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News _ Updates oN soUthwest RaNches staff MeMbeRs - Town Of


									                                                                                        July 2012

                                  The Official Newsletter of Southwest Ranches

                                                M e s s a g e F r o m T h e M ay o r :

                                                Congratulations to Vice Mayor Doug McKay and Council Member Freddy
                                                Fisikelli for their election to the Town Council for another four-year term.
                                                The Town of Southwest Ranches is fortunate to have such hard-working and
                                                dedicated public officials who work tirelessly representing the Town’s interest.
                                                Council Members Steve Breitkreuz and Gary Jablonski are part of that team,
                                                and I am very fortunate to be surrounded by such class and commitment.

                                                The next few months and the ensuing issues will test the mettle of the council
 “…the ensuing issues                           and administration. Between the budget, a new fire and EMS contract with
                                                Davie, planned road closures, the recent ICE decision and potential legal
       will test the                            ramifications, my campaign to be re-elected as your Mayor, and other to be
                                                determined and not yet planned issues, it is important to have a nucleus of
mettle of the council                           leaders who are intelligent and reasonable, to deal with what comes our way.
                                                We have that team in place and I am honored and privileged to lead the way
and administration.”.                           with their consent and support. Someone once told me that success is a
                                                journey and not a destination. I am looking forward to that journey!

Contents:                                       It is an honor and pleasure to serve you!!

Mayor’s Message                   Front Cover   Jeff
Council Member Breitkreuz         pg 2
Council Member Fisikelli          pg 2
Alligator Information             pg 2                     It’s Summer:
SWR Staff News & Updates
Around the Town
  Jean Watson Reception
                                  pg 3
                                  pg 4-9
                                  pg 4-5
  West Broward High Gets an A+    pg 4
  Broward County Public Schools
    SMaRT Virtual Learning        pg 5
  SWR Citizen Advisory Boardsº    pg 6-7
  Call for Email Updates          pg 8
  SWR Town Procurement            pg 8
  Yard Waste Recycling Info       pg 8
  Bulk Trash Pickup Schedule      pg 9
July/Aug ‘12 Calendar of Events   pg 10
In Touch-Town Contact Numbers     pg 11
BSO District 9 Employee of the
  Quarter Award                   Back Cover    Crave!

                                                                                                    Be Brave!
    Council Members

                         Council            recently from Surfside in Miami-
                                            Dade County. He has tremendous
                                                                                      The first time I ran for office, I did so
                                                                                      because this is the place where my
                                            experience and is a great addition to     wife and I decided to spend the rest
                         Member Steve       our staff. He comes in during budget
                                            season and so he is already very
                                                                                      of our life with the people we know
                                                                                      the best. It has worked out great; we
                         Breitkreuz         hard at work pulling everything
                                                                                      have been very happy enjoying this
                                                                                      type of life style in our Town.

