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									 Department of                                                                                                               NatioNal associatioN

                                                        Washington, DC
                                                        Permit No. 9366
                                                        Non-Profit Org.
                                                         U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                      of   Parish catechetical Directors
 Religious Education

T   he Department of Religious Education
    provides national leadership and services
which foster total religious education/catechesis
at all levels – youth, adult, family, parish and
school. Through its publications and projects, the
department encourages education and catechesis
that are evangelizing, ecclesial and responsible.
The department is especially committed to the
support of catechetical leaders in diocesan offices,
parishes and schools. The principal membership
group is the National Association of Parish
Catechetical Directors (NPCD).

                                                                                                   Voice of NCEA
Department Vision Statement

Inspired by the vision and mission of Jesus

Christ, recognizing our role as stewards of the
mysteries of God, the Department of Religious
Education serves all departments of NCEA and
thousands of catechetical leaders by being a

                                                                                                   The Parish
collaborative, evangelizing force through creative
and transformative programs and resources,
                                                       National Catholic Educational Association

while promoting Catholic identity in parishes and
                                                                                                                     The Parish Catechetical Voice of NCEA
The National Association of
                                                       Department of Religious Education

Parish Catechetical Directors
                                                       1077 30th Street, NW, Suite 100

NPCD is the parish catechetical voice of the
                                                                                                                       “The single most critical factor in an
                                                       Washington, DC 20007-3852

NCEA, a professional membership organization.                                                                          effective parish catechetical program
NPCD advances excellence in catechesis by
networking, representing and empowering
                                                                                                                   is the leadership of a professionally trained
parish catechetical leaders at the national,                                                                                    catechetical leader.”
regional and local levels.
                                                                                                                        —National Directory for Catechesis, N. 54, B 5
NCEA Mission Statement

Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the
National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)
is a professional membership organization that
provides leadership, direction and service to
fulfill the evangelizing, catechetical and teaching
mission of the Church.                                                                                                  National Catholic Educational Association
Highlights of
                                                  NPCD New Member Application 2009–2010
Membership Benefits

n   Professional Development Programs &           Annual Membership Fees
    Services through the Department of
    Religious Education’s Institute for           Please Check One:
    Transformative Catechetical Leadership
n   Networking through meetings and               ❑				First member from a parish: $85
    activities of National, Regional, and Local   ❑				Second and third members from same parish: $68 each
    Catechetical Associations                     ❑				Fourth and more members from same parish: $53 each
n   Annual NPCD Convocation & NCEA
    Convention                                    Name_________________________________________________________ Title ________________________________
n   Member Newsletters: NPCD News
    (quarterly), NPCD Highlights (semi-           Diocese____________________________________________ Parish _________________________________________
    annually); and, NCEA’s Journal
    Momentum (5 times a year).                    Office Address _____________________________________________________________________________________
n   ACRE & IFG Religious Education Assess-
                                                  City ___________________________________________ State _____________________ Zip _____________________
    ment Instruments for Youth and Adults
n   Catechetical Scholars Program                 Phone (_______) __________________________________ Fax (_______) _____________________________________
n   National Recognition of Outstanding
    Catechetical Leaders though the Emmaus        E-mail _________________________________________________ Date of Application _______/________/________
    Award, the Mustard Seed Award and the
    Religious Educational Excellence Award
n   NCEA and Department of Religious              Parish Membership $350
    Education publications                        For further information call 202.337.6232, x5740 or e-mail
n   Insurance Programs
                                                  n   Includes pastors, directors and coordinators of religious education/faith formation,
                                                      catechumenate, youth ministers
                                                  n   Five staff members individually named for voting, surveys and special mailings
                                                  n   Membership cards for all catechists: access to NCEA/NPCD Web site & discounts
                                                  n   4 copies of NPCD News and 2 copies of Momentum to each parish
                                                  n   Discount benefits for all members

