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Pioneer Living History Museum - Wild West Gazette


									   October 2007                                                                       Inaugural Issue                                                                                  Vol. 1 Issue 1
  ritorial Marshall has put Pioneer Village                                                             Pioneer Living History Museum
  on high alert, after a towns-person spot-                                                             An Arizona Treasure in the Phoenix Arizona North Valley
  ted what she described as a well dressed,                                                             In 1956, plans for a living history museum began with a group of Arizona history enthu-
  beguiling vixen type/busybody woman                                                                   siasts. Many landmarks of Arizona history were being destroyed by what many called
  hanging around town yesterday. The
  Marshall has reason to believe that the                                                               progress. These enthusiasts formed the “Pioneer Arizona Foundation, Inc.” Original
  woman is the notorious Alibi who goes                                                                 members include: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lockett, who donated the state land lease to
  by one of the alias’s, Miss Pringle. She                                                              the museum. Paul Fannin, Governor of Arizona in the early 1960s. Barry Goldwater,
  charms the men and cons the ladies out                                                                United States Senator. Carl Hayden, United States Senator. Wesley Bolin, Secretary of
  of their innermost secrets; especially the
  ones with money. Once she has the confi-                                                              State and Governor, George Babbit, Jr., Ann Schmitt Graham, a journalist, & Robert
  dence of most of the town, she rides back                                                             R. Weaver, a Phoenix attorney. The
  to camp. Under the cover of Alibi she, and                                                            Pioneer Village Living History Mu-
  her ruthless gang of desperadoes ride di-                                                             seum celebrated it’s Grand Opening
  rectly back into town, to loot town folk of
  their riches. Once the gang has safely rid-                                                           on February 15, 1969, with Phase 1
  den out of town Miss Pringle returns to                                                               of the Living History Village. Over
  console the poor victims. Of course she                                                               time and with contributions from the
  has an Alibi... Rumor has it, she will be                                                             public, this Village will complete the
  at the 3rd Annual Wild Western Festival,
  September 28th, 29th and 30th at Pioneer                                                              original founders’ dream “our West-
  Village, Phoenix, AZ. Her wanted poster is                                                            ern heritage in Arizona is preserved
  attached to help in her identification. The                                                           for future generations”.
  photographer who took this picture has
  since disappeared. Foul play is expected.
  Please report to the Sheriff or the Wild                                                              WESTERN UNION TELEGRAM
                                                     ALIBI IS A KNOWN CON-ARTIST                        WANTED NOTICE: Sept 27 2007:
  West Gazette if you spot her. The Sher-      Other known Alias’s: Dr. Lil (Peddles Illegal Elixirs)
  iff, and the Pinkerton Office are urging all      Dr. Kate U. Seemore (Traveling Optometrist)         PIONEER VILLAGE, ARIZONA.
  who read this article, to attend the Wild                                                             The Territorial Marshall has been in-
  Western Festival, and perhaps aid in the May Ling(German-Chinese Cook) *Miss Pringle(TownBusybody)
  apprehension the notorious yet beguiling                    Also wanted for                           formed the aforementioned well dressed; beguiling vixen type/busybody woman hang-
  Miss Alibi. if you spot her.                    SPITTIN’IN THE STREETS                                ing around town yesterday was spotted in the north ranch house.
                                                                                                           By the time the posse reached
                                                                                                        the grounds the notorious Alibi;
                                                                                                        alias, “Miss Pringle” had disap-
                                                                                                        peared. Members of her ruthless
                                                                                                        gang of desperadoes are report-
                                                                                                        ed to be near the church; at the
                                                                                                        gazebo and between the black-
                                                                                                        smith shop and the newspaper
                                                                                                        office. A large group is loung-
                                                                                                        ing in front of the Mercantile.
                                                                                                        The good townsfolk of Pioneer
                                                                                                        village need your help driving
                                                                                                        Miss Pringle; or is it Alibi’s;
                                                                                                        desperados from town forever
Wild Western Festival Sept 28-30th                                                                      or the Wild Western Festival
                                                                                                        may never return. Her wanted
3RD ANNUAL WILD WESTERN FESTIVAL                                                                        poster is attached to help in her identification. Pictures of the buildings are attached.
