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									Vol. 14, No. 3                                       4625 W. 50th Avenue • Denver, Colorado 80212                                          March 2011

 Notice – Notice      TH                86                   EAST WEST SHRINE GAME®
 Notice - Notice East Defense
    Nobles, we need your help in
         controlling COSTS .
                                        Steals the
   Effective December 1, 2010 we        Show
   asked you to make reservations          East impresses the
                                        audience by winning 25
        through our web site,           - 8 at the 86th East-West            Shrine Game®. The
 for all Temple events. You will be     longest running college
able to pay by credit card for each     all-star football game
 event, if you don’t have the ability   took place at the Florida
                                        Citrus Bowl in Orlando,
  to make your reservation via our      Fla. and was televised
web site, you can call the office and    by NFL Network.
your reservation will be entered for       East squad, coached
you and you can pay by Credit Card      by Dan Reeves, set the
at that time. If you fail to make an    tone defensively early
                                        in the game over Wade
 advance reservation you will pay
                                        Phillips' West squad.
   an additional fee at the event.      Delone Carter from
      March Family Luncheon             Syracuse University was Dan Reeves, Judy Proctor, Illustrious Sir Dennis Proctor and Wade
                                                                             East-West Shrine Football Coaches and both Former
                                        the offensive MVP of the Phillips.Bronco Head Coaches
                                        game and rushed for 54
              March 7th                 yards on 11 carries, including a 16-     porting the beneficiary of the game,    the game
         cost per individual:           yard touchdown. The defensive MVP        Shriners Hospitals for Children®.      during a visit
  $17 with reservation by March 7th,    of the game went to defensive tackle,      "What is special about our game      to Shriners
       $18 without reservation.         Martin Parker from the University of     is that in the end the kids are always Hospitals for
                                        Richmond.                                the winners," said George Mitchell,    Children® -
 EL JEBEL WEB SITE, PLEASE DO,            Fans gathered to watch the best col-   Imperial Potentate of Shriners Inter-  Tampa earlier in
IT WILL GIVE YOU A CALENDAR OF          lege football players in the country     national.                              the week.
                                        showcase their talent while sup-           Players learned the true purpose of

   Your Membership Card is
    worth a 20% Discount
 Starting February 1, 2011, the
 prices in the Oasis will be going
 up. Not to worry though! Simply
 show your Shrine Membership
 card and 20% will be deducted
 from the food cost. (Does not ap-
 ply for liquor). To get your 20%
 discount show your current dues
 card to your server and save.
                                                                                        Family Luncheon
                              POTENTATE’S                                               March 13th, 2011                                                 STATED MEETING
                            MESSAGE                                              El Jebel Center, Denver, CO.                                                MINUTES
                                                                                 Dennis Proctor, Illustrious Potentate                                    February 14, 2011
                                                                                 John Gay, Recorder                                            Ceremonial Master, Noble Ron
                                                                                 $17.00 per person     Lunch at 1:00 pm
                                                                                                                                         Birely, requested the March in by all Past
Nobles, Ladies, and Friends of El Jebel Shrine:                                       EL JEBEL SHRINE                                    Potentates, Divan, Ill. Sir Dennis Proc-
                                                                                              A.A.O.N.M.S.                               tor, Potentate; introductions along with
  It has been a busy month since our February communication.                     4625 W. 50TH Ave., Denver, Colorado 80212               recognitions were made.
                                                                                 Phone (303) 455-3470     Fax (303) 458-8849
We traveled to the land of surf and sun, Orlando, Florida, for the East West     Red FezArticles                 The flags were presented by the
Shrine football game, but unfortunately the weather was anything but hot                                                                 Legion of Honor; Noble Ron Birely led
                                                                                         THE RED FEZ
or sunny. It rained and the temperature never was warmer than 54 degrees              VOLUME 14 - ISSUE 3                                the Pledge of Allegiance, the Shrine
during the time we were there.                                                                                                           Band played and Noble Don Phelps led
                                                                                       Dennis Proctor
  After returning from the East West game we arrived home in time to at-             Illustrious Potentate                               the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.
tend the Annual Grand Lodge Conference Public Opening. I am proud to                       ELECTED DIVAN
                                                                                                                                         Chaplain Jim Oliver then gave the Invo-
say that the majority of the Divan was able to be there. Thanks to each of       Jim Long                            Chief Rabban        cation and Tribute was made to honor
you.                                                                             Matt Raia                       Assistant Rabban        all departed Nobles and Armed Service
                                                                                 Phil Hause                  High Priest & Prophet
  I want to take this opportunity to thank the Western Colorado Shrine                                             Oriental Guide        Personnel.
Club for their generous donation to the 2011 Operating fund. The WCSC            David Kohlwey                           Treasurer             Thanks were given to the Oasis Staff,
                                                                                 John Gay                                 Recorder
is a busy hard working organization which is comprised of six active units.                                                              Band, Legion of Honor, Meeters, Temple
Their dedication and long hours resulted in a donation of ten thousand dol-             APPOINTED DIVAN                                  Guard, Radops, Directors Staff, Provost
                                                                                 Wayne Livermore                            Director
lars. There are no adequate words to describe their hospitality and gener-       Bobby Marner                    1st Ceremonial Master   Guard and Ceremonial Divan by Noble
osity extended to us, it was greatly appreciated. The Divan wishes all the       Larry Clark                                  Marshal    Ron Birely.
                                                                                 Jim Oliver                                  Chaplain
Officers and units much success in 2011.                                                                                                        Recognition and special thanks was
  By the time you receive this, IHOP Day will be over and I am very certain      LIVING PAST POTENTATES                                  given to the Potentate's 2011 Aides.
a huge success. As you all know El Jebel had the opportunity for public rec-                  Lee E. Schlessman (1970)
                                                                                                Robert L. Ullery (1979)
                                                                                                                                               Special introduction was made to
ognition and to raise funds for the hospitals and transportation during this                    Jack D. Hansen (1982)                    recognize SGIG Stephen Munsinger and
worthwhile day. It is very rewarding to learn and hear of the success stories                 Robert G. Van Male (1988)
                                                                                               Thomas D. Palmer (1989)
                                                                                                                                         Grand Scribe of York Rite Richard Cook.
that perfect strangers want to share with you regarding a child that was or is                   Jack D. Patten (1990)                   Introductions of Short Form Candidates
being helped by Shriners.                                                                       Steve Tucker Jr. (1991)
                                                                                                Arnold J. Siegel (1992)
                                                                                                                                         and New Nobles Kenneth C. Johnson,
 Thank you to Phil Hause, Divan Advisor, Virgil Kipers and John Korenic                       Richard E. Williams (1993)                 Darin Roen and Craig Brower followed.
for chairing this worthwhile event, the captains, and all the members that                       Amer Plaisted (1994)                          Meeting was then opened by Ill. Sir
                                                                                                Dr. David Powell (1997)
volunteered to work.                                                                                 Jim Lear (1998)                     Dennis Proctor; motion made, seconded
  March 12th is the St. Patrick's Day Breakfast and Parade. I look forward                     Michael G. Severe (1999)                  and passed to approve the January 10th
                                                                                                 Jim Fitzpatrick (2000)
seeing everyone at breakfast and then on to the Parade.                                             Don Jones (2002)                     meeting minutes as posted in the Red
  On March 13th at 11 AM there will be a special election to elect the                             Ron Cosens (2003)                     Fez.
                                                                                              Richard Karns (2004-2005)
Oriental Guide and a CSSA delegate. This will take place just prior to                            Clint Dexter (2006)                          Treasurer Dave Kohlwey was then
the Family Lunch. I wanted to have a mid-day meeting for those who are                            Tony Dattilo (2007)                    asked to give the Treasurer's report; (said
                                                                                                   Fred Taylor (2008)
unable to drive after dark or unable to obtain a ride for the regular stated                       Jim Stewart (2009)
                                                                                                                                         report(s) were available at the back of
evening meetings. Please make your reservations now by calling the Shrine                          Ed Rendon (2010)                      the room and also in the office during
Office.                                                                                 PUBLICATION STAFF                                 normal business hours); a motion made,
  We have planned a fun event for April 3rd called "Entertaining .....Your       Dennis Proctor - Potentate                              seconded and passed to accept the 2010
                                                                                 Susan Boles - Assistant                    455-3470
Way". You and your friends are in charge of creating your own special            Chuck Roessler - Photographer                           budget and Treasurer's report as reported.
theme and then decorating your table. I know we have very creative indi-                      The Red Fez (USPS 019-412)
                                                                                                                                         Motion made, seconded and passed also
viduals among our membership, so show off your "stuff" by arranging for                          is published monthly by                 to accept the 2011 budget as presented.
a table or even two. We will have celebrity judges and prizes will be given.                   El Jebel Shrine for Shriners                    Assistant Rabban Jim Long was
                                                                                                   4625 West 50th Ave.
Please plan on attending even if you don't decorate a table as it will be an                     Denver, CO 80212-2997                   called upon to update the Nobility on the
extravaganza to see.                                                                      (303) 455-3470 • Fax (303) 458-8849            status of the El Jebel Shrine Circus; said
  Mark Vickland has been hired as the new Oasis Manager. Mark is a                                  Subscription Rates:
                                                                                             United States and its Territories:
                                                                                                                                         is progressing well. It was noted that
young and enthusiastic person who graduated from Johnson and Wales                        Paid for Annually by Shrine Members            all ads need to be turned in by March 1,
Culinary School and also has a business degree. Please welcome Mark and                               Annual Dues.                       2011; It was also noted that Noble Larry
give him and the entire Oasis staff your support.                                  Subscriptions are only available to members. If you
                                                                                 would like a copy Call (303) 455-3470 and a copy will
                                                                                                                                         Bodaness of Brush, Colorado is leading
  Please help me in congratulating and welcoming our new Nobles;                          be mailed to you FREE of CHARGE.               in ad sales with over 100 ads sold to date.
Greg Brower, Ken Johnson, and Daren Roen. Encourage and help them                 Periodicals postage paid at Denver CO and additional         Noble Virgil Kipers (co-chairman
Become active members of El Jebel                                                                                                        of I-HOP 2011) was called upon to give
                                                                                                                                         and update of the March 1st I-HOP Day.
Until next time.                                                                                                                         Virgil stressed that CO. I-HOP restau-
Fraternally,                                                                                                                             rants were offering a free short stack of
Dennis                                                                                        POSTMASTER:                                pancakes for a donation to the Shrine
                                                                                               Send address changes to:
                                                                                                   El Jebel Shrine                       Hospitals For Children. He also noted
                                                                                                  4625 W 50th Ave.                       that Store Captains and assisting staff was
                                                                                               Denver CO 80212-2997                      still much in need; volunteers who are
Page   2                                                     • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                                        March 2011
badly needed, can sign up on the Shrine     RSVP's are need soon.                            303/794-4851                                 "Mission of taking care of Children who
web site. Let's make this event a huge           I-HOP Pancake Day is March 1st; it                        truly need us"... will be the primary
success as a fundraiser.                    is great recognition for El Jebel Shrine                                                      guiding factor in determining the best
It was then announced that the St. Pat-     and an outstanding source of badly                                    February 16, 2010       way to achieve the financial viability
rick's Day Breakfast and Parade with the    needed donations.                                SHC - SLC                                    for the future of Shriners Hospitals for
aid of Noble Larry Clark would start on          St. Patrick's Day Parade and Break-              Third Party Billing efforts are going   Children.
time March 12, 2011; RSVP's by March        fast is March 12th; RSVP's are needed            well. Salt Lake City was the first to get a        We are faced with the reality that
1st are needed for the Breakfast for        for the Breakfast.                               Medicare number, and now we are first         our present configuration of 22 complete
which the cost is just $15.                      Family Luncheon is March 13th at            to obtain a Medicaid number !                hospitals and their respective budget
     Director Wayne Livermore gave Ill.     noon; note before the luncheon will be                                                        requirements are unsustainable.
Sir Dennis his personal Potentate wood      held a special election at 11:00 a.m. for        SLC ended the 2010 year under budget .         We must come up with a plan that en-
gavel; what a nice gift.                    the Oriental Guide position on the Divan.                                                     sures the viability of Shriners Hospitals
     It was then noted that Noble Allen          Members of the Divan went to                SHC - Overall                                for Children into the future.
Simmons was presented with his Jewel        Grand Junction for February 5th & 6th              The Shriners Hospitals for Children          The previously approved plans for
of El Jebel with his mother being pres-     Installations; a warm welcome and a fun          Leadership Conference was held in            replacement hospitals for St. Louis and
ent.                                        time was had by all. Note: A donation            Tampa on January 23 - 25. The leader-        Los Angeles are off the table - we can-
     Recorder John Gay read a special       of $10,000 was given to Ill. Sir Dennis          ship team was charged with the follow-       not afford this !
Memoriam for Past Imperial Potentate F.     for the General Fund; we all thank them          ing challenge :                                Occupancy rates at the hospitals paints
T. "Hogan" H'Doubler, Jr., M.D.; Shri-      for their outstanding gift.                           Create a three to five year plan that    a picture. Average Daily Census (ADC)
ners International 1980-1981, he died            A drawing was then conducted and            will achieve an overall budget for the       national average occupancy is 75%, and
November 24, 2010. Our prayers go out       Noble Lyle Adams was the winner for              hospital system that will get us close       national targets are 85%. SHC occu-
to his family and he will be missed by      two Oasis dinner tickets.                        to a five percent "Spend Rate" of the         pancy rate is 27%.
all.                                             Closing remarks were made by Ill.           endowment value.
     Ill. Sir Dennis gave the following     Sir Dennis Proctor for everyone to be            In attendance were :                         Children treated in 2010 - 31,212
announcements:                              safe and have fun; meeting was ad-                    Chairman and Vice Chairman of           Children treated since inception -
     Oasis Candle Light Evening Dinner      journed at approximately 8:45 p.m.                         all 22 hospitals                       960,201
is February 18th, please make your reser-        Fraternally submitted                            All 22 Administrators                   Average Length of Stay (ALOS) - 4.3
vations now.                                John W. Gay II, LLD, CIS, MCEP                        All 22 Chief of Staffs                  Approved new patients in 2010 -
     Potentate's Ball "Catch the Brass      Recorder                                              All 22 Directors of Patient Care            38,000
Ring" is Saturday night, February 19th,          P.S. If you can't be the tallest, tallest             Services                           Pediatric Orthopedics accounts for
                                            tree on the hill, be the best little shrub                                                        6% of all pediatric services perf
                                            for everyone is important, John.                 Several different Delivery of Care               ormed nationwide.
              Black Camel                                                                    Models were identified and analyzed
              There was a friend whose
              heart was good,
                                            Board of Governors
                                                                                             during the open discussions.
                                                                                             General consensus was that one model         Upcoming Events
              He walked with men and
                                                      El Jebel Shrine
                                                                                             of care would not fit every hospital loca-
                                                                                             tion in the system.
                                                                                             Throughout the Conference it was
                                                                                                                                          At El Jebel
 His was a voice that spoke with cheer,
 And felt like music on the ear.                                                             reaffirmed the importance of the local        March 2011
 His was a smile men loved to see;                                                           Boards of Governors along with the           1 Tuesday       IHOP Hospital Fundraiser
 His was a hand that asked no fee                                                            local hospital leadership in the decision    12 Saturday     St. Patrick Day Parade
 For friendliness or kindness done.         Ron Cosens, P.P.                                 making and implementation process for                            & Breakfast
 And now that he has journeyed on,          6159 W. Fair Dr.                                 the path chosen for each hospital.           13 Sunday       Family Luncheon/ Election
 His is a fame that never ends---           Littleton, CO 80123                              All present were reminded that our
 He leaves behind uncounted friends                                                                                                       April 2011
    Passed thru the Unseen Portals                 RECYCLE - RECYCLE - RECYCLE                                                            2 Saturday
                                                                                                                                          11 Monday
                                                                                                                                                          Temple Social Event
                                                                                                                                                          Stated Meeting
          In Memoriam                         As of 1/31/11, monies that have been                                                        15 & 16-17      El Jebel Shrine Circus
 “Our beloved Brethren live on in             generated from recycling are as follow:                                                     24 Sunday
                                                                                                                                          29 & 30
                                                                                                                                                          Easter Sunrise Service
                                                                                                                                                          CSSA Business
 new and more glorious life and
 service. We carry their influence in               Cars Helping Charities, Inc. $230.00                                                                     Meeting, Lincoln NE
 our lives and their memories in our
 hearts. They are not forgotten.”
                                                   TOTAL                        $230.00                                                   Parade Unit
        John W. Carey                         You can help raise money for El Jebel by                                                    Registration For
       Lee Roy Conner                         donating your used printer, fax and copier                                                  2011
       Laurence T. Hall                       cartridges for recycling. Cartridges may be
      Ben F. Knudsen, P.P.                                                                                                                CALL OUT PARADES: All units are
        Willard E. Lisle
                                              deposited in the collection box located                                                     registered and expected to attend.
        John M. Storlie                       in El Jebel's lobby. Anyone have a car
                                                                                                                                          St. Patrick's Day Parade
      Elmer "Russ" Todd                       sitting that could be donated? We'll take it.                                                 (Sat) March 12th
March 2011                                                            • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                                 Page     3
Commerce City Parade             WCSC Circus Parade            (Sat) September 10th              Units attending any       fice.                           a Call-Out or an Official
 (Mon) May 30th                   (Sat) May                   Note: Any parade that's       parades other than a Call-          By direction of           Parade is scheduled. Our
Imperial Session Parade          Salida Parade                outside the Home              out or an Official Parade       the Potentate: No other        Shrine Insurance will
 (Mon) July 4th                   (Sat) June 18th             Geographic Area will be       must register on their own     parades may be scheduled       not cover any incident
Veterans Day Parade              Sterling Parade              awarded 40 points for the     with the parade commit-        by the Units when either       if parades are attended
 (Sat) November 5th               (Sat) August 13th           parade and 50 points if       tees. A Unit Request           Call-Out or Official Pa-        in violation of this rule.
                                 Loveland Parade              you are the driver of your    must be submitted for          rades are specified. This       Registration forms sent
OFFICIAL PARADES:                 (Sat) August 20th           personal vehicle (passen-     any of these parades and       means that the Temple          by parade committees
All Units are urged to attend.   CSSA Overland Park, Kansas   ger excluded). For a total    approved by the Potentate      will not approve any           will be available in the
Colorado Nat'l Speedway           (Sat) September 3rd         of 90 points for those        or the Marshall and be on      request for participation      parade book located near
 (Sat) TBA                       Arvada Parade                parades attended.             file in the Business Of-        in any other Parade when       the Business Office.

