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					                                                                                                The Woofer
Spring/Summer 2012 Issue

                   Humane Society of Sedona
                   2115 Shelby Drive
                   Sedona, AZ 86336

     Extended n 10-4
            : Ope                                                      Newsletter for the Humane Society of Sedona
      Hours rday &
          Satu    y
                                                 Two Stories: A Reincarnation and A Miracle
                                              A Reincarnation                 away at the age of fourteen.
     Inside This Issue:                       Jimmy has worked at             Exactly six months later, a
                                              Biddle’s Nursery in Sedona      dog that looked exactly like
 A Miracle............................... 2   for 7 years. His faithful dog   Pinto, walked into Jimmy’s
 Purebreds ............................. 2
                                              Pinto waited at home for        house, went over to Pinto’s
                                              him. You see, Pinto was         old bed, laid down and
 If We Build It ......................... 3   born unable                     crossed his front legs, just
 Pet-a-Walkie Photos ............. 4          to walk.                        like Pinto used to do. Jimmy
 Exec Director Interview ......... 6          Jimmy                           was stunned. Where did this
                                              would                           dog come from? How come
 How Donations are Spent ..... 7
                                              come home                       he walked into his house as if        Jimmy and Buddy at Biddles
 Special Thanks ..................... 7       and carry                       he’d lived there for years?
 Personal Ads ........................ 7      him                  Pinto      And why does he look and          he kept him. Buddy couldn’t
                                              around.                         act just like the dog he’d        be a better dog and it’s helped
 Donors & Benefactors .......... 8
                                              Pinto would “swim” where        loved and lost? Jimmy does-       Jimmy feel better about losing
 Quiz for Shelter-Phobics..... 13             he wanted to go and Jimmy                                         Pinto. Or did he?
                                                                              n’t know, but he is grateful.
 Vaccine & Dental Clinic ...... 13            would take him there.           He says no one reported
                                              Unfortunately, Pinto passed                                            See A Miracle on pg 2
                                                                              Buddy missing, so of course

                                                                Do You Have Shelter-Phobia?
      Did You Know?                           Do you                          we get a match, we’ll call you.   Off-Site Events
 Each day 10,000 humans are                   want a pet                      Website                           Check out our Calendar for
born whereas 70,000 puppies                   but you can’t                                                     off-site events. We take pets
                                                                              Check out our website. All
 and kittens are born. As long
                                              bear the                                                          to events all year long.
                                                                              our pets are listed with a
                                              thought of
  as this imbalance continues                                                 photo and description. Call us Be Brave - Take a Tour
                                              coming to
  there will never be enough                                                  to ask about any of them.       Ours is not a typical shelter.
                                              the shelter? If so, you may
   homes for all the animals.                 have “Shelter-Phobia!” It’s     We’ll bring them to you!        It is bright, spacious and
                                              more common than you            See a pet you like on the web? smells good! Stop by and
                                              think, but we can help!         We’ll bring them to you! If     we’ll help you through your
                                                                              it’s a dog, we’ll bring them to phobia and give you a gentle
                                              Wait List
                                                                              you in our outside courtyard. tour. We think you’ll be
                                              Put your name on our “Wait                                      instantly cured!
                                                                              If it’s a cat, we can bring
                                              List” for the pet you want.
                                                                              them to you in a “Meet &
                                              You can specify breed, age,                                         Quiz for Shelter-Phobics
                                                                              Greet” Room.                         Take our quiz on page 13.
                                              size, whatever you want. If
Page 2                           The Woofer                                                       Humane Society of Sedona

A Miracle
Melody the cat was an “only     should have been a fun trip      Manzanita bush and panting
child” and totally adored by    was spent reconciling to the     heavily. He gently picked her           Derek von Briesen
her people, Derek and Teri.     fact they had lost their be-     up and carried her all the                Photography
At 20 years old, and perhaps    loved cat.                       way to his car. He called the
                                                                                                                   Derek donated
at the worst time she could                                      number on her collar, but,                        several beautiful
have picked, Melody disap-                                       of course, no one answered;                       photographs that
                                                                 so he took her to the shelter.                    will be on display
peared. She was relaxing on                                                                                        at Studio Live
the back deck one minute,                                        Although Melody was                               this summer.
                                                                                                                   They are avail-
and gone the next.                                               starving and terribly                             able for pur-
Derek is a photographer for                                      dehydrated, she wouldn’t eat       chase. 100% goes to the shelter.

“Arizona Highways,” and                                          or drink. TJ, one of our long      Derek’s famous photo of Cathedral
                                                                 -time volunteers, gave             Rock (below) was voted one of the
had an appointment at HBO         Teri and Melody cuddled up                                        50 best photos ever published in
in L.A. regarding his photo-                                     Melody an IV and tried             Arizona Highways. It is available
graphs. It was not an ap-       Upon their return to Sedona      several kinds of cat food          for $1700, with 50% of the pro-
                                a week later, Teri called the    until she found one Melody         ceeds of this famous photo going
pointment he could cancel.                                                                          to the shelter.
                                shelter just to check in. She    would eat.
He and Teri spent the next      couldn’t believe it when she
two days scouring the desert                                     It’s no less than a miracle
                                was told Melody was there!       that a 20 year-old cat
behind their house, going       They raced to town and with
door-to-door in the                                              survived three days in the
                                much joy and some shedding       desert, was found, and
neighborhood, calling local     of tears, were reunited with
shelters, and lying in bed at                                    ended up at the shelter! As
                                their beloved cat.               Derek tells it, it is actually
night trying to block out the
sound of coyotes.               Apparently, a hiker from         three miracles and Melody
                                New Mexico spotted an eld-       attained Sainthood-status
It could not be avoided; they                                                                          Check out Derek’s website at
                                erly cat lying beneath a         the day she returned home!
had to head for L.A. What                                                                  

We Have Purebreds!
Do you have a preference for purebred dogs and cats? Consider adopting them at the shelter. Put your name on our “Wait
List” and we’ll call you when we get in the pet that you want.
This past year we had a litter of Cocker Spaniel puppies, several Golden Retrievers and even Sheep-
dog puppies. Some other canine purebreds that have been at the shelter are Basenji, Catahoula,
Dachshund, French Bulldog, Poodle, and Pug, to name a few. We’re happy to watch for your favorite
mixed breeds as well: Labradoodles, Cockapoos, etc. We currently have two adorable Bichon Frise
and a Benji-look-a-like named Buster.
As for cats, last month we adopted out a purebred show-quality Bengal cat. Her previous owners had
paid $2,000 for her! Some of the feline purebreds we’ve had are Abyssinian, Korat, Ocicat, Burmese,
Himalayan, Persian, Egyptian Mau, Manx and Scottish Folds.
We get declawed kitties and polydactyls (six and even seven-toed!); bob-tails and fat cats, couch potatoes and real characters.
You say what you want, and we’ll call you!
The Woofer                                                  Humane Society of Sedona                                    Page 3

If We Build It, They Will Come!
Our Old Shelter
Our old shelter (shown below) was falling apart. Pet illnesses were hard to control due to lack of ventilation and poor air
quality. Insulation was minimal, mainly because the building had been more of an outbuilding in a previous life. Our feline
unit was a small room with stacked kennels. Our washer and dryer were never able to handle the heavy loads. The question
was, do we try to remodel little by little or build a new shelter all at once?

