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					                                                                               Chipola Softball

                                                TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                 GENERAL INFORMATION
                                 Chipola Quick Facts ................................................. 4
                                 Media Information..................................................... 4
                                 About Chipola ........................................................... 6
                                 Chipola Facilities ................................................. 8-13
                                    Chipola Baseball/Softball Complex ..................... 8
                                    Milton H. Johnson Health Center ...................... 12
                                    Athletic Training ................................................ 14
                                    Academic Center for Excellence ....................... 15

                                 Women’s Softball.................................................... 16
                                 2008-2009 Season ............................................ 18-19
                                 Player Roster ......................................................... 20
                                 Radio/TV Chart....................................................... 21
                                 Belinda Hendrix, Women’s Softball Coach ............ 22
                                 Women’s Assistant Coaches .................................. 23
                                 Women’s Schedule................................................. 24
                                 After Chipola........................................................... 25
                                 All Americans.......................................................... 25

                                 PANHANDLE CONFERENCE AND FCCAA
                                 Panhandle Conference: Baseball/Softball .............. 26

Credits: The 2009-10 Chipola College Media Guide was prepared by the Chipola College Public Relations Department. It was designed and edited
 by Publications Coordinator Evelyn Ward with writing and photography contributions from Director of Public Relations Bryan Craven. Photography
by Mark Skinner, Jackson County Floridan, Estel Mattox, Mattox Photography, and contributing photography from the NJCAA national tournaments.
                                                                                      Media Information

   Media Information
      Chipola thanks the following
                                               Chipola Quick Facts
     media professionals that keep                          SPORTS HOTLINE 718-2CJC
    Chipola Basketball in the news.                   
Radio                                 Public Relations Office            (850) 718-2375       FAX (850) 718-2379
                                      Athletics Office                   (850) 718-2302       FAX (850) 718-2344
WJNF-FM—Radio—88.3                                     Men’s Basketball Coaching Staff
                                             Head Coach                      Jake Headrick
Television                                   Career Record (years)           First Year
CCTV—Comcast Channel 4                       Record at Chipola (years)       First Year
WMBB-TV—Channel 13                           Assistant Coaches               Matt Anderson, Joc Calloway,
WJHG-TV—Channel 7                                                            Thomas Carr, Keith LaGree and
WTVY-TV—Channel 4                                                            Brian Steenhoek
The Floridan
                                                    Women’s Basketball Coaching Staff
The Jackson County Times                     Head Coach                      David Lane
The Jackson County News                      Career Record (years)           163 - 44 (6)
The Washington County News                   Record at Chipola (years)       163 - 44 (6)
The Chipley Bugle (online)                   Assistant Coaches               Deidra Johnson and Dustin Crews
The Graceville News
The Journal                                  Home Court — Milton H. Johnson Health Center — Marianna, FL
The County Record                                                   Capacity 4,000
The Twin City News
The Tallahassee Democrat
The Dothan Eagle                                        Men’s Baseball Coaching Staff
The Panama City News Herald                  Head Coach                      Jeff Johnson
The Pensacola News Journal                   Career Record (years)           462 - 229 (13)
                                             Record at Chipola (years)       462 - 227 (13)
Sports Information                           Assistant Coaches               Dr. Steve Givens, Liam Shanaha,
                                                                             Paul Gatchell, Brent Shelton
Bryan Craven                                          Women’s Softball Coaching Staff
Director of Public Relations                 Head Coach                      Belinda Hendrix
(850) 718-2264                               Career Record (years)           218-64 (5)
                                             Record at Chipola (years)       218-64 (5)
Assistant SID
                                             Assistant Coaches               Lynn Early and Jimmy Hendrix
Evelyn Ward
Publications Coordinator
                                             Home Field — Chipola Baseball/Softball Complex — Marianna, FL
(850) 718-2265
Lillie Hamil
Secretary, Public Relations                                       Administration
(850) 718-2375
                                            President                                     Dr. Gene Prough
TV/Radio Director                           Athletic Director                             Dr. Dale O’Daniel
Royce Reagan                                Assistant Athletic Director/Eligibility       Jeff Johnson
CCTV (Chipola College TV)                   Assistant Athletic Director/Operations        Sandra Harrell
(850) 718-2454                                            Colors: Blue & Gold Mascot: Indian
                                       Panhandle Conference of the Florida Community College Activities Association
4 (850) 718-2379                                            
     Chipola College has a strong tradition in in-
tercollegiate athletics. Our programs provide stu-
dents with opportunities to become better play-
ers on the field and productive citizens in their
    We believe in a competitive athletic program
with a strong academic support plan. This helps
guarantee that our athletes will be successful on
the field and in the classroom in preparation for
their chosen career.
    Our success as an institution is directly re-
lated to the quality of education we provide both
inside and outside of the classroom.
    I am proud to be a part of this great institution
and its many achievements. Chipola College is
a special place. We invite you to become a part
of our success.