HONORING THE CLASSIC WESTERN “HIGH CHAPARRAL”                                                           The desperados are believed to be among those in the photographs, but no one is sure.
Held each year at Pioneer Village, 1-17 North, Pioneer Exit #225 ,the West is Alive...and                                                 Please report any suspicious activity to the Sherriff.
Wilder than ever at this year’s 3rd Annual Wild Western Festival. Voted one of the “Best                                                  Remember anyone can be a member of this notorious
Western Festivals in the U.S.” by AMERICAN COWBOY MAGAZINE and called “Arizona’s                                                          gang; be careful.
Answer To A Wild West Renaissance Fair” by the Arizona Press, this “History meets Hol-
lywood” family-oriented event was created by D.R. Buck Montgomery, a former Hollywood
Stuntman and General Manager of the Ponderosa Ranch Studio and Theme Park, home of                                                             Primiive Cabin at Pioneer Living History Museum is fur-
the famous T.V. series “Bonanza” who thinks...”You’re Never to Old to Play Cowboy!”                                                          nished.with authentic era furniture and depicts life in the old
SOMETHING FOR ALL AGES This year’s Wild Western Festival has it all...6 stages of                                                            west. Authentic Printing Press above. Photos by Sid Hagel
“Best in the West” Entertainment, Music, and Classic Hollywood Western TV and Movie
Stars, A Kids’ Korral, complete with bounce houses, pony pics, face painting, craft activi-
ties, and guided horse and wagon rides. A Vendor Encampment and authentic Sutlers Row                    William Floyd “Billy” Clayborne
where you can browse 100’s of artisans featuring the best western clothing, leather goods,               This is an original article written by Shari Jo
gift items, unique crafts and one-of-a-kind rare finds. NEW! For 2007, Experience Life in an                           Can the actions of one short period of time define how one man
Authentic Mountain Man Camp. Feast on a variety of Festival foods, treats, and drink that                              is perceived throughout history? The answer is “yes” for a man
is sure to satisfy even the biggest appetite... and for a True West Taste of the old West, visit                       named Billy Claiborne. A mere thirty seconds during the infamous
our Dutch Oven and Chuck Wagon Cook-Off Camps. Even “Hoss” Cartwright would be                                         shootout near the Ok Corral have branded Billy with such labels
proud!..and remember, as Always “ALL Stage Shows are FREE with price of Admission!”                                    as coward, liar, rustler, and outlaw. Do these terms acurately
“Best of the Wild West!” Attire, and perhaps you’ll walk away with the top prize at this                               describe him? Just exactly who was Arizona’s “Billy the Kid?”
years “Wild Western Festival Costume Contest!” Live Music! Great Eats and Drinks, Gypsy
Fortune Tellers...Plus!, A “Who’s the Fastest Gun Alive” Quick Draw Contest! it You?                                William Floyd Claiborne was born on October 21, 1880 in either
Admission $5 Adults, $2 Kids (5-12)                                                                      Mississippi (1) or Alabama (2). While he was still young, his family most likely
                     * 2007 ENTERTAINMENT ROUND-UP *                                                     packed up and moved to Texas. He’s known to have had at least one sibling
* KOWBOY KAL-World Champion Trick Roper & Guinness World Record Holder for the larg-                     named Norman Francis. Growing up in the post-Civil War atmosphere prevalent
est lariat loop, 100feet!                                                                                at the time, the antagonism caused by the influx of northern carpetbaggers in
* SOURDOUGH SLIM-King of the Yodeling Cowboys Star of Stage, Screen & Carnegie Hall!                     an area of southern ranchers couldn’t help but have an influence on young Billy.
* PISTOL PACKIN’ PAULA- Reigning World Champion Six-Gun Spinner and Bullwhip Ex-                         Billy left home as a teenager to work as a wrangler for his uncle on a cattle drive. It
pert & Trick Shot!
