Ratu Bagus Kuning and Apes Demon by dinazlam


									    Palembang Folklore: Ratu Bagus Kuning and Apes Demon

In Palembang Sultanate period, around the 16th century, the region began to enter Batanghari Nine
Muslim missionaries. One of them was a woman named Good Yellow is sacred. That said, he was one
of the disciples of the nine trustees in Java known as Walisongo. Presence in Palembang is to spread

The trip to Palembang will not be easy. Many obstacles and hurdles he had to face and overcome.
Similarly, the doctrine that it conveys, not simply accepted by the locals. In fact, he often had to fight
and ready to sacrifice his life for the sake of spreading the teachings of the Prophet. Fortunately he had
a pretty great skill provision to defend himself so many enemies to be conquered and contribute to

When Bagus Kuning enters Batanghari territorial waters, he must deal with the local warriors were
highly knowledgeable. But he still deal with patience and the faith that Allah is sufficient protector and
helper for him. In the end he was able to conquer the warriors in this Batanghari region, said there were
11 princes who believed society as a loyal follower of Bagus Kuning, the Penghulu Gede, Datuk
Buyung, Kuncung Emas, Panglima Bisu, Panglima Api, Sheikh Ali Akbar, Sheikh Maulana Malik
Ibrahim, Sheikh Idrus, Putri Kembang Dadar, Putri Rambut Selako, and Bujang Juaro.

Once able to master the Batanghari region, Bagus Kuning and his men had entered the city of
Palembang. Then they stopped at the upper reaches of the city now known as Plaju. In this place they
found a lowland covered with large trees that shade and shade. They were resting comfortably.

After overnight then Bagus Kuning realize this is not a safe place. The place is in tepia Musi river was a
powerful kingdom Monkey Demon. The demon monkeys in this place seems to get annoyed with the
arrival of the group Bagus Kuning and trying to scare.

"Sorry, we do not mean to interrupt. We just ride stopped to unwind as we look at this place is quite
beautiful and comfortable, "said Bagus Kuning to the group stealth ape.

However, the invisible ape did not want to know. They threatened to kill the group Bagus Kuning if they
do not want to leave this territory demon monkey.

" We heard that you are spreading the teachings of Islam, never for us to let go of you because it is the
same we can help you!", Said King Demon Monkey..

It seems squabbles between Good and King Demon Yellow inevitably and they both will not budge.
Finally pertarunganpun can not be avoided anymore. They and their troops fight each other and
compete with each other strength.

"O King of the Demon Monkey, I do not want to sacrifice a lot of my friends just to deal with you. As the
leader here I'd like to propose a deal to you, if I lose face one on one meal I'll defer to you. Conversely,
if you were me beat then you must submit it to me!'' Challenge Bagus Kuning.

"It does not matter to me, O Bagus Kuning! O my people, you are the witness to the agreement which if
I can be beaten by this woman then me and also you must be submissive and obedient to human
women. Even if you win hai Bagus Kuning then I'll raise you as our queen. "Reply Demon Monkey King
with a rather dismissive tone.

The demon monkeys were immediately pulled over to make room for the King. Similarly, the followers of
the Bagus Kuning also pulled while continuing to recite prayers for their safety and victory.

The battle finally begins. Earth like vibrating, the trees were swaying share rocked big wind, the roar
accompanies this fight but there was no wind. This is all because the magic and power of the Demon
King karomah Bagus Kuning. Both are people who have a very great strength and balance so that both
hard to destroy their enemies.

After some time, since the battle began today morning sun was already shining standing upright with the
heat finally visible step that who will be the winner in this fight. Several times the Demon Monkey King
slammed hard. A lot of blood from the mouth and nose. His breathing was getting breathless and his
face pale. But sometimes he still can reply with a very tough business. But because the condition is
severe enough after getting the brunt of the death of Good Yellow he collapsed and the King Demon
ape admit defeat (surrender).

"Well Bagus Kuning, servants admit defeat, surrender servant. We all surrender to you. "Said King
Demon ape loudly while bowing and saluting the Bagus Kuning, followed by another demon monkey.

"Furthermore, after this the agreement that we made earlier to run, you is our queen hai Bagus Kuning."
Continue Demon Monkey King and followed by a tribute by stealth other apes.

"All right, but you do not need to adoring begikut because such things are not worth doing because I
was just an ordinary human being as well as those of you who are equally God's creatures, for me, only
He (Allah SWT) should be worshiped and asked for help. '' Good said Yellow.

Bagus Kuning was finally settled in the place with his followers. Until then his followers agreed to set up
a court to review Yellow as his Queen. Since then his name officially became Queen Bagus Kuning and
the phantom apes were still living in that place and remain subject to the Queen of Bagus Kuning until
one day, the queen had died Bagus Kuning and buried at the site keratonnya. His followers remain loyal
and continue to spread the teachings of Islam to other regions. The stealth monkey was still loyally
waiting on the tomb of Bagus Kuning Queen. That said, until the death of the Bagus Kuning Queen
remained a holy woman, and he never married.

Until now, the location of the palace of the Bagus Kuning Queen and surrounding called Bagus Kuning
Plaju located in the District, the city of Palembang. Now the location of the palace is no longer there
because the place since colonial times has been used as a residential location for state oil company
employees are now called Pertamina. Now the only remaining tomb is believed to be the tomb of the
Bagus Kuning Queen in residential complexes between Pertamina and Golf Course Plaju are still visited
by the Muslim community in particular by the citizens of the city of Palembang Palembang-Hadhramaut
Arabs who feel a closeness and emotional connection the same lineage as is believed Bagus Kuning
Queen is also a Waliyah (guardian) and a Syarifah (female of descendants of the Prophet).

The Demon of the Apes is now believed to be living in the region are mainly in Patra Jaya Stadium
Pertamina Plaju who supposedly said there still apes amount is not reduced and no more.

This story is for people mithe Plaju Palembang. Lessons to be learned from this story is we should not
be afraid to uphold truth and justice and run Islamic law. Rest assured Allah will help protect anyone
servants who believe in Him.

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