                                 Dr. Gene Prough
                                  Chipola College

                                      Chipola College
                  A half-century ago, a      college and university students on state
        few visionary educators and          exams, licensure tests, and in job place-
        citizens dreamed of a new kind       ment success.
        of higher education opportu-                   Chipola utilizes an Academic
        nity for the people of North         Center for Excellence (ACE) Lab, Suc-
        Florida. Their dream became          cess Center, a Writing Center and a
        a reality with the creation of       Math and Science Computer Lab,
        Chipola Junior College.              staffed with faculty, to help students out-
                  Chipola entered into a     side of regular class time. Students also
        new stage of life when it offi-      have the latest in Internet access in the
        cially became Chipola College        college's Technology Center. These
             on August 18, 2003. In re-      services are available for both the aca-
             sponse to a critical short-     demic transfer program and the occu-
             age of math and science         pational degree and certificate pro-
             teachers in secondary           grams.
             schools, Chipola was                    In addition to academic excel-
             given the approval by           lence, Chipola has established a cen-
             SACS to offer four-year         ter of excellence in the fine and perform-
             degrees to Secondary            ing arts. The arts program is recognized
             Mathematics Education           as outstanding through star-quality
             and Secondary Science           drama productions, instrumental music,
             Education.                      show choir, chorus, and visual arts pre-
                  Beginning in January       sentations.
             2008, Chipola will enroll its           Chipola’s athletic teams have a
             first students in the Bach-     history of ranking at or near the top of
             elor of Applied Science in      regional, state, and national competition
             Business Management             in basketball, baseball and softball. The
    program.                                 college also supports a wide range of
      Even though the name has               academic and extracurricular clubs and
    changed, Chipola is still known for      organizations.
    transferring quality students to fine            Chipola is understandably proud of
    universities such as the University      its heritage and looks forward to contin-
    of Florida, Florida State, and the       ued success during its second half-cen-
    University of West Florida, among        tury.
      During its sixty years of continu-     Our Name
    ous operation, the college has de-              The college is named after the
    veloped a reputation for high aca-       Chipola River that flows along its
    demic standards, excellent teach-        northaern edge—the river was named
       ing, small classes, reasonable        by the original Indian inhabitants of the
       fees, a beautiful campus, and         area. Indian language researchers
       friendly hometown atmosphere.         have been unable to provide a certain
           The one constant that has         translation of “Chipola,” but “upstream”
       made Chipola great is its em-         and “sweetwater” have been suggested
       phasis on excellence in aca-          as likely interpretations.
       demic and extracurricular pro-               Area residents agree that in
       grams. Chipola provides small         pronounciation the accent is on the sec-
       class sections with professional      ond syllable, the “pole” in Chipola; and
       educators who work willingly to       that the ending sound is “ah.” They dis-
       help you succeed in your aca-         agree on the first syllable—some pro-
       demic career. Chipola students        nouncing it “Shi,” as in Chicago; others
       consistently outperform other         “Chi,” as in chip.
What our Alumni think about Chipola...

 Dr. Malcolm Gillis                             Amos R. McMullian                               David Hart
 President, Rice University                     CEO of Flowers Industries, Inc                  Actor, “In the Heat of the Night”
 “I am very much in debt for the educational    “The faculty at Chipola knew the students       “I got cajoled into auditioning at Chipola by
 opportunity provided me by Chipola.            personally and cared about helping them.”       a friend of mine, not knowing that I was
 Without that opportunity, higher education                                                     making a decision that would affect the rest
 would probably not have been an option for                                                     of my life. This time at Chipola set forth a
 me.”                                                                                           sense of dedication and a level of
                                                                                                professionalism that I have held onto
                                                                                                throughout my career.”

