Technical Support Communication chart by monnett


									                            FST COMMUNICATION CHART
                             An open line will be maintained between RTM and DM

RTM/RTS                                                                                                    DM/ADM

                                                     FST                          A weekly meeting between the FST and
          Overall project/task                                                   DM or ADM is required. Ideally this should
      direction and management                                                  be a standing scheduled meeting in person
       Will come from the RTM/                                                 to cover the overall support picture including
       RTS and input and feed-                                                  high level support review. The daily tasking
      back will be solicited from                                               of FSTs should not be done by the DM, nor
                the FST.                                                        should there be a detailed accounting to the
                                                                                 DM/ADM. The DM/ADM should notify the
                                                                               FST of upcoming projects, i.e., moves, class-
                                                                                                rooms, etc.

          When the FST receives the ticket, he                   When issues can’t be fixed remotely
          or she should call the point of contact                they are either escalated (if software
           listed therein ASAP to give them a                     related) or dispatched to an FST.
            time-frame during which to expect                     The RDC will work with the FST to
           contact. Once the issue is resolved                    resolve the problem. If the FST is
           that point of contact or the OL must                      dispatched the RDC must be
                         be notified.                            notified when resolved to close ticket.

  Tax Pros/                              Tickets logged with RDC via phone
                                          or email. RDC techs fix as many
 Leadership                                problems as possible remotely.                              RDC

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