How Cloud Email Solutions Can Save You From A Legal eDiscovery Petition? by datacove


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									   Cloud email solutions are effective in saving companies from a legal eDiscovery
 request. Quick retrieval of data, lawful hold on relevant information, and recovery of
                 info in a number of formats are some of the benefits.

          o project manager of a giant corporate wants to get tangled in a complicated legal
          battle. Then, one has to face reality and cannot turn his back on it. That’s because
          companies in the United States are always busy in suing each other, both for valid
          and illegitimate reasons. This is more applicable for concerns that are controlled by
GLBA, HIPPA, and SEC. In this article, we are going to carry the discussion forward as to how
cloud email solutions can save you from an eDiscovery request.

Instant Retrieval of Stored Data

Without an archived system, you would be required to search terabytes of electronic data such
as mails, messages, database systems, important attachments, and personal storage of
employees. However, with advanced email systems in place, it will take a few seconds to
recover all the stored information you want and make it prepared for litigation. There are
advanced search options to give you quick results with the drop of a hat!

No Business Bankruptcy

If you haven’t implemented an email archive solution, your IT team will have to go through the
cumbersome task of spending money and time to collect confidential info in an effort to meet
the legal cutoff date. This is a harrowing and difficult task to perform as you will have to sort
through several backup files and messages without any advanced search option. In
consequence, your organization would be forced to pay a hefty financial penalty for not
complying with legal deadlines. The irony of the situation is that such penalties are more
exorbitant than installing an archived system! Moreover, there are no unpredicted expenses
pertaining to hardware and software purchase. All significant details are safely stored and ready
to be searched, as and when required.

Lawful Hold on Pertinent Data

In the event of a lawsuit, you will be held responsible for the retention, security, and
production of all relevant info. Without the implementation of a proper archival system, your
company will fail to exercise lawful hold on such data. And, when you are failing to do so, it
implies that you are not abiding by a legal requirement. Significant and relevant information
might be deleted affecting your retention decision. With email archival solutions, you can
exercise lawful hold by categorizing information ensuring that it won’t be removed. The
dependability and security of such solutions give you access to company info, anytime you need

Retrieval in Multiple Formats

If your organization is plagued by an eDiscovery petition of providing info in a specific format
without an archived solution, it means needless and impractical expenditure. The hard earned
revenues will go down the drain in unproductive and futile expenses. However, with timely
implementation of archived solutions, important files can be consistently retrieved, and that
too in multiple formats. This is beneficial because your business is saved from pointless

So, archival software is the need of the day for all businesses- big or small. Make sure that
whatever solution you opt for should be tailored according to your company needs. Good luck!


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