                                                              El Jebel Jewels & Stars
   The following listed Nobles of El Jebel have either Jewels and/or Stars that have been awarded to them. As you can see these are all alphabetized. If you want these jewels
   and/or stars and will not be at the Stated Meeting, please come in and pick them up. The individual, unit president or secretary can pick them up for their units. Please, if
   you are the president/secretary, have all the names in alphabetical order.
   THESE ITEMS WILL NOT BE MAILED OUT. You can pick these items up at the Points Office on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. On Thursday or Friday you can pick
   them up at either the main office or the mail room. PLEASE PICK UP THESE ITEMS and wear them with pride. YOU EARNED THEM – NO ONE ELSE DID.
  Platinum #1                     Anderson, Andy              Fishel, Glenn                Kohlwey, David                Nordberg, Nils                Stewart, P.P., Jim
  David J. Kohlwey                Anderson, Dana              Gale, Terry                  Korenic, John                 Palmer, P.P., Tom             Sweeney, Bill
  Samuel L. Wittner               Barton, Ron                 Gaskin, Gordon               Korthaus, Hal                 Patten, P.P., Jack            Talkington, Richard
                                  Bauer, Merv                 Gay, John                    Langfeldt, Alan               Petersen, Chuck               Taylor, Jim
  Silver Ribbon                   Bergquist, John             Gosage, Gary                 Loberg, Ralph                 Phelps, Don                   Terry, Mike
  Kemry Wait, II                  Bobbitt, Jim                Graves, Jim                  Loerwald, John                Proctor, Dennis               Thayer, Michael
                                  Bolduc, Jerry               Gray, Russ                   MacDonald, Lee                Reid, Bob                     Vantrump, George
  Jewel of Honor                  Briscoe, Bob                Groom, Fred                  Mahoney, Daran                Rendon, P.P., Ed              Venzke, Bob
  Edward T McKenna                Brown, Gary                 Handy, Jim                   Mayer, Les                    Rice, Chuck                   Wait, Kemry
  Richard, Silver                 Burns, Kent                 Hause, Phil                  McAninch, Terry               Rice, Don                     Wait, Kemry II
                                  Centers, Chuck              Haynie, Jerry                McDonald, Thad                Rindone, Greg                 Wait, Levi
  Jewel of El Jebel               Conyers, Jerald             Hessel, Mike                 McElravy, Mac                 Roche, Joel                   Westerhoff, Chris
  Terry Gale                      Cooper, Bob                 Hoblit, Bob                  McIntosh, Alex                Roessler, Chuck               Whannel, Paul
  Daran Mahoney                   Cosens, P.P., Ron           Hurdelbrink, Emit            McKee, Richard                Rudduck, George               Wingate, Rich
  Alexander McIntosh              Dattilo, P.P., Tony         Johnson, Bill                McKenna, Ed                   Rusk, Jim                     Wittner, Sam
                                  Dougherty, Ralph            Kesig, John                  Mendenhall, Roger             Salz, Wilfred                 Wood, Bill
  Stars                           Dunsmore, Ron               Ketchum, Milt                Milton, Wayne                 Seebeck, John                 Wright, Walter
  Adams, Lyle                     Feistner, Joe               Kipers, Virgil               Myers, Bill                   Silver, Richard
  Addenbrooke, Cliff              Fenton, Dave                Klatil, Bill                 Neff, Jack                    Skaggs, Jim