Leap of Faith
In 2004, the Board and staff decided to take a leap of faith and build a state-of-the-art facility for the animals. We needed
$4.5 million, and raised $3.1 million through private donations and pledges! A mortgage was taken out for the remaining
$1.4 million. The new building (photos below) provided a proper quarantine area, a surgical clinic, a commercial laundry
space and enough room to house the more than 1,000 animals we receive annually.

Remember the Animal Care Center!
Now that we have the Animal Care Center built, we need to create an Endowment to ensure its longevity. Help guarantee
the Center will be here for decades to come by naming us in your will. We welcome any percentage or amount. Please call us
if you have questions, and notify us when naming us as a beneficiary. Not only does it help us plan, but we would love to
acknowledge your gift. If you’re looking for more immediate ways to help, here’s some additional ideas!

Easy Ways to Help the Cats and Dogs!
 Hate to write birthday & sympathy cards? Let us do it. Send us a donation and we’ll hand-write your cards for you!
 Sponsor a Dog Run or Cat Cottage and we’ll create custom signage with a photo of your choice! (Forms are on-line)
 Make an on-line donation at We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.
 Please call 282-4679 or stop by. We’d be happy to chat with you.
Page 4                             The Woofer                                                   Humane Society of Sedona
                                                                                                       2115 Shelby Drive

                                    Tlaquepaque Pet-a-Walkie
Our first annual Tlaquepaque Pet-a-Walkie was held in May. It included a pet parade, pet contest, raffle, booths, a Quick Paw
Draw by local artists and great entertainment. Save the date for next year’s event on Saturday, April 13th!
The Woofer   Humane Society of Sedona                            Page 5
                    2115 Shelby Drive

                                    Constest Winners
                                    Most Fashionable: Debbie & Zuki
                                    Best Look-a-Like: Spencer & Cody
                                    Best Pet Trick: Tara & Misiu
                                    Most Unusual: Ryan & Rufus
                                    Best in Show: Elaine & Emmett

                                   A Big Thank you to:
                                    Paws-itively the Best
                                    Wendy Lippman & Tlaquepaque
                                    We couldn’t’ have done this event
                                    without you, Adam & Floyd.

                                    Other Amazing People,
                                    Sponsors & Donors:
                                    Whiskers Barkery
                                    Sedona Monthly
                                    Entertainment by Tom & Shondra
                                    Sedona Pines Resort
                                    Wib Middleton
                                    Steve Gurley
                                    Eric Williams
                                    Feliz Navidad
                                    Mayor Rob Adams
                                    Lori Lo Duca
                                    Thomas Zielinski
                                    Donna Cavedon
                                    Becky Kruse
                                    Ken Rowe
                                    Susan Kliewer
                                    Jeff Dolan
                                    Mike Trcic
                                    Lynn Heil
                                    Jack Morley
                                    Betty Carr
                                    Rene’s at Tlaquepaque
                                    Oak Creek Brewery
                                    El Rincon
                                    And all our volunteers, dog walkers,
                                    and vendors. Thank you also to all
                                    our participants as well! Special
                                    thanks to Joanna Watson for
                                    coming up with the name
                                    “Tlaquepaque Pet-a-Walkie.”

                                   Photos by Wib Middleton, at
                                   Thunder Mountain Design.
Page 6                                 The Woofer                                                           Humane Society of Sedona

Interview with our Executive Director, B Skielvig
Birgitte Skielvig, better known as “B,” has been with the shelter for 23 years and has been the Executive Director since 1995. Previous to her
work at the shelter she worked as a Herpetologist (reptile keeper) at the Phoenix Zoo. She has her degree in Zoology.
                             Q. How did you get from the Phoenix Zoo to managing a shelter?
                             A. I loved my work at the Zoo, but didn’t want to live in Phoenix anymore. In 1989, when Sedona
                                was getting ready to incorporate, I knew the town would need an Animal Control Officer.
                                However, when I applied, I found out they had just hired the Shelter Manager. Even though it
                                meant a pay cut, I applied for her vacated position at the shelter. I’ve been here ever since. I was
                                appointed Executive Director in 1994.

                             Q. Recently, when there was a lot of change going on at the shelter, you were asked what you were going to do. You
                                said, “I am meant to be here, so I will just keep doing my job.” Tell me about how you came to that conviction.
A. Even from the shelter’s humble beginnings, I had a vision of what the shelter could become. I have always had that
   vision and a commitment to see it through.

Q. Staff admires your integrity, but mostly your even temperament. How is it you are able to remain so calm regardless of the situation?
A. Age! Seriously. I’ve learned to steer conversations in a constructive direction and end on a positive note. I feel empathy
   for practically every story and have learned to remain non-judgmental. We are in a business that is emotional by nature,
   and it’s my job to help everyone remain calm. Besides, I’ve had to give up pets, so I have respect for those who have to
   also. That’s why we are here.

Q. Why is the Humane Society of Sedona an “almost no kill” shelter, rather than a “no kill” shelter?
A. Our philosophy is to take in and care for all animals. We don’t turn animals away for any reason. However, we believe
   those that are critically ill should not suffer a prolonged death and therefore we sometimes euthanize. We don’t adopt out
   dangerous animals. We deem it more respectful to euthanize than have them remain in a kennel the rest of their lives.

Q. If you could have one non-monetary thing, what would it be?
R. A. Some guarantee that the shelter will be here for decades to come. It’s my focus right now. Concerning non-monetary
   matters, I’d like to see better state laws that protect pets, a Trap-and-Release program for feral cats, and a crackdown on
   the way farm animals are housed and butchered, just to name a few.

Q. What do you see as the biggest needs regarding animals in the local area?
A. Although Sedona has very responsible pet owners for the most part, probably the biggest issue in
   the Verde Valley is the need for spaying and neutering. There are too many colonies of unsterilized
   pets in the area. We are committed to offering low-income families subsidized rates at our
   spay/neuter clinic to limit the number of unwanted pets.

Q. You seem to have endless ideas for the future of the shelter. Can you share a couple?
A. To develop another source of income, perhaps a second Thrift Shop, in order to not be so depend-
   ent on city and county contracts. The contracts are a small but critical part of our budget and must
   be negotiated annually. Also, to provide staff with benefits, if allowed that luxury someday. Finally,
   an endowment that will ensure the life of the organization long after I’m gone.
                                                                                                                          B’s first year at the shelter

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
A. John and I are avid gardeners. We spend a lot of time working on our place, or taking our dogs Cricket and Lizzy, and
   going fishing. On our last vacation, we went to Texas for the NASCAR races.
The Woofer                                                             Humane Society of Sedona                                                   Page 7

Funding - Where it Comes From and How Its Spent
                                                                                                      Shelter Revenue
As you can see, 54% of our revenue comes from individual
                                                                                                Interest &         Other
donations. If you add in the Thrift Shop, almost 80% of our                                     Dividends           1%
income is from community support. The remaining amount                                              4%

is from city and county contracts, programs and fees, and                                     Thrift Store
investments. Please consider becoming a Guardian and                                                                          Donations &
supporting your community shelter. Guardianship is                                                                            Fundraising
                                                                                             Programs &
available on-line at our website and is quick and easy.

            How Funds are Spent
           Mortgage                            Thrift Store
Fundraising 11%                                   12%              Our biggest expenditure is operating the shelter. When you
                                                                   think about housing, feeding and treating over 1,000 animals
                                                                   every year, seven days a week, costs add up quickly! Utilities
                                               Shelter             were over $60,000 last year. Please consider donating or
          Mgmt &
          General                             Operation            arranging for a bequest that will guarantee the shelter will be
           19%                                  47%
                                                                   here in perpetuity.

