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									Overcome Cellulite techniques at home and beauty salon

Cellulite - a cosmetic defect that delivers a lot of grief of the fair half of mankind. Externally cellulite on
the skin characterized by the appearance of dimples and bumps, which create the effect of "orange
peel". As the defect becomes more cellulite.
Most cellulite appears on the buttocks, thighs, stomach, at least - on the calves and arms.
The causes of cellulite.
Let's start with the fact that being a woman - is a predisposing factor to the development of cellulite. The
fact that women have connective tissue septa are almost perpendicular to the surface of the skin, and
men - at an angle. In addition, women in the hypodermis fat lobules are larger than males, and therefore
an increase in the volume of fat cells in the skin of women having dimples and bumps, and men skin
texture does not change. Therefore we can say that the tendency for women to cellulite - a natural
phenomenon. However, progressive cellulitis - it is ugly and harmful to health, and therefore it is
necessary to know the factors that cause and exacerbate the problem.

Here they are:

1. lack of exercise;
2. hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, adolescence:
3. climacteric period;
4. malnutrition;
5. Slagging the body (it can be the result of poor nutrition, excessive medication);
6. poor environmental conditions;
7. alcohol abuse and smoking. cellulite development, also contribute: overweight (with cellulite is and
lean), metabolic and water - salt metabolism, decreased thyroid function, pancreatic disease, a genetic
predisposition to fat accumulation.
Cellulite treatment
Fight cellulite easiest early on. However, when running the same problem should not despair, if uneven
patches are clearly visible, so difficult in the skin blood circulation and metabolism. This is evidenced by
the fact that the skin acquires a specific bluish hue, becomes swollen and edematous, in some cases,
when there was a strong pinching epidermis soreness.
Getting rid of cellulite - the process is rather long, so you need to be patient. Also, tune in to the fact that
in addition to visiting the salon you yourself will have to work hard to achieve the desired result.
The beauty:
In the treatment of cellulite massage plays a major role, which may be manual or hardware.
With manual massage specialist relies on their hands, and with a hard stimulation by means of various
devices. At any way to skin pain or not, or they are insignificant.
This procedure is the first step in anti-cellulite program. The principle of the apparatus is simple: the part
of the body affected by cellulite is applied flat round head massage device. Due to the vibration device in
the skin improves blood - and lymph circulation, reduces swelling, broken capsules containing fat, which
creates the effect of "orange peel".
Vacuum massage:
This massage is very good for the treatment of cellulite. The effect of stimulation is based on the same
principle as that of the usual therapeutic cans, which are used to warm the body. During vacuum
massage skin sucked into the nozzle device that allows you to "study" the deeper layers of the
dermis. Vacuum procedure enhances lymph flow, improves the metabolism in the skin, cleansing the
body of toxins.
However, varicose veins and phlebitis vacuum massage should be done.
Under this name known hardware method, which combines - the vacuum and rolling massage. That is
part of the skin at the same time drawn into the nozzle and massaged "rolling wave."
To the procedure was not painful, the massage is carried out only after you wear a special suit, which
mitigates the impact of the device.
endermology effectiveness in the fight against cellulite is high, this method is one of the most modern in
cosmetology. In addition, Endermologie improving skin elasticity, muscle toning and relaxation. At the
same time, we can hope to get rid of cellulite just by using this procedure.
Since in this case is to the skin vacuum Endermologie - contraindicated for people who have problems
with the vessels of the legs.
Pressure therapy (pneumomassage)
The procedure is carried out by changing the air pressure. For this to the patient wear special pants that
come with pneumatic chamber inside. When activated the device, it feels like an elastic foot massage
roller. In fact, this is the camera inside the pants in a certain order are filled with air, creating a
massaging effect.
using pressure therapy can increase lymph flow, eliminate swelling, get rid of heavy legs. This method is
the least traumatic impact.
Pressotherapy originally used for the treatment of vascular diseases of the lower extremities. Treatment
methods can also be used as a prophylactic agent against varicose veins.
Microcurrent Therapy:
Stimulation is based on the effects of weak pulsed electric current on the skin. And do not be surprised
that the external procedure is very simple: cosmetologist, brushing the skin, leads by two metal rods
along the massage lines. The membrane potential of cells after this change for the better, improves
microcirculation, accelerates the removal of toxic substances are eliminated edema. In addition, under
the action of micro-accelerated division of elastin and collagen cells and, therefore, increases the
elasticity of the skin.
Ultrasound Therapy:
Used in the treatment of advanced stages of cellulite. Ultrasonic waves emitted vibrators help soften the
connective tissue septa in the subcutaneous layer of tissue, thereby improving the metabolism, blood
circulation and lymph flow. Using ultrasound additionally used anti-cellulite cosmetics, such as warming
gel to maximize the flow of lymph, to withdraw from the subcutaneous layer of the accumulated toxins.
The principle of the procedure - the destruction of body fat using electric current. It looks as follows: the
problem areas of the body superimposed electrodes and then applied current. The procedure is almost
painless - only sometimes may feel faint tingling. Duration of therapy - about 1 hour. Elektrolipoliz quite
effective in the fight against cellulite, in addition, it can be a little correct figure, if you want to remove
small fat deposits.
Muscle toning - it's the muscles under the influence of an electric current. In other words, you do not
move, but your muscles are working. Cutaneous electrodes placed upon the areas of muscles that need
This procedure is improved blood circulation, lymph circulation, enhance metabolism.
also currently popular so-called muscle toning in the infrared. This is a common muscle toning, but during
the exposure device emits light in the infrared range. This increases the temperature of the tissue, and
fat melting much faster. Themselves customers feel comfortable - Infrared light relaxes and relieves
The method includes administering to the skin to a depth of 3-4 mm micro-doses of various drugs. A
cocktail of drugs the doctor chooses for each patient, depending on the problem at hand.
administered drug action may be directed to the breakdown of fat, improve lymphatic circulation,
stimulate the formation of new collagen fibers, etc. Multiple injections are fast - cut away the entire
problem area. At the same time, the client does not feel pain because of the cocktail include analgesic
Mesotherapy is most effective in the treatment of the initial stages of cellulite.
latest fashion - the use of mesotherapy combined with local cooling of the skin. First part of the body is
cooled ozone pairs, then - cut away a cocktail of drugs. This procedure helps to keep the drug for much
longer in a particular area, not allowing the drug to disperse, but the effects of this exposure are not fully
Ozone therapy:
Can be used as monotherapy in the treatment of stage 1 cellulite, as well as in complex with more
advanced forms.Treatment options are selected with ozone is individual, depending on the presence of
contraindications and nature of the problem. It can be: subcutaneous injection of ozone-oxygen mixture,
massage, body wrap with ozone ¬ strated drugs and oils, intravenous ozonated solutions patient's blood.
Usually the course of ozone therapy consists of 10-20 treatments, which are held 1-3 times a
week. Positive effect usually appears after 5 treatments. Further signs of cellulite are reduced or
disappear completely, the amount of subcutaneous fat is reduced.
The procedure is the use of the beneficial effects of coastal climate - sea water, mud, algae, sand, and
other components of the environment. For the course of thalassotherapy is recommended to 14-20 days
on a special beach resort, where solutions to the skin will be handled by experts. Special diet,
hydrotherapy, massage and other types of spa treatments, and just positive emotions, presented to you
by sea, not only relieve you of cellulite, but will freshen up and get energized for the whole year.
Thalassotherapy - certainly procedure good, but not always available. Therefore, many methods of
exposure have been modified so that they can be used outside of the seaside resort. Many seafood easily
processed and transported, and water treatments and massages can be performed anywhere.
Healing wrap is a form of thalassotherapy. When done properly, this procedure not only leads to ho ¬
roshemu visible results, but also has a great relaxing effect.
before the impact body is cleaned and massaged using scrubs - it helps cleanse the pores, remove dead
skin cells, which increases the effectiveness of the following wraps.
procedures also may precede a special warm-up massage. Then the skin is applied to the main drug -
usually based on seafood and herbs. Wraps are hot and cold . hot wraps aim to increase blood circulation,
vasodilation. Through the open pores are easy to remove toxins. In hot wrap after application on skin
body wrapped with a special film - it enhances the penetration of substances inside - by the effect of the
sauna. However, hot wraps are contraindicated in vascular diseases - in such cases it is recommended
cold wrap. cold wrap leads to a narrowing of the capillaries and blood vessels, so blood and lymph not
have toxins and wastes in the skin, and are derived liver and kidneys. Cold wrap is especially used for
edema, fatigue, and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, as well as a means of rehabilitation after
sclerosing veins. In practice, if there are no contraindications, hot and cold packs can be combined. ends
Wrapping in the shower, where the drug wash. On top you can take a bath with sea salt. Suggested
wraps is individual, but usually 6-15 treatments carried out for 3-6 weeks.