DONOR                           IN MEMORY OF                  DONOR                             IN MEMORY OF               DONOR                              IN MEMORY OF
TRANSPORTATION FUND                                           Frohlick, Neva                Conner, Roy                    Berlinger, Art & Marilyn        Huitt, Burl
Parchen, Jean               Oberg, Jack                       Grams, Ken & Lavonne          Fisk, Vince
Barron, Lance               Gibbs, Harland                    Carper, Mr & Mrs Charles      Knudsen, PP, Ben               OPERATING FUND
Shaeffer, Robert & Kathrine Lisle, Bill                       Runice, Geraldine             Knudsen, PP, Ben               Lisle, Richard & Carolyn        Lisle, Bill
Roessler, Chuck & Joan      Squire, Jack                      Anderson, Rachel              Storlie, John                  Lisle, Esther                   Lisle, Bill
Roessler, Chuck & Joan      Knudsen, PP, Ben                  Guild, Ft. Collins Chapter, American Sewing                  Bauer, Don & Barbara            Lisle, Bill
Van Male, Bob & Lois        Knudsen, PP, Ben                                                Storlie, John                  Frohlick, Neva                  Barnes, Sandy
Lindstrom, Eleanor          Lindstrom, Harry                  Penner, Wanda & James         Storlie, John                  Biggs, Dorothy                  Bonner, Claire
                                                              McCloughan, Marie             Storlie, John                  Biggs, Dorothy                  Oberg, Jack
SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN                               Osborne, Corrine              Titus, Jr, Archie Reid         Biggs, Dorothy                  Kuhlman, Jim
Brookes, Al & Gene        Conner, Roy                         Seefeldt, Boyd & Jane         Blackburn, Dean                MacDonald, Lee & Gloria         Oberg, Jack
Berlinger, Art & Marilyn  Knudsen, PP, Ben                    Duncanson, Jean               Conner, Roy                    MacDonald, Lee & Gloria         Bonner, Claire
Akridge, Claude & shirley Knudsen, PP, Ben                    Monroe, C.L. & Cozette        Conner, Roy                    MacDonald, Lee & Gloria         Ideker, Gene
Clune, Jim & Jean         Storlie, John                       Coone, Bill & Ginny           Coulson, Helen                 MacDonald, Lee & Gloria         Edmonds, Ada
Erdal, Rasmus & Marian    Storlie, John                       Lambert, Bid & Vi             Conner, Roy                    Shrine Club, Western CO         Donation
MacKenzie, Mary           Storlie, John                       Patten, Jack & Dolores        Conner, Roy
Dungan, Betty             Storlie, John                       Cosens, Ron & Judy            Knudsen, PP, Ben               LADDER OF SMILES
Carroll, David & Carol    Storlie, John                       Cosens, Ron & Judy            Conner, Roy                    Band, El Jebel Shrine           Lindstrom, Harry
Tappan, Merilyn           Storlie, John                       Rindone, Greg & Kendy Cusick Conner, Roy                     Fitzpatrick, Jim, & Mickey      Squire, Jack
Peitsmeyer, Donna         Storlie, John                       Rindone, Greg & Kendy Cusick Knudsen, PP, Ben                El Jebel, Sandblasters of       Huitt, Burl
Spongberg, Edith          Storlie, John                       Rindone, Greg & Kendy Cusick Todd, Russell
McDonald, Thad & Ann      Storlie, John                       Rindone, Greg & Kendy Cusick Miller, Angela                  100 MILLION DOLLAR CLUB
Gunther, John & Jenny     Storlie, John                       Larimer, Tom & Barbara        Squire, Jack                   Kirkpatrick, Charlene    Storlie, John Marlin
Storlie, Charlotte        Storlie, John                       Perotin, Mort & Norah         Rose, Sadatte                  Robertson III, William   Storlie, John Marlin
Storlie, Elizabeth        Storlie, John                                                                                    Bright, Dorothy & Carson Storlie, John Marlin
Becerra, Helga & Joel     Storlie, John                       BUILDING FUND
Cooper, Bob               Storlie, John                       Duncanson, Jean                Kuhlman, James
Page    4                                                             • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                                March 2011
                           golf counting the An-       April 10th. Watch for                                                        for Valentine Day thanks      the Annual Dune Buggy
                           nual championship date      details via E-Mail and                                                       to our hosts Sandy and        Patrol Rodeo and Poker
                           which will be at Aurora     US Mail. Our 2011                                                            John Kesig.                   Run.
                           Hills Golf Course to see    Directory for the Duf-                                                         Social dates for the          The involvement of all
                           who holds the trophy for    fers will be going to                                                        remainder of the year         members makes this one
                           the winter and first part    press soon as golf play                                                      have been spoken for, so      of the most enjoyable
                                                                                                D U N E B U G G Y P AT R O L
                           of 2012. The golf days      date and locations are                                                       plan on a active year of      Inner-Bodies within El
By W. Steven Tucker P.P.   will move around the        inserted, so please thank                                                    involvement if you are        Jebel.
  Are you ready to start   Denver Metro area,          Carl Gaumer who prints                                                       presently a member, ac-         So, if you are pro-
playing some golf? Feb-    spreading travel for all.   this and for making this                                                     tive or social and if not,    spective members, an
ruary10th, our second      Dates and course infor-     donation to the Duffers.               By W. Steven Tucker P.P.              become a social member        individual that likes
luncheon meeting for       mation will be available      So plan now to have an                   February location of              to start until you want to    activity for him and his
the year was attended      soon, so that you can       enjoyable 2011 year of                 activity started with the             make the investment in a      family, we're the group.
by ten golfers. Lunch      add dates to your 2011      play. Also, invite guests              monthly social outing                 car, there is one for sale,   We have one car look-
in the Oasis followed      calendar.                   to join in the golf outing             at Cinzetti's in North-               or want to build a car        ing for a new owner and
with a meeting in the        Watch your US Mail        and ultimately becoming                glenn or is it Thornton,              from the ground up.           with the availability of
West Room. Discus-         and E-Mail for de-          members of the Duffers.                where thirteen enjoyed                  The second loca-            a new car body for that
sion of planned golf       tails, each needs to be     Our March meeting                      a outstanding Brunch                  tion of activity was the      individual who wants the
days for the year was      responded to when it is     will be held on the 2nd                Menu that covered the                 monthly business meet-        challenge of building his
held, seems Tuesdays       received.                   Thursday of the month,                 full spectrum of food                 ing preceded by dinner        own car from wheels up.
and Thursdays will be        The Annual Kick-          the 10th of March, so                  that everyone seemed to               at 5:30pm in the Oasis          The March Social will
used, two planned dates    Off Brunch will be at       come have lunch and be                 enjoy from the number                 with the meeting taking       be hosted by Terri and
each month, starting in    the Red Lion located        a part of planning and                 of trips taken by those               place in the West Room        Gary Loberg, on March
May. Nine total days of    at I-225 and Parker on      golf for 2011.                         in attendance. Special                at 7pm. Items discussed       5th so watch your US
                                                                                              recognition was given to              were Parades for 2011         Mail and E-Mail for
                           Steakhouse following a      twists to see if we can                the ladies in attendance              and our participation,        Details.
                           very good Brunch and        get a bigger attendance.
                           as always, a beautiful      Trying to balance be-                                                        food, be it a Breakfast,      participation in the St.
                           view of the Denver          tween lunch or dinner                                                        Lunch or Dinner you           Pat's day parade; we
                           skyline. Officers are        event, type of venues,                                                       were looking for, drink       have the Fire Truck
                           Bill Myers, President,      day or night driving,                                                        and communication,            ready, hopefully we'll
                           yours truly, Secretary/     and costs, make for                                                          among one another was         have riders from the
                           Treasurer, Fred Walker,     interesting planning.                                                        enjoyed. Plus this was        club and other El Jebel
                           Sergeant at Arms, and       As always, many of our                  AURORA SHRINE CLUB                   a trial visit to IHOP         members who just want
                           Directors George Bick-      members are actively                                                         before Pancake day            to come and parade.
                           ley, Bob Carpenter, Art     supporting various                                                           where we will act as          So, if you are a new
By Jack Kimpton            Anstine, Lou Mozer,         circus activities.                                                           hosts for Pancake day         member of El Jebel or
  The Dragoman             Roland Muhrer, and            In addition, the                     By W. Steven Tucker                   on March 1st, a day           a member who has yet
started 2011 in good       Dave Sherburne. We          upcoming Imperial                      P.P.                                  of recognition for El         to get involved, come
style and with a very      also welcome two new        Council Session in July                  The Aurora Shrine                   Jebel and the Shriner's       participate in the 2011
interesting schedule of    members, Ed Rendon          has had a large number                 Club enjoyed the vast                 International Children's      St. Pat's Day Parade
social events which we     and lady Michelle and       of Dragoman and ladies                 menu at IHOP in Feb-                  Hospitals...                  and ride on the Aurora
are all about. As I have   Tom Palmer and lady         volunteer to work on                   ruary, a social meeting                  The club will be           Shrine Club Fire Truck.
mentioned before, our      Donna, to our ranks.        various committees.                    which allowed for good                looking forward to
primary purpose is to      It is also nice to have
have fun, travel to dif-   Matt Raia back as our                 NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION FROM THE RECORDER
ferent venues and enjoy    Divan Rep for another                                 11:00 A.M. March 13th
good food.                 year.                        A special election will be held prior to the Family Lunch meeting to fill
  The Officers and             Our President has         the vacancy of Oriental Guide in accordance with Imperial Shrine
board of directors         put together an excit-       by-laws as stated below.
were installed at the      ing agenda for this year
newly renovated Simms      with some interesting        § 325.11 Election Regulations.
                                                        (a) Electioneering. The printing, publication, circulating or
                                                        distribution of resolutions, letters, telegrams, tickets, email or other
                                                        devices, by a Noble, suggesting, recommending, opposing or
                                                        containing the names of proposed candidates for office in the temple
                                                        is prohibited.
                                                        (b) Violation. For any violation of (a), the Imperial Potentate may
                                                                                                                                       Thank you to Towne & Country Limousine
                                                        suspend any offending Noble, and he may declare the election of the                and Noble Bob Danko for providing
                                                        officers void and order a new election.
                                                        (c) Notice. At least one week prior to the annual meeting or any
                                                                                                                                        transportation for the Potentate's Ball.
                                                        election the temple Recorder shall mail to each member a notice
                                                        thereof containing this section.
                                                                                                                                            El Jebel's Official Limo Company
Page   5                                                          • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                                           March 2011
 ROD & GUN CLUB                                                                                                          ship dues, you will
                                                                                                                         be dropped from our
                                                                                                                         mailing list and mem-
                                                                                                                         bership. Dues are like
                                                                                                                         New Years, they come
                                                                                                                         at the same-time every
                                                                 By Wayne Covert             for our parades and         year, and you shouldn't
                                                                   February was Val-         I hope that you con-        need a reminder. At
                                                                 entine's month I hope       tinue to take part. Don't   our February meeting
                                                                 all of you did well for     forget, daylight savings    we discussed our up
                                                                 you "Sweeties". As          time starts on the 13th,    and coming parades
                                                                 for myself, I bought        remember to change          that we would like to
                                                                 her a new battery for       those clocks.(spring        attend. We have a new
                                                                 her so (THE OTHER           forward) spring is just     parade Marshal, but
       Enjoy Fishing & Hunting???                                WOMAN) and I could          around the corner on        have not received any
          This Unit is for you                                   parade this year. Speak
                                                                 of which, we have
                                                                                             the 20th., so that means
                                                                                             we should get a lot of
                                                                                                                         information about the
                                                                                                                         schedules as of this

            March 3, 2011
                                                                 the St. Patrick's Day       snow. We had a great        publication. If anyone
                                                                 Parade this month on        turn out at our monthly     has any questions don't
                                                                 the Saturday the 12th.      social, we had18 peo-       hesitate to contact me,
           7:00 pm El Jebel Shrine                               Hope you can make it,
                                                                 watch for more infor-
                                                                                             ple, I want to apologize
                                                                                             for the service that we
                                                                                                                         if I don't have an an-
                                                                                                                         swer, I'll get you one.
                                                                 mation to come. It's        received at our Janu-       DON'T FORGET THE
           Ladies welcome with their                             time to get those cars      ary social, we will not     CIRCUS, move those
                    Shriner                                      uncovered washed and
                                                                 shined and ready for
                                                                                             be returning to that
                                                                                             restaurant again. For
                                                                                                                         ads, and tickets. Keep
                                                                                                                         the Shrine alive; Keep
                                                                 the parades. We had         those of you who have       it under your fez.
             Contact: Kent Eckley                                great turn outs last year   not paid you member-
                                   Loveland                    Virginia Senter had a
                                                                                             death in her family, so
                                                                                                                         NOCO screening clinic
                                                                                                                         is still undetermined,

                                                                 Shrine Club                 we missed the Senters.
                                                                                             Send your best thoughts
                                                                                                                         stay tuned.
                                                                                                                            Our officer line was
                                                                                             to these kind people.       aptly and duly installed
                                                                                               There were 24 in          by Jim Long. Jim in-
                                                                                             attendance at the Feb.      formed the club of the
                                                                 By Bob Cooper               meeting and the usual       many activities coming
                                                                   How about some love       business was prop-          for this year; I hope that
                                                                 talk? Anniversaries         erly disposed. Of keen      the Sportsman's Raffle
                                                                 include Lyle and Keo        interest is IHOP day        turns a pretty penny for
                                                                 Collins, 7 years and        on March 1st. We            el Jebel. There will be
                                                                 grand prize goes to         will have to spread         plenty of fun for all.
   Join your gentleman for dinner before the stated              Harry & Lois McCabe         ourselves very thinly         "The reason that a dog
   meeting on April 11, 2011 and then enjoy entertainment        for 37 years of close-      among Northern Colo-        has so many friends
                                                                 ness. Big congrats, all!    rado; any help from any     is that he wags his tail
   in the East Room at 7:00 pm.                                    Marilyn Tappan is         Shriner will be greatly     instead of his tongue."
                                                                 fighting the good fight       appreciated.
                                                                 against a nasty bug.          The future site of the
                      Phyllis Woodard

                                                                    El Jebel Shrine has e-mail
                Profiles of Colorado Women
                                                                    El Jebel Temple
                                                                    Recorder ..........................
   Please RSVP to the El Jebel office for dinner                    Circus ........................
   reservations: 303-455-3470                                       Oasis
                                                                    Red Fez
   Looking forward to seeing you.                                   Rebecca Kohlwey........
   First Lady Judy Proctor and Divan Ladies                         Maintenance ..........................

Page   6                                       • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                      March 2011
                                                          a standard shirt design
                                                          for our unit. You can
                                                          get long or short sleeve
                                                          styles complete with
                                                          embroidering for a
                                                          very reasonable price.
                                                          Jackets are also avail-
By Sid Wright                 Centennial Cone. Also,      able. Maybe one of
   Sometimes bad for-         the price is right, which   these days we will all be
tune leads to something       will avoid a drain on       uniformly clothed.
even better. Having           our treasury.                  The St. Patrick's Day
missed out on a reser-           In news from the         Parade comes up on
vation at Bear Creek
for Field Day due to
my negligence, things
                              RADOP family, Rich
                              and Shirley Wall report
                              that their grandson who
                                                          March 12, so get your
                                                          HT's ready with the
                                                          correct frequency pro-
                                                                                          Your tickets are
looked bleak. However,
2nd VP Ron Pitcock
                              is stationed at Lackland
                              AFB was named "Air-
                                                          grammed in, keyboard
                                                          locked, and battery              on their way!
came to the rescue with       man of the Year" for        charged. There's also
an offer of the use of his    his Wing. Also, Mac         a breakfast at the Oasis     St. Patrick's Day, your five tickets for you to sell should be
pasture up in the moun-       McElravy's son George       at 8:00 AM. I hope the       mailed to you, so be on the lookout for them! Each ticket is
tains. The Field Day          recently graduated with     biscuits, sausage, and       $20.00. Sell 5 tickets then you can buy your Seller’s ticket
committee will scope          a degree in Nursing,        coffee aren't green. See     for ONLY $1.00 for the chance at 20 Sportsmen’s items and
it out when the weather       and is now an RN.           you there, and remem-        20 $100.00 CASH prizes. We know you have more than 5
gets decent, but if Ron       Congrats to all those       ber, you may be ad-          friends and will need more tickets to keep in your pocket for
thinks it will work, I'm      folks.                      dicted to amateur radio      your next 5 friends! Please help YOUR TEMPLE by selling
sure it will. It's at about      Our President Rodger     if you actually think        your tickets!
8500' elevation, and is       Peabody has been busy       you got a good deal on
not very far back above       negotiating with Neve's     eBay.                        For questions or information:
our repeater site on          Uniform Company for            73, Sid                   E-mail:
                                                                                       Call: (303) 455-8172
Boulder Shrine Club                                       There will be a
                                                          11:00AM Luncheon
                                                          followed by entertain-
                                                          ment, a Shrine Child.        2011 El Jebel Circus                           The following companies
                                                                                                                                      are supporting the circus
                                                          The cost is $17.00 per
                                                          person in advance, and
                                                                                       Business Support                               by purchasing advertising:
                                                          after March 7th it will       Customer                              Phone Number              Website
                                                          be $18.00. This will be
                                                          our outing for March -        Brush Chiropractic                    970-842-5500