                                                     Personal Ads
           Special Thanks to:
                                                                                      SM Looking for Love - I am a handsome young male
● Hillary Hirche, owner of The Midi-Store in                                          ready to settle down. I am independent but social. I love
  VOC, for donating two sets of speakers.                                             PDA. Family is important to me. Anxious to meet someone
                                                                                      who has love to give. Let's just relax...become friends, get
● Heidi Knight for purchasing a case of                                               to know each other... and see what happens. Call me at
  Stretch & Scratch boards for the kitties.                                           928-282-4679 and ask for “Shakespeare.”
● The Pumphreys, Westras and their crew
  for creating a successful auction that
  raised $7,000 for the shelter!                                                SBM wants to hook up - Looking for a cool guy to hang with?
                                                                                I have no formal education but am extremely smart. I live to
● Tlaquepaque for sponsoring the                                                please. I’m looking for someone for a LTR! Age is unimportant
  Pet-a-Walkie.                                                                 to me, as long as you match my enthusiasm for life. Must love
                                                                                walks and hikes. E-mail me at,
● Kudos for partnering with us on
                                                                                Attn: “Vanillie.” WAA
  upcoming events.

● Adventure Glass for continuing to give a
  portion of sales to the shelter.                  HWP - Height/weight proportionate LTR - Long term relationship PDA - Public displays of affection
                                                    SBM - Single Black Male SM - Single Male WAA - Will answer all
Page 8                               The Woofer                                                         Humane Society of Sedona
                                                                                                               2115 Shelby Drive

Our Donors and Benefactors                                                             Wayne Braun
                                                                                       Lisa Bravo
                                                                                       Karen Brayton
                                                                                                                     Joe & Irene Cantrella
                                                                                                                     Tracey Capello
                                                                                                                     Robert S. Carabell
                                                                                       Alan & Linda Brecher          Debb Carl & Airen Sapp
                             Philippa Atterbury          Nathan Berkson                Sheldon Breitbart             Ann Carlson
                             George & Claudia Ault       Tim Berner                    Cindy Brennan                 Dixie Carlson
                             Ken Aurich                  Mark Bernhardt                Christopher Brereton          Elan Carlson
                             Aisha Ayazi                 Bob & Donna Berry             Sirena Brewer                 Judith Ann Carlson
                             Connie Ayer                 Diana Bearcloud Berry         Phil Briggs                   Yvonne Carmichael
                             Cherly Bablitz              Dr. Christina Bertch          Nell Bright                   Susan Carollo
                             Renee Bacas                 Gator Bertini                 Danica Briseno                Tracy A Carpenter
Linda & Dan Abbot            Helena Bacellar             Dr. Kenneth Bescak            Robert A. Bristol             Glen Carroll
Rod & Peg Abbott             Walter & Marie Bache        Margaret & Jeffrey Beusse     Cynthia Brito                 Elinor Carson
Heather Adams                James & Dawn Bachler        Fred & Marilyn Bezanson       Vic & Virginia Brizzi         Jeff Carter
Justin Adams                 Bruce Baenziger             Bike & Bean                   Amanda Brodsky                Teresa Carter
Marilyn Adams                Peter Baenziger             David & Jennette Bill         Leonard & Leona Brodt         Gina Cassidy
Marsha Red Adams             Jeanne Baggs                Sheneal Billings-Giorgianni   Sally Jane Brogdon            Laura Castree
Les Adler & Lea Gracer       John & Lori Baidinger       David C. Billingsley          Jacqueline Brotz              Ernesto Castro
Sandra Adler-Schultz         Frances Bailey              Carole Binswanger             Amber Brown                   Elaine M Caughlin
Adobe Village Graham Inn     Fred Baker                  Suzanne Bird                  Connie Brown                  Virginia Cerda
Advanced Calibration Label   John & Ortence Baker        Elizabeth Bishop              Debbie Brown                  Douglas Ceredon
Adventures in Auto Glass     Sherri Baker                Dr. & Mrs. David Black        Elise Brown                   Sue L. Chaffee
Kevin Ahern                  Susan Baker                 Robin & Wayne Blakey          James Robert Brown            Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Chandler
Holly Ahlberg                Wendy Baker                 Harmony Blanchard             Merlyn Brown                  Robert Chang
Joan Aktabowski              Rick Baldauf                Joanne L. Blatt               Michele Brown                 Sharon Chapman
Robert & Shirley Albrecht    Pam Balducci                Linda Blauert                 Ruby Brown                    Marian W. Charles
Bob Alcorn                   Valerie Baldwin             Christine Bleicher            Claudia Bruce                 Paula Charnesky
Rae Alexander                Marie Baley                 Monica E. Bleiler             Jessica Brueland              William Chase
Susan & Thomas Alexander     Donna Balogh                Barbara Bloch                 Holly Brundage                Frankie & Rosemary Chavez
Tina Allegrezza &            Joan & W.E. Bankert         Nena Bloom                    Mr. & Mrs. William Brunner    Peggy Chepeleff
 Al Felicione                Jamie Barajas               Peter & Mary Bloomer          Anna Brunner                  Jeanne Chesworth-Niss
Helen Allen                  Skip Barchan III            Tom Blosser                   Damian Bruno                  IIdiko Chikan-Adair
Penny Allen                  Robin Bard                  Julie Bluff                   Danice Bruno                  Stephanie Chris
Sarah Allen                  La Quita Barnes             William Blume                 David Brushwood               Vince Chris
Susan Allison                Beverly Barnes              George & Darlene Boddy        Margueritte M. Bryan          Richard & Cheryl Christenson
Dorothy Allman               Ronald Barnes               Billy Bodnar                  Anne Bryand                   Joan Christians
Robert Altherr               Gloria Barren               Body Mind & Soul, Inc         George & Connie Jo Bryant     Harry Christie
Sage Alvar                   Delores Barrett             Amanda Bolan                  Charles Buchan                Donald Christman, Jr
Michael Amadei               Lawrence Barrett            Craig Bollen                  Roy Buck                      David & Sherry Christoff
Kay Amalfitano               Michelle Barrett            Bruce & Rita Bond             Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Budnick     Diane L. Churko
Willard & Janet Ambrosse     Linda Barron                Dr. Christopher & Sandra      Ron & Glenda Budnick          Carol Chvala
David J. Anderson            Harold Bass                   Bonnet                      Sherry Llynn Bujol            Joan Cipriano
Margaret Anderson            Ron Bauman                  Linda Borel                   Michelle Bunch-Smith          Erika Cizma
Priscilla Anderson           Susie Baumgardner           Gordon & Nita Bose            Kayla Burgos                  Beverly J. Clark
Shannon Anderson             William & Nancy Baxter      Jim Bottarini                 John & Harriette Burkhalter   Ulle Clark
T.J. Anderson                Russ & Mary Beattie         Michael & Jane Bove           Shirley Burks                 Classy Critters
Norm Andrade                 J.L. Beaudoin               Shawna Bowen                  Jen Burns                     Paul & Shani Claus
Josef & Lois Anetzberger     Jodi Becker                 Pat Bower                     Tracey Burraston              Lee & Elizabeth Clegg
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Angelo     Lisa L. Becksted            Jeri Boyer                    Howard Burrell                Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Clem
Angelstar Fleet              Jody & Monica Beeler        Ronnie & Judy Boyer           Missy Buress                  Gail Clement
Gerald R Anstine             Denise Bein                 Justina Boyle                 J. Sage Burrows               Beatriz Closa
Shawn Anthony                James Belding               Michael Boyle                 Alta M. Bury                  Reynalso Clutario
Jane Apfel                   Mark Benassi                Sammy Bradford                Mark & Carla Butler           Hugh & Connie Coble
Johanna Apter                Allan Benchman              Chris Bradley                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Butler        Jackie Coffey
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Aranoff   Shari Bender                Larry Bradley                 Geep Butner                   Dustin Coker
Mr. Robert Arbogast II &     Bob & Joanne Benedict       Stephanie Bradley             John & Frederica Button       Jack Cole
   Ms. Corin Athenour        Marie Benko                 Tara Bradley                  Marc Byrd                     John & Jean Coleman
Betty Arbogast               Cynthia Bennett             Maria Brady                   Corrine Cabell                Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Collins
Adan Arceo                   Michael Bennett             Bill & Kelly Brainard         Cabins in the Canyon          Janet D. Collins
Shelly Ardis                 Heide Benson                Jannelle Brainard             Nadia Caillou                 Michael Colpitts
AZ Community Foundation      Kim Benson                  Lyman & Ann Brainerd          Juli Calandra                 Shari Colwell
Billie Armstrong             Kristina Berger             Bruce & Kathy Bramblett       Patricia Calvin               Nelda L. Conant
David & Vivi Arnett          Michelle Bergeron           Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Brandon      Bill & Susan Cammock          Jan Condon
Josette Arvey                Sahara Bergstrom            James Brassard                Jeff & Linda Campbell         Lee Congdon
Jackie Ascione               Candace & Marc Beringer     Patsy Bratte                  Suzanne Campo                 Jack & Marlene Conklin
Matt & Felida Ashley         Jay & Barbara Berkowitz     Samuel & Sarah Braun          John & Linda Canon            Louisa M. Connell
 Donors listed are from July 2011 to May 2012. If we have missed your name, we apologize. Please let us know and we‘ll print a correction.
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                                                                         2115 Shelby Drive