 Johnnie Mae Gibson                             Buck Showalter                                  Retired Col. Westanna Harvey Bobbitt
 At one time, the highest ranking               Manager, Texas Rangers                          United States Air Force
 African American woman in the FBI              “Success at higher levels begins with proper    “When I decided to join the Air Force, my
 “The things I learned at Chipola have          training and direction in the early stages.     involvement in school activities at Chipola
 helped me not only to survive, but to ready    Attending a college so close to home gave       provided the quality background necessary
 myself to find my niche in the world. I have   me the opportunity to grow intellectually and   for my acceptance into Officer Training
 to call what happened to me there an           emotionally.”                                   School. I thought I was just having a great
 experience which inspired me to hope and                                                       time, but the Air Force thought I was
 reach toward a life, which during my high                                                      demonstrating something called leadership
 school years, I thought beyond me.”                                                            and organizational management.”
                                The Chipola Baseball/Softball Complex

     Chipola’sbaseball soft-
ball complex offers the
best facilities in the South-
     Weight and Condition-
ing Rooms are furnished
with modern equipment.
     The facilities offer
locker rooms, office and
classroom space.
     The covered bricked
viewing stands offer an ex-
cellent view of Chipola’s
baseball and softball
fields, while offering shade
from the hot Florida sun.
     Also included is a
state-of-the-art indoor
pitching and batting area.

Athletic Facilities

         The Chipola

     The Milton H. Johnson Health Center

   Chipola’s home court is
the Milton H. Johnson
Health Center, which has
the largest seating capac-
ity of any basketball facil-
ity in the Panhandle
mately 4,000.
   Fan attendance at home
games has been the high-
est in the state for several
   The arena has a new
state-of-the-art Maple
   New Weight and Condi-
tioning Rooms and an Ath-
letic Training facility have
been added.
   Each athlete shares a
private entrance suite in
the Residence Hall with
bath and limited kitchen fa-
   The college has an ex-
cellent cafeteria.
   Tutoring for athletes is
provided in the Academic
Center for Excellence
(ACE) Lab, which is
equipped with the latest in
computers and learning
   Athletes’ class atten-
dance and academic per-
formance is monitored to
ensure success in the
classroom. Academic
coaches work with ath-
letes in study halls and
travel with the teams on
extended trips.

                   Athletic Training

          Chipola College allows student assistants
     the opportunity to participate in the day to day
     health care of the athletes. There are currently
     four positions with the athletic department for
     Student Athletic Trainers. The Chipola College
     Foundation rewards the students’ dedication
     and help by assisting those students with tu-
     ition and books for each semester they are in-
          These students are under the direct super-
     vision of the Head Athletic Trainer for the ath-
     letic department. While assisting the ATC and
     athletes, the students begin developing rela-
     tionships with area health care professionals,
     such as Orthopedic Physicians, Nurses, Physi-
     cal Therapist, Physician Assistants, and other
     health care specialists.

The Academic Center for Excellence
                    for Excellence
    The Academic Center for
Excellence provides free tu-
toring or test reviews in al-
most every subject, including
accounting, biology, chemis-
try, most mathematics
courses, physics, history,
computer science, literature
and humanities. The tutoring
can be individual tutoring or
in a study group.
    Peer tutors are available
throughout the week. Stu-
dents come to ACE and join
the peer tutor and other
Chipola students in discus-
sions regarding class lec-
tures, chapter readings, and
course handouts. ACE peer
tutors work closely with
Chipola’s faculty to ensure
proper communication of
course content. They offer
clarification of concepts and
assist students in developing
the proper study skills for suc-
cess in class. More impor-
tantly, they provide consistent
encouragement, motivation
and positive reinforcement to
Chipola students.
    Test Review Sessions are
scheduled throughout the se-
mester for many courses.
    Study groups can also
meet at the ACE to prepare
for exams or work on class
    The ACE provides access
to computers for class and lab
    Academic Success Work-
shops are offered throughout
the semester.
    The ACE Success For-
mula: Regular Participation
in ACE Tutoring + Class At-
tendance = Success in the
Classroom.                           15