By Dick Tajbl                 what they missed not        red jackets. Family Day       Carquest Auto Parts Ft. Morgan        970-867-2535

  We braved the winter        being here to shovel the    is being held during the      Central Auto Parts                    970-867-2449

of 2011 now we can            snow, well, maybe next      daytime for the mem-          Coulson Excavating                    970-667-2178

enjoy the spring and          year.                       bers that do not drive or     Danford Realty                        970-867-5644

summer. It wasn't too            The new officers of       can't drive at night - I'm    Dorothy's Catering                    970-461-5865
                                                                                        Easy Street Casino                    303-582-5914
bad - a few cold days,        the Boulder Shrine          one of them.
                                                                                        Edward Jones, Timothy R Guggenmos            
but on the whole we           Club have been busy           At the February All
                                                                                        Groove Ford                           720-284-5480
survived, snow one day        planning outings and        Club Breakfast the
                                                                                        Heritage Wine and Liquor              303-770-8212
sun the next.                 activities for 2011. If     President's Merit Award       Howard Lorton Galleries               303-831-1212
  Soon the Boulder            you have any sugges-        was presented to Don          Johnson Storage                       303-785-4343
Shrine Club will be           tions, or things you        Rice and to Mel Wieck.        Kay Jan Inc                           970-867-9434
at full strength when         would like to do contact    Two deserving recipi-         Landis and Associates                 970-665-4444
the "snowbirds" get           Roy Boyer.                  ents.                         Mike Robinson Horseshoeing    303-622-6248
back. I got a nice note          The Fire Truck will        Our condolences to          Mike Shaw             303-757-6161
from Ellen Tye "We are        be evaluated to see if      the Bill Herron Family        Ozzies Body Shop                      970-667-7849
enjoying the sunshine         we continue on with         on the passing of wife        Pepper Pod                            303-530-4736
and visiting with our         it, if so we need rid-      & mother Bette Herron.        Roger's Racin Col's                   719-495-0678
daughters family. I'm         ers. Maybe we can get       Our deepest sympathy.         Ruhl Distributing                     970-842-4546
keeping my fingers in          another innerbody to          I'm going to have to        Ruppel's Plumbing and Heating         970-867-9063
the dirt - pots of pansies    come in and ride the        live a long time to use       Suss Pontiac-Buick                    866-608-5251
and primrose. Jim is          truck, it's a thought.      up all of the return mail     Ted's Clothiers                       303-781-1382
doing well, getting a            Sunday, March 13th       stickers I receive in the     Vinyl Works
tan. Greetings to all         is El Jebel "Family         mail.                         Ward Construction
-Zip." They don't know        Day" at the Temple.
March 2011                                                        • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                                Page   7
Antique                    upon us. The St Pat's
                           day Parade will be
                                                                 Officers for the new
                                                                                                   ley Hinds purchased a
                                                                                                   dandy motor home and
                                                                                                                             circus tickets, Noble
                                                                                                                             Dave Lawton is work-
                                                                                                                                                         an old school hot rod ,
                                                                                                                                                         come out and join our
Auto                       Saturday March 12
                           2011 in LODO. We
                                                               year were sworn in
                                                               last month. Plans for
                                                                                                   will be spending time
                                                                                                   seeing the USA. Noble
                                                                                                                             ing hard to making
                                                                                                                             the sales quota. Noble
                                                                                                                                                         patrol. We are not a
                                                                                                                                                         large group but we are
                           will meet at the parade             the coming year are                 Vince Cadarette and       tom and Lady Merry          fun. Call Al Bernhardt
                           grounds at 33rd and                 being made so plan on               Lady Judith spent the     Brooks have visited         at 303-
                           Walnut at 10:30. After              some fun events and                 winter traveling. Noble   Noble Dave Gutzman          279-5939 if you are
By Al Bernhardt            the parade we will re-              dinners. Noble Rob                  Steve Bennett has been    in Tucson trying to get     interested.
  After a dismal and       turn to the parking lot             purchased a hot rod                 preening and polish-      away from the cold
cold winter, spring has    and set up and enjoy a              and will be parading it             ing his vehicles for      weather. If any of the
sprung and our first        tailgater lunch. Some-              with our group. Noble               the new parade season.    Nobles have an antique
parade of the year is      thing different for a               Dave and Lady Shir-                 Please purchase your      car 1948 or earlier or

                                                                                                                             El Jebel                    distributed forms to
                                                                                                                                                         help begin searching a
                                                                                                                             Computer                    person's genealogy.
                                                                                                                                                              At the March 8
                                                                                                                             Club                        Club meeting, an open
                                                                                                                                                         discussion on Microsoft
                                                                                                                             By George                   products will be con-
                                                                                                                             Van Trump                   ducted. Members and
                                                                                                                                                         guests should bring their
                                                                                                                                                         problems and solutions
                                                                                                                                                         to Microsoft products;
                                                                                                                             By George Van Trump         members should also
                                                                                                                               The Feb 8 meeting,        bring their laptop com-
                                                                                                                             with several members        puters.
                                   Make this your party, decorate your table.                                                and guests present, was          Guests and curious
                                                                                                                             started with lunch in the   people are always invited
                                                      Be judged                                                              Oasis, followed by our      to attend our meetings
                                                    Win great prizes                                                         business meeting. The       and present problems
                                                                                                                             meeting began with a        they are having with
                                     Get your units, families, special groups together                                       discussion about the        their computer or soft-
                                           Parties of one or more are welcome.                                               Club's treasury and its     ware. Yearly dues are
                                          Come join us. Enjoy the competition.                                               transfer from the outgo-    just $12 per year.
                            We will have table decorations available if you wish to participate.                             ing to the incoming trea-        The meetings start
                                                                                                                             surer. The photo shoot      with lunch at noon in the
                                                                                                                             at the Potentates Ball      "Oasis" followed by our
                     Menu:                                                Price: $15.00/person                               was discussed; pictures     regular meeting at 1:00
                     Fettuccini Alfredo
                     Linguini w/Marinara Sauce                                                                               will be taken in the Oa-    pm in the Arab Patrol
                     Sausage and Meatballs                                                                                   sis restaurant this year.   Room on the lower level.
                     Caesar Salad                                                                                            A gift from the Club to     Reservations are re-
                     Garlic Bread                                                                                            the ladies "Lunch in the    quired with the "Oasis"
                                                                                                                             Country" luncheon in        by emailing the Oasis at
                                      Please make reservations by March 23, 2011
                                                                                                                             May was approved. The
                                                                                                                             photo shoot at the circus   or by calling 303-455-
                     **********************************************************************                                  was discussed; it would     3470.
                     Name:                                   Phone Number:                                                   be desirable to have an          If you have any
                     Email:                                 Shrine Membership #                                              animal that would draw      questions, please contact
                     Unit:                        # Attending     Amount Enclosed $                                          the public's attention to   George Van Trump at
                          Make your reservation by Credit Card on-line at:                             have a successful event.    303-232-3542 or at
                                            or call EI Jebel at : 303-455-3470                                                    A program by 
                                       Make checks payable to El Jebel and send to:                                          George Van Trump
                                         El Jebel Shrine - Entertaining Your Way                                             was given on "Tracing
                                                  4625 W. 50th Avenue                                                        Your Family Roots"
                                                   Denver, CO 80212                                                          on the internet using
                                                                                                                             the Ancestry software.
                                                                                                                             He demonstrated the
                                                                                                                             Ancestry website by
                                                                                                                             showing the results of
                                                                                                                             his family investiga-
                                                                                                                             tion using this website
                                                                                                                             and software. He also
Page   8                                                                 • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                           March 2011
                                                      children will be taken.     to us had a choir and     was very informa-
                                                        Mark Vickland is the      agreed to open the        tive with some humor      OASIS CANDLE
                                                      new Oasis food ser-         portable wall. They       thrown in.
By Lindy Wazny            March 13th, the Unit        vice Manager. He is         were wonderful. Then        Our next luncheon      LIGHT EVENINGS
  On 12 February, we      Party on 2 April, and       an outstanding gradu-       we had Police Office       on 12 March will be at
gathered at Windsor       the Circus on 15,16,17      ate of Johnson Wales        Tony Burkhart, who        Apple Creek - 10600        MARCH 18, 2011
Gardens for our lun-      of April.                   University.                 spoke about safety        E. Iliff Ave. That is      APRIL 29, 2011
cheon. Dennis Proctor     Please buy your Circus        We were fortunate         concerns in and out       just east of Havana.
spoke to us about up-     tickets. If you can't       enough to sort of have      of the home. It was                                   MAY 27, 2011
coming events with the    use the tickets you can     double entertainment;       geared for folks of our
Shrine. A luncheon on     return them and needy       a group meeting next        age. His presentation                                 JUNE 10, 2011
                          up to Tony Dattilo,         give so much pleasure
                          PP and told him they        to the audiences for                Attention Nobles & Ladies:
                          were moved to tears for     whom they perform, but
                          most of the show as we
                          honored the military
                                                      also they inspire us all
                                                      with their hard work and
                                                                                          Attention Nobles & Ladies:
                          and their homeland.         dedication to their stud-                  POLICY CHANGE
                          Another older man           ies and their moral code.
                          came up to him and said        I was so very proud to                 OASIS RESTAURANT
By Kent burns
   The Cheyenne con-
                          he had seen hundreds
                          of live shows all over
                                                      be associated with this
                                                      Band and this concert.
                                                                                               FOR UNIT MEETINGS -
cert was an awesome       the country, but this one   If any out there would                EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2011.
success!! Musically,      was the best he had ever    like to be a part of such      Presently, when a Unit/Club has a meeting at the Shrine, they re-
anyway. The weather       seen, anywhere.             a thrilling experience,
conspired against us,       Some of the best          come see us any Thurs-         serve a room for that function at no charge. In the past the set up
but those few in atten-   comments Tony heard         day evening at 1900             and tear down was done by Temple Staff as a courtesy. Due to
dance were thoroughly     came from the AFA           (that's seven in the eve-       man power shortages and higher labor costs, we are asking that
enthralled with the       cadets themselves who       ning for civilians). And        members of the Unit take on the set up and tear down, relieving
performance. The pip-     told him how much they      if any are interested, we        the staff to work on other important maintenance issues. This
ers, drummers, dancers,   admired and respected       will have professional
and brass really did      us and how they enjoyed     DVD's of this event for         new policy will prevent us from having to charge for the set up
themselves proud. (We     our music as it blended     $20.00.                                         and tear down after each function.
are the only group to     with theirs. They are all
provide such entertain-   looking forward to more
ment Celtic pipe music    such shows, as are we.
in conjunction with a     This show definitely up-
genuine military brass    staged the Lee No Show             THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR ASSOCIATION PRESENTS
band.) We heard how
it was the best concert
                          Greenwood concert of
                          several years ago when
                                                               THE 86TH ANNUAL EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE
they had ever seen, how   we also played with                           APRIL 24, 2011, 6:30 AM
much they enjoyed the     the AFA cadet drum
show, what a wonderful    and bugle corps after
and thrilling experi-     the Honor Day Parade.
ence we provided them,    These young men and
and other such positive   women give us hope for
comments. Two ladies      the future of this great
from Scotland came        country not only do they

