Understanding the dynamics of reseller hosting by gcneophil9


									Understanding the dynamics of reseller hosting

Web hosting is an important service that allows organizations and private
persons to make use of service providers' servers to host data for their
websites. The companies offering the reseller hosting service also act in
a third party capacity in that they purchase packages in bulk for resell
at a profit. Webmasters taking advantage of such services will literally
be renting some space for their online files. The packages offered and
the reliability of a given vendor plays a part in determining potential
customer's choices.

Reseller firms tend to offer customers more than just web space but also
mailboxes, web design service, SMS manager applications, web builders and
other web tools. Certain firms offer free trial subscription for a given
time period, to allow potential customers the opportunity to sample the
chosen packages. The customers can then make informed choices about
committing themselves on lengthy contracts. The provision of Internet
connectivity and related services is now a vibrant economic sector in
which many service providers are active, and this also includes large
multinational corporations.

Typically, the free trials are available only to owners of second level
domains in order to avoid speculation with test accounts. In addition,
there are also hosts that support most of web based technologies. Site
features can include PHP, Miva, Perl, password protection, file manager
and MySQL databases.

Certain hosted services are sometimes fraught with quantitative
restrictions relating to disk space for user files, monthly traffic
(linked to your bandwidth) and number of websites that can be placed
under one account. Unless you sign up for unlimited packages, limitations
are bound to be placed on your account. This also extends to the number
of FTP users, email boxes, database space, simultaneous processes allowed
per user and the the amount of RAM.

On the other hand, qualitative restrictions pertain to free CPU resources
which affect the performance of the server and channel capacity which
impacts the loading of information. As well as the distance from the
host's hardware to the target audience which impacts loading of

The agents that assume the reselling of web space are in most cases IT
related outfits that naturally view this form of business as a perfect
supplementary activity for their establishments. Although, the entry of
new players in the reseller hosting sector has also attracted
unscrupulous black hat characters that offer mediocre services. The
sector continues to grow as more and more people and companies migrate to
the internet.

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