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									                             The Apple iPhone 6: Already?

The Apple iPhone 5 was just released a couple of weeks ago and there are still no confirmations as to
whether all the pre- orders have been met. And here we are with some news on the iPhone 6. Though
there are no direct confirmations from the horse’s mouth, the market is abuzz with news about Apple’s
coming offering. It is rumored that the iPhone 6 will be launched early next year in 2013 and the
reasons that are being given is that Apple is launching nothing but a redesigned smartphone. Going by
Apple’s reputation such rumors are a little hard to believe, but nevertheless industry experts say it
might be plausible. If it is so, then it could be an attempt to garner market share, which Apple has been
steadily losing out to android devices.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley is believed to have said that the company is going through a lot of
change now. This probably explains the quick release of the next model it may be entirely possible that
Apple shift to a 6- month launch phase as compared to their year wise schedule. And by introducing
products twice a year, it necessarily doesn’t mean two iPhones in the same year. Probably after iPhone
6, the next thing that Apple comes out with is the iPad Mini sequel. But for now let’s just focus on the
iPhone. In spite of the huge volume during pre- order, the sales of the iPhone 5 haven’t really taken off
as such. The demand is slow and there are rumors that Apple may have cut down on orders to its
suppliers. If that’s true, the situation must be causing concern in the higher levels at Apple Inc.

But if you think of it, all this preparation by Apple for such a quick follow up phone has a flip side to
it. Well, if Apple is gearing up then so are its competitors. So before long you might have better
Android devices out in the market. The dates of release remain a speculation, buy yes, don’t you think
that this is a possibility?

What does the market say about the Apple iPhone 6?
Beyond doubt if Apple really is coming up with an iPhone 6 this soon, then the display quality and the
camera resolution should be the two major changes. It will become even better now with respect to
viewing of movies and videos on the iPhone. The iPhone 5 already uses the A6 chip, so chances of a
better processor so soon are rather slim. But yes, Apple fans can keep their fingers crossed. The storage
size may be enhanced up to 128GB. Hold your horses! These are just speculations! A better battery is
definitely on the cards and yes better panel colors too to attract new users. It has been only too much of
white and black now.

Since the iPhone 5 is only rolling out in a few countries even now, we will have to wait and watch to
see what Apple throws at us next. But anyway, it’s going to be interesting!

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