                           In the past      I am also very pleased to welcome         As everyone most know by now,
                           month, there     Andrew (Andy) Berns as our new            the detention center will not be built
                           has been a       Town Administrator. Andy comes to         in our Town and it might be for the
    flurry of activity at Town Hall.        us from the City of Tamarac where         best. I have always said that the
    As an organization we have been         he had the opportunity to work            way things work out it is for a good
    going through significant changes.      with a wide range of departments.         reason. We sure could have used the
    Our current Town Financial              His focus was in the area of capital      proposed income, something our
    Administrator is retiring and so        projects and getting things done,         Town is short of, but, we will make
    we had the need to find someone         which is exactly what we need.            out OK. We always have, so let’s see
    to step into those shoes. Also,         He has been a resident of Broward         what has to be done to make our
    we had a needed to replace our          County since he was a teen and            Town a place to be proud to live in.
    previous Town Administrator as          understands the special place that        There are some important issues
    well. So with all these changes         we are preserving here in Southwest       we must address. We need to find a
    it has been difficult to see how        Ranches. Andy is a great listener         funding source so we can continue
    things have continued to progress       and he truly enjoys his interaction       paving our roads.
    but they have.                          with the residents of our Town and
                                            so I am very happy to have him            There are two new members to
    First I want to express my thanks       aboard.                                   our Town of Southwest Ranches
    to Jean Watson. She has been with                                                 family: Andy Berns our new Town
    our Town, handling the Financials       Thank-you Jean and Stan. Welcome          Administrator and Martin Sherwood
    for five years. She walked into a       Marty and Andy. We are building           our new Town Financial Administrator.
    very difficult situation where the      a great team and it is a pleasure to      They have a big job ahead of them
    books frankly were in disarray.         work along side all of you as we          trying to figure how we are going
    So, Jean had to build the process       serve the Town of Southwest               to get the money to finance our five
    from the ground up, which she did       Ranches.                                  year capital projects but I am sure
    exceptionally well. Jean, you did an                                              they will get it done. I want to thank
    outstanding job and the Town will                                                 Jean Watson, for her service as our
    forever be in your debt.                                     Council              Town Financial Administrator and
                                                                                      congratulate her on her retirement.
    At the Town Administrator’s position,
    we have had a series of unanticipated                        Member Freddy        Again, thank you for the privilege
                                                                                      to continue to serve you.
    events, starting with the untimely
    passing of our Town Administrator,
    Charlie Lynn. However, most recently,
    Stan Morris has stepped in and kept
                                                                  This is the
    the Town moving forward as we
                                                                  most difficult
    completed our search for a new Town
                                                                  newsletter I have
    Administrator. To you also Stan,
                                                                  written, because
    I wish you a very sincere thank-you
                                            I don’t know what to say about the
    for all you have done.
                                            events in June. It started with our
    So, in thanking those who have          filing for election for the council.
    been essential to our success in the    When no one signed up to run
    past, we also get to welcome those      against me; I was really humbled
    who are now taking over these           to think the people of our Town
    responsibilities going forward.         trust me that much. The reason I
    We recently hired Martin (Marty)        decided to run again, was there are       With the increased rain you may happen
    Sherwood as our new Financial           important things to be done that          upon one of these critters who were here long
    Administrator. He comes to us most      we have not yet completed. I will do      before Southwest Ranches existed. Keep in
                                            everything in my power to live up         mind that in Florida, all wildlife is protected
                                            to that faith you have in me.             by anti-cruelty laws. For removal of
                                                                                      alligators, call the state Nuisance Alligator
                                                                                      Program at 866-392-4286.
N e w s & U p d at e s               oN   soUthwest RaNches staff MeMbeRs

Welcome to Southwest Ranches……                                              10 Year Anniversary
Our new Town Administrator, Andy Berns and                                  Congratulations to Town Staff,
Town Financial Administrator, Martin D. Sherwood                            December Lauretano-Haines
                                                                            and Lee Rickles
Andy Berns
Andy Berns served as the                                                    In 2012 December Lauretano-Haines,
Community & Economic Affairs                                                Parks, Recreation, Open Space
Officer for the City of Tamarac                                             Coordinator and Lee Rickles,
where he was responsible for                                                General Services Coordinator,
community outreach, economic                                                are both celebrating 10 years of
development, and public                                                     continuous service as Staff at the
information. Before joining                                                 Town of Southwest Ranches.
Tamarac in 2005, Andy had a
lengthy career in the private                                               In addition to their specialized
sector with experience in the         Martin D. Sherwood                    departmental tasks, this creative
Fortune 500 world. After the          Martin “Marty” Sherwood comes         duo has instituted many policies
corporate world, Andy had             to the Town with over twenty          and programs to further our Town
entrepreneurial success in both       years of experience as a Certified    motto: “Preserving our Rural
franchise and start up businesses.    Public Accountant and Certified       Lifestyle,” including:
This experience had served him        Government Finance Officer.
well in meeting the needs of          Most recently Martin was Director     Tree City USA and Growth Awards
Tamarac’s business community.         of Finance at the Town of Surfside,   Dark Sky Ordinance
                                      Florida in Dade County and prior      Barn Watchers – Equine
Long committed to community           to that he served the City of           Neighborhood Watch
service, highlights include           Aventura as Controller.               Certified Wildlife Habitat
Andy serving as the Centennial                                              Certifications for Town Parks
President of the Rotary Club of       During his career, he has             Town Wide Ultimate Garage Sale
Fort Lauderdale North as well         served both the corporate and         Country Roads Arts and
as the founding president of          government sector. Martin               Crafts Festival
Tamarac’s Kiwanis Club.               received his Bachelor of Science in
                                      Accounting from Bentley College,      …..and many more!
Andy received his Bachelor of         Waltham, MA and his Masters in
Science in Management Science         Business Administration (MBA) –       Wishing December and Lee
from Kean University. He returned     Accounting from the University        a happy 10th Anniversary!
to school in 2007 at the Florida      of Miami.
Atlantic University, earning his
Masters of Public Administration      Martin and his family reside in
in 2009; thus proving an old dog      Weston. His wife Pam is a teacher
can learn new tricks.                 at Gator Run Elementary, their
                                      son is a junior at Georgia Tech
Andy and his wife, Melissa            and is currently on a summer Bio
Rapkin, are adjusting to life as      Medical Engineering internship at
empty-nesters as son Dylan
completed his freshman year
                                      Texas A&M. ºTheir daughter is an
                                      avid water polo player at Cypress       Happy 10th!
at Boston University.                 Bay where she is a junior.