Andri Connors                 Linda Joe Day               Linda Edner                Mr. & Mrs. Edward Foley    Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Goldsmith
Kathleen Conrad               Judy Days                   Larry & Patricia Egger     Patricia Fonsece           Marguerite Gordon
Diego Constante               Kenneth A De Carlo          Jerome Ehrhartdt           Gerry Fortier &            Sabrina Gordon
Mary Contino                  Richard & Karen Deal        Richard Eibeck               Sandra Allan             Roberta Gorin
Ed & Julia Conway             Lorraine Dean               Elaina Eich                Alexander Fortunato &      Sally Gorski
Jessamine Conway              Judy Ann Deans              William & Virginia Eich      Sherry Shively           Jacqueline Gottlieb
Adam Cook                     Bryan DeFlores              Sandra Eichhorn            Pat & Don Foster           Mary Ann Gove
James Cooley                  Susan DeFuria               Markus & Anja Eisenbeiss   Russell & Virginia Fox     Richard & Cynthia Gozzi
Jenny Coons                   Carl Degersdorff            El Portal                  Yvonne Fox                 Bonnie Grace
Judy Cooper                   William & Linda Dellandre   Lynette Elfman             Gary Franck                Maria Grace
Oliver & Corrie Cooperman     Judith Demastus             Amanda Eller               Marilyn Frank              Alvin & Dorothy Graf
Al & Rise Cornelio            Dana DeMerritt              Dennis & Sally Elliott     Dorothy Frankel            Kelly Graham
Cornville Country Market      Joe & Joy Demme             Fran & Ed Elliott          Veronica Frasca            Jay Gray
Cornville Pet Clinic          Tim & Cathy Deneau          Jackie Ellis & Donna       Elina Freitag              Pat Gray
Joana Corrie                  Wendy Denes                   Michaels                 Margaret Frey              Victoria Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Trent Cosse        Donald & Karen Denison      Harmony Elohin             Constance Freyling         Butch & Diane Greathouse
Deborah Costa                 Nancy DePuy                 Loretta Emerdinger         Paul & Maureen Frieder     Alvina Green
Anne Costanzo                 Kevin & Linda Deringer      Joe & Martha Emma          Nancy Freidman             Foy Green
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Cotter   Jaimie DeRitter             George & Ellyn Emmons      Dan & JoAnn Fritsch        Cole Greenberg
Penny Coulter & Mel Hursh     Jenifer Desmond             Empire Nails LLC           Mr. & Mrs. Edward Frost    Kellie Maria Greenrock
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Donna Kay Dabbs               James & Sarah Dolliver      Ornella Faccin             Richard & Shirley Gee      Paulette Walker Guinn
James Daddio                  Irene Donahue               Peter & Janet Fagan        William & Cheryl Geffon    Kim Guisinger
Ken & Christine Dahl          Sheila Donovan              Sharon Fairbanks           Erich Gehrke               Gary & Catherine Gunder
Nicole Dailey                 Vernon & Peggy Dorrell      Susan Faithe               Roxanne Genardo            James Haden
Karen Daines                  Sandra Doskocil             Davida Farley              Caroline Genovese          Pat & Bill Haenisch
Bobbie Dales                  Meg Downs                   Leise Farr                 Vincenza Genovese          Eleanore Haga
Rick & Lucy Daley             Shelly Doyon                Judy Favorite              Margie Gerardi             Larry & Janice Hale
Sandy Daly                    Marcia Dragiewicz           Maureen Fawcett            Margie & Mickey            Robert & Jean Hall
Dana Danto                    Gary Drake                  Jan Fazio                    Gershtenson              Vaughn & Vicki Hall
Dorothy Davis                 Marilyn Dreste              John Featherstone          Danielle Gersper           Chad Hall-Spector
Stacy Davidson                Garielle Drumm              Karin M Febbrini           Jordan Gibbs               Lauren Hamachi
William Davidson              Christy Ducharme            Mary Feeney                Elizabeth Gibson           Nadia Hamburger
Howard & Deborah Davies       Dave DuGuay                 Trina Feldman              Mrs. Norma Gibson          David & Joanne Hamerski
Mr. & Mrs. John Davis         Joan Duke                   Feliz Navidad Sedona       Stephanie Giesbrecht       Cliff & Katie Hamilton
Don & Sallie Davis            Tracey Dunbar               Lisa Fenn                  Margaret Giles             James & Lyne Hamilton
Elinor Davis                  Jan Dunham                  Joyce Feret                Patricia M. Gill           Jim Hamilton
Jennifer Davis                Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Dunlap     Tory Ferguson              Mr. & Mrs. John Gillen     Susan Hammond
Joann Davis                   Russell L. Dunn             Tamara Fernandes           Mr. & Mrs. Todd            Danna Hancock
Marn Davis                    Nelson Durkee               Lorraine Fexas               Gillenwater              Judy Haney
Stephen & Pat Davis           Michael & Jeanette Dux      Wally & Manfred Fiebig     Jack & Patsy Gilliam       James & Barbara Hankins
                              Charles & Debbie Dyer       Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Fiori   Kelly Gilligan             Gwen Hanna &
                              Phoebe Dylan                Kevin Fiscor               John & Gina Gillman          Dale Albright
                              Alane Dykes                 Mrs. Patricia Fisher       Mr. & Mrs. Tom Gilomen     Sandra Hansen
                              Mark & Beth Dzierson        Calla Fisher               Skye Girardin              John & Rosemarie Hanson
                              Ken Dzugen                  Vickie Flanagan            Taylor Kurz                Lynn & Jeunesse Hanus
                              Linda Earl                  Hushimuni & Mia Fliers     Charlotte Gish             Colleen Harbison
                              Dr. & Mrs. Harry Easton     Carol J. Flynn             Martin & Lisa Glinsley     Maureen Harbison
                              William & Roseann Ebert     Eric J. Fogal              Lisa Goin                     Continued on pg 10
Page 10                               The Woofer                                                           Humane Society of Sedona
                                                                                                                  2115 Shelby Drive

