Curtis Vosti: A Student of Another Generation

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STUDENT PROFILE                                                                                    1. 800.973.1177

                             Curtis Vosti: A Student of Another Generation
                             [By Mahsa Khalilifar]
                             Whoever coined that old cliché “age is nothing but a number” was pretty accurate. He or she was probably thinking about
                             someone like Curtis Vosti. Either way, the phrase rings true when one learns about Vosti. At 50 years old, he has led a life
                             filled with journalism and politics, but he is now following a different path. What’s on his current agenda? Law school...well,
                             at least for now.

Vosti started out working in journalism,             as much of it as possible so you can get an        lot more...I’m amazed at the possibilities”
where his passion lay in reporting and               idea of the many different areas you can           he said.
history. Having graduated from the University        practice in.”
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 976 with                                                            Vosti has always said that student
his B.A. in History, Vosti decided not to stop       Vosti added that his opportunities have            associations can prove to be beneficial.
there; he continued his education years later.       taught him a lot and that students should          He has been in numerous organizations,
In 983, he attended the Missouri School             explore their options.                             including working for the school’s
of Journalism and received his master’s                                                                 newspaper, The Decisive Utterance, and
degree. Soon after, he entered the career            “You don’t necessarily have to litigate; you       other student-run groups.
world of daily journalism.                           don’t necessarily have to write a complaint;
                                                     you don’t necessarily have to be stuck in the      Vosti was one of the students who
After 2 years of working in the journalism          back office. But you can do those and a whole      represented his law school at the ABA’s
field, fate stepped in, and Vosti had to pave a                                                         Negotiation Competition in Miami some
new way for himself. A friend of his had taken         Q. What do you do for fun?                       months ago. His team placed second,
to politics and had run for and eventually             A. Take walks with any and all of my six         and they were invited to compete as the
won the title of Mayor of Hammond, Indiana,            grandchildren: Courtney, , Kyle, seven,        U.S. representatives at the International
a suburb of Chicago. Vosti, who took an                Cassie, six, Jacob, six, Hunter, four, and       Negotiation Competition in Singapore in July.
interest in politics, had helped his friend with       Crystal, four.                                   At the event, the team placed sixth in the
that campaign and a few subsequent ones.               Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?       world.
Following a loss in the fourth election, though,       A. Soul Spectacular: The Classic Hits of
Vosti decided it was time to move on since he          Soul, Disc , Rhino Records.                     “You learn more from [student] associations
was now officially out of a job. When Vosti was                                                         than you will from what you have to study
younger, many people said he should become             Q. What is the last magazine you read?           in class. The lessons are more practical
                                                       A. Esquire.
a lawyer, so he decided to follow their advice                                                          and will impact you longer than the book
and do just that. In January of 2005, Vosti            Q. What is your favorite TV show?                learning, though not to minimize the
went back to hitting the books—this time, law          A. When they are winning, White Sox              importance of reading the law,” he explained.
books. He registered at the John Marshall              baseball.                                        “You will probably meet a lifelong friend
Law School in Chicago.                                                                                  through the associations outside the
                                                       Q. Who is your role model?                       classrooms, and they are a great source
“Law seemed the inevitable transition,” said           A. My dad, mom, Martin Luther King, Jr.,         of and resource for networking, which is
                                                       and Thomas Jefferson. My dad because
Vosti. “I enjoy trying to understand the law’s                                                          probably three-quarters of the battle after
                                                       he was always fair. My mom because
development through history.”                                                                           graduation.”
                                                       she believed in pursuing dreams. MLK
                                                       because he spoke in peals of thunder yet
With his passions for journalism and history,          taught nonviolence. And Thomas Jefferson         Vosti knows that experience comes with age,
law has been a good transition for Vosti. He           because he was a Renaissance man.                but he also enjoys learning from his fellow
emphasized that the legal field has a lot of                                                            classmates, young or old.
great opportunities for graduates.                     Q. What is something most people don’t
                                                       know about you?
                                                                                                        “Being an older student is a blessing,”
                                                       A. I’ve played Jeopardy forever, since 967
“I have been surprised by how broad the field                                                           he said. “My classmates are a source of
                                                       it seems.
of law is,” Vosti said. “You need to experience                                                         much delight, enthusiasm, support, and

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STUDENT PROFILE                                                                            1. 800.973.1177

amusement. I am definitely not hip in most       As for the next few months, Vosti is focusing    ON THE NET
areas, but I hold my own, and that is a source   on finishing law school. He is set to graduate
of genuine happiness.”                           in January 2008.                                 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
In the future, Vosti plans on working in         Vosti encourages people to branch out of
the private sector. Ideally, he said, his        the classroom and get various kinds of           Missouri School of Journalism
“dream” career would be getting a “decent        experience. Although he is older now, Vosti
buck from [doing] good work in the First         indicated that his words of wisdom have yet
Amendment area—speech, religion, and             to be discovered.                                John Marshall Law School
press.” This summer, Vosti is interning with                                            
the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban         “I’m too young to stop learning,” Vosti said.
Development’s fair housing office in Chicago.


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Description: At 50 Years Old, Curtis Vosti Has Filled His Life With Journalism And Politics. But Then He Joined John Marshall Law School In Chicago And Started His Career In Law Field. He Has Also Attended The Missouri School Of Journalism And Received His Master Degree.
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