Arthritis - Acute or chronic inflammation of the joints

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					Arthritis - Acute or chronic inflammation of the joints

Arthritis is defined as inflammation of the joint. Erosion is the gradual deterioration of the cartilage that
covers the bones in joints begins to wear out, occurs with age, after a blow or the sport. After this
process, the underlying bone begins to thicken and become deformed, thus not allowing normal flexibility
in that joint.
According to the method of infection :
• Primary arthritis - an infection spreads from the adjacent tissue or by open trauma (post-traumatic
• arthritis secondary (metastatic) - by hematogenous spread of infection from previously existing sources
(furuncles, tonsillitis, pneumonia, urethritis, etc.)
By the nature of fluid :
1. Serous arthritis
2. Fibrinous arthritis
3. Arthrempyesis
4. Suppurative arthritis hemorrhagic
5. Septic arthritis
Clinical manifestations
Common symptoms :
• acute onset
• malaise
• fever
• vomiting
• respiratory failure
• cardiovascular failure
Local symptoms :
• Pain in the joints
• swelling of the joints
• flushing
• Hyperthermia
• restriction of active and passive movements of the joints up to total impotence
• fluctuation
• Treatment of limb immobilization (a must!)
• Antibiotic
• puncture with aspiration of joint fluid and the introduction of antibiotics
• arthrotomy associated with the drainage of the joint
• Resection of the articular ends with the formation of ankylosis
Bursae contain fluid secreted by endothelial cells. Located at paraartikulyarnyh fabrics that glide between
them, reducing the available friction.
If the bag is overstretched or injured its inflammation with swelling and pain. This state is defined by the
term bursitis .
Clinical manifestations
For purulent bursitis characterized the classic signs of inflammation:
Swelling of the affected area
Local hyperthermia
The function of the adjacent joint is not broken, rarely a partial restriction of joint movement
Treatment :
1. Limb immobilization
2.Protivovospalitelnye drugs
3. Overlay packs
4. Puncture with the removal of the bursa fluid and the introduction of antibiotics.
5. Surgery - opening and drainage of abscess tenosynovitis or excision (excision) of the bursa.

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