Our Donors and Benefactors continued
                                                                                         Ihor & Susan Kleban           William & Francine Levengood
                                                                                         Betsy Klein                   Dick Levy
                                                                                         Theodore Klein                Paul Leydecker
                              Sara Hockenbery              James Jean                    Jody Kleine                   Anastazia Leyva-Castillo
                              Thora Hodge                  Eric & Evelyn Jensen          Jackie Klieger                Richard Leza
                              John Hoeschele               Mitzi Jex                     Dr. & Mrs. Robert Koepke      Judy Lezcano
                              Doug & Sheila Hoffmeyer      Brenda Jobe                   Mrs. Sally Kohrs              Rose Marie Licher
                              Madeline Hofmann             Edward Johns                  Ty Koontz                     Paul & Phyllis Lindberg
                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Holeman    Hoyt & Marcia Johnson         Ken & DeAnne Kopietz          Elizabeth Lindsay
Rita Harding                  Mr. & Mrs. Haskell Holeman   Mr. & Mrs. John Johnson       Fay D Kornfeld                Romy Lipp
Doug & Jean Haren             Hack & Connie Holeman        Barbara Johnson               Cynthia Koubeck               Katherine Litke
Patricia & Joel Harms         Carolyn Holland              Carol Johnson                 Mary E. Krager                Mike & Barbara Litrell
Don & Laurel Harr             Linda Holycross              Irving Johnson Estate         Bruce Kramer                  Ruini Lun
Jane Harrimgton               Dolores Homan                Loretta S Johnson             Joan Kramer                   Ian Livingstone
John Harris                   Wally & Jackie Hornberger    Madeleine Johnson             Cherrilyn Krantz              John Lloyd
Pamela T. Harris              Elijse Horstman              Nicha Johnson                 Anne-Marie Kraus              Lori LoDuca
Richard L Harris              Ron & Cheryl Horwart         Tom & Noreen Johnson          Marion Kreger                 Darci Lodmell
George & Kristeen Harrison    Vera Hostler                 Tyler Johnson                 Chris Kroeker                 Christine Lohr
Hinton Harrison               Sam & Gerri Hough            Lori Johnston                 Dick & Becky Kruse            Carlos & Lillian Lombardo
Robert & Sharon Harrison      Cheryl Howard                Allison Jones                 Carol Kruse                   Dana Looney
Charles Hart & Agda Freitag   Connie Howard                Carolyn Jones                 Chris Kuber                   Sharon Lopez
Jo Harte                      Richard & Judith Howard      Judie Jones                   Kristin Kuehn                 John & Deborah Losse
Evette Hartig                 J.D. Howe                    Lavon & Nancy Jordon          June Kwark                    Andrew Loudon
Cornelia Hartley              Kathy Howe                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jorgensen   Jill Kyriakopulos             Doug Loughmiller
Paula Harvey                  Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Hoyt        Brian & Emily Judd            Mr. Bill Lacy &               Brent & Linda Lowenberg
Mr. & Mrs. James              Therese Hrdlicka             Rosie Judd                       Ms. Linda Goldenstein      Elizabeth Loyd
  Harvie-Watt                 Bryan & Annette Hubble       Michael Judd                  Jerry & Susan Ladhoff         Melissa Luca
Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Harville    Harald & Leslie Hudak        Judi's Restaurant             Grace Lahr                    Gregg Lugviel
Nancy Hashim                  Bob & Valerie Hudson         Mary Juharos                  Nancy Ann Lake                Charles Lundstrom
Karen Hatch                   Janus Hudson                 Brian Julian                  Mike Lamb                     Rick Luther
Ben Hatfield                  Bob Huggins                  Nancy Jung                    Richard & Susan Lamb          Beth Lutz
Bob & Karen Hatler            Diana Hughmanick             Dwight & Andrea Kadar         Ed & Kimberly Lambert         Sean & Diane Lyons
Pat Hays                      Patricia Hume                Chris Kagawa                  Jennifer Lambert              Debra A. Lysy
Carol Hazelett                Eva Hummel                   Erik Kain                     Mary Lame                     Don Macauley
Marshall & Jeannie Head       Jerry Humphress              Danitza Kalas                 Mrs. Frank Lane               Cary MacBarron
Robert & Linda Heald          Ed & Sharon Hunt             Carol Kamen                   Hal Lang                      Robert MacDonald
Debbie Heath                  Beverly Huntington           Ann Kankaanpaa                Paul Langston-Daley           April Machnicki
Elias & Barbara Hebeka        Spencer & Tally Huntoon      Gary & Nancy Karademos        Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lanphear     Eddie Maddock
Thomas & Terrie Heekin        Ricki Hyde                   Cynthia Kasbohm               Judy Lanphear                 Marc Maddux
Dennis Helgeson               Harlan Idel                  Bob & Janis Kashimoto         Arwyn Larkin                  Robert Maggio
Teresa Helm                   Stephen Imms                 Dick & Joanne Katnik          Mari Larson                   Charles & Marie Magoffin
Colin & Julie Hemming         Edward Ingraham &            James Kaufman                 Sunday Larson &               Kevin Maguire
Florence Henninger              Martha Mertz               D'Ann Kavanaugh                  Rick Lamont                Madeline Mahler
David Henrickson              Meg McMullen                 Patti Kayne                   Heather Lary                  Diana Maitland
Clyde & Elaine Henry          Veronica Irons               Charles Keeling               Phyllis Latch                 Charles Lee Major
Sandra Hensley                Constance D. Israel          Larry Keiser                  Nancy Lattanzi                Robert & Susan Makoff
Claire Henson                 Barbara Iverson              Jean Kelling                  L'Auberge de Sedona           Mary Mal
Leslie Herda                  Scott Jablow                 Craig & Karen Kennedy         Cyndy Lauren                  Peter Malmgren
Margarito Hernandez           Sheila Jackman               Sandy Kennedy                 Patricia Lavin                Scott & Mercedes Mangarpan
Assunta Herrick               Lisa Jackson                 Sara Janet Kennedy            Bette Lawler                  Dee Manges
Marion Herrman                Margaret L. Jackson          Banita Kern                   L.G. & J.M. Lawler            Sandy Manno
Barbara Hess                  Devra Jacobs                 Earl & Aloma Kern             Muriel Lawler                 Anthony Maramarco
Linda Hicks                   Robert & Sally Jahns         Ann Killian                   Geoffrey & Charlotte          ReNae Marasco
Randy Hicks                   Jenny Jahraus                Kim Joy                          Lawrence                   Richard & Christine Marcus
Mary Ann Higbee               David & Barbara Jahsman      Carollee Kimble               Jacob Lawrence                Edith Mark
Ron & Carol Higgins           Anita Jakim                  E. Lee King                   Donna Laws                    Michael & Heather Markert
Ingeborg Hilberg              Marvin James                 Kimberly King                 Leinani Leatherberry          Grace Marks
Paul Hill                     Mr. Max James & Ms. Linda    Virginia Kinnaman             Deborah Leatherwood           Alissa Marquess
Karen Dilks                   Johansen                     Jeannine & Mark               Linda Lebec                   Elaine Marstad
Barbara Jo Hillyer            Elyse James                    Kinney DVM                  Dr. & Mrs. Seung Heun Lee     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Martin
Beverly Hinchcliffe           Thomas C. James              Bruce M Kinney                Aileen Lee                    Mary D. Martin
North & Constance Hinkle      Gail Jamesen                 Renee Kirby                   John Lelak & Linda Ojajarvi   Walt & Bonnie Martin
Hillary Hirche                Paul & Beth Jankovsky        Donna Klaaren                 Debi LeLusche                 Ron & Linda Martinez
Art Hiscox                    Nancy Spheeris               Jon & Diane Klaaren           Jerry Lemons                  Grace Martinez
Susanne Hoagland              Jay & Afsaneh Javey          Caroline Klapper              Michael & Nancy Leonard       Phil Martinez
Dan Hobill                    Alarya & Bernard Jay         Stephanie Klatt               John & Maggie Lepes           Susan Martin-Flory
   Donors listed are from July 2011 to May 2012. If we have missed your name, we apologize. Please let us know and we‘ll print a correction.
The Woofer                                                       Humane Society of Sedona                                       Page 11
                                                                        2115 Shelby Drive