                                                                         2008-2009 Season

                                                            2008-09 Wins & Losses
                                                                    Overall Record 33-21
                                                                   Conference Record 8-10
                                                            Date    Opponent       Won/Lost Score Won/Lost Score

                                                            Jan 31 Salt Lake City        L5-6
                                                                    Snow College         W8-0
                                                            Feb 1 Central Arizona        L 1 - 12
                                                                    Southern Navada      W8-4
                                                                    North Idaho          W6-5
                                                            Feb 2 Yavapai College        W5-3
                                                                    North Idaho College  W7-6
                                                            Feb 8 Gordon College         W2-1      W9-0
                                                            Feb 18 Darton College        W 1-0     L 14 -10
                                                            Feb 20 Louisburg             W 13-5
                                                                    Chattahootchee Vlly  W 17-2
                                                            Feb 21 Truett-McConnell      L 10-5
CHIPOLA SOFTBALL FINISHES                                           Georgia Perimeter    L 7-4
                                                            Feb 22 Aiken Tech            W 9-0
FIFTH IN STATE TOURNEY                                              Truett-McConnell     W 9-1
                                                            Feb 28 Chattanooga           W 3-0
   The Chipola Lady Indians finished fifth in the FCCAA             Florida CC - Jax     W 8-4
/NJCAA Region VIII Tournament in Auburndale, FL and         Mar 1 Wallace - Hanceville   L 9-1
                                                                    Lake Michigan        W 19-0
had two players named to the Gulf District All-Tourna-      Mar 3 Darton College         W 7-2     L 8-7
ment team. Brittany Mayers was named Designated Player      Mar 5 Grand Rapids           W 10-0
                                                            Mar 6 Navarro                W 2-0
and Rayna McClinton, pitcher.                               Mar 6 Navarro                W 6-1
   Chipola scored a 4-1 win over Polk and suffered a 7-     Mar 10 Heartland             L 1-0     L 5-4
4 loss over league rival Gulf Coast in the first round on   Mar 14 Middle GA             W 3-1     W 7-0
                                                            Mar 16 El Paso               W 8-0
Friday, May 1.                                              Mar 17 Northwest Florida     L 7-4     L 4-3
   The Lady Indians played three games on May 2,            Mar 19 Gulf Coast            W 4-0     L 3-1
                                                            Mar 24 Pensacola             L 1-4     L 0-2
beating South Florida, 10-2, and Manatee, 5-1, before       Mar 30 Tallahassee           W 4-1     W 4-3
losing to Northwest Florida, 8-4.                           Apr 4 Northwest Florida      L 1-4     W 6-4
   Six Lady Indians were named to the Panhandle All-        Apr 7 Gulf Coast             W 5-2     L 1-0
                                                            Apr 9 Pensacola              L 6-2     L 7-3
Conference team. First Team picks were: Tera Gainer,        Apr 14 Tallahassee           W 2-0     L 2-0
Meredith Heath, Kellie Todd and Rayna McClinton             Apr 19 Tallahassee           W 2-1     W 3-2
                                                            FCCAA State Tournament - Auburndale, FL
   Second Team selections were: Kara Gordon and             May 1 Polk                   W 7-4
Michelle Hewett.                                                    Gulf Coast           L 7-4
   Chipola finished the season with a 33-22 overall         May 2 South Florida          W 10-2
                                                                    Manatee              W 5-1
record.                                                             Northwest Florida    L 8-4
                                                            Overall Record: 33-21 Conference Record: 8-10
                                                      The Team

NO.   NAME                CLASS   HOMETOWN

      Haley Adkison       FR      Vernon, Florida

      Brittany Black      FR      Haymarket, VA

      Trish Bliss         SO      Lafayette, LA

      Dana Cauthen        FR      Ocala, FL

      Skylar Davis        FR      Chipley, FL

      Shanae Dickens      FR      Cottondale, FL

      Ashley Ellis        SO      Noblesville, IN

      Kara Gordan         SO      South Carolina

      Michele Hewett      SO      Marianna, FL

      Areill Van Hook     FR      Whittier, CA

      Hannah Lovestrand   FR      Crawfordville, FL
      Elizabeth Krauser   FR      Cottondale, FL