                                                                  Send completed form with payment to:
                                                                  NPCD, Department of Religious Education
                                                                  National Catholic Educational Association
                                                                  1077 30th St. NW, Washington DC 20007-3852
                                                                  (202) 337-6232 • (800) 711-6232 • fax (202) 333-6706 •
The National Association                                               NPCD Membership Benefits
of Parish Catechetical
Directors (NPCD)                                 National Recognition Awards                                 n Readings for Effective Catechetical Leaders
                                                 n The Emmaus Award is presented to outstanding                II from the writers of NPCD News.
                                                   national leaders in catechesis.                           n A Crucial Key: Generational Perspectives and
                                                 n The Mustard Seed Award is presented to parishes             Catechetical Leadership, Thomas Walters, Ph.D.
Our Focus For 2009-2010                            that exemplify outstanding parental participation.          and Rita Walters.
                                                 n The Religious Educational Excellence Award is given       n Ministry and the Mystical Path: Formation Guide for
n   Advance the professional development           to catechetical leaders who model creativity and            Lay Ministers, Barbara Hughes.
                                                   excellence in parish catechetical programs.
    of parish catechetical directors through
                                                                                                             Professional Development Services
    the 2009 NPCD Convocation workshops          Networking Opportunities                                    n Annual NPCD Convocation will be held April 6-8,
    and program.                                 n NPCD elected regional representatives bring                 2010 in Minneapolis.
                                                   member perspectives to national initiatives.              n The Institute for Transformative Catechetical
n   Foster continuing education through
                                                 n NPCD dialogues with other national organizations            Leadership is a new initiative that offers catechetical
    professional development programs and          on national initiatives.                                    leaders continuing education in leadership, spiritual
    services.                                    n NPCD sponsors DRE Talk, an open forum Internet              deepening and catechetical enrichment.
n   Generate a strong voice on catechetical        e-group for catechetical leaders.                         n NCEA Catechetical Scholars invites veteran diocesan
                                                 n NPCD hosts an annual Convocation for its members            and parish catechetical professionals to participate
    issues at the local, regional and national     with professional development workshops, prayer,            in a significant research project and learn from
    levels.                                        regional meetings, an issues forum, business                nationally recognized theologians.
n   Create networks of NPCD members that           meeting and an awards banquet.                            n The NCEA National Job Bank for catechetical leaders
    serve, support and encourage parish                                                                        can be reached through the association Web site.
                                                 Member Journal and Quarterly Newsletter
    catechetical directors.                      n The award winning NPCD News is sent to members            Member Discounts
                                                   quarterly, featuring professional and practical           n NCEA Publications
                                                   information regarding leadership, spirituality,           n NCEA Convention and NPCD Convocation
                                                   educational enrichment, current issues and news.          n Assessment Programs
                                                 n NPCD Highlights is sent to members twice a year             • ACRE (Assessment for Catechesis/ Religious
                                                   following the NPCD executive committee meetings,              Education for Youth)
                                                   informing members of new initiatives and updates.           • IFG (Information For Growth for adults)
                                                 n NCEA’s award winning journal Momentum is                  n Discount on subscriptions to Today’s Parish and
                                                   sent five times a year featuring educational and            Religion Teacher’s Journal
                                                   catechetical articles, including “DRE Directions.”        n Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan by Mutual of America is
                                                                                                               available when adopted by the institution.
                                                 Professional Publications and Resources                     n Discounted auto rental (Hertz, Alamo, National)
                                                 n NCEA ACRE (for youth) and IFG (for adults) are
                                                   religious education and formation assessment tools        Insurance Program
                                                   that help parish catechetical leaders evaluate, monitor   n Up to $2 million professional liability coverage
                                                   and improve catechetical programs at all levels.            available for employed educators
                                                   (English and Spanish versions available.)                 n $500,000 Cancer Plan: for members under age 65; the
                                                                                                               plan includes special mammography coverage
                                                 Recent Publications                                         n GEICO auto insurance: Call 800-368-2734. (Not
                                                 n The Nature, Tasks and Scope of the Catechetical             available in NY or MA).
                                                   Ministry, Berard Marthaler, OFM, Conv., S.T.D.,           n Supplemental Insurance Programs sponsored by
                                                   Ph.D. 2009 Catholic Press Association Award for             NCEA through the Trust for Insuring Educators.
                                                   second place in the professional books division.
                                                 n For Religious Educators: Islam: What Catholics Need
                                                   to Know, Rev. Elias D. Mallon, Ph.D. 2006 Catholic
                                                   Press Association Award for second place in the
                                                   professional books division.
                              NPCD Regional Representatives                                              2009–2010
                                                                              Kevin J. Cody
                ★ NORTHWEST                                                   NPCD Vice President                                            NEW YORK
                 Tricia Boyle                                                 (630) 257-2371,                        Patricia Manuli
               (503) 364-7202                                                                                                                (845) 297-7586                                                                                                       
                                                       HEARTLAND                                          GREAT LAKES
                                                       Evelyn P. Tucker                                   M. Colleen Gerke
                                                       (314) 487-7970                                     NPCD President
                                                                               (513) 777-4322

                                                                                                                                             NEW ENGLAND
                                                                                                                                             Mickie Prinzivalli-
                                                                                                                                             (203) 637-3661

                                                                                                                                                 MID ATLANTIC
                                                                                                                                                 Catherine McGuire
                                                                                                                                                 (908) 273-6975

                                                                                                                                         Agnes Kovacs
                                                                                                                                         (901) 754-7146

                   Glenna J. Benton                      SOUTHWEST
                       (925) 939-9544                    Mary Jo Wilt
                             (713) 840-8213
                                                                                          Carol Kruskamp
                                                                                          (770) 978-6751

New England: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT, Int’ntl.               Southeast: AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC                       Southwest: AR, NM, OK, TX
New York: NY, PR, VI                                        Great Lakes: MI, OH                                         West: AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT, GU
Mid Atlantic: NJ, PA                                        Midwest: IL, IN, MN, WI                                     Northwest: AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY
South: DC, DE, KY, MD, TN, VA, WV, Military Services        Heartland: CO, IA, KS, MO, ND, NE, SD

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