Shawn Martinko                Mr. & Mrs. Warren Meyer     Christina T. Ngo             JoAnn Pearsall               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph
Ruth Marvin                   Amanda Meyer                Caydence Nguyen              Carolyn Pearson                Reddington
Los Abrigados                 Cody Meyer                  Linda Nicholas               Georgia Pearson              Jennifer Reddington
Suzanne Masitti               Martha Miehle               Rey Nichols                  Lester & Sally Peck          Norma Redish
Meri Massaro                  Malu Milan                  Louis & Beverly Nigro        Paul & Selena Peck           Redrock Precision Motors
Judy Matteson                 Diana Milenkovitch          Roxanne Louise Nilan         Pedigree Foundation          Patsy Reed
Lynn Mathews                  Mr. & Mrs. Ben Miller       K.L. & Mary Nolan            Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Peek        Gloria Reeder
Steve Mattias                 Duane & Beverly Miller      Abigail Noland               Nadine Peltz                 Paul & Joan Reep
Karl & Bernadine Mattson      Jack & Janet Miller         Jeroma Nothstine             Mrs. Clifford Perkins        Kemberley Rees
Andrew & Carol Matuszak       Marjorie Moore Miller       Jonathan Novak               Marianne Perrier             Carole Reeves
Arnold Maucher                Susan A. Miller             Dr. & Mrs. Anthony           Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Perry     Daryl & Carol Regenold
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Maurer        John & Linda Milton         Nowak                        Pete & Tina Petelle          James & Judy Reichert
Elliott & Alisa Maynard       Joumana Minassian           Joey Nowak                   Jackie Peters                Monika Remaley
Esther Mayo                   Jane Minter                 Shel Nunn                    Tammy Peters                 Sherry & Tom
Vivki Mayo                    Barbara Mirza               Lloyd Nuttall                Valerie Peters                 Remmler DVM
Erika Finch McCaffrey         Jennie Mitchell             Chuck & Mary Nyberg          Paula Peterson               Paul Renault
Blaine McCallum               Jennifer Mitchell           Mrs. Carol Obele             Roseanne Peterson            Rene at Tlaquepaque
Charles McCally               Nancy Mitchell              Paralee Obele                Karen Petit                  Connie Reynolds
Stuart McCampbell             Lena Mizuno                 Susan Obijiski               PetSmart & Charities         Deb & Brad Rhodes
John McCarrell                Ed Moates                   James & Virginia O'Brien     Lee Philips                  Deborah Rice
Patty McCarroll               Rosetta Mobley              Devon Ocetnik                Renee Jean Phillips          Julie Rice
Brenda McClean                Roger Moe                   Erin O'Connell               Reuben Philo &               Brenda Richards
Joan McClelland               Gerard & Beth Mohan         Lawrence & Kathleen            Johanna Sutton             Grahame Richards
Ahbleza McClure               Earlene Mollner               O'Connell                  Don Pierson                  Allene Richlie
Carol McCrossen               Vincent & Betty Monaci      Jack Odom                    Brandon Pillig               Beirne Richmond
Michael & Patricia McDaniel   Jim Monahan                 Julia Roub                   Freida Pitman                Irwin Richmond
Kim McDermott                 Carolyn Monje               Brady Olds                   Tami Pivnick                 Mr. & Mrs. Lute Riley
Ike & Carrol McDonald         Craig Monroe                Kelli & Jerry Oler, DVM      Janis Pizzolato              Susan Riley
Robert & Sharon McElvain      Brook Montagna              John & Nancy Oliphant        Erika Plante                 Angie Ringel
Laura McFadden                Bob & Julie Moore           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Oliphant   Lorraine Plaunt              Christine Ringer
Tawny McFadon                 George & Claudine Moore     Xena Olsen                   PNW Management Inc           Beverly Riordan
Jean McFarland                Berlie & Mary Moore         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Olson      George Podd                  Ellen Rios
Scott & Margery McFeely       Joyce Moore                 Jerry Olson                  Glen & Becki Polcyn          Dave & Beth Rittershaus
Michael McGaughey             Kim Moore                   Rob & Noi Olson              Annette Pomponio             Lindsey Rivas
Eileen McGee                  Marshall & Jean Morgan      Sherri O'Neil                Phyllis Ponvert              Philip & Holly Robinson
Jim & Tracey McGilvray        Judy Morgan                 Eduard Onelic                Erica Porter                 Jacqueline Robinson
Patricia McGovern             Mr. & Mrs. William Morley   Tammy & Tony Ontiveros       Pam Dal Porto                Jim Robinson & Pam Gardner
Jeff McGrath                  Mr. & Mrs. Phil Morris      Terry Orlick &               Doris Post                   Renee Robinson
Bob & Sue McGuinness          Mr. Trenton Morrow            Joseph Pokorski            Rosalie Preuss               Viola Robinson
Jim & Harriet McInnis         Lisa Morrow                 Stanley & Eileen Orr         Caroline Price               Anne Robson
Michael McKean                Ted & Merenna Morrow        Tina Ortega                  Gray Prince                  Michael & Dana Roche
Mr. & Mrs. Robert McKee       Carole Morton               Mr. James Ousley             Laura C. Pruitt              Cariko Rodriguiz
Sean McKeown                  Linda Mueller               John Owen                    Lorraine Pszczola            Mr. Duane Roland Jr. &
Daniel & Renate McKnight      Steve & Cynthia Muhl        David Owens                  Linda Puccio                   Ms. Carol Wittner
Linda McKune                  Leila Mullins               Pamela Owens                 Holly Puleo                  Kristina Rollain
Anna Mcaughlin                Jan Munn                    Vicki Owens                  Bill & Bonnie Pumphrey       Dr. & Mrs. Charles Rolle
Nicole Marie McLean           Richard & Jenifer Munson    Jackie Paace                 Richard & Lana Putnam        Harleen Roncaglia
Earl & Caryl McLeod           Rachel Murdoch              Howard Packman               Bonny Quarford               Ralph & Kay Roney
Jennifer McNabb               Charles & Chalyce Murray    Jean Paddock                 Lina Queen                   Virginia Roof
John & Johanna McNamee        Dann Murray                 Christine Palka              Janet Quinn                  Laurie Roope
Judy McNutt                   David & Kathryn Murray      Mr. & Mrs. David Palm        Sarah Raber                  Phillip Rosen
Jack McPherson                Sarah Naegle                Christine Palmer             Andy Racine                  Sandra Rosenberg
Devonna Ellen McRae           Donna Nagle                 Nancy Palmer                 Carol Rada                   Jean Rosenthal
Bonnie McWilliams             Sarah Nathan                Stan Palmer                  Adriane Ragan                Richard & Peggy
Shannon McWilliams            Janet Noll Naumer           E. Pamintuan                 Linda Gray & Don Rambo         Rosenzweig
Joshua McWorthy               Maureen Nealon              Jennifer Parcell             Susan Ramirez                Nancy Roser
Gwen Medeiros                 Alex & Carol Nebelsky       Alejaandra Parra             Jacquie Randall              Nicole Rosner
Alan & Carol Mehle            Shirley Neill               Josephine Parrish            Monica Randall               Jacqueline Ross
Marian Meldish                Karen & Andrew Neilson      Stephanie Parrish            Bill & Ellen Rankin          David Roszay
Ron & Nancy Melmon            Judy Neiman                 H. H. Passmore               William Roper                Jack Roth
Leslie Menninger              Don & Kathy Nelms           Edward Passov                Mr. & Mrs. James Rappaport   Marilyn Rouse
Ms. Sue Harris                Ed & Louise Nelson          Betsy Paterman               Susan Rask                   Alan & Rebecca Rubin
Katherine Merlino             Steve Nestle                Stephanie Patterson          Sherry Ratner                Sam Ruckman
Karen Merveldt-Guevara        New Frontiers Market        Michael Pavarini             Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rau       Delores Rudd
Richard Mestre                Joanna Newman               James Pavlinak               Norman & Jeane Ray           Joel S. Rudick
Mr. & Mrs. Lew Meyer          Rick & Virginia Newnam      Lisa Lee Pearce              David & Mary Redding
                                                                                                                     Continued on pg 12
Page 12                              The Woofer                                                         Humane Society of Sedona
                                                                                                               2115 Shelby Drive

