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Delving into the Graphic Arts

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									Delving into the Graphic Arts
When you are interested in the graphic arts it can be overwhelming to delve into the variety of
subjects that you will learn. A major facet of the graphic arts is typography and if you are
interested in the graphic arts, typography may be a great place to start learning.

Typography involves many different aspects of type. When you are involved in typography you
will find that you are a part of the process of choosing the typeface, size of the text, line length
and line spacing of the text that you are developing.

There is a lot more that goes into typography than many people realize. As a graphic artist you
will be working to find type that will work well and be an effective contrast to the other types
that you are using.

The Importance of White Space
While you are looking through your graphic design principles, you will also come to learn that
the empty space surrounding your text is important as well. The human eye and brain is attracted
to strong contrast and developing a contrast that is appealing can be difficult.

                                            The contrast between specific type and the other type
                                            on the page can be very important. If you were to
                                            italicize or bold an entire page, the importance of the
                                            bold or the italicized text would be lost because there
                                            is no contrast to the other text that you have on the

                                         While the contrast of the type to the page is important,
                                         your reader should always be able to easily read the
                                         text that you have written. There are definitely
                                         different types of type that are more difficult to read
and you will want to understand what types can be read easily.

The type that you decide to use will also depend on the medium that you are publishing your
text. Often times, differentiating between someone reading on the internet and someone reading
on print will be the difference between being able produce quality work and not being able to.

As you continue to learn about typography, it is important that you realize that this area of
graphic arts usually extends into the majority of specialties within graphic arts. Typography
spans the field of graphic arts and being familiar with graphic arts can be very beneficial.

Training in Graphic Arts
There are many people that get formal training in graphic arts to ensure that they have the
necessary qualifications to be successful. As you get the formal training that you need, it is
important that you keep your vision of success fresh in your mind.
Some people would rather work for a big firm or a big company while other people prefer to start
their own business. The versatility of graphic arts can provide you with a perfect venue to be
able to work in a manner that will help you be fulfilled and happy in your career.

Don’t be afraid to venture out and try your hand at graphic arts. If it is something that is
intriguing or interesting to you, it may end up being the perfect career.

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