Using Twitter For Internet Marketing

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					Using Twitter for Internet Marketing
By: Bob Steele   1-21-2013

As an internet marketer, you cannot afford to ignore the power of social media. Twitter is among
the largest and most widely used social networks on the web. Its only real competition is
Facebook, and these sites are different enough that there's room for both. There's no excuse not
to have a Twitter account these days. Once you're a member, the next challenge is to gain
enough followers that you start to have a real impact. Gaining a large following can be a
challenge when you're new to Twitter or not very familiar with how it works. If you want to know
how to build up your Twitter following, this article will show you some useful ways to do it.

Don't fall into the trap of tweeting everything you do each day. If you have a personal Twitter
account, this type of activity is okay. People that have a professional account need to be
professional, not leisurely with their postings.

Rather than using a funny avatar or logo, it's better to use a photo that shows the real you. This
can be more complicated if you're using more than one Twitter account. Still, it's preferable to
have a clear picture of yourself as your avatar. People online are always wary of dealing with the
unknown, and a real picture helps them feel that they know you a little. Trust is extremely
important when you are marketing anything on Twitter. People will also more readily recognize
you with a picture, so it's a way to brand yourself. Do not worry about having a professional
photographer take your photo; as long as the picture is decent and shows people your face
clearly it will do.

You should not just follow your friends. Follow your friends' friends as well. You will
undoubtedly have made many friends by the time you have your business Twitter account, plus
also in your niche market. Follow everyone, including the people are followers follow. By
following them, they may reciprocate and follow you.

You can create a Twitter following using a variety of tactics and strategies. There are many ways
to get this done. You could also overlook some obvious ways of getting this done.

Everyone is familiar with Twitter nowadays. There's no reason not to leverage its power for your
online business. There is, however, a science to building up a substantial Twitter following. If
you want to attract a large Twitter following, make sure you implement the above tips. Twitter
can be an important part of your social media marketing, so you should look for ways to connect
it with all of your blogs, websites and other web properties.

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Description: Learn how to use Twitter for internet marketing to get more sales. These techniques work very ell to star building targeted traffic that you can easily convert into customers.