      Heather McAfee      FR      Georgia

      Selentia Pittman    FR      Cottondale, FL

      Nicole Roddy        SO      Canton, GA

      Emma Stevenson      FR      North Carolina

      Andrea Sullivan     FR      Georgia

      Kellie Todd         SO      Ocala, FL

The Team                                Haley

      Trish      Dana      Skylar     Shanae
      Bliss    Cauthen     Davis      Dickens

     Ashley      Kara     Michele    Elizabeth
       Ellis   Gordan     Hewett      Krauser

    Hannah     Heather    Selentia      Nicole
 Lovestrand    McAfee     Pittman       Roddy

      Emma      Andrea      Kellie       Areill
  Stevenson    Sullivan     Todd     Van Hook

                                                                              The Hendrix Record

                                              BELINDA HENDRIX
                                            Career Record: 218-64
                                            Career Record:
                2007 NJCAA National Tournament Coach of the Year
                                    Tournament Coach           Year
                                         Coachin               Year
                     2007 NFCA National Coaching Staff of the Year
                                                Coach        Year
                                  2007 FCCAA Coach of the Year
              2007,                    erence Coach
                                   Confer                  Year
        2006, 2007, 2008 Panhandle Conference Coach of the Year
                             2007 FCCAA State Championship
                            2007 Gulf District Championship
              2007, 2008 Panhandle Conference Championship
                         2007 NJCAA National Championship
                                             erence Players
                                 35 All Conference Players
                                6 NJCAA All Americans

    When Belinda Hendrix was in-       team national title. After
troduced as the new softball           posting an overall record of
coach at Chipola College, she ex-      57-6, Hendrix was honored
pressed her desire to build a re-      by her peers by being named the
spectable softball program and         2007 NJCAA National Coach of
develop her players into both          the Year.
scholars and players.                      Coach Hendrix is a firm be-
    In five seasons at the helm,       liever in the old cliché that hard
Hendrix has certainly brought her      work pays off. She is notorious
dream into reality. Posting an         for being a student of the game
overall record of 218-64, the Lady     and passing her passion for the
Indians have proven themselves         sport down to her players. She is
worthy both in the state of Florida    well-known for developing play-
and on the national scene.             ers that can excel at several dif-
    During the 2008 campaign,          ferent positions.
Hendrix’s team won their second            Hendrix believes that the ex-
consecutive Panhandle Confer-          periences and challenges her         district championship and was
ence Championship (16-4) while         players face on the softball field   named Most Valuable Player.
earning her third consecutive          will equip them with the tools to    Upon leaving high school,
Panhandle Conference Coach of          adapt and conquer anything life      Hendrix received an athletic
the Year award (2006, 2007,            might throw at them. Using this      scholarship to Thomas University
2008).                                 mentality, Hendrix has coached       in Thomasville, GA, where she
    Hendrix’s most successful          35 All-Conference Players and 6      played on the Hawks’ softball
season occurred in 2007 when           NJCAA All-Americans.                 team.
the Lady Indians, under her di-            A 1994 graduate of                   After earning her degree in
rection, captured the school’s first   Chattahoochee High School,           Psychology from Troy University,
22                                     Hendrix led her softball team to a   she returned to the Florida pan-
  The Coaching Staff

handle. In 2001, Hendrix began her coaching ca-
reer at Vernon High School where she would amass
a three-year record of 56-22 and two district titles.

                          JIMMY HENDRIX
                          ASSISTANT COACH
                                Jimmy Hendrix is entering his
                           4th season as assistant coach at
                           Chipola College. Coach Hendrix
                           works primarily with the Lady In-
                           dians’ infielders and has played a
                           key role in the development of the
                           pitching and catching staff. He
                           serves as the recruiting coordina-
                           tor for the Chipola Softball Pro-
                                Coach Hendrix is a 1995
                           graduate of Chipley High School.
After graduating high school, started at shortstop at Enter-
prise State College. Upon transferring to Thomas University
in Thomasville, GA, Hendrix led his team to their first ap-
pearance at the regional tournament and was named MVP
for the 1999-2000 season.
     Hendrix began his coaching career at Vernon High
School where he coached the baseball team from 2001-04
before taking over the reins of the Cottondale Lady Hornets
softball team from 2004-05.
     He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal
Justice from the University of West Florida.

