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Features of the model 12 photobooth by Photo Works Interactive

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Photo Works Interactive has always given its customers the best quality products at affordable pricing.
It is hard to believe that anything about the photo booth rental Los Angeles or photo booth rental San
Jose could go wrong. People from across the border tend to book a photobooth from Photo Works
Interactive. The model 12 has been redesigned and filled with up to date features. It is a great
photobooth to look forward to.

The model 12 is among one of the 3 most popular photo booths launched by Photo Works Interactive.
All their photobooth are high class and affordable. They are suited for every occasion and help you
collect memories in a large way. You can easily book a photo booth rental Los Angeles with the
service request form or just by placing a call at their numbers.

The model 12 is one of the foremost photo booth rental San Jose by Photo Works Interactive. But it
has been upgraded in various ways to suit the liking of the people today. There are many similarities
between the features of the model 12+ and model 12 photobooth constructed by Photo Works

Some of the features of the model 12 have been compiled below:

   1. They are very easy to keep, maintain, and clean at any time of the day.
   2. Alike model 12+, they also have the provisions of a touchscreen that enables you to email,
      capture data and share the photos immediately on social networking websites.
   3. The processing is completely chemical free and hence, people should not worry about children
      around the photobooth.
   4. The flash system is also internationally patented and is certified as one of the best.
   5. The material that has been used in the photo booth is very durable and compact which lets you
      get all the more space in the photobooth for standing.
   6. The model 12 also gives finest and awarded picture quality. The company takes 100%
      guarantee that the photo quality is the best among all.
   7. Also, you will not have to wait for the picture to develop for a long time. It just takes the
      photobooth a mere 8 seconds to develop the picture and give it to you.
   8. The height of the seat can also be adjusted according to the height of the individual which is a
      big advantage.

There are many other advantages and features to the model 12. Although the features are pretty similar
but there is difference in the specifications and the look of both the models. So, before you order, pick
your model carefully.
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About the author:

Photo Works Interactive has been the initiator of the business of photobooth. They have been serving
people across borders and have been known for the quality, prices and 100% customer satisfaction
that they deliver. You can call them to book a photo booth rental Los Angeles or photo booth rental
San Jose at 1-800-990-8445.

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