  Nobles and Ladies of El Jebel;                              Pastor Randy Kittelson
    Ill Sir Steve and Lady Sandy want
  to thank you for your phone calls,
  visits, cards and prayers during his
  recent medical procedure....
  Also for the beautiful fruit basket
  that has been enjoyed!
    Again, Thank You                                                                                           Brunch to follow in Grand
  Sandy and Steve Tucker                                                                                       Ballroom $ 1 0 .0 0 per person
March 2011                                                    • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                   Page    9
                                                                                                                             up for the parade season.
                                                                                                                             The Kops Prez and Vices
                                                                                                                             will coordinate all this
                                                                                                                             when the weather looks
                                                                                                                             like it will cooperate.
                                                                                                                               In addition to all of
                                                                                                                             this, Prez Rich will co-
                                                                                                                             ordinate a dinner set up
                                                                                                                             for the month of March.
                                                                                                By Larry N. Clark            You will have the details
                                                                                                  Prepare your marching      provided via snail mail.
                                                                                                boots for March. The         Plan for this it should be
                                                                                                Kops have a busy month       a good one.
                                                                                                coming up; watch your          Your Kops dues are
                                                                                                calendar for full details.   due and need to be duly
                                                                                                In addition to the St        paid in due form, if you
                     “LUNCH IN THE COUNTRY”                                                     Paddy's Day Parade, the      are still due to duly pay
                                                                                                March Bingo, and the         the dues send a dues
                                   LADIES LUNCHEON                                              Keystone Kops Meeting        check to Hal Harper or
                                                                                                there will be a gather-      better yet bring them to
                               SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2011                                            ing of Kops at our social    the Kops meeting March
                                                                                                outing.                      8, 2011.
                                    11:30 AM SOCIAL                                               The Kops will need to        See you at the meeting
                                                                                                have a work detail to get    March 8th.
                            12 NOON INTRODUCTIONS                                               our rolling stock cleaned
                            FOLLOWED BY LUNCH AND
                                                                                                TEMPLE GUARD
                             ATTIRE: DRESSY CASUAL                                              By Walter W. Hendrickson     February 16.
                                                                                                     News from Temple          President Bob
                                                                                                Guard members is very        Schimpf is looking
                                      $15 per person                                            limited as this report is    forward to seeing many
                                                                                                prepared. Our slate of       Temple Guard mem-
                             RESERVATION DEADLINE:                                              officers for 2011 was         bers on March 1st at
                                                                                                installed at the stated      the IHOP on South
                               FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011                                           meeting February 14.         Colorado Blvd. where
                                                                                                Congratulations to           he is team captain help-
                                (No refunds after deadline)                                     James Handy and his          ing to raise money for
                                                                                                officers for a job well       the Shriners Hospitals
                                                                                                done.                        For Children. Let's
                Gift Baskets will be given as Door Prizes!!!                                       William Casperson         have a good turnout for
                                                                                                has been hospitalized        our new President and
                                                                                                for a couple of weeks        the kids.
                                                                                                but is home again.             Circus is just around
                                                                                                  Boyd Seefelt is suf-       the corner and Jim
                                         Tear off and return with check                         fering from a nerve          Long and his team
  Name:                                                                                         disorder which curtails      could surely use ev-
  Phone Number:                                                                                 his driving because he       eryone's help. If you
  Email:                                                                                        has no feeling in his        haven't signed up as
  Shrine Membership #                     Unit:                                                 feet.                        a volunteer, be sure
                                                                                                  William and Peggy          to contact the Circus
  # Attending:                     Amount Enclosed $                                            Mitchell are limited in      office right away. We
                   Make your reservation by Credit Card on-line at or     their activities but man-    always have a good
                                 Make check payable to El Jebel and send to                     age to keep going.           time at the Circus and
                                                El Jebel Shrine                                    Clark Skinner             this year should be
                                                                                                reports that Weston          special.
                                              Ladies Luncheon
                                                                                                Lodge NO.22 was                The Temple Guard
                                            4625 W. 50th Avenue                                 hosting a visit from
                                             Denver, CO 80212                                   the Grand Master of
                                                                                                Masons in Colorado on
March 2011                                                 • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                Page 10
                                        schools that use our                         to let everyone know
                                        facilities each year for                     the Director's Staff
                                        their proms and we are
                                        always glad to have
                                                                                     Dances that occur each
                                                                                     month. The next dance
                                                                                                                        2011 El Jebel Circus
                                        them return to bring in
                                        revenue for our shrine.
                                                                                     will be on March 11,
                                                                                     2011, in the Imperial              Top sales through December
                                        If know of a school that                     Ballroom. At these
By Don Douglass                         is going to hold their                       dances everyone is                      Top Individuals
  Well here we are                      school prom someplace                        invited to attend, you do
already into the third                  else and you believe we                      not have to belong to               Bodaness      $5157
month of the new year                   can perhaps do a better                      the shrine to attend and            Siegrist      $2620
and not much has hap-                   job of hosting their                         the cost is reasonable.
pened in the Director's                 prom or other event.                         Please see the Direc-               Pitcock       $2029
Staff. We will be get-                  Please let our Events                        tor's Staff Dance ar-               Cox           $1955
ting into our busy part                 Manager, Nikki Bray                          ticle, written be Noble
of the year with school                 know who to contact                          Al Sinner for further               Roché         $1756
proms, graduation                       and the type of func-                        information.
ceremonies and other                    tion, so we can continue                       We wish all members                   Top Units
social functions, which                 to keep our building                         of the Director's Staff
require the Director's                  occupied and bring in                        and their ladies, who               Morgan County Shrine Club                    $4962
Staff attendance for                    more revenue. Nikki                          have birthdays and/                 Sports Car                                   $2921
lights and the use of our               can be contacted on                          or anniversaries this
audio/visual equipment.                 303-455-3470, ext 29.                        month, the very best.               Dune Buggy                                   $1989
  We have several                         I have been requested                                                          Cad-Linc                                     $1955
                                                                                                                         Divan                                        $1902

                                                                                                                         Circus Dates:
                                                                                                                         April 15-16-17

   St.Patrick's Day
        Join us for a

                                                                                                                          Candle Lite Dinner
   Saturday, March 12 2011
   8:00 A.M.

   Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns, Biscuits/Gravy, Bacon, Sausage, Fruit, Sweets, Coffee, Juice

               Make reservations on our website or send this add to the Shrine office by March 1, 2011                  March 18th Candle Light Dinner Menu
     Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                      • Corn Beef & Cabbage w/buttered baby red potatoes & carrots $10.00
     Unit: _________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                 • Lamb stew $9.00
     Email: ________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                      • Potato crusted filet of Cod w/leeks, capers & dill-lime butter $13.00
     Phone Number: _________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                         • Sauted Breast of Chicken w/Irish whiskey cream sauce $12.00
     Number of Reservations: ____________________________ - Cost $15.00 /pp
                                                                                                                                 • Baileys Cream White Chocolate Mousse $4.50
                                                                                                                            • Served with Potato leek soup or salad & Irish Soda bread.
                                                                                                                                               • Irish Drink Specials
                                                                                                                                         Dining By Reservation only
                                                                                                                                          Call 303-455-3470 ext 38
March 2011                                                                                        • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                   Page 11
                                                                                             nis Proctor and his         members like to eat at
                                                                                             Lady, Judy, were also       the White Fence Farm,
                                 EL                                                          planning to be there for    and in May the club
                         G 'tiOp.m.
                                                                                             the installation of new     will meet there. The
                 EL                                                                          officers; we hope they       picture presentation

                 I N
                                                                                             can re-schedule as well.    is still in the works---

               B Monday_noon lm.
                              3                                  By J & J Taylor
                                                                   Winter came on with
                                                                                                The next dinner
                                                                                             meeting will be as
                                                                                             planned, on March
                                                                                                                         we'll let you know soon
                                                                                                                         when plans are firmed
            EVERY             _     0 p.                         a vengeance in Febru-       1st at the Shrine (East         In June there is
                    hursd  ay 7:3 - 31                           ary; consequently, with     Room) and will be a         something special
               ERY T            7 - 24                           the high temperatures       video of the "Kennedy       being planned---the
            EV       3 - 10 - 1          m.                      being in the minus-         Space Center". Wen-         Computer Club is
              March        _ 12 to 3 p.                          zero-range on our           dell and Lois Martin        being invited to that
                    Friday          - 25
                                                                 night, we cancelled the     brought back the pre-       meeting night on June
             E VERY       11 - 18                                February 1st meeting.       sentation for us from       7th, since, unlike
                                                                 And that's too bad,         their recent trip to Cape   Optars, they are "dark"
                             2011                                because Ed Hamm             Canaveral. We know          for June. The presenter

                                                                 was scheduled to do an      this will be a very         is one of the Shrine's
                     64th         &      Wa                      educational session on
                                                                 "How to Select a Cam-
                                                                 era", with an in-depth
                                                                                             informative and enjoy-
                                                                                             able show, so we hope
                                                                                             to see lots of people
                                                                                                                         great photographers,
                                                                                                                         Richard McKee, a
                                                                                                                         member of the Com-
                                  Jack                           look at new camera          there. There might not      puter Club and part of
                Pr   ogres                                       features. This program      be time to make dinner      the Medical Staff (who
                                                                 will be re-scheduled        reservations, but you       do the children's medi-
                                                                 for our April meeting,      are welcome to come         cal screenings). So
               SUPPORT EL JEBEL                                  on Tuesday the 5th.         see the video and visit     stay tuned!
               AND HAVE FUN TOO!                                 So get your questions
                                                                 ready! The Ill. Sir Den-
                                                                                             with us.
                                                                                                 Most all the Optars

                                                                                                                           in the activities of the
                                                                   MEETERS OF                                              Shrine. They are seen
                                                                                                                           at the door greeting
                                                                   EL JEBEL                                                nobles at the stated
                                                                                                                           meetings, at the cir-
                                                                                                                           cus selling novelties
                                                                 By Calvin Lapuyade          seventies, from there;        and at other events
                                                                   This is not the way I     he went on to the Con-      when called upon by
                                                                 like to begin an article    sistory, the York Rite      the Potentate. Just
                                                                 for the Red Fez. How-       and finally the Shrine.      recently they were on
                                                                 ever, it refers to both a   In the Shrine he joined     hand when the Grand
                                                                 sad event and affirma-       the Meeters and could       Masters gathered for
                                                                 tion of the value of        be seen greeting nobles     their meeting in Den-
                                                                 membership in such a        at the door for the         ver, Some Meeters,
                                                                 fraternity as ours. The     stated meetings on into     also have membership
                                                                 Black Camel visited         his early nineties. We      in other Units. Our
                                                                 the Meeters early in        extend our heartfelt        numbers may be small,
                                                                 February and ushered        sympathy to Ann and         yet we are pleased to
                                                                 Dean Blackburn into         the family. It was my       be a part of the Shrine
                                                                 that Lodge beyond the       privilege to officiate at    and filling an impor-
                                                                 sunsets just weeks be-      his funeral.                tant task. We would
                                                                 fore his ninety-seventh       As Meeters we have        welcome any who
                                                                 birthday.                   traditionally been          would desire to be part
                                                                   Dean became a             known to have a "tight      of this kind of fellow-
                                                                 Mason just about the        knit" Unit. This was        ship.
                                                                 time when many who          one of the attractions
                                                                 have long been in the       that drew me into the
                                                                 fraternity begin to         Meeters. Saying we are
                                                                 draw back from their        a "tight knit' Unit does
                                                                 participation. He parti-    mean that we only look
                                                                 tioned Park Hill Lodge      inward. Meeters have
                                                                 when he was in his          always been involved
Page   12                                      • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                      March 2011
                          Our dancers experi-         at a Tanzers dance and                                  about 5:30 PM the sec-        at the El Jebel Shrine
                          ence the best in ball-      things went pretty well                                 ond Wednesday of the          Circus. I'm sure we all
                          room dance music at         for everyone involved.                                  month followed by our         look forward to 3 days
                          our dances from the           There have been a few                                 business meeting in the       at the circus, even if it's
                          selection of great dance    changes to the 2011                                     East Room at 7:00 PM.         not one of our official
                          bands we hire as well       dance schedule because                                  Our next meeting will         social events.
                          as dancing on the best      we had some schedul-                                    be held on March 9th.           The first parade of
                          dance floor in the area.     ing conflicts. The dates                                   In addition to the          the year, St. Patrick's
                            Our next dance will       remain the same, but                                    monthly business meet-        Day, is coming up on
                          be on March 4th, which      some of the bands have                                  ings there are at least       March 12th. We hope
By Al Sinner              will be our first Fund       changed. New sched-                                     7 additional socials          to see many sports there
  One of our favorite     Raiser dance of the         ules may be picked up       By Rich Wingate             planned for the year.         and hope the weather is
bands, The Springs        year. The Springs Band      at the next dance.            Dinner in the Oasis       Apparently the Sports         good!!!
Band from Colorado        will be back in town        If you haven't sent in      preceded the El Jebel       are a parade unit with          Lady Alberta Plaisted
Springs, was in town      again, so this will be      your renewal form,          Sports monthly meeting      definite social tenden-        remains on our sick list,
for the February 11th     another evening of fine      please do so as soon        on Wednesday, February      cies.                         nursing her ankle at
dance, and brought in     ballroom dancing.           as possible - we really     9th in the East Room.         Plans continue for          home. We send her all
a very nice crowd of      The new Oasis manag-        need the help of our        We welcomed another         the sale of novelties         our best wishes.
dancers that enjoyed a    er, Mark Vickland and       members to keep the         new Sports member,
fine night of ballroom     his staff did a great job   club going.                 Virgil Kipers and
dancing to some very      of serving dinner in the    Thanks to all of you        Lady Nancy; they're a
good music. We always     ballroom to the Tanzers     that supported Tanzers      welcome addition to
have a great dance        before the dance on         last year.                  the Sports. This is a
when this band is the     February 11th. It was                                   great trend; maybe we
band for the evening.     Mark's first experience                                  can keep it going and                       303-472-5376
                                                                                  sign up a new member
                          month and still no bad      threes and four jacks.      every month. If you are
                          beats. It seems when        Art had four tens, four     interested in joining the
                          one player has a bad        fours and a seven high      Sports unit, we meet for
                          beat hand, no one has       straight flush. If we        dinner in the Oasis at       Quality Work Done Right the First Time!
                          the other hand for a bad    could have put two of
                          beat. We had some real      these hands together                ’s
                                                                                     Bob ear
                          good hands last month.      we could have some               8Y r
                                                                                    a 4 ine
                          Arnie had four jacks        beats. Roger was gone           Shr
                          and Roger had four          for two weeks and
                          queens. Boyd had four       we did not see Dallas
                          nines and a seven high      enough. Come see us
By Charles Smith          straight flush. Doug         on Thursday at high
 We just had one more     had four nines, four        twelve.

