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                             Hutchison Law Group Paralegal Celebrates 11 Years with the
                             [By Robin Salisian]
                             If you’re ever hesitant to pick up a book like What Color is Your Parachute?, don’t be. After all, it was a book like that
                             which guided Grace Collins into her more-than-a-decade-old career.

“I can’t say that I ever had a burning desire       She jumped from major to major, worked               “After interviewing for a month for my first
to become a paralegal,” said Collins, who           at a record shop, and, after graduating,             paralegal position, I was offered a job in a
will soon celebrate her th year working           continued enrolling in classes at UNC. Not           firm and a job in-house. I chose the firm
as a corporate paralegal for Hutchison Law          until she signed up for a year-long program          because it was exactly what I wanted to do,
Group; however, when she read through               at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC, did law          for one thing, but mostly because there were
Paralegal: An Insider’s Guide to One of             begin to entice her.                                 two seasoned paralegals there that I could
Today’s Fastest-Growing Careers, Collins                                                                 learn from. These two mentors taught me
thought paralegal work sounded appealing.           “While litigation and intellectual property          everything I know, and if it weren’t for them, I
                                                    were the ‘hot’ areas of law and there seemed         probably wouldn’t be here now. I drove them
“It didn’t require a whole lot of additional        to be more job opportunities in those fields,        crazy asking them questions, and much of
education, the money was decent, and                I knew fairly quickly that corporate law was         my success is due to them.”
the type of work seemed interesting and             the field that I wanted to work in.”
challenging,” she said.                                                                                  Unsurprisingly, “asking questions” seems to
                                                    Now Collins works as a corporate paralegal           be part of Collins’s mantra.
Besides, Collins added, she needed a change.
                                                    for Hutchison Law Group, which “provides
                                                    strategic business and intellectual property-        “Always ask questions, no matter how
“After working in retail for most of my 20s,
                                                    related legal counsel to leading technology          stupid,” she advised eager individuals
I found myself working a dead-end job in
                                                    companies throughout the Southeast,”                 interested in law. Plus, “research the various
the medical records department of UNC
                                                    according to its website. HLG also “helps            different fields that you might be interested
Hospitals, and I was thoroughly miserable.”
                                                    [its] clients succeed with an array of legal         in, [and] then talk to people who work in
                                                    counsel, advice, and networking.”                    those fields. Once you get a job, be open-
But her journey began back in college at the
                                                                                                         minded to learning as much as you can from
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
                                                    If Atticus Finch and Perry Mason weren’t             experienced paralegals, and then go the
where she dreamed of becoming a scientist
                                                    Collins’s inspiration, who was?                      extra mile to learn on your own…and if you
and thought little about law.
                                                                                                         find yourself in a job or career that you hate,
“I thought of Perry Mason and Atticus Finch,          Q. What do you do for fun?                         find another one! If you like your job, you will
and I knew that I couldn’t do that!” she said.        A. I hang out with my daughters, play the          be successful.”
                                                      piano (poorly), read, watch classic movies,
                                                      and imagine myself traveling to faraway            ON THE NET
There was just one small problem. The
chemistry major soon discovered, after
spending long hours in labs, that she didn’t                                                             Hutchison Law Group
                                                      Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?
“possess the patience necessary to be a               A. The Smiths-Hatful of Hollow.
scientist” either.
                                                      Q. What is the last magazine you read?             University of North Carolina at Chapel Hil
“I was really at a loss of what else to pursue        A. The New Yorker.                       
and changed my major five times,” continued
                                                      Q. What is your favorite TV show?
Collins. “When I began my junior year, I made a                                                          Paralegal: An Insider’s Guide to One of
                                                      A. The Colbert Report.
decision to explore as many different disciplines                                                        Today’s Fastest-Growing Careers
as I could and not worry so much about what           Q. Who is your role model?               
I would do later, which, in retrospect, was           A. Jimmy Carter.                                   Todays-Fastest-Growing-Careers/
probably not such a great plan.”                                                                         dp/560798947


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