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Mike Forster: Paralegal at Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Bode Matz


Mike Forster Is A Experienced Paralegal And He Is A Paralegal At Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Bode Matz And He Has Completed His Law Studies At Western Reserve University Law School.

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                           Mike Forster: Paralegal at Olsson Frank Weeda Terman
                           Bode Matz
                           [By Mahsa Khalilifar]
                           Most paralegals go through some sort of formal law training and then enter the field as legal staff members, while others
                           have no choice but to receive their training on the job. Mike Forster belongs to the latter group. He’s not your typical
                           experienced paralegal, but he’s got a plan and some sharp humor to go along with it. He didn’t always expect his career to
                           start out this way, though.

Forster planned to enter law school right          who have already been through what I am            that he referred to as a “right-wing think
after graduating from the University of            about to embark on.”                               tank.” Lucky for him and maybe even the
Michigan in 2005. After applying to several                                                           company (Forster is a self-declared liberal),
schools and getting waitlisted by four of his      What he will soon embark on is the next leg        the interview was cut short because the fire
choices, Forster decided he needed to take         of his journey toward his goal of becoming         alarm in the office went off.
a different approach. A frustrated Forster         a lawyer. He is going to attend Case
made the decision to start out working as          Western Reserve University School of Law in        “It was as if someone sensed that a
a paralegal instead of directly entering law       Cleveland, OH, in the fall and is hoping to put    Democrat was in their midst and they had
school.                                            his paralegal skills to good use.                  to abort as quickly as possible,” he joked.
                                                                                                      “They must have smelled my ACLU card, as I
“I wasn’t 00% sure I wanted to go to law          “Hopefully my increased familiarity with           did not get the job.”
school,” Forster explained. “I consulted with      certain terminology and my experiences with
a lot of people who have been to law school,       legal research will give me an advantage in        When he’s not working or gearing up for law
and they all said that…it might be a smart         law school,” Forster said.                         school, Forster likes to go out and have fun.
idea to take some more time to decide.”                                                               He likes to play softball and kickball and,
                                                   Forster has loved the experience he’s              most of all, make the people around him
Forster, a 23-year-old Detroit native, started     attained, and he said working in a law firm        laugh. This comes as no surprise; his humor
out applying for jobs in Washington. When he       was a good path for him because he is now          pops out from his MySpace and blog pages.
didn’t get the results he needed, he posted        confident about his future. He has received        And when asked where he saw himself in 0
his resume on his former university’s alumni       firsthand knowledge and information.               years, he replied, “In 0 years, I would like
site, and a company that fit his specifications                                                       to be at the Super Bowl watching the Detroit
contacted him. The law firm of Olsson              “The greatest part about my job is all the         Lions hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy, but
Frank Weeda Terman Bode Matz offered               places I get to go: Congress, the Supreme          I think there’s a better chance that the Miss
Forster a job as a member of its legal staff.      Court, the Library of Congress, embassies,”        America Pageant tiara will be hoisted upon
According to Forster, this “lobbying firm          he said. “Basically, I get paid to visit places    my head than that happening.” He will just
specializes in regulatory matters regarding        that tourists from all over the country travel     have to wait and see.
the FDA/USDA with agricultural, medical            here to see.”
device manufacturer, drug, and food-labeling                                                          On the net
clients.”                                          He emphasized that a paralegal job is not for
                                                   everyone, but he advised students who are on       University of Michigan
Forster has now been with the firm a little        the fence to consider working as paralegals
over a year and has enjoyed his work thus          in order to discover whether the law suits
far.                                               them.                                              Case Western Reserve University School of
“I have learned a lot about how the federal        Forster is leaving his job with Olsson Frank
government and the court systems work,” he         to enter law school, but he said he was
said. “It has also been helpful to be able to      glad he ended up where he did. When he             American Civil Liberties Union
get to know many practicing attorneys and to       first started looking for jobs, he applied to
pick the brains of so many intelligent people      and landed an interview with an institute


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