
period. Smart money bets with the department that      more than $8 million dollars.
has been preparing for the AFG all along. As a re-          Oregon fire departments submitted 31 applica-
minder, you can still submit three separate applica-   tions for the 2008 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant
tions for each AFG program, Vehicles, Operations       program, and an additional 13 applications were
& Safety, and Regional Projects. The application       submitted by community organizations with fire
period is open for 30 days.                            prevention missions. Review of these applications
    Changes in the 2009 AFG program include            is slated to start in late April with awards an-
these main points:                                     nounced in June.
   EMS: The focus on the level of response for             Visit the AFG website for the latest updates.
   EMS services has changed from Basic Life            http://www.firegrantsupport.com.
   Support to Advanced Life Support.
    Wellness and Fitness: Three highest priorities
    A) Entry level physicals.                          Fire extinguishers recalled

    B) Physical assessment for on board active fire          he Consumer Products Safety Commission
       and EMS personnel.                                    in cooperation with Kidde Equipment Inc.
    C) Immunizations for fire and EMS personnel.             announced a recall of Kidde XL model fire
                                                       extinguishers. The pressurized cylinders in the
    Modifications to Facilities:
                                                       recalled extinguishers could lose pressure and fail
    A) Structures built after 2003 are not eligible    to operate.
       for funding.
                                                           The recall involves the Kidde XL Fire Extin-
    B) Stations with sleeping quarters and occupied    guishers with model numbers FX340SC, FX340H,
       24/7 are the highest priority.                  FX340GW, XL5MR, FX210R, FX340SC-2, FX210W,
    C) Exhaust extraction systems are a higher         XL2.5TCZ-4, XL2.5TCZ-3, XL5TCZ-1, and E-340-
       priority.                                       3, with manufacture dates between September
                                                       2007 and April 2008.
    Vehicle Acquisition:
                                                           ‘Kidde’ and the model number can be found
    A) Grantees must comply with Chapter 6 of          on the extinguisher’s front label. The manufacture
       NFPA 1500 ‘Standard on Fire Department          year is on the bottom of the extinguisher. These
       Occupational Safety and Health Program.’        extinguishers were sold at stores nationwide from
    B) Standard operating procedures should            October 2007 through April 2008 for about $35.
       require all vehicle occupants wear seat              Consumers should immediately inspect the
       belts and drivers obey all traffic signals,     pressure gauge. If it points to the red zone, contact
       signs and laws.                                 Kidde to receive a free replacement extinguisher.
    C) Applies to all fire vehicles and fire-based     If the gauge is not in the red zone, but your extin-
       EMS vehicles.                                   guisher is one of the listed models, contact Kidde
                                                       for more information at 888-345-4407 between 8
   AFG applications are initially scored by com-
                                                       a.m. and 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday or visit
puter. Many answers are assigned values. Answers
April 2009, GATED WYE, page 6
               Chemical of the month by Alec Carte

               Cyanogen Bromide CBrN

Description:                                            •	 Causes skin burns, readily absorbed through
•	 Synonyms: cyanobromide, bromocyanogen                   skin, symptoms similar to those for ingestion
•	 Colorless to white needles or cubes with a           •	 LD50: 25-50 mg/kg
   penetrating odor
                                                        Personal Protective Equipment:
•	 Poisonous; chronic health hazard; reactive;
                                                        •	 Emergency responders should use Self-
                                                            Contained Breathing Apparatus and
•	 CAS No.: 506-68-3
                                                            appropriate chemical protective suit
•	 Flash point: Non-flammable
                                                        •	 Use local exhaust ventilation or other
•	 DOT: Poisonous Material Class 6.1; Corrosive
                                                            engineering controls to stay within PELs
   Material Class 8.0
                                                        •	 Wear impervious protective clothing, splash
•	 UN/NA: 1889
                                                            goggles and face shield
NFPA Information:                                       •	 Use an approved respirator if appropriate
•	 Health: 4                                            •	 There should be training on handling cyanide
•	 Flammability: 0                                          emergencies
•	 Reactivity: 1
                                                        Inspection and Storage Tips:
•	 Special: None
                                                        •	  Keep container tightly closed
Uses and Occurrences:                                   •	  Keep container in a cool, dry, ventilated area
•	 Prepared by oxidation of sodium cyanide with         •	  Do not store above 32° F
   bromine                                              •	  Store away from incompatibles
•	 Used in affinity chromatography
                                                        2007 Oregon Fire Code:
•	 Used to fragment proteins and peptides
                                                        •	 Highly toxic
Reactivity and Fire Risk:                               •	 Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQ) per S
•	 Cyanogen bromide is not flammable                       occupancy control area:
•	 Reacts with acids and acid salts to form                •	 Unprotected by sprinklers or approved
   hydrogen cyanide gas                                       storage cabinets: 10 pounds
•	 Reaction with water releases toxic, corrosive,          •	 In sprinklered building, not within
   or flammable gases                                         approved storage cabinets: 20 pounds
•	 May react with carbon dioxide in air to form            •	 In unsprinklered building, within approved
   hydrogen cyanide gas                                       storage cabinets: 20 pounds
•	 Incompatibles include: acids, strong oxidizers          •	 In sprinklered building, within approved
   such as nitrites and chlorates                             storage cabinets: 40 pounds
•	 Use extinguishing media appropriate for
                                                        Incident Reporting and Information:
   surrounding fire
                                                        •	 There is one facility in Oregon currently
Health Hazards:                                             reporting cyanogen bromide on the Hazardous
•	 OSHA PEL: 5 mg/m3 skin TWA (as CN)                       Substance Information Survey
•	 May be fatal if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed       •	 There have been no hazardous materials
   through the skin as it may result in symptoms            incidents reported in Oregon since 1986
   similar to cyanide poisoning                             involving cyanogen bromide
•	 Lachrymator (increases flow of tears)
•	 Eye contact results in severe irritation or burns,
   may result in blindness                                   For questions or suggestions contact HazMat Infor-
•	 Skin may be bright pink to red color                       mation Specialist Alec Carte at 503-934-8262, or
                                                                        email aleta.carte@state.or.us

                                                                                    April 2009, GATED WYE, page 7
                       Fire & Life Safety certification awards

Roseburg Deputy Fire Marshal Monte Bryan is con-       Hillsboro Fire Department Fire Inspector Lisa Hum-
gratulated by Roseburg Fire Chief Jack Cooley (left)   phreys receives her Fire & Life Safety Specialist II
after receiving his Fire Marshal certification with    certificate with Fire Plans Examiner endorsement
Fire Plans Examiner endorsement from Supervising       from Supervising Deputy State Fire Marshal Dave
Deputy State Fire Marshal Bob Wright (right).          Jones.
                                                       Not pictured but also receiving awards in March
                                                          •	   Philomath Fire Marshal Ray Hubble, Fire
                                                               & Life Safety Specialist II with Fire Plans
                                                               Examiner endorsement
                                                          •	   Molalla Fire Marshal Michael Penunuri,
                                                               Fire & Life Safety Specialist II with Fire
Boring Fire Department Fire Inspector Pat Bigelow              Plans Examiner endorsement.
receives his Oregon Fire Marshal certification with
Fire Plans Examiner endorsement from Supervising
Deputy State Fire Marshal Dave Jones.

                Office of State Fire Marshal
                4760 Portland Road N.E.
                Salem, Oregon 97305-1760

April 2009, GATED WYE, page 8

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