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									Ghaziabad District                             City Disaster Management Plan 2012-2013

   Nominated persons from                                   Member
   Development Authority
   District Supply Officer                                  Member
   Nagar Swasthya Adhikari, Jal Nigam                       Member
   President IMA                                            Member
   District coordinator NYK                                 Member
   District Project Assisstant, UNDP                        Member
   Loins, Rotary Club                                       Member
   Nominated member from                                    Member
    RWAs and others sources

           The broad objectives of this executive Group as per policy guidelines issued by
the City Disaster Management Committee and the Govt. directives includes:-

       Creating awareness among Government functionaries, technical institutions, NGOs,
       CBOs, and Communities about Urban hazard, vulnerability and possible preventive
       actions. For this, planning and implementation of awareness campaign strategies
       through workshops/seminars/meetings /consultations/development of IEC materials/
       local methods of awareness generation program.
       Development of city and ward level Disaster preparedness and response plans and
       practicing through periodic mock drills.
       Capacity building of various stakeholders for urban risk reduction.
        Regular Consultations with various agencies such as urban local bodies, NGOs,
       practicing engineers, architects, real estate developers, builders and contractors etc.
        Developing the response structure from ward to city level, formation of City and
       Ward level Disaster management teams (DMTs) and specialized training of Disaster
       management teams (DMTs) at ward and city levels along with preparedness
       (mock)drills at city and ward levels.
        Coordination and linkages.

5.3 Working Group No – II (Technical)

       Designation of the Personnel                    Designation in the Committee

           ADM F&R                                                         Chairman
           Apare Nagar Ayukt                                        Member Secretary
           Town Planner & Country Planning                                   Member
           Chief Engineer, Nagar Nigam                                       Member
           Chief Engineer, GDA                                               Member
           Town Planner, GDA                                                 Member
           Superintendent Engineer, P.W.D. (Building)                        Member

                     GoI-UNDP URR Project, Ghaziabad                                  Page 55
   Ghaziabad District                                   City Disaster Management Plan 2012-2013

               Superintendent Engineer, P.W.D. (Roads)                            Member
               Superintendent Engineer, P.W.D.                                    Member
               Addl. Chief/Superintendent Engineer,
               Power Corporation                                                 Member
               Superintendent Engineer, Jal Nigam                                 Member
               Superintendent Engineer, Irrigation                                Member
               Representative of Architects Association                           Member
               Representative of Engineers Association                            Member
               Representative of Builder Association                              Member
               Representative of NHAI                                             Member
               Representative of UP Bridge Corporation                            Member
               Representative of CPWD                                             Member
               Representative of RWAs                                             Member
The broad objectives of this executive working group in terms of the guidelines of the City
Disaster management Committee and Govt. directives includes:-

   (1) Enforcement of Building Bye laws and it’s compliance mechanism.

   (2) Development of the regulatory framework (techno-legal regime) to promote safe

       construction and systems to ensure compliance.

   (3) Capacity building for certification by Govt. functionaries and professionals

   (4) Orientation of techno-legal human and material aspects and capacity building of for

       Urban Earthquake vulnerability reduction.

   (5) Creating framework for compulsory certification system for engineers and architects to

       set standard levels of competence among all practitioners.

   (6) Capacity building of practicing/serving engineers and architects as also students of

       engineering and architecture for awareness generation, mitigation measures and

       development of earthquake preparedness plans.

   (7) Steps to integrate disaster management features with development plans of the city.

   (8) Interact and act on the suggestions of the State Hazard safety cell and District Hazard

       safety cell as per Govt. directives and rules.

                        GoI-UNDP URR Project, Ghaziabad                                    Page 56
    Ghaziabad District                                City Disaster Management Plan 2012-2013

5.4 First Responder:

         In Ghaziabad, mainly three agencies are capable and first responder in any disaster
situations. The district administration heavily depended on these agencies in such a critical
situation in the city.

5.4.1 District Police

In Ghaziabad, the District Police, Fire Services, and Civil Defense are the first responders in an
emergency situation: The District Police has 23 police stations, out of which 09 are in urban areas,
and remaining 14 are in rural areas. The Senior Superintendent of Police, supported by 04
Superintendents of Police, and 14 CO leads the Police Force in the district.
5.4.2 Fire Department

Ghaziabad has a multi-station fire service, which is supervised by the State Fire Service. In recent
time, Ghaziabad district has 5 Fire stations which is working under one CFO and 5 Fire Station

5.4.3 Civil Defense

The city of Ghaziabad has a set-up for Civil Defense, which assists the district administration in
all crisis and emergency situations.

        The District Magistrate is the Controller of the Civil Defense.
        An officer of the rank of Deputy Collector is Deputy Controller, Civil Defense.
        At the operational level, the Chief Warden is head of the district unit.

Under the Chief Warden, there are 05 divisions, organized territorially. Divisions are headed by
the Divisional Wardens, supported by Deputy Divisional Wardens. Every division has 10 posts,
and every post has 10 sector wardens. The Police and the Local Intelligence Unit vet the Civil
Defense personnel before their appointment.

                         GoI-UNDP URR Project, Ghaziabad                                    Page 57

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