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									                               Ways to Measure Data Center Energy Efficiency

The modern day evolving IT landscape have compelled most IT enterprises to deploy useful methods for
resource optimization, minimize IT budgets and reduce the incidental expenses related to data center
expansions. For this, it is crucial that data center managers’ concentrate on setting up efficient operating
environments to assist data center functions. There are numerous ways by which organization’s today can
gain data center efficiency. Some of them comprise of maximizing the computing densities and making
effective use of the outside air. The most critical component however here is to maintain a simple
comprehensible metric that helps to assess and understand the data center efficiency and the ways the
improvement can be brought about.

Data center Efficiency & the Way to Measure It

One of the best ways for measuring data center efficiency is PUE, i.e. power usage effectiveness. It is
estimated by considering the total power consumption by a certain data center facility and then by dividing it
by the power consumed by the devices. The ratio of the outcome offers the effective power overhead for a
single unit of IT hold. The majority of data center managers today to look for ways to minimize the PUE that
would help in better data center expansion.

An appropriate way for data center expansion would be by joining hands with a data center solution provider
that will in turn help the company to be free from all the hassles of creating and monitoring critical mission IT
infrastructure. Modern day data centers cater to diverse user needs for shared hosting and dedicated
hosting, back up solutions, business continuity disaster recovery, colocation services and network
penetration testing. Furthermore, advanced solutions today make sure that the end users are safe and well
supported 24 x 7 with high-end facilities that are accompanied by industry leading SLA’s.

In addition to that, today there are service providers specializing in cloud computing services that have come
up with ways to enhance data center efficiency. They are:
·    Bringing down the power that is consumed to support infrastructure
·    Reducing the losses within a power system

By following the above mentioned methods, one can be certain that the higher power entering the data
center would make it to the IT load. This further helps to enhance the data center efficiency and bring down
the PUE. It is also important for an enterprise to minimize the power system losses and the power consumed
by infrastructure assistance. This apart, it is evident that the huge power consumption within the data center
would get shifted to the IT load. Provided the organizations are able to lose the IT load then it will be able to
bring down the overall power needed in the data center automatically.

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