* WILD WEST COMEDY GUNFIGHT & STUNT SHOW- Action-Packed Show featur-                                     was at this time that he was introduced to John Slaughter, whose family might have
ing Real Hollywood Stuntmen!                                                                             known the Claibornes back in his home state of Louisiana. Slaughter decided to hire
* WILD WEST ARENA SHOW- Fast Ride’n & Trick Shoot’n with the West’s Best! Gary                           Billy for his upcoming drive from the Texas Panhandle to the San Pedro Valley in the
‘BAD DOG” Bennett!                                                                                       Arizona Territory. When the drive pulled out, Billy, who was just eighteen, once again
* NATIVE. AMERICAN PERFORMERS -Moontee Sinquah, “The Peoples” Spirit                                     left home, but this time never to return. Other hands who road out with Slaughter were
Lives on through Dance & Song!                                                                           Billy Grimes, John Swain (Sweeny), Jeff Lewis, Tad Roland, and Tom Cochran, who
* TOM HIATT and SUNDOWN RIDERS -Arizona’s Top Trio of Cowboy Balladeers!                                 later became involved in the Lincoln County War (3). (A little aside never mentioned
* COWBOY & COWGIRL SINGERS & POETS-A Variety of “Best of the West” Per-
formers Entertain All Day!                                                                               in the article: The Claiborne family of Louisiana counts among its members a former
* DAVE BOURNE- Saloon Piano Player and Actor from the HBO hit DEADWOOD!                                  governor named William Charles Cole Claiborne. When Louisiana became a state he
      * 2007 “STARS OF WEST” (Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Sept. 28,29,30th)                               was appointed as Governor of the Orleans territory and served from 1804-1812. In 1812
* PETER BROWN- Star of the “Laredo” TV Classic and still appearing in numerous                           he was elected Governor of Louisiana and served until 1816, when he was elected to
Movies and TV shows today!                                                                               the US Senate. He died in office in 1817, after only serving a few months in the Senate.)
*WHITEY HUGHES- Actor & Stuntman from the “Wild Wild West”, “Bonanza”, and
countless TV westerns & movies.                                                                          Billy, when he’d been hired on as a cowhand and remuda rider, soon gained a reputation
* DON COLLIER- Actor famous for his role in “High Chaparral” and classics like “The                      as a tenacious, steady, and dependable worker. Each cowboy had a saddle string (mounts)
War Wagon” and “Tombstone.”                                                                              made up of seven to ten head, with each cowboy using three fresh mounts a day including
* BOB HOY- Stuntman & Actor, another “High Chaparral” star, and stunt double for ac-                     the night riders. Depending on how many cowboys were on the cattle drive, there
tors such as Charles Bronson.
*TED MARKLAND- Another “High Chaparral” alumni & star of a variety of feature                            could be up to three hundred horses in the remuda, which was the responsibility of the
films.                                                                                                   horse wrangler. His job included letting the horses graze, keeping them watered, and
* BARBARA LUNA- With “High Chaparral” credits & many other TV & Movie Roles,                             helping the cowboys with a new mount. Every morning the remuda had to be fresh and
including...Star Trek!                                                                                   available for whenever they were needed. In order to accomplish this, the remuda riders
* CHARLIE LeSEUR- Noted Author and Film Historian will be conducting Celebrity                           might have to forgo sleep and meals, spending some very long days in the saddle.(4)
Panel Discussions, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t miss this chance to get “Up-Close
and Personal” with Famous Western Stars of Yesteryear!                                                   Slaughter himself was impressed with Billy’s attitude and work ethic. John Slaughter
DAILY FESTIVAL ADMISSION: $10Adults, $9Seniors, $5 Kids 5-12, Under 5 FREE.                              went on to be Sheriff of Cochise County, was one of those who dealt with the Apache
(Discount coupon & Special Multi-Day Ticket Packages Available                                           trouble in the territory, helped found the first bank of Douglas, and even served in the
On-Line at                                                                  state legislature.(5) In later years he and his wife Viola would remember Billy fondly.
{Celebrities May Change, be Added or Deleted, Due to Availability, Without Notice}
                                                                                                                                                                                      Continues page 2
Wild West Gazette has been a frequent guest
at Canyon Creek Ranch where guests from all
over the world experience the cowboy life.
Pioneer Western Nites
Bison Museum Scottsdale AZ
January   2008                                    Tombstone - Southern Arizona Special Issue                                                  Vol. 2 Issue 1
                                                                                                 Much like Las Vegas today, Tombstone operated 24
                                                                                                 hours a day seven days a week. The saloons and brothels
                                                                                                 were open for the convenience of the miners. A miner
                                                                                                 in Tombstone’s early years made approximately $4
                                                                                                 a day. In comparison, a cowboy made about $30 a
                                                                                                 month. A miner was considered to be a skilled worker.
