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     Ceri again opening the Job of “Customer Data Entry at home” , with zero cost and good weekly salary,

Current Job Package is as follows:

||Position||              “ Data Entry of items”                    ||Type||             “Home based part time”

||Term||                  “Project Base weekly”                     ||Duty Hours||       “1-2 hour daily” 5 days a week

||Starting Date||         “21 January 2013”                         ||Salary||           “350Euro per week”

Job Description:

Type our Scan Data record using MS office daily 1-2 hours and return us back MS word file after complete at the end of
the week by Email,

Make sure that your typing work is Free of Spell Errors,

Remember: We Don’t required Fast typing speed, all you have to do work in slow but Accurate,

As soon we receive your work we will transfer your salary of that week immediately,


Job Requirement:

1: Male / Female                                          2: knowledge of Windows & MS Word software
3: Diploma or Degree in any field                         4: Personal Computer
5: Internet Connection                                    6: MS Office software

Hidden Cost or Charges by applicant:

Note that Ceri Inc does Not charge any kind of fee/ membership / or any kind of one time payment etc,
It’s a Fraud to charge any kind of payment before or after to applicant/ employee,
We are very against of this type of Scam,
So at Ceri you can freely apply with confidence you dont need to pay any fee at any stage,

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How to apply for this Job:

Just fill out the following Application form and send us back with you recent CV and Picture to:
                               Application Form for Home Based Data Entry Job:

Personal Information:

Full Name:              Syed shahzad abbas

Address:                H no 329 railway road near shah Khalid colony chaklala
City:                   rawalpindi          Zip Code:           44000                      Country:               Pakistan

Cell Phone:             +923008555999                               Fixed Line Phone:

Gender:                 Male                                        Date of Birth:         15 February 1981


                                          Name                        Graduate? / Degree?                   Subject of Study
                                  F.G.Boys School                   Degree                             Science
High School:
                                  Commerce college                  Graduate                           Commerce
                                  Diploma in computing              Degree                             Computer science
Specialize / Training:

Any other:

Position Sought:

Desire Job:                       Customer Data Entry at home

                                  10 January 2013                                                      350 Per week
Available start date:                                               Desire Salary:
                                  Yes                                                                  6 PM to 12 PM
Are you current Employed?                                           Working hours?

In exchange for the consideration of my job application by Ceri Technology, I understand that the misrepresentation or
omission of facts called for is cause for dismissal at any time without any previous notice.

By signing below, I agree to the statement listed above.

                                 Syed Shahzad Abbas
                                 09 January 2013
Date:                                                                  Signature:

After fill this form Email to:

              Ceri E-books Conversion and Data Technology, Wilschdorfer Landstr. 701, 31147 Dresden,
                             Email:      URL: ,

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