                          about having dinner at      of El Jebel's pipers.
                          the Oasis with Mo-          Further in I found what
                          tor Patrol members          Tiny found - a full
                          then having a business      wall of the two of us
                          meeting that makes it a     (and Lena) enjoying
                          special evening.            "Broomfield Days" a
                            Here is something         few years back. Neat
By Bruce Evans            you just must see           stuff!
  The Motor Patrol        with your own eyes to         As dedicated Nobles
monthly meeting day       believe. Tiny Johnson       of the Mystic Shrine we                   We provide Roll-Off                We pick up
has changed. Members      told me that a picture      are all committed to the            Dumpsters in your choice of sizes     where you left off...
and guests are remind-    of he and I riding          health and well being of         from 8 to 18 yards ideal for remodeling,
ed that we now meet       in Leap'n Lena was          children and having fun              garage & basement clean outs,        303-909-8254
the second Wednesday      featured on a wall in       while accomplishing                       roofing repair debris.
of the month at 7:00pm    Applebee's restaurant       that commitment. To                                                       303-895-1598
- El Jebel East Room.     on 120th Avenue in          that end save Saturday,
  Our February social     Broomfield. So, be-          March 12, 2011 on                                                                        Cash & Checks
found the Motor Patrol    ing curious I ventured      your calendars for all
                                                                                             Call Bob Marner
group once again din-     outside my zip code to      of the fun and frivol-
ing in the Oasis Room     the restaurant and sure     ity associated with the                         LOW PRICES, NO HIDDEN FEES
of El Jebel and a great   enough as I entered I       first parade of year - St.        We take pride in our equipment, trucks and service, and are fully insured.
time was had by all.      was greeted by a larger     Patrick's Day.
There is just something   than life mural of one                                        
March 2011                                                    • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                             Page 13
                                                                                                                  lucks at our "Outings"      daybreak! This is
                                                                                                                  are spectacular! And        always fun for an early
              Reserve the Date                                                                                    there is always room
                                                                                                                  for one more pot-luck
                                                                                                                                              "Outing", except for
                                                                                                                                              the year that it snowed,
                                                                                                                  dish, so why not join       and everyone had to
                                        OF                                                                        us?                         slog through the slush.
                                                                                                                      Many Roamers            Everyone, please pray
                            June 13, 2011                  By J & J Taylor
                                                             Pictured below is the
                                                                                      before, so we were pre-
                                                                                      pared to chow down.
                                                                                                                  have been involved
                                                                                                                  with the Circus in the
                                                                                                                                              for good weather, like
                                                                                                                                              we had in December!
                                                           Roamers' Divan Rep,        That's one thing about      past, and this year will       The "Inning" com-
                                       FOR                 Larry Clark, install-      Roamers---they know         be no exception. You        ing up in March will
                                                           ing the new officers        how to enjoy good           might see our rigs,         be at Simms Steak
   Potentate’s Golf Outing                                 for 2011: Pres. John
                                                           Korenic, Joe Feist-
                                                                                      food. Come to think
                                                                                      of it, we have lots of
                                                                                                                  again, parked in the
                                                                                                                  North or West parking
                                                                                                                                              House, and by then
                                                                                                                                              we will all be hungry
                                                           ner, V Jim Graves,         pictures of our group       lot, and the pot-luck       again. There is still
                            AT                             Secretary; Richard         EATING; our pot-            spread out before           time to fix roof leaks
                                                           Talkington, Treasurer.                                                             and broken pipes in
   Willis Case Golf Course                                 They look like they're
                                                           already starting to have
                                                                                                                                              our rigs before the
                                                                                                                                              REAL "Outings" begin
                                                           fun; we know everyone                                                              (in May this year). So
  This will be a fun outing with shot-                     else will, as well!                                                                make hay while the
                                                               Our February 20th                                                              sun shines, and be
 gun start, golf, cart, lunch, prizes and                  "Inning", a Sunday                                                                 ready for a fun-packed
                                                           Brunch at Jay's Grill &                                                            summer---we'll see you
                fun for everyone                           Bar on North Wash-                                                                 down the road "if the
                                                           ington St., was filled                                                              creek don't rise"!
               More details later                          to the gills, like Fresh
                                                           Fish Co. last month.
                                                           We had eaten there

                                                                                                                  Thanks, Jim!                for the next Tea Dance!
                                                                                                                    The two bands             Of course, remember
                                                                                                                  provided music at the       that a number of the
                                                                                                                  Stated Meeting on           Shrine band musicians
                                                                                                                  February 14th (our Val-     are always busy partici-
                                                                                                                  entine to all the Nobles    pating in other Masonic
                                                                                                                  attending). Saturday,       sponsored musical
                                     Over 30 Years                                                                February 19th, the          groups, including Scot-
                                       Combined                                                                   El Jebel Dance Band         tish Rite Reunions, the
                                       Experience                                                                 played big band and         State Masonic Band
                                     with Insurance                                                               contemporary tunes for      Camp held at UNC in
                                                                                                                  the Potentate's Ball. The   Greeley every summer,
                                      & Financial                                     By Norm O'Kelly             Dance Band was host         and the Masonic 1st
                                        Products                                        The El Jebel Bands        to another Tea Dance        Volunteer Civil War
                                                                                      are beginning the new       at the Shrine Center in     Band. In March, the El
              René G. Toca                                  Linda Dowd                year with a bang! Mu-       February, Sunday the        Jebel Band will again
                                                                                      sic was                                                                 partici-
         720-375-6318                                    303-494-2226                 provided                                                                pate in          
                                                                                      at the                                                                  the St.
                              Services Offered                                        January                                                                 Patrick's
                                                                                      Stated                                                                  Day
           Wealth Preservation                     Long Term Care                     Meeting                                                                 Parade.
            Income Portfolios                       Life Insurance                    by the                                                                    Re-
                                                                                      German                                                                  mem-
            Growth Strategies                        Index Funds                      and Fam-                                                                ber, if
             Asset Allocation                  Private Equity Managers                ily Bands.                                                              you play
                                                                                      Our January Band            20th at 2:00 P.M., with     a musical instrument,
           Strategic Balancing                  Defined Pension Plans
                                                                                      Social Luncheon was         intermission Dance          or would like to pick
                                                                                      enjoyed by all at the Ol-   Lessons included. For       up your old instrument
                                                                                      ive Garden in Bel-Mar,      $5 per person, this was     again, the Band can
                                                                                      where Chief Rabban          a real bargain and a        always make a place
                                                                                      Jim Long installed our      great time to have some     for you - have some fun
                                                                                      officer slate for 2011.      fun. Be looking ahead       and join in!
Page     14                                                         • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                     March 2011
Jefferson County                             Wen-
                                                      cheon, Smoky Yoritomo
                                                      distributed calendars      Northeast                              Lodge with informa-
                                                                                                                        tion on workshops
                                                                                                                                                   Wardrip, 1st Vice;
                                                                                                                                                   Jerry Thorndyke, 2nd
Shrine Club                                  and
                                                      with beautiful pictures
                                                      of wildlife in North       Colorado                               and calendar events;
                                                                                                                        the York Rite as well
                                                                                                                                                   Vice; Cecil Souders,
                                                                                                                                                   Sec/Treas.; Bob Elsloo,
By Jim Cram
  The Installation Lun-
                           who will celebrate their
                                                      America. Central City/
                                                      Blackhawk sponsored        Shrine Club                            as information on the
                                                                                                                        Scottish Rite Reunion
                                                                                                                                                   Parade Captain; Chuck
                                                                                                                                                   Hicks, Circus Chair;
cheon held on January      58th Wedding Anniver-      the calendar.                                                     to be held in May. Our     and Charles Johnson,
19th was well attended     sary on March 27th.          Jack Russell an-                                                Divan representative,      Reporter.
and the chicken fried        A Get Well Wish to       nounced the winners of                                            Bobby Marner brought        As most of you know,
steak was delicious.       Bill Casperson who         the Super Bowl football    By Charlie Johnson                     much enthusiasm and        our club meets for
President Herb opened      recently was in the        game that was won            As the 17 Nobles ar-                 energy to the early        breakfast each month
the meeting with the       hospital for treatment     by the Packers over        rived for the Breakfast                morning listeners. He      and we often bring our
usual formalities and      of two aneurysms. In       the Steelers, 31-25.       meeting, the small talk                gave a detailed report     Masonic friends to join
thanked everyone for       addition, tests indicate   Jack's contest involved    was about Valentine's                  of the activities of the   us. So, our standing
their attendance. Chap-    that he is cancer-free     picking a score that       Day and the sig-                       Shrine and expressed       invitation is offered
lain Lewis Maxson          and he expects to be       was closest to the final    nificance of it to each                 the wishes of our          to all Masons to meet
delivered the invocation   back to Shine activities   score. The winners         Mason. Some were                       Potentate Illustrious      with us on the second
and everyone stood for     soon.                      with their picks, are      more 'into it' than oth-               Dennis Proctor.            Monday of the month
a moment of silence in       We were pleased to       identified as follows:      ers but most had a plan                  In other business, the   at the Sinclair Over-
memory of Bill Lisle.      have Lance Barron          first, Smoky Yoritomo       for honoring the lady                  group approved an ex-      land Trail Café‚ at the
Our Divan Rep. Phil        visit our January 26th     34-27; second, Jim         in their life. We all                  penditure for a Sweet-     Atwood Exit #115 off
Hause was introduced       luncheon. He reported      Cram 35 - 30; next,        agreed that we would                   heart dinner; heard        I-76. We guarantee a
and asked to perform       on his many Masonic        Doyle Roberts 21-19        not be as successful                   preliminary plans for      hearty breakfast with
the installation cer-      activities and the flash    and Herb Schillereff       without that home sup-                 the fireworks booth,        lots of friendly Shri-
emony for the officers      flood that inundated        21-19; then, Jack Rus-     port.                                  and plans for the Ster-    ners.
for the year 2011. After   his home on Whiskey        sell 42-31; and Lewis        President Dana                       ling Call Out Parade
the ceremony, Sharon       Creek. Fortunately, he     Maxson 21- 10. Each        Speaks opened the                      activities. The new
Wikholm photographed       had minimal damage         winner received a gold     meeting with a prayer                  officers were installed      EL JEBEL   TANZERS
the new officers.           to his property. During    coin. Thanks very          and the pledge to the                  by Noble Larry Boda-         DINE and Dance
                                                                                                                                                     Big Band Music
  Congratulations to       our February 2nd lun-      much Jack!                 flag. Reports were re-                  ness and included Dale     Call Now (970) 586-2222
                                                                                 ceived from the Grand                  Blake, President; Jerry
                           particular renditions of   crowd at this dance be-
                           that music.                cause this band always
                             We had a group of        draws a larger crowd
                           younger dancers from       than most.
                           Boulder attending the      We have had a couple
                           dance and they were        of changes to the sched-
                           very pleased with our      ule this year due to the
          By Al Sinner     ballroom and the qual-     fact that one of our
                                                                                      Jim Thoeming: 303-331-4529
                           ity of the dance music.    bands had a scheduling
                                                                                  Terry Patten Thoeming: 303-331-4584
                           They were very enthu-      conflict. The schedule      We Will Give 10% of Our Commision Back to El Jebel Shrine!
                           astic and promised to      of dance dates has not
The Directors Dance        attend more dances in      changed, but I have had     We’re all facing tough times. The reality is, you or someone you know
Club celebrated Val-       the future. It was nice    to replace that band        may be confronted with the possibility of foreclosure. But don’t let
entine's Day a little      to see a younger group     with another.               this be a reason for panic. There are better options…and as agents
early this year with one   enjoying our ballroom        The public is always
                                                                                  with the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)
of our most popular        because we need to         welcome at all Direc-
bands providing the        attract more, younger      tors Dance Club dances      designation, we can help you find
music for our dancing      dancers to keep ball-      and we usually have         the best solution for you and your
pleasure. The Chang-       room dancing alive.        a very nice crowd in        family. Now is the time to learn about
ing Times Band did           On March 11th, we        attendance. The cost        your options. Feel free to contact
their usual outstand-      will have the pleasure     for the dance is $20
                                                                                  us with your questions about
ing job of entertaining    of dancing to Terry No-    per couple at the door,
the dancers with their     rona and his band for      which is the best dance     the first steps.
wide variety of dance      the first time this year    bargain in town.                                               There is Light at
music and their own        and we expect a large
                                                                                                                  the End of the Tunnel!