Our Donors and Benefactors continued
                                                                                      George Stupski                Brandon Vaughn
                                                                                      Keith & Rose Sturgess         Amanda Vega
                                                                                      Sherri Sullivan               Veronica Val
                             Emery Seeley                Polly Smith                  Shirley Sullivan              Michael & Marjorie Vendrasco
                             Jack E. Seeley              Richard Smith                Tamara Sullivan               Ann Ventura
                             Sally Seely                 Ron Smith                    Norm & Linda Sunstad          Judith K. Vermilion
                             Michael & Christine Seip    Shama Smith                  George Surakus                Barbara Vickers
                             Candace Self                Rod Snapp                    Steve & Sue Suter             Karen Villa
                             Leslie Semrau               Amy Sneathen                 Julie Sutherland              Vince's Auto Body Inc.
Fred Rusher                  Michael & Arlene Sensory    Chelsea Sneller              Lee Sutherland                John P. Vivan
Cora Russell                 Gerald Sery                 Mr. & Mrs. Steven Snoey      Theresa Swackhamer            Leslee Vogel
Robin Russell                James & Barbara Sesnak      Beatrice Snow                Bill & Liz Sweeney            Mr. & Mrs. Peter Volckmann
Candy Rutkowski              Kerstin Severien            Kinga Soni                   Jan Sweitzer                  Felicitas Von Ostau
Tom & Betteanne Rutten       Rocio Sevilla               Tawny Sonn                   Roy & Joyce Swenson           Anthony Vorraso
Robert Ryan                  Carol Seymour-Flomerfelt    Edie Sorrentino              Robert & Linda Talton         Mark Vranesh
Mel & Barbara Rycus          Jacqueline Sharkey          Jennine Sovran               Janice Taylor                 Allyson Waak
Elisabeth Sadler             Neil Sharp                  Don & Marie Spawn            John & Barbara Taylor         Thomas Wach
Janet Sage                   Jack & Peggy Sheehan        Eric Speirs                  Leah Taylor                   Jenny Waddington
Ann Sakowicz                 Don Sheer                   Ray Speirs                   Ryan Taylor                   Joyce Balkman & Donald
James Salisbury              Josee Sheppard              Annie Spencer                Tamara Tenny                    Waggoner
Murray & Susan Salit         Corey & Rachael Sheridan    Susan Spinnato               Lynn Terry                    Michael & Laura Wagner
Edward & Gwen Salmon         Morrey & Renae Shifman      Karen Sprink                 The Philanthropy Team         Lisa Walb
Joe & Diane Samuel           David Shillington           Roger & Annette Sproul       Vincent Theel                 Dorothy Waldron
John Sanders                 Mark & Anita Short          Floyd & Carol Stabe          Eliza Thomas                  Nancy Walsh
Jill Sands                   Nancy & Jerry Showalter     Faith Stanfield              Jacqueline Thomas             Jerry & Jan Walters
Beth Sanford                 Carla Shugg                 Mary K. Stanley              Kathryn Thomas                Sharon Walters
Dallas M. Sanger             Mr. & Mrs. Mark Shugrue     Susan Stanton                Noel & Diana Thomas           Michael Walther
Dr. Jeanette Sasmor          Tom & Judy Shuman           Dana & Chuck Starkovich      Gerri Thomas-Jantsch          Nick Warner
Merina Satori                Philip & Kay Shuper         Claudine Starr               Bill & Meri Thomason          Jennifer Warr
Barbara & Richard Saul       Lynne Siebrandt             Vicki Stauber                Katie Thoreson                Heather Warren
Krissy Saunders              Steven & Cathey Sigler      Harvey & Bobbie Stearn       Lloyd & Joann Thorndyke       Kathy Watson
Ellen Sawkiw                 Isabel Silverman            Michael & Michel Stec        George Tice                   Margaret Watters
Andrew & D'Ambrosi           Danielle Sime               Cheryl Stecko                Lori A Tierney                Ralph & Marva Watters
   Schaad                    Isabel & David Simmer       Peter & Cathy Stedman        Mr. & Mrs. Yelberton Tittle   Joyce Weber
Michael Schaan               Gary Simmons                Patricia Stel                Connie Titus                  David & Dottie Webster
K. Schaefer                  Scott Simon                 Judith Steele                Fe & Nancy Tom                Tad Webster
Marjorie Schaeffer           Leslie & Steven Simon       Stella Steele                Judy Torigoe                  Mr. & Mrs. James Weder
Eric Schairer                Alicia Simpson              John Stefano                 Henry R. Torres               Sally Wedig
Karl & Terri Scheinuck       Betty Simpson               Joan & David Steninger       Gina Tortorello               Margareta Weibel
Jeanne Schenk                Bud & Gail Simpson          Bob Stephens                 Timothy Townsend              Lindsey Weidner
Angel L. Schepp              Danielle Simpson            Pam Stephens                 Christine Trcic               Jane Weinberg
Harry & Linda Schermer       Tom Simpson                 Kristi G Stepp               Wendy Treash                  Dawna Welch
Joseph & Julie Schibler      Willard Simpson             Paul & Julie Stern           Mara Trejo                    Cassandra Wellls
Crystal Schider              Dr. Neil Singer             Victoria Stesina             Shear Trowbridge              Glenda Wells
Arne & Sara Schjeide         Paul & Susi Sipos           Dr. Michael Stevenson        Kimberly Tucker               John & Linda Wells
Barbara Schlenoff            Dmitriy Skelley             J.A. & Eleanor Stevenson     Susan Tunkl                   Mike & Marilyn Wells
Fred & Corky Schmitt         Birgitte Skielvig &         J.R. & Lori Stevenson        Jeannette Tuscher             Shawn & Karin Wendell
Daniel Schneberger             John Phillips             Mathew & Allison Stevenson   Jane E. Ulery                 Bryant Wenzel
Mike & JoAnne Schnyder       Kimmy Skiftun               Tammy Steves                 Tammy Vadasz                  Donna Werner
Harry & Lelia Schoenberg     Chrystal Skinner            Barbara Stewart              G. Lisa Vaintrub              Dolly Wert
Cindy Schoenhardt            Ross Skiver                 Julie Stewart                Virginia Valanzola            John & Nancy Jo Wesnitzer
Mark Schrader                Herman & Lila Slater        John & Billie Stiles         Patricia VanDerck             Debbie West
Jeffrey Schroeder            Gloria Slaughter            David Stiller                Richard & Mary Van Dyke       Dale Whaley
Maru Schroeder               Larry Slocomb               Troy Stocker                 Mark Van Hise                 Neil Wheeler
Beverly Scott                Margaret Slowey             Bill Stoffers                Edd Van Hooser                Mr. & Mrs. Michael Whelan
Joan Scott                   Ron Slyter                  Roxanne Stoltz               Peter Van Mastrigt            Kathryn Whipple
Robert & Diane Scull         Dawn Small                  Nicole Stoops                Bob & Teresa                  Whiskers Barkery
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Seale      Mr. & Mrs. Jim Smith        Michele Stoor                  Van Steenburgh              LeAnn Whitcomb
Abigail Secord               Bevin Ann Smith             Mitchell & Rachel Storey     Renate Van Zandt              Judd & Jennifer White
Joan Sedita                  Chan Smith                  Joyce Stratford              Ms. Madeline Vander Ploeg     Ellen White
Sedona Art Center            Dave & Carol Smith          Ernie & Karen Strauch          & Mr. Jim Branson           John White
Sedona Eye Care              Gary & Andrea Smith         Barbara Streppone            Mike & Tammi                  Jennifer White
Sedona Natural Garden Club   Janine K. Smith             Claudia Strever                Vanderbroeck                Martha L. White
Sedona Performers Guild      John & Lynette Smith        Elisabeth Stroud             James & Roberta               Jerry & Toni Whiteley
Sedona Treasures             Kimberly Smith              Mr. & Mrs. Jay Stuckey         Vanderveen                  Reeda Wickware
Sedona Welcomers             Marilyn Smith               Robert Stupak                Rhonda VanHook                Mal & Noreen Wienges
  Donors listed are from July 2011 to May 2012. If we have missed your name, we apologize. Please let us know and we‘ll print a correction.
The Woofer                                                  Humane Society of Sedona                                Page 13
                                                                   2115 Shelby Drive