                                                                                                 The Good Enough Mine was discovered by Ed
                                                                                                 Shieffelin in 1878. Today, the Good Enough Mine
                                                                                                 tour provides a wealth of real history concerning
                                                                                                 Tombstone. Andree & Shirley DeJournett, along with
                                                                                                 their guides, provide an accurate representation of
                                                                                                 life under Tombstone in the 1880’s. Their mine tour
                                                                                                 takes you down into the dark world of the miner. You
                                                                                                 get an insight to the tools, procedures, and pitfalls of
                                                                                                 mining in the 19th century in American southwest.
                                                                                                 Early in 1898, the nearest railroad was nearly 140
                                                                                                 miles to the north and west of Tombstone at Casa
                                                                                                 Grande. Without railroad access, the increasingly
                                                                                                 sophisticated, Tombstone was relatively isolated in
                                                                                                 the largely unpopulated Sonoran Desert wilderness.
                                                                                                 The railroad would reach Benson 25 miles north of
                                                                                                 Tombstone in1882, as depicted in the following short

Tombstone:                                                                  “A six-horse Concord coach carried us, not too speedily, over the twenty-
                                                                            five miles of dusty road to Tombstone. The coach was called the Grand

                 The Town Too                                               Central, after a prosperous mine. A rival line was the Sandy Bob, from its
                                                                            proprietor, who preferred to be thus known, instead of by a conventional

                 Tough to Die!
                 Exciting destinations steeped in Arizona History
                                                                            family name, such as might be found in a directory. We should certainly
                                                                            have taken the Sandy Bob, for its greater suggestiveness, in the line of
                                                                            the Bret Harte romances, except that it was just coming down when we
                                                                            wanted to go up, and coming up when we were going down. However,
               Edward Lawrence Shieffelin was born in 1847, died            our own proved to have a good deal of suggestiveness too. A guard got
               in 1892.    In 1877, he intended to go to California         up with a Winchester rifle, and posted himself by the Wells Fargo Express
               and find gold. He did not make it to California.             box.”
               Instead, he became an Indian scout working out
               of Camp Huachuca. He prospected in his spare                 Tombstone, Charleston (only the foundations remain), and the surrounding
time near the San Pedro Valley, Arizona. The specific site of his           countryside became known as one of the deadliest regions in the West.
exploration was a waterless plateau called Goose Flats. The soldiers        In the 1880s, illegal traffic flourished along the U.S./Mexico border
he scouted for would josh him about his rock hunting; telling him           with American “cow-boys” (Uncivilized gangs from the surrounding
“The only rock you will find out there will be your own tombstone.”         countryside) bringing stolen Mexican cattle north while Mexican
                                                                            smugglers came north for alcohol and tobacco, were at odds with the
Prospecting Goose Flats, Shieffelin discovered a sizable vein               capitalists and immigrant miners who ran the city and mines. On October
of silver. Remembering the jostling he took, he called the mine             26, 1881, this heated situation exploded in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
Tombstone. In 1879, the town of Tombstone was founded. It
boomed into a business city and became county seat in 1882.                 In May of 1882, a second fire was particularly destructive and signaled
                                                                            what many thought was the end of the classic “Town too tough to
                                                                            die”, Tombstone. After the mid-1880s, when the high yield silver
                                                                            mines had been reduced to mining low grade oar in conjunction
                                                                            with the failure of the massive water pumps that were used to
                                                                            deflood the shafts, Tombstone’s existence was again in jeopardy.

                                                                            The town rebuilt, to a lesser degree, and remained the Cochise
                                                                            County seat until 1929. Ranching became the primary income
                                                                            for the area when the mines played out. In 1946, the movie
                                                                            “My Darling Clementine”, started the resurgence of Tombstone.
                                                                            For over 60 years Hollywood has depicted Tombstone as it was in
                                                                            1881. This dramatization of life in the 1880’s has created a thriving
                                                                            tourist industry for Tombstone and southeast Arizona.