    A reception was held
    before the June, 21
    Town Council Meeting
    to bid Town Financial
    Administrator Jean
    Watson, best wishes on
    her retirement. Jean
    received a beautiful
    bouquet, an official
    proclamation and the
    key to the Town from
    the Mayor and Council.

    “Happy Trails
    To You Jean!”

    Education                 N e w s Go o d work!
                                Congratulations to West Broward High (WBH) School
                                In Four Years World Class!
                                Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful
                                weapon which you can use to change the world.”
                                “Students, staff, parents and community,
                                you are changing the world. Thank you!!!”
                                Daniel Traeger, Principal West Broward High School

                                • Top 8% of all High Schools in America (Newsweek)
                                • Top 100 High Schools In American (College Board)
                                • Top 8% of all Florida High Schools
                                  (Florida Department of Education)
                                • Winner Community Involvement Award
                                  (Broward County)
                                • Winner Partnership of the Year (Broward County)
                                • EOC Biology (Tied for 1st Place in District)
                                • EOC Algebra (2nd highest in District)
                                • EOC Geometry (3rd highest in District)
                                • Writing (3rd highest in District)
                                • Reading 9th Grade (4th highest in District)
                                • Reading 10th Grade (4th highest in District)
                                                             Jean Watson and her Family are recognized by Mayor and Council.

Schools and Education Advisory Board (SEAB) Update

Broward County
Public Schools
Virtual SMaRT
(Summer Math
and Reading
Who is eligible for SMaRT?
Students currently enrolled in Broward County public          What do the students have to do?
elementary Schools K-5 and middle school 6-8, are             When a student logs in, the current tab will display
eligible for this program.                                    a list of assignments. The student will click GO
                                                              beside the title to access the assignment.
How do Students access the program?
Students can access the program from any computer             What are the dates of the program?
with Internet access. Navigate to BEEP Student Portal         The program will be available from May 28
and select the Destinations button from the Student           through July 20, 2012. Time on task data will be
Portal home page. Students type their 10 digit student ID     sent to principals in September.
number in the username field and your school’s four
digit school location number (3331) in the password field.    This announcement was placed at the request of
Students will receive assignments related to their            Silver Trail Middle School, 18300 Sheridan Street,
current grade level reading and math standards and a          Pembroke Pines, FL 33331; telephone (754) 323-4300.
preview of next year’s reading and math standards.            Please direct any inquiries to the school.
    SouthweSt RancheS citizen adviSoRy BoaRdS

    2                                                            Southwest Ranches Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board

                                                                 Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board
                                                                 This Board provides input into the development of the
                                                                 Comprehensive Plan and makes recommendations to
                                                                 the Town Council. The Comprehensive Plan addresses
                                                                 Future Land Use, Housing, Transportation, Recreation
                                                                 and Open Space, Conservation, Utilities, Public School
                                                                 Facilities, Intergovernmental Coordination, and
                                                                 Capital Improvements.

