The Difference between the H1B Sponsorship Job and the U.S. General Jobs by NicoleDaisyM


									The Difference between the H1B Sponsorship Job and the U.S. General Jobs

A foreigners who are not a citizen of America or not an LPR residents need a work visa like
any other immigrants in quest of relocating, broaden their horizons and working in the United
States of America, or wish to change the current visa status to a H1B visa transfer, it is a must
and required to acquire a job offer H1B visa sponsorship, you will need to meet some
requirements to qualify and the work should be with a corporation or a Company who hires
migrant workers, and who are willing to sponsor the highly motivated and skilled candidates
employment by applying and filing a petition for an H1B work visa with USCIS (US Citizenship
and Immigration Services).

As a result, your career hunting is very different from the usual because you must meet the US
job standard, criterion and requirements for the H1B visa program, the jobs, employment in the
United States should be currently available for H1B sponsorship. Under the US immigration law:
the US Companies must meet the specific H1B sponsor requirements, abide to H1B policy and
regulations, understand the processes and the responsibilities required of the employers and
most importantly the US Companies who have a job offer must be willing to sponsor/ file a
nonimmigrant petition and apply for an H1B visa.

If you want an H1B visa, visa sponsorship program varies depends on the kind of career you
want to have i.e. temporary work, seasonal work and depend on your skills and the level of your
expertise and the experiences you have. Foreign national’s job seeker who wishes to apply on
sponsorship program can access a list of organization and Companies that sponsors a visa by
applying online.

Currently there are a vast growing numbers of Jobs & Employment based companies and web
sites posted online who are offering for a sponsorships visa but you should be wary of them. The
best way to obtain that sponsorship is to research the Companies who will be needing your skills
and create a blow up Curriculum Vitae that highlights your unusual expertise and exotic skills
that is highly needed in America and above all, market yourself – convince then and makes them
wants to sponsor you.

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