                          LYNN EARLY
                          ASSISTANT COACH
                              Lynn Early enters her fourth
                          season with the Chipola Lady In-
                          dians Softball Program. Lynn
                          works directly with the team’s stats
                          and carefully monitors the aca-
                          demic progress of each student-
                              Early is a 1997 graduate of
                          Cottondale High School and a
                          2001 graduate of Dudly University
                          in Miami, FL.                          23
                         2009 - 2010 Softball Schedule
     Date         Opponent                                      Location               Time
          19   Chipola Round Robin                             Marianna, FL            TBA
      3 and 4     Louisiana State University                   Baton Rouge, LA         TBA
            8     Auburn University                            Auburn, AL              TBA
     16 and 17    University of Tennessee                      Knoxville, TN           TBA
           31     Universityof Alabama                         Tuscaloosa, AL          TBA
          1   University of Alabama                            Tuscaloosa, AL          TBA
          7   Florida State University                         Tallahassee, FL         TBA
         13   University of Florida                            Gainesville, FL         TBA
        29-31     Las Vegas Kick Off Classic                   Las Vegas, NV
           30        Pima                                                              8:00
           30        Yavapai                                                           2:00
           30        South Mount                                                       6:15
           31        Salt Lake City                                                    8:00
           31        Central Arizona                                                   10:00
           31        Arizona Western                                                   12:30
          10      Darton                                       Darton, GA              3:00
       13-14      Dothan Tournament                            Dothan, AL              TBA
       19-21      Ringor Invitational                          Aiken, SC               TBA
          24      LAKELAND COLLEGE                             Marianna, FL            TBA
       27-28      Panama City Beach Classic                    Panama City, FL         TBA
              2   South Georgia                                Marianna, FL            TBA
             10   Heartland                                    Marianna, FL            TBA
             15   Middle Georgia College                       Cochran, GA             2:00
             17   Gulf Coast Community College                 Marianna, FL            4/6
             20   Pensacola Junior College                     Pensacola, FL           1/3
             23   Tallahassee Community College                Tallahassee, FL         3/5
             30   Northwest Florida State College              Niceville, FL           4/6
              1   Gulf Coast Community College                 Panama City, FL         4/6
              7   Pensacola Junior College                     Marianna, FL            4/6
             10   Tallahassee Community College                Marianna, FL            1/3
             16   Northwest Florida State College              Marianna, FL            4/6
                   April 30 - May 2 FCCAA Softball State Tournament - Auburndale, FL
                          May 20-22 NJCAA Softball Tournament - St. George,UT
                          eceiv scholar
            Players who recei       holarships
   Chipola Players who received scholarships
             colleg       universities
   to senior colleges and universities since 1997

