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									 On the Move
              M. Bridget                       David
              Duffy,                           López,
              Vocera Com-                      Silicon Val-
              munications                      ley Commu-
              The San Jose                     nity Founda-
              provider                         tion
              of mobile                        The Moun-
communication tools ap-         tain View provider of
pointed M. Bridget Duffy        grants via donor-advised
chief medical officer. She      and corporate funds in
is founder and former           addition to its own endow-
chief executive officer at      ment funds appointed
ExperiaHealth.                  David López to its board of
                                directors. He is president
              Karl Ederle,      at The National Hispanic
              Kapow             University.
              The Palo Alto                    Timothy
              provider of                      Morse,
              application                      Adap.tv
              integration                      The San Ma-
software appointed Karl                        teo provider
Ederle chief product offi-                     of program-
cer. Recently, he served as                    matic video
vice president of strategy      advertising appointed
and innovation of talent        Timothy Morse chief
management solutions at         financial officer. He is for-
Oracle.                         mer executive vice presi-
                                dent and CFO at Yahoo.
              Friel,                           Travis
              Silicon Val-                     Patterson,
              ley Commu-                       CipherCloud
              nity Founda-                    The San Jose
              tion                            provider
               The Moun-                      of cloud
tain View provider of                         informa-
grants via donor-advised        tion protection software
and corporate funds in          named Travis Patterson
addition to its own endow-      senior vice president of
ment funds appointed            worldwide sales. Recently,
Thomas Friel chairman of        he served as senior vice
its board of directors. He      president of sales and
is former chairman and          support at Marble Cloud.
chief executive officer at
Heidrick & Struggles.                          Teresa Tate,
                                               Perkins Coie
              Brian                            The Seattle-
              Hennessy,                        based law
              Perkins Coie                     firm, which
              The Seattle-                     has offices in
              based law                        San Fran-
              firm, which       cisco and Palo Alto, named
              has offices       Teresa Tate as a partner.
in San Francisco and Palo       She has experience in in-
Alto, named Brian Hen-          dustries, including Internet
nessy as a partner. Previ-      services, digital media,
ously, he founded and is        biotechnology, cleantech,
former chairman of The          computer hardware and
Council of Goodness.            software.

              Paige Leidig,                    Steve
              CipherCloud                      Trefethen,
                The San Jose                   Wanderful
                provider                       Media
                of cloud                       The Los Ga-
                information                    tos company
                protection                     that helps
software named Paige            local retailers provide
Leidig chief marketing          convenient information on
officer. Previously, he was     merchandise named Steve
global vice president of the    Trefethen chief technology
office of the chief execu-      officer. Previously, he was
tive officer at SAP.            vice president of technol-
                                ogy at Reply.com.
              Dan’l Lewin,
              Silicon Val-                     Thurman
              ley Commu-                       White,
              nity Founda-                     Silicon Val-
              tion                             ley Commu-
               The Moun-                       nity Founda-
               tain View                       tion
provider of grants via                         The Moun-
donor-advised and corpo-        tain View provider of
rate funds in addition to       grants via donor-advised
its own endowment funds         and corporate funds in
appointed Dan’l Lewin to        addition to its own endow-
its board of directors. He      ment funds appointed
is corporate vice president     Thurman White to its
of strategic and emerging       board of directors. Cur-
business development at         rently, he is chief executive
Microsoft.                      officer at Progress Invest-

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