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									Local SEO: Handbook
Local SEO is big game changers for local business, you may have heard about it but still it is a
mystery. Most of the people are confused about “Local SEO”, they don’t know what to do with
it and why do we need it? For that reason I am going to elaborate handbook of Local SEO here
and I hope you will get benefits from this post.

What is Local SEO

It is a method to optimize your website to rank high in local search results. It is a new kind of
SEO for local businesses which is introduced to give better results by search engines for local

Who needs it

This is the big and important question; any business which gets its most of the customers locally
must work on local SEO. This business could be a restaurant, a sweet shop, retail outlet, laundry
service, local ad agency etc.

Is it different from other kind of SEO

Yes, but not entirely! Most of the elements that apply to other SEO methods (on page, off page)
also impact local SEO but this kind of SEO has some new methodologies like claiming a profile
on Google and other platforms.

How to do it

To do this SEO you need to do following activities:-

1. Create profile and business page on these websites

Create a Google plus profile (also important for Author Rank), and list your business on Google
LocalCreate a Facebook page
Register on Foursquare
Register a Pinterest Business profile

2. After these, you need to target citation. A citation is an online place that uses your company
name, address, phone number (NAP) at a webpage and refers to your business. While claiming
for citations you need make sure to give all information right and same at all citations websites.
3. Along with that you need really reviews on your citation submission, Google places listings
and on other platforms too. Reviews mentioned for your business on your Google Places is a
important local ranking factors.

4. You need to use your city name in your Meta descriptions, content on your site and title tag
but make sure it fits there.

5. You need to make sure that you plug your name, address and phone number (exactly as
listing details) in the footer OR an ideal place of web pages of your website.

6. You must include a KML file on your site (Keyhole Markup Language). A KML file is an XML
based file that expresses geographic locations, annotation and visualization for earth.

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Author is an article writer, he has been writing for blogs from one year and currently he is
writing articles about Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization techniques and sharing
information about SEO Services.

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