  Visit the El Jebel web page at                                                                                      We Can Show You
                                                                                                                         The Way!                                                    A Real Estate Partnership at RE/MAX of Cherry Creek, Inc.
March 2011                                                   • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                                   Page 15
                                                                                                 Snacks will be avail-     9:00 a.m. for Installing    free beverage coupon
                                                                                               able from 10:15 a.m. to     Officers, and at 9:30        and tickets for random
                                                                                               11:00 a.m. before our       a.m. for Officers. Units     drawings for additional
                                                                                               March Session. Be a         and Finale practice will    cash prizes. The bus will
                                                                                               part of selecting our new   follow.                     leave El Jebel Temple at
                                                                                               officers for the ensuing       Saturday, March 19th      10:00 a.m. and return at
                                                                                               year by attending this      will be the Open Instal-    4:00 p.m. Reservations
                                                                                               Session.                    lation of Officers at        with Pr. Connie Jones
                                                                                                 The Black Hawk bus        1:00 p.m. in the El Jebel   are required, and the cost
                                                                                               will be leaving on Thurs-   Imperial Ballroom, with     is $10.00 per person.
                                                                                               day, March 10th from the    a reception immediately       Queen Barbara Lloyd
                                                                                               Englewood Shrine Club       following in the Grand      wants to take this oppor-
                                                                                               at 9:30 a.m. and from       Ballroom downstairs.        tunity to thank all of her
        A-One Storage                                           By: Princess Vi Lambert
                                                                  A beautiful and touch-
                                                                                               El Jebel Shrine at 10:00
                                                                                               a.m. Please make your
                                                                                                                           Everyone is invited to
                                                                                                                                                       Officers and also all the
                                                                                                                                                       Ladies of the Household,
                303-279-9606                                    ing Memorial Service           reservation with Princess     The Temple Chimes         for their tremendous sup-
         RV, Boat & Trailer Storage                             was held during our            Tirzah, Mary Wittner.       Fundraiser will be held     port and dedication this
                                                                February Session. Pr.            Please be aware that      on Sunday, March 27th       year. All of you can be
                                                                Chaplain, April Huskins,       the Newsletter Deadline     with a Package from Doc     proud of the accomplish-
                                                                has served our Temple          for the El Mejdel Mes-      Holliday's in Central       ments, as well as the fun
                                                                in a superb manner. We         senger is March 15th.       City, including a cou-      times and memorable
                                                                also enjoyed another visit       Installation Practice     pon book worth $10.00,      experiences.
                                                                from a "Shrine Child".         will be March 15th at       free hot dogs, cookies,

                                                                                                                           singers.                    that will see a stronger
               Nobles & Ladies                                                                                               To grow with us,          Boris to transport us to
                                                                                                                           contact any of the          and in parades. Boris
            Please Join Us for the                                                                                         Chanters officers            will be in great shape
                Al Kaly Shrine                                                                                             are Sec./Treas. Don         for the Saint Patrick's
                                                                                                                           Phelps at _donphelps@       Day Parade. Come sing
 Spring Luncheon & Ceremonial for New Nobles                                                                               comcast.net_                the old Irish ditties with
                                  April 16, 2011                                                                           (mailto:donphelps@          us on board Boris in
                                                                                                                  or 303-        the parade on Saturday,
                                                                                               By Nils Nordberg            4714-2481, or V.P.          March 12. (Give one
       "Al Kaly Shrine 2011 – Help it Grow!"                                                     New Year, New Mem-
                                                                                               bers Let's Keep Grow-
                                                                                                                           Ron Bush at 303-363-
                                                                                                                           6865, or Pres. Nils
                                                                                                                                                       of our officers a call
                                                                                                                                                       to let us know you are
                                                                                               ing 2011 has started        Nordberg at _Nil-           coming.)
   Nobles and Ladies will join together for this event at the                                  off strong for the          sNordb@aol.com_
                  Pueblo Convention Center                                                     Chanters of El Jebel.       (mailto:NilsNordb@              And remember
                                                                                               At the February stated or 978-501-          Sell Circus Tickets
                        Attend all the events or just some                                     meeting, we welcomed        2806.                         Sell Circus Tickets
                   Ladies: Attending just the luncheon is fine                                 a new Chanter, Noble          Chanter Dave Fenton         Sell Circus Tickets.
                                                                                               Allen Simmons, into         reports great progress
                                 It's your choice!                                             our growing group of        on the mechanical work
             Specific times for each event, including when Luncheon
                           is served, will be announced.                                                                   Old man winter took         from shooting for such
                                                                                                                           a lot of the outdoor        a long period will cause
       Please send your check for $15.00 per Noble or Lady to                                                              activities away and         a few of us to put more
                                                                                                                           prevented most of us        emphasis on practic-
                  ensure your reservation for lunch                                                                        from venturing too far      ing. The next meeting
                                                                                                                           from a warm fire. Get-       will be on the 26th of
                 RSVP with your check by April 5, 2011 to                                                                  ting back to the ranch,     February and a special
                             Al Kaly Shrine                                                    By Gene Burdick             it was found that there     time for April in that
                              PO Box 193                                                         The Mountain Men          was a vast improve-         Frank and Ruth Stewart
                                                                                               have had a great ren-       ment in the firing range     has invited the Moun-
                            Pueblo CO 81002                                                    dezvous/get together at     and surrounding area.       tain Men to their place
                                                                                               our usual location, the     Boots Lewis, his father     in Platteville. This
                                 Address for your GPS:                                         Turkey Creek Ranch.         Marv and friends all        should be a treat for
                                Pueblo Convention Center                                       This was held on the        volunteered much time       one and all.
                                  320 Central Main Street                                      22nd of January and         and effort into getting
                                  Pueblo, CO 81003-4258
                                      (719) 542-1100
                                                                                               16 members and guests       the range and adjacent
                                                                                               came out to get reac-       areas into such good
 Want more information now? Contact Linda ( or Allan (   quainted and socialize.     shape. Being away
Page    16                                                                • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                         March 2011
Medical Staff                                 Litten,
                                                                                                                         At the February
                                                                                                                                                           nual Greeley Country
                                                                                                                                                           Club outing for many
                                              Beach,                                                  members          luncheon we had the in-             years until his decline
                                              Jim                                                     of the           stallation of officers for           in health last year. The
                                              Bobbitt,                                                Sandblaster      2011 by our Divan rep,              outing was always
By Al Duey                                    Duane                                                   group and        Larry Clark. We have as             well enjoyed by the
  "How do you get a          McBride, Chris Bar-         By George Rudduck                            some guests      President Chuck Peters-             group and always got a
one-armed Shriner out        ton, Margaret Benton,         Checking out the            should be enjoying golf         en, 1st VP Robin Lucy,              good turnout. Second,
of a tree?" Wave at          Shirley Dietrick, Mary      foot or so of snow still      and socializing at the          2nd VP Jack Kimpton,                Roy Conner, a former
him!                         Trevathan and this          on the ground here in         San Marcos Golf Resort          Directors Mike Hessel               member from the early
  Since Divan represen-      reporter. Two new old       mid-February, it doesn't      in Chandler, AZ. The            and Jim Teagarden, and              days of the group passed
tative, Phil Hause, in-      Shriners became indoc-      feel much like a golf day     wife and I had hoped            Secretary/Treasurer Dan             away early this month.
ducted the 2011 officers,     trinated into the Out-      today, and that's been        to be with them but a           Kamunen. It should be               Our condolences go to
this reporter now gets to    reach Clinic- Joel Roche    the story pretty much         little health problem will      a great year with such a            the families and friends
play "president" of the      and Jim Barardino now       since Christmas. Highs        sideline me this month,         sterling lineup.                    of Burl and Roy.
Medical Staff Unit, but      know what we do the         are supposed to be in         so I will have to pass            We do have to report a            Rosters for the 2011
only for ONE YEAR and        first Friday of every        the 50s and maybe even        up the trip this year. I        couple of Black Camel               season are now printed
no more. 2/11 - approx-      other month.                the 60s this week so we       hope that the wardrobe          visits this month. Burl             and should available
imately 70 kids came           All of you Shriners       hope to be golfing by at       the wife bought for the         Huitt of Greeley passed             from Dan Kamunen
through our 0utreach         and Ladies need to pray     least the first of March.      trip is still appropriate       away in mid-February.               at San Marcos and at
Clinic and Presbyterian/     for Bob Hamill and his        By the time this is         for next year. Have fun,        Burl sponsored our an-              future luncheons.
St Luke's Hospital. 43       Lady, Joanne, to get
needed x-rays. As you        him back in the fold.
might not know, the          He's been gone long
Outreach Clinic is a
follow-up by the doctors
to evaluate the treat-
                             enough and the Medical
                             Staff needs his wit and
                                                                                  FAMILY LUNCH
ments the kids have            The 2/8 presentation to                                                        In lieu of
already received at one      the Weld County Public
of our hospitals. EJMS
members and volunteers
                             Health Nurses was post-
                             poned until March 8th at              THE MARCH STATED MEETING
working at this Outreach     8 AM.
Clinic - Potentate Dennis
Proctor and Lady Judy,
                                How are the "May We
                             Help" business cards
                                                                                 Sunday, March 13, 2011
Richard McKee and            working for you? OR
Lady Joyce, Chuck Rice       HAVE YOU FORGOT-                            12:30 pm - Social      1:00 pm - Lunch
and Lady Sally, Wayne        TEN ALREADY!
                                                                                          March Family Luncheon
                                                                                         Irish Bangers (sasuage)
                                                                        Buttered Parsley Potatoes w/carrots, cabbage, leeks & dill
                                                                                           Potato rolls & butter
                                                                                        Tossed Salad & dressings
                                                                        Irish Whiskey Cake & Irish Cream infused whipped cream.
         SAVE THE DATE                                                     Jewels, Presentations and Entertainment to Follow
         August 6, 2011!!                                       $17.00 per person            Deadline: March 7, 2011
                                                                                            Deadline: March 2, 2011                No Refunds after deadline date
        Please put this date on your calendar so                                             RESERVATIONS A MUST
        every unit and everyone can participate
         in our Sportsmen's Raffle. You won't                  ******************************************************************************
          want to miss out on the excitement!                  Name:                    __________________________________Phone Number:                   _________________
                                                               Email:                                            ____________Shrine Membership # __________________
                                                               Unit:                                _____________# Attending________ Amount Enclosed $                 _______
                                                               Make your reservation by Credit Card on-line at:       or call El Jebel at :   303-455-3470
                                                               Make check payable to El Jebel and send to: El Jebel Shrine – Family Lunch
                                                                                                           4625 W. 50th Avenue
                                                                                                           Denver, Colorado 80212