                                                                            Resources include:
                                                                            2. City of Tombstone Website
                                                                            3. The Good Enough Mine Tour Tombstone AZ.
In 1881, at the height of Tombstone’s prosperity, his brother Al created    4. Tombstone in 1882 by William Henry Bishop
Shieffelin Hall. The boom in Tombstone lasted until late 1880’s. Around     5. Carmony, Neil B. (ed.) Whiskey, Six-Guns & Red-Light Ladies, George Hand’s
                                                                            Saloon Diary, p. 228.
late 1889, Ed Shieffelin started traveling widely, including Alaska and     6. Motion-picture dramatization of the true story of the gunfight at O.K. Corral, based
Oregon. He always said he wanted to be buried in Tombstone. He was found    on the novel Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshall by Stuart N. Lake
in his Oregon miner’s cabin slumped over a valuable sample of ore, origin
unknown. His Journal said “Struck it rich again, by God.”                   ED SCHIEFFELIN TERRITORIAL DAYS: March 15-16. Honoring
                                                                            the founder of Tombstone. Mining displays, competitions and all-pet parade. Contact
                                                                            Tombstone Chamber of Commerce
Ed Shieffelin is buried in Tombstone. His grave is marked
by a 25 foot high monument representing the type of marker                  HELLDORADO DAYS-79th ANNUAL: Oct 17-19 What started out as
a miner makes striking a claim. It is located on Allen                      the town’s 50th anniversary celebration in 1929 has turned into its oldest tradition.
Street about three miles west of downtown Tombstone.                        Activities include: Reenactment and street entertainment, fashion shows, carnival, live
                                                                            music, beard contest and parade on Sunday. Sponsored by Helldorado, Inc. Contact
                                                                            Steve Reeder at (520) 457-3291 or
Mining was the foremost product of Tombstone in the
1880’s. Tombstone experienced a major destructive                           (SEE PAGE 5 for more exiciting TOMBSTONE EVENTS.)
fire in June 1881, a direct result of the “Boomtown
construction”, and the dry atmosphere of the Arizona desert.
Kingman Route 66 Classic Car Show
Van from CARS
Bob the map artist
from Portal AZ

                     Around the world travelers from UK
May 2008                                             Payson - North Central Arizona Edition                                                           Vol. 2 Issue 3

Zane Grey wrote “My beloved Arizona” referring to his long
term intimate relationship with the state, its history and people
which inspired his writing. Grey wrote 57 novels, over 200 short
stories, 10 non-fiction westerns, hunting and fishing articles and
books and provided inspiration for 130 movies all of which were
enormously successful.

Grey was a baseball player, a New York City dentist and a
starving writer before his tales of the western frontier made him
“the father of the western novel.”

Published in over 20 languages, and estimated annual sales today
between 500,000 and one million copies world wide. The Riders
Of The Purple Sage is considered the quintessential western
                                                                      Gateway to the Rim….
                                                                      by Ed Gagnon
classic of all time.                                                    The scenic drive north on State Route 87 to Payson called “The Beeline Highway”,
                                                                      is a paradigm of beauty between the Sonoran desert and the mountains. The gradual
                                                                      85 mile climb into the mountains from Phoenix (altitude 1,117 feet) to Payson
                                                                      (altitude 4,921) is picturesque.
                                                                         Leaving Mesa traveling through the Fort McDowell reservation into the lower rim,
                                                                      a transition of life occurs. The river scrub and Palo Verde quickly give way to the
                                                                      stately desert sentinel, Arizona’s Saguaro Cacti and the beauty of the Barrel Cacti.
                                                                      Near Payson the Cacti relinquish their sentinel duties to the pine of the high desert
                                                                      and finally to the mature trees of the Rim Country.
                                                                          The landscape transcends the apparent level terrain of the desert valley driving
                                                                      through the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation past the Mazatal (Aztec word
                                                                      meaning “place where deer gather,”) Mountains to the east. Four Peaks and Mazatal
                                                                      Peak are the prominent features as you travel north toward Payson.
                                                                         Originally Union Park was founded in 1882 with a population of 40 in the rolling
                                                                      hills of Green Valley just south of the Mogollon Rim . In 1884, the town’s name
                                                                      was changed to Payson in honor of Congressman Louis Edward Payson of Chicago.