                                                                 Newell Hollingsworth, Chairperson
                                                                 Ken Cimetta
    Expertise, Guidance & Direction                              Bob Hartmann
                                                                 George Morris
    from Talented Townsfolk                                      David Charlip
                                                                 Council Liaison:     Steve Breitkreuz
    Our Town Council has a close working relationship with
                                                                 Staff Liaison:       Emily McCord
    the Citizen Advisory Boards in our Town. Each board
    was developed to bring citizen expertise to a particular
                                                                 Drainage and Infrastructure Advisory Board
    area. Annually the Advisory Boards sunset in December
                                                                 This Board provides input to the Town Council
    and members are appointed or re-appointed in January.
                                                                 concerning the development of policies and
    In future months specific articles on each advisory board,   procedures concerning filling, excavating, and
    their members and accomplishments or goals will              clearing of lands, reviewing and prioritizing
    appear in the Southwest Rancher. There are currently six     drainage and infrastructure needs, and developing
    advisory boards. By learning more about these talented       a comprehensive tertiary drainage plan.
    individuals, and their valuable input, it is the hope that
    more residents with professional expertise will become       Members:
    involved and submit their name for future consideration.     Robert Hartmann, Chairperson
                                                                 John Monroe, Vice Chair and Recording Secretary
                                                                 Bryon Houghtaling
    Town of Southwest Ranches Advisory Boards                    David Longstaff
    Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board                            Mary Gay Chaples
    Drainage and Infrastructure                                  Vince Falleta
    Recreation, Forestry and Natural Resources                   John Eastman
    Advisory Board Comprehensive Plan                            Bob Busch
    Rural Public Arts and Design                                 Council Liaison:     Freddy Fisikelli
    Schools and Education
                                                                 Staff Liaison:       Willie Nabong,
    Town Ordinance and Code Advisory Board
                                                                                      P.E., Town Engineer

Recreation, Forestry and Natural Resources              Schools and Education Advisory Board
Advisory Board                                          The Schools and Education Advisory Board follows
Originally established as the “Friends of Parks         the meetings of the Broward County School Board and
Advisory Board,” in December 2003, The Town’s           the happenings in the local schools to provide input
Recreation, Forestry and Natural Resources Advisory     to the Council concerning matters effecting the
Board (RFNRAB) is one of the Town’s longest             education of its residents.
continuously-running Advisory Boards. The RFNRAB
provides input into plans, acquisition funding,         Members:
design, regulation of parks, input into multipurpose    Melissa Gleissner, Chairperson
trails, matters of forestry and natural resources,      Kathy Sullivan,Vice-Chairperson
including tree canopy and recreational spaces           Christine Brownlow, Secretary
                                                        Michelle Hurst
Members:                                                Rosina Marrapodi
Mary Gay Chaples, Chairperson                           Lesley Thiele
Aster Knight, Vice-Chairperson                          Council Liaison:      Doug McKay
Chris Brownlow, Secretary                               Staff Liaison:        Danielle Miller
Eileen Dunn
Debra Goff-Rose                                         Town Ordinance and Code Advisory Board (TOCA)
JoAnn Hagen                                             The Purpose and Objective of the Town Ordinance and
Manny Hagen                                             Code Advisory Board (TOCA) is: from time to time,
Marie Nix                                               at the sole discretion of the Town Council, the Board
Lesley Thiele                                           is requested to review particular Ordinances and Codes
Council Liaison:      Gary Jablonski                    that may require modifications. Most recently the
Staff Liaison:        December Lauretano-Haines         Board has worked diligently on Film Permits and the
                                                        Farm Designations.
Rural Public Arts and design