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the kind of coat your dog is having, it is of great importance to come up with a plan that will help you

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									Westie Grooming - Mistakes To Avoid
A west highland terriers is not hard to groom. However, there are mistakes which can be made while
grooming your west highland terrier that you should try as much as possible to avoid. Let’s look at

1) To begin with, West Highland White Terriers are supposed to be brushed regularly. If you can be
able to brush your pet on a daily basis it can be much better. It is of great importance to avoid thinking
that you can miss the brushing for days. Westie’s are known to have coats that differ in one way or
another. For example, your dog might be having a straight, hard outer coat and an undercoat that is
thick, short and soft. He may be having no undercoat at all or a soft top coat which is wavy. No matter
the kind of coat your dog is having, it is of great importance to come up with a plan that will help you
ensure that you brush your pet on a daily basis.

2) You should be brushing your West highland terrier, while he is still a puppy. Do not wait for him to
grow older so that you can start the brushing routine. It is essential to avoid making this mistake,
because the sooner your puppy or dog gets used to the routine of brushing, the sooner he will
discover that it is part of the daily routine. This will make him be looking forward to the grooming
which is good.

3) The third mistake you should avoid when grooming is waiting for the hair to become too long
before you trim him again. This type of coat is supposed to be trimmed regularly so as to ensure it
maintains its shape. If by any chance you own this terrier and you do not have any experience at
trimming them, it is important to seek assistance from a professional groomer who is knows how to
trim a in the required manner. The main reason for looking for an experienced and knowledgeable
groomer is that their coats are supposed to be trimmed in a certain way such as the hind quarters,
tail, feet, forequarters, head and body. Some of the groomers often wash a dog after grooming it.
However, West Highland Terriers do not really need this. The main reason behind this is because
Westie’s are quite clean once the removal of the outer coating has been done and it is not really
necessary to bathe them.

4) It is also of great importance to ensure that the instruments that you use to trim your west highland
terriers with clean instruments. This means that the equipment used for trimming is supposed to be
sterilized before trimming begins. This is important since it will ensure that your pet does not get
infected with deadly skin diseases. If you seek assistance from a professional, ensure that his or her
tools are sterilized.

5) Last but not least, it is important to avoid trimming your dog during winter time. This is because he
can catch a cold quickly. Do the trimming during hot summer months.

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