                                                                      He received this honor for being instrumental in obtaining a Post Office in the new
                                                                      settlement. This new Post Office was a predominate factor in the growth of the cattle
                                                                      and logging industries in this region. The abundance of lumber and fertile grazing
                                                                      land is a substantial contribution to Payson surviving for 126 years.
                                                                        Payson is the front door to the high country. It is the closest escape from the Sonoran
The original Zane Grey Cabin was built in its remote location         summer for residents of the eastern Metro Valley. Temperatures are considerably
in the early 1920’s. Prior to being destroyed by the Dude Fire        cooler in summer and winters are mild, creating a wonderful climate for outdoor
in 1990, it was a favorite historical destination for over 20,000     lovers.
visitors a year. Even today, fans of Zane Grey, come to Payson           Many people of the valley do not readily think of Payson as a destination. Cultural
asking for directions to The Cabin.                                   events, Rodeos, Museums, Payson Dew, a concoction brewed by local moonshiners
                                                                      and said to be the best homemade whiskey west of the Mississippi, and the home of
Zane Grey and his stories are an important part of our nations        the western author Zane Grey are just a few of the many reasons to reverse this trend
Western Heritage and a part of Payson’s history as well. The          and spend time in Payson.
historical landmark site has been preserved for future generations        Arizona has been populated for centuries. Read “Apache-Spanish Conflict” by
                                                                      Gene Hearst in this issue Page 4. Learn about the origin of the Apache name, and how
with a replicated cabin historically accurate educational exhibit,    they affected the future of Payson and ultimately Arizona.
giving local residents and worldwide visitors the opportunity to         Visit the Museum of the Rim Country and view exhibits of ancient cultures from
learn more about Zane Grey and his place in history. The Rim          over 600 years past. These exhibits reveal the pottery and basketry, along with a
                                                Country Museum        representation of the lives of the early inhabitants of the rim and Payson area.
                                                p r e s e r v e d        Discovered in 1877 by a prospector fleeing a band of Apaches, the Tonto Natural
                                                many rare Zane        Bridge is a State Park is dedicated to the enjoyment of locals and visitors. It is
                                                Grey     artifacts,   named after the Apaches that roamed the region. The prospector and his descendents
                                                and they have         owned the property until 1948. The bridge has two spring fed waterfalls. There are
                                                become a part of      three routes to the bottom where the hiker is rewarded with the massive opening at
                                                the Zane Grey         the base of the bridge.
                                                Cabin     Exhibit.       After lunch, or a leisurely cowboy breakfast, in one of the friendly locally owned
                                                The         newly     restaurants, a visitor should spend some time at the Ranger Station Museum and the
reconstructed cabin opened in October 2005 and is located on          Zane Grey Cabin. Fire is a constant threat in the forest, and the Zane Grey Cabin
the knoll near the Rim Country Museum at Green Valley Park in         was an expensive historical causality. The Ranger Station tells the visitor the process
Payson Arizona.                                                       of preventing a Forest fire. The reconstruction of the Zane Grey cabin personifies the
                                                                      huge loss from fire in the back country.
                                                                      In old town you find the museums, art galleries and quaint shops that make the
                                                                      afternoon stroll exciting for the shopper and nostalgic to the western historian /
                                                                           From early morning breakfast at the diner to late night at the dance, Payson
                                                                      caters to the tourist, retiree, antique shopper, history buff, and best of all anyone just
                                                                      enjoying life in the Arizona high country. Welcome to the Gateway to the Rim….
                                                                       1. The Mogollon Rim is named after Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollon. He was a governor of New
                                                                      Mexico (territory) 1712 to 1715.
                                                                       2. Zane Grey lived in a cabin near Payson. He wrote several books during his stay. One book
                                                                      “Under the Tonto Rim” was entirely about the people of the Rim country.
                                                                       3. Established in 1991 as a Arizona State Park there is an admission charge. The park visitors and
                                                                      gift shop is the original family home. The road is paved.
Wild West Gazette                                                       4. Zane Grey the original cabin burned. Many artifacts were salvaged and are in the replica
- dedicated to promoting tourism and history of Arizona               cabin .
Fast DrawMatch Pioneer May 17, 2008
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