March 2011                                                       • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                                          Page 17
                             At our January Daraja
                                                       "red, white, and blue".
                                                         Nobles, if you would      Englewood                 tatoes, sourdough
                                                                                                             bread and a surprise
                                                                                                                                        are a must and the cost
                                                                                                                                        is $17.00 per person.
                           "Rough Riders" meet-
                           ing our officers were
                                                       like to join our group of
                                                       wild riders, contact one    Shrine Club               dessert. Bobbie Belle
                                                                                                             will provide music for
                                                                                                                                        An election will be held
                                                                                                                                        prior to the lunch to
                           installed by our Divan      of our members and                                    your dancing pleasure      fill the vacancy of the
                           Representative Noble        join us at one of our                                 and she delights when      Oriental Guide. Sup-
                           Matt Raia, Assistant        socials each month. We                                people are on the dance    port at the International
                           Rabban for 2011.            have FUN!                   By Michael Rowan          floor or listening to her   House of Pancakes Day
                           The President, "Kit,"         Did you know, when          The next Englewood      sing. Make sure that       to benefit the Shriners
By Tuaca Biker             revealed his plans for      riding a cycle, you must    Shrine Club Board         you notify Don Phelps      Hospitals for Children
  The Illustrious Sir      the coming year for all     wear protected eye          meeting is March 7th      with your RSVP, at         was great. A lot of
Ed Rendon sincerely        the parades and socials.    glasses and keep your       at 7:00 PM and the        (303) 471-2481. The        fun was had by all and
thanks the Daraja of El    He has great plans for      mouth shut? Other-          officers and Board         Casino Bus will be         the Shriner's message
Jebel motorcycle unit      the Daraja bikers. The      wise, the power of the      members look forward      going to the Lady Luck     was delivered to many
for their continued sup-   Captain will be submit-     wind against your eyes      to your suggestions to    Casino and will leave      people.
port with the Moulin       ting the list of parades    can make you feel like      make our club even        the Englewood Shrine         March 12th is the
Rouge theme Masquer-       that we plan to par-        a dog looking out of        better. The board en-     Club at 9:30 AM and        annual St. Patrick's Day
ade Ball held in the       ticipate this year to the   your car window.            courages all members      return about 4:00 PM,      Breakfast in the Grand
Imperial Ballroom at       parade marshal. Look          Until we meet next        to attend. The next       on Thursday, March         Ballroom at 8:00 AM
El Jebel on December       for our highly polished     month, Good Night           Englewood Shrine Club     10th. The cost is only     followed by the parade
31, 2010. The Banker       cycles at the parades.      Number 6.                   social will be March      $10.00. Please call        in Lodo. Additional
was very helpful, Thank    They are the ones in                                    12th. The Englewood       Don Phelps with your       information on these
                                                                                   Shrine Club Oasis will    reservation.               events can be found in
                                                                                   be open at 5:30 PM for       The next El Jebel       the current Red Fez at
                                                                                   happy hour and social     Shrine Family Day is
                                                                                   gathering. There will     on Sunday, March 13th,       Please make reserva-
                                                                                   be an Irish theme for     with a Family Lunch in     tions where needed by
                                                                                   the evening and the       lieu of the stated meet-   contacting the El Jebel
                                                                                   menu will include your    ing on Monday. Lunch       Shrine Business Office
                                                                                   favorite Irish dishes:    is at 1:00 PM with the     at (303) 455-3470 or by
                                                                                   green salad with ranch    jewels presentations       going on-line.
                                                                                   dressing, corned beef,    and entertainment to
   Arab Patrol: Shirley Korodi, Amey Fargo, Virginia Mae Ideker.
                                                                                   boiled cabbage, po-       follow. Reservations
   Aurora Shrine Club: Keith Gilchrist
   Clowns: Susan Kay Arnett, Naomi Addenbrooke, Dorothy Hering,                                              were Bob Stretch -         Richard Talkington were
   Bob Welliver, Ted Sanford.                                                                                Retiring Commander,        captains in other stores.
   Dune Buggy Patrol: Marge Billstone, Ed Stoumbaugh                                                         Don Phelps - Chaplin,        On March 12th we
                                                                                                             Russ Gray - Master         will be participat-
   Jeffco Shrine Club: Lois Martin, Minnie Yoritomo, Chapin Blake,                                           of Ceremonies, Doug        ing in the St. Patrick's
   Orris White, Lewis Maxson.                                                                                Watts - Sgt. of Arms,      day breakfast and
   Keystone Kops: Erica Nelson, Harriette Sklar.                                                             Phil Hause - Installing    parade. WE NEED
   Legion of Honor: Maurice Naeve, Norma Florea, Keith Gilchrist,                                            Officer, and Fred Ems -     SOMONE TO PULL
   Nick Givler, Daris Kanas, Robert Riglin.                                                                  Captain of the Guard.      THE TRAILAR. YOU
                                                                                   By Don Phelps, Com-         On February 5-6th        DON'T HAVE TO BE
   Loveland: Lynne Allred, Del Schultz, Jane Wright.
                                                                                   mander 2011               Commander Don &            A MEMBER OF THE
   Mariners: Edith Briley, Jack Cox, Joe Feistner, Dorothy Hering,                   On January 23rd Don     lady Joyce went on the     LEGION OF HONOR.
   Tom Magnuson, Pat Marshall.                                                     & Joyce Phelps, Larry     Potentate's annual trip    WE ARE DESPERATE.
   Meeters: Ruth Stewart, Wayne Wells                                              & Diane Crook, Russ,      to Grand Junction for a    Call Don Phelps (303)
   Motor Patrol: Drina Johnson, Don McCleary                                       Ginny, & Vince Gray,      Ceremonial and installa-   471-2481 if you can do
                                                                                   and Mary Buckner at-      tion of officers.           this.
   Provost Guard: Ellen Dattilo, Mark Pearcy, John Wiggins.                        tended Al Kaly's Legion     February 14th the          On April 2nd Com-
   Radops: Dick Anderson, Wally Moffett, Rita Morris, Jane Schneider,              of Honor installation     Legion of Honor posted     mander Don & lady
   John Wiggins.                                                                   of officers in Colorado    the colors at the stated   Joyce are in charge of
   Rumble Bees: Mike Terry, Mary Hohnstein.                                        Springs.                  meeting of the Shrine.     the social "Entertain-
                                                                                     January 28th El           On February 19th         ing Your Way". It is an
   RV Roamers: Jerry Kent, Richard Schmidt, Dick Ketchum,
   Ralph Dougherty, Wesley Nail, Ellen Tye, Ann Loberg,
                                                                                   Jebel's Legion of Honor   Commander Don &            Italian buffet for $15.
   Joanne Wagner, Linda Pattison, Jim Taylor, Ted Eaton, Paul Meze,                officers were installed.   lady Joyce attended the    Have your unit come
   Glenn Fishel, Norm Wagner, Dorothy Hering, Judy Briscoe,                        There were fifty-eight     Potentate's Ball.          and decorate a table for
   Bea Gardner, Joe Feistner.                                                      people in attendance        March 1st was IHOP       prizes. Enjoy a night
                                                                                   and we enjoyed a Mexi-    day. Commander Don         out with friends. For
   Sports: Jim Wiggins, Dave Lawton.
                                                                                   can buffet provided by    Phelps was a captain at    more information call
   Temple Guard: Barbara Hendrickson, Orris White, Dianne White.                   the Oasis. Those taking   the Highlands Ranch        Don/Joyce Phelps (303)
                                                                                   part in the ceremony      Store. Bob Stretch and     471-2481.
Page   18                                                      • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                    March 2011
                          Karns,PP. Victorian Ball     tickets?                                                                                for the members who
                          on Saturday Night : Jack        If you are an Irishman                                                               worked it. Any and all
                          Bird, R.G. Screws, Mike      for the day how about                                                                   help is greatly appreci-
                          Trevathan. Art Murray        starting with the St. Pat-                                                              ated.
                          on Sunday Ron Dun-           rick's Day Breakfast                                                                      April will bring us the
                          smore, Robert Zawod-         offered at the Oasis                                                                    famous oyster fry at Da-
                          sky, Joe Gonzales. It is     before the Parade, on                                                                   cono, the First Mates?
                          greatly appreciated.         March 12th. Don't forget                                                                casino trip and don't
                            Since the price of the     to make you reserva-         By Bob Cooper                thoughts to our ailing        forget the CIRCUS!
                          meals at the Oasis is go-    tions.                         Let's start with rec-      members, Warren Al-             If you haven't made
                          ing up it is a good idea        Do hope you have a        ognizing some super          den, Edith Briley, Keene      reservations for this
                          to have your member-         wonderful day every day.     lovers in our ranks; Ken     Diass, and Juanita Hoff.      years upcoming cruises,
                          ship card with you to           If you do not get a       and Jill Johnson cel-        Norm has moved to the         check the Mariners
                          show for a 20% dis-          work schedule for the        ebrate 14 years together;    assisted living facility to   roster calendar for state
By Joe Gonzales           count. You know every        month contact one of         and Lee and Edith            be with Juanita.              and federal reservation
  A BIG THANK YOU         bit helps.                   the Officers and we will      Briley get the gold rose       March will be ram-          phone numbers' spaces
is being sent to the        The Circus is not far      make sure you get one.       for 53 years of wed-         bunctious with activi-        fill up rapidly!
following members of      away. Did you make           if you have email make       ded memories. Huge           ties; IHOP Day, St. Pat-        A man may smile
Provost Guard             plans to help this year?     sure Ben Hartman has         congrats to all!             rick's Parade, Mariner's      and bid you hail yet
for working the fol-      I'm sure they could use      you email address then         Everyone got a chance      meeting, Shrine family        wish you to the Devil;
lowing events. For        you, give it thought if      you will get notification     for love and good times      lunch, and most impor-        but when a good dog
Arthur Murray Dance       you are able and will-       by that.                     at the Valentine's party     tantly managing the fish       squeals and wags his
on Saturday all day:      ing. Since we are on the                                  on the 12th; reports         pond at the boat show         tail; you know he's on
Marvin Lewis, Robert      Circus have you paid for                                  were very favorable.         for four days, followed       the level.
Zawodsky, and Dick        your tickets yet or sold                                    Send your best             by the Survivors party

Western Colorado                                       banquet at the Double-
                                                       tree. Special thanks to
                                                                                    to Chicago. Screening
                                                                                    clinic is Saturday April
                                                                                                                 Tuesday of the month
                                                                                                                 at noon at The Egg & I.
                                                                                                                                               someone suggested that
                                                                                                                                               I made it sound like all
Shrine Club                                            all those that made it a
                                                       success. The Potentate,
                                                                                    30, 2011 from 8:00am
                                                                                    to 1:00pm. 5,000 flyers
                                                                                                                 Anyone interested in be-
                                                                                                                 coming a clown is more
                                                                                                                                               we do is talk--Not so!
                                                                                                                                               We spend a good deal
By Michael Thayer                                      the Divan, Nobles and        were printed and will be     than welcome.                 of time with culinary
WCSC BOARD                of our previous meeting      ladies of El Jebel that      distributed throughout            Tri-Co by Steve          adventures also. So, we
MEETING - February        were approved as writ-       came over from Denver.       western Colorado.            Thomas: Our next meet-        really talk and eat or eat
8th, 2011                 ten.                         John Green for being              Clowns by Steve         ing is at Red Barn in         and talk or both at the
     The meeting               We had five new          the Emcee. Magos and         Thomas: We had 8             Montrose on Feb. 26th.        same time. We are quite
was called to order at    members added at the         Palmers for setting up       clowns go to Intermoun-      Then in March we go           flexible. Our March
11:45am by WCSC           Ceremonial February          the dining room. Bill        tain Shrine Hospital on      to Cedaredge to Home          meeting will be at Berna
President Steve Thomas.   5th. Please welcome          Brassette for greeting       Jan. 25th. Bro. Jerald       Town Bakery Cafe on           B's in Grand Junction
Bob Magos gave the        Levi Burris Jr., Millard     the bus. Virginia Emrich     Conyers drove for us         the 26th. I hear Bro.         on the 23rd at 11:30
invocation. John Groves   "Sky" Fairlamb, Chris-       and her "Swing Set" big      and it was a great trip      Dick Miklich is still         a.m. with the Palmer's
led the Pledge of Al-     topher Geisler, William      band group that enter-       even though we had           under the weather. It has     as hosts. Hope to see all
legiance. The minutes     Hirt, and David Hanson.      tained us. Heidi Duce        snow and some bad            been an honor to serve        who are interested in our
                                          Member-      and her family gave a        roads. Good job Jerald!      as your president this        group at that time, while
                                           ship is     presentation about her       They had only 2 patients     last year and I'm sure        we are practicing the
                                           now at      experiences of being a       but we did find a few         I leave you all in good       afore mentioned skills.
                                           131.        Shrine kid. She is amaz-     kids that were there         hands with Bro. Walt          Call Ron O'Hair or Em-
                                             We had    ing. A great time was        for checkups and such.       Wright as your president      mett Palmer if you have
                                           73 at-      had by all.                  Painted some faces and       and Bro. Darrell Fisher       any questions.
                                           tend the         Hospital Coordi-        had a ball. On a side        as VP this year. And of            Steve says: RO-
                                           installa-   nator Bob Emrich said        note. I met one of the       course the brains and         FLMHAO...That's "roll-
                                           tion of     there were eight trips       kids I sponsored into the    work behind the outfit         ing on floor laughing my
                                           officer's    to Salt Lake and one         program. Didn't even         Sec., Treas. Jack Seever.     hearing aids out"
                                                                                    know they were going              Vagabonds by Em-              Looking ahead:
                                                                                    to be there. As I write      mett Palmer: Our little       March 1st IHOP Pan-
                                                                                    this we still have the       RV group had a real           cake Day. March 5th
                                                                                    Lions parade coming up       nice meeting at R.J.'s in     Fat Paddy's Day at Blue
                                                                                    on Feb. 19th. Hope it's      Cedaredge last month.         Moon.
                                                                                    not as cool as last year!    It was good to see                 Michael Thayer is
                                                                                    IHOP is March 1st and        everyone at the Installa-     your Red Fez reporter.
                                                                                    Jerald Conyers is store      tion Dinner and get our       Contact him at 970-210-
                                                                                    captain and needing all      Shrine Officers officially      4733 or email pooh-
                                                                                    the help he can get. Our     indoctrinated. Now, 
                                                                                    meetings are still the 3rd   I guess we're legal---
March 2011                                                     • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                              Page 19
Grand Junction Trip & Installation of Officers 2/5/11                                                                  Stated Meeting 2/14/11

                                                    Ill Sir Dennis and 1st Lady Judy on the bus

                                                                                                                                        Jewel of Honor recipient Allen             Master of Ceremonies
                                                                                                                                        Simmons is pinned by his mother            Ron Birely opens the

                                                                                                    The Legion of Honor present the

                                                    Ill Sir Dennis and the Short Form Candidates
                                                    Levy Burris, Millard Fairlamb, Christopher
                                                    Geisler, David Hanson & William Hirt.

                                                                                                                                                          Virgil Kipers speaks about the upcom-
                                                                                                                                                          ing IHOP Hospital Fundraiser

                                                    2011 WCSC President Steve Thomas

                                                                                                                          Director Wayne
                                                                                                                          Livermore presents Ill Sir
                                                                                                                          Dennis his gavel of office


                                                    Director Wayne Livermore and son Jim
                                                                                                   Grand Lodge Session February 11/12/13, 2011

                                                   WCSC Past President Walt Wright & WCSC Past     El Jebel Divan attends the Grand Lodge              Jr. Past Grand Master, Charlie Johnson & Ill Sir
                                                   President Floyd Keller with Ill Sir Dennis      Session                                             Dennis
         Page                                           20                                           • THE RED FEZ OF EL JEBEL SHRINE •                                                             March 2011

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