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									Turn Over a New Leaf in 2013

The tendency toward procrastination can often set in when it comes to estate planning, and it can leave
you with a nagging feeling. We would like to suggest that you turn over a new leaf in 2013 and take
care of this responsibility, which is after all something that you do for the well-being of those that you

Most people are not anxious to think about the subject of death, but at the same time death is an
absolute certainty. And, though the average life expectancy as of this writing is 78 years, there are no
guarantees even if you are a relatively young adult that you will live to that age.

Young adults with children have every reason to take action. You must select a guardian who would
care for the children if both parents were to die, and unfortunately accidents happen every day.

There is also the matter of setting aside funds for the benefit of the children. This requires the
implementation of certain estate planning techniques, and one of them could be the creation of a
testamentary trust.

The possibility of incapacity is another thing to take into consideration. To be prepared for all
eventualities, you would do well to execute incapacity planning documents such as a living will and
durable powers of attorney.

You gain nothing but a bit of anxiety when you go through life without an estate plan. On the other
hand, if you do take the appropriate actions and put a plan in place, you can go forward with total peace
of mind knowing that your family will be provided for come what may.

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