Lyndsey Bieber - McKendree College ( 2000)                NJCAA All-Americans
Kelly Brookins – NOVA Southeastern University (2006)
Shirley Burleson-East Carolina University (2003)                                      First Team
Alisha Burnstein - University of Dayton (2005)
Jaimi Cassell - Georgia Southwestern (1998)
                                                                     2007 Cassie Lassiter
Megan Chaffee - University of West Florida (2004)                    2007 Sara Lovestrand
Diana Clifford - Tennessee State University (2005)                   2007 Britany Minton
Treva Cook - Thomas University (1999)
Chasity Covington - University of North Carolina - Greensboro (2008)                 Second Team
Destiny Covington - University of North Carolina - Charlotte (2008)
Heather Ebersole - Tennessee State (2004)                            2007 Alyssa Shirey
Amanda Edwards - Valdosta State (2003)                               2008 Brooke Muth
Stephanie Eggers - Austin P. University (2004)
Jessica Finch - Southern IL University (2003)                                         Third Team
Erin Finneran - Tennessee State University (2005)
Erin Flater - Troy State University (2001)                           2008 Carolyn Moore
Tori Fobb - Brenau University (2007)
Stephanie Gray - Southern Arkansas (2002)
Megan Hanley - University of Mobile (1997)
Tiffany Harmon - College of Charleston (2007)
Stephanie Hayes - East Caroline University (2004)
Meredith Heath - Texas Tech University (2009)
Kasey Henderson - West Texas A&M (2008)
Kenna Hickman - Thomas University (2008)
Nikki Johnson - University of West Florida ( 1999)
Tiffany Jones - Troy State University (1999)
Amber Kavehkar - University of Texas - Dallas (2004)
Christal Kotchman - College of Charleston (2007)
Mary Lado - Georgia Southwestern (1998)
Martina Landrum - Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham (2007)                  Cassie Lassiter            Sara Lovestrand
Cassie Lassiter - Troy University (2007)                             2007 All American          2007 All American
Sara Lovestrand - Florida Southern College (2007)
Ashely Mayhue - Valdosta State University (2005)
Jessica Mathis - Furman University (2004)
Brittany Mayers - Simon Fraiser University (2009)
Rayna McClinton - Frances Marion (2008)
Brittany Minton - Florida Southern College (2007)
Lisa Murray - Belhaven College (2005)
Brooke Muth - West Chester University (2008)
Kim St. Pierre - Nicholls State (2000)
Kanela Piggee - Florida A & M University (2000)
Ashley Quick - East Carolina University (2004)
Andria Reed - Arkansas Monticello (2002)
Tennile Ricci - Bethune Cookman (2001)                                 Britany Minton             Alyssa Shirey
Treva Robinson - Florida A & M University (2004)                     2007 All American          2007 All American
Neikole Royster - Florida A & M University (2002)
Melissa Santana - Valdosta State University (2004)
Leigh Savoy - East Carolina University (2003)
Molly Schroeder - Georgia Southwestern (1999)
Elisha Scott - Florida A & M University (2002)
Alyssa Shirey - Valdosta State University (2008)
Areke Spel - Troy University (2007)
Virginia Spencer - Thomas University (2002)
Tanya Teague - University of West Florida (2001)
Missy Walker - Southeast Missouri State University (2008)
Meghan Whitehead - University of Mobile (2007)
Sami Jon Wilkes - Troy State University (2001)
Jherica Williams – Wright State University (2006)                     Carolyn Moore               Brooke Muth
Meghann Williams - Valdosta State University (2004)
                                                          2008 All American                2008 All American
                                                                The Panhandle Conference

       Gulf Coast Community College
     Location:              Panama City
     Colors:                Blue/Gold/White
     Athletic Director:     Gregg Wolfe
     Head Baseball Coach:   Mike Kandler
     Head Softball Coach:   Susan M. Painter
       Northwest Florida State College
     Location:              Niceville
     Colors:                Scarlet/Silver
     Athletic Director:     Mickey Englett
     Head Baseball Coach:   Doug Martin
     Head Softball Coach:   Jack Byerley
          Pensacola Junior College
     Location:              Pensacola
     Colors:                Navy/Green/White
     Athletic Director:     Bill Hamilton
     Head Baseball Coach:   Bill Hamilton
     Head Softball Coach:   Brenda Pena
                                                             Chipola College
       Tallahassee Community College
     Location:              Tallahassee
                                                                Location: Marianna
     Colors:                Blue/Gold                           Colors: Blue/Gold
     Athletic Director:     Rob Chaney
     Head Baseball Coach:   Mike McLeod                Arena: Baseball/Softball Complex
     Head Softball Coach:   Patti Townsend              Athletic Director: Dr. Dale O’Daniel
                                                      Assistant Athletic Director: Jeff Johnson
                                               Assistant Athletic Director/Operations: Sandra Harrell

                                               Head Coach:           Jeff Johnson
                                               Record at Chipola:    462-229 (13 years)
                                               Career Record:        462-229 (13 years)
                                               Assistant Coaches:    Dr. Steve Givens, Liam Shanaha,
                                                                     Paul Gatchell, and Brent Shelton
                                               Head Coach:           Belinda Hendrix
                                               Record at Chipola:    218-64 (5 years)
                                               Career Record:        218-64 (5 years)
                                               Assistant Coaches:    Jimmy Hendrix and Lynn Early

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