Quiz for Shelter-Phobics
Choose all the answers you think best describe the Sedona Humane Society. If you miss any, please consider a tour!

1. Shelter dogs :
      A. are kept in dimly lit indoor kennels 24/7. Fresh air is ventilated in once a day during feedings.
      B. are kept at the shelter for as long as it takes to get them adopted.
      C. get a walk every day, an off-leash romp every week, indoor/outdoor access 24/7, piped-in music and heated floors.
2. Shelter cats:
     A. have large kitty play rooms and the remaining space is designated for Cat Cottages.
     B. in Cat Cottages are allowed to roam free each day. Kitties assigned to play rooms get to roam
     C. every Cat Cottage and kitty litter box is cleaned every day and fresh bedding is provided.
3. Our Shelter offers:
     A. the city’s only designated location for unlicensed pet owner’s Detention Classes.
     B. Kids’ Camp in the summer, a retail pet shop, a Memorial Park, a Low Cost Clinic and training
         workshops.                                                                                iPods available to dogs upon
     C. an Adoption Center only, as mandated by the American Humane Society.                         request. (Just kidding!)
4. Our Shelter
     A. has lots of windows and is well-lit, but is gray in color only because cinder block is the most economical building
         material and easiest to clean.
     B. is light, bright and colorful with donated sculpture, murals and art.
     C. a well-designed warehouse that was converted into a shelter, based on input from volunteers and local builders.

 Answers: 1. Dogs...B & C      2. For Cats... A, B & C     3. We offer...B. (A and C are made up!)     4. The Shelter is...B.

Our Donors and Benefactors continued                                             Low Income Vaccines &
Kim & Fred Wight
Diane Wilcox
                          Kris Winter
                          Richard Wintermute
                                                    Lisa Wright
                                                    Tim Wright                  Dental Care Coming Soon!
Veronica Wilding-White    Lisa Wischmeier           Richard Wulfert
Deborah May Willard       Rosel Witt                Curtis Wyatt                                          Plans are in the
Debbie Williams           Jadee Wolf                Shirley Wylly
Kassandra Williams        Renee Wolf                Patricia Yocum                                        works to expand
Tana Williams             Al & Helen Wolfe          Howard & Elaine Young                                 our Spay and
Tuck & Nancy Williams     Jane Wolffe               Jay & Sheri Young                                     Neuter Clinic to
Wendy Williams            Helen Wolfgang            Ralph & Dorothy Young
Berdina Willis            James Wolk                Richard & Mary Young                                  offer vaccines
Karen K Willits           Peter & Sarah Wollheim    Richard & Marjorie                                    and dental care
Dan & Julia Wills         Mike & Margaret Jones       Youngberg                                           for low-income
Mr. & Mrs. Monty Wilson   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wong   Paula Zaloga
Gudrun Wilson             Mei Wei Wong &            Jennifer Zandell                                      families. Clinics
John & Jeanne Wilson        Edward Barattini        Theresa Zaun                                          are typically on
Marla Bennett Wilson      Valerie D. Wood           John Zdanwic                                          Wednesdays and
Marlene Wilson            Stacy Woodard             Devin Zeigler
Patricia Wilson           Barbara Woodford          Dr. & Mrs. Warren Zeitlin   Thursdays. Please check our website for an
Jeff & Jan Wind           Bob Woodruff              Tony Zenan                  announcement when the new services are
Marilyn Winebarger        Barbara Woodward          Nancy Zielinski
Anthony & Evelyn Winkel   Sue & Denny Woolaghan     Vonne Zimmerman
Lella Winn                Dr. & Mrs. Serge Wright   Zivney Collection at
Victor Winston            Ada Wright                  Hyatt Pinon Pointe
Page 14                                    The Woofer   Humane Society of Sedona

Humane Society of Sedona                                             Nonprofit Org
928-282-4679 Fax 928-282-1630
2115 Shelby Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336                                     US Postage
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-4 Sat-Sun 10-4                                        PAID
Paw Prints Thrift Shop                                               Tucson, AZ
6040 Highway 179, Sedona, AZ 86351
(Village of Oak Creek)
Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5 Sat 10-4 Sun closed

 President: John Canon
 Past President: George Tice
 Vice President: Linda Brecher
 Vice President: G. Paul Claus
 Secretary: Sue Harris
 Treasurer: Doug Hoffmeyer

 Board of Trustees
 Linda Abbot
 Tina Allegrezza
 Alan Brecher
 Joe Demme
 Jeannine Kinney, DVM
 Becky Kruse
 Harlein Roncaglia

 Humane Society of Sedona
 B Skielvig, Director
 Betsy Klein, Development Coordinator
 Jacquie Randall, Volunteer Coordinator
 Diane Greathouse, Admin Asst
 Jamie Barajas, Senior Shelter Associate

 Paw Prints Thrift Shop
 Ansley Silvernagel, Manager

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