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									                               Datacenter- Streamlining Business Operations

The technological growth over the years has paved way for the growth of e-commerce. Enterprises
today communicate digitally through the electronic transfer of critical data across the wide corporate
networks. Further with enterprises expanding globally, there is an vast increase in the amount of data
transferred and stored. For a continuous and the smooth functioning of the digital data transfers and
storage, the enterprises need to be well equipped with world class IT infrastructure.

The growth of e-commerce and the dot-com bubble challenged the enterprises to faster internet
connectivity and non-stop operation. The modern day enterprises in their attempt to cater for large data
storage and retrieval had to install multiple servers and larger storage devices in exclusive locations or
housed as separate units. Referred to as data center, Wikipedia defines this as “a facility used to house
computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems
including redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections,
environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices”.

Data centers are developed with aim to streamline the business operations, reduce complexity, improve
performance and reliability leading to end-user satisfaction. Further with technological innovations,
today's data centers are equipped to provide cloud computing services. However, for the small and
medium enterprises installing such vast infrastructure is not a viable option. To avail world-class
facilities the SME's depended on the internet data centers developed by the large conglomerates or
service providers. For a smooth and effective data management, the data center service providers offer
shared hosting services. This enables enterprises to place their data in the data center while focusing on
other critical factors of the business.

With the aggressive competition and the technological growth, there has been a demand for world-class
data centers. Leading service providers have designed and developed internet data centers which offers
enterprises benefits such as :
         ·     Cost effectiveness -as enterprises need not invest in expensive infrastructure, its upgrading
         and maintenance.
         ·     Reliable Uptime – The use of air conditioning systems, UPS ,power generators network
         routers, ensure that there is no hindrance.
         ·     Security – Build to withstand natural disasters and monitored 24/7 ensures safety of the data
         stored and transferred.
          ·     Business Continuity- with the critical business data and corporate information all housed
          separately and accessed through secure networks, ensures continuity of business even in face of
           any calamity

  Other services offered by the data center service providers include server co-location Service,
  application hosting services , system administration and networking. By using the services, enterprises
  need not spend the time and money for server upgrading but can focus on the core business issues.

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