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					Clock is Ticking on Building the Michigan Film Industry

A SWOT Session Update
Q: What the heck is a SWOT
A: Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat (SWOT)

Grand Rapids, MI, January 21, 2013 -- In November and December of 2012,
Film Friendly Michigan (FFM) co-founders Mark Adler and Deb Havens began
hosting SWOT sessions. People who actually work in the film and
production industry were invited to identify the strengths and challenges
to the growth of the film industry in Michigan. Two sessions have been
held to date, one in Grand Rapids and one in the SAG-AFTRA office in
Southfield. "We plan to conduct at least two more sessions in other
regions around the state in the coming months, including Traverse City
and Jackson."

As Havens partner Mark Adler, FFM CIO pointed out, "We all know that
building an industry means more than having outside projects come and go
or approving an occasional Michigan project for incentives – we need to
find out exactly what is keeping our residents from working in the film
and production fields they love? Where are the opportunities to improve
the situation? What are the critical weaknesses in how our industry is
promoted as an economic driver? How can we move forward?"

Havens noted, "It's simply not all about incentives. It’s about growing
and maintaining an industry here; but nothing will change the status quo
unless Michigan communities understand the possibilities for economic
growth offered by the film industry, and acknowledge that many residents
want to work in this field. " The Film Friendly Michigan pair believes
that without significant job growth and community support showing up
soon, legislators will likely lose enthusiasm for incentives to support
the industry.

As Adler stated, "And will legislators be to blame? The foundation and
the justification for motion media incentives program is the promise of
developing an indigenous film industry here."

The Film Friendly Michigan mission is to assist communities and industry
folk to work together to generate local growth. "We think we need a plan
to make that happen," says Havens. "A SWOT session to get input from
Michigan crw and talent is just the beginning."


Film Friendly Michigan first offered their well-attended seminars in
Detroit and Traverse City areas during the thrill of the first incentives
program (2008 – 2010). Their focus was to introduce Michigan communities
to this new industry, and the FFM business, like many others, really took
off. "People were excited about the future of the industry," says
Havens.. And now? "Not so much."

"We still offer our basic FFM program for those who have never had a
production crew in town, as well as an advanced presentation for those
who have and want to step up their game," said Havens. "In addition, we
offer new Film Friendly certification and and super charged SEO promotion
for CERTIFIED communities on our Film Friendly Michigan website."

Adler added, "But we think we can offer more--we can be facilitators for
information between the Michigan Film Office (MFO) , communities, and
Michigan crew and talent. We're not elected to solve any problems--we're
just willing to work at it."

A visit to the FFM website for further information provides the following
statement of their service: Film Friendly Michigan provides the gateway
between producers and Michigan communities CERTIFIED Film Friendly.

The Film Friendly Michigan team:
TRAINs Communities to promote and prepare to work with Production
SERVEs Municipalities, Police and Fire, Economic Development agencies,
CVBs/Chambers of Commerce & Business
OFFERs Film Friendly promotion and website consultations
ONE-CLICK connections between Producers and Film Friendly Communities
Certification and Profiles for Film Friendly Communities on the FFM SEO
Regional or small group sessions – half-day, one, or two day courses –
Basic and Advanced

Get CERTIFIED Film Friendly! Be ready when Hollywood comes to Town!

To find out more:
Email Or Call Mark Adler 313.447.0566 / Deb
Havens 616.885.2961.

"We’re friendly, too!"

Deb Havens, CEO/Film Friendly Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Direct
616-885-1961, Fax 616-608-3818.

Mark Adler, CIO/Film Friendly Michigan, Novi, Michigan, Direct:
313.447.0566, FAX: 148-349-8757.

David W. King
Jaxon Film Fest
P. O. Box 6283
Jackson, MI 49204

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