At home, get rid of cellulite, you can:
Normalization of food. more fresh fruits and vegetables, less harmful products (chips, soft drinks, fatty
foods). If you are overweight, try to make your food less nutritious.
embarking on the path of healthy living. If you smoke, give up this bad habit. Minimize drinking
alcohol. More walk in the fresh air and normalize your sleep. more physical activity. more you move, the
less chance of cellulite stay on your body.Especially useful exercise to the areas where cellulite is actively
progressing - the hips and buttocks. And the best sport to help "smooth" cellulite is
swimming. Samomassazh. If you regularly for a few minutes will be performing self-massage, you will
significantly improve the state of the "problem partici ¬ Cove." Anti-cellulite massage is done from the
ankles, with the transition to the thighs and buttocks. Kneaded like plot rises and contracts as if you
kneaded the dough. To enhance the effect of massage, you can use a special brush for cellulite with thick
rounded teeth. Water Treatments . Contrast showers increases skin elasticity, a cool shower will do for
you. In addition, you can drive a shower over the problem areas, massaging jets of cool water. If you
have no contraindications (high blood pressure, etc.), you will benefit a sauna. Sauna is sweating, and
with then cleans and toxins - faithful companions of cellulite. Cellulite means . It is best to apply them on
damp skin after a bath or shower, or after a massage for active components means better absorbed into
the skin. Cellulite means, if you use them regularly - a good assistant in the fight against cellulite, but
they perform more preventive and supportive role and are not effective in advanced stages of
cellulite. Myostimulation . improve circulation, limofotoka and enhance metabolism, which in turn will help
reduce the amount of fat cells and make cellulite less noticeable. myostimulation To the effect of a
maximum, before each procedure to treat the problem area for cellulite massage brush for 5-10
minutes.During this procedure, wear special hyperemic zone - this will allow better heat subcutaneous
fat, and the process of splitting will be much faster. At the same time do not rely on the fact that after
the miostimulyatorov cellulite with extra inches disappear without a trace. Myostimulation intended
primarily to restore and strengthen the muscles, not to fight obesity and "orange peel". therefore
appropriate to use myostimulation those with weak and untrained muscles, but wants to strengthen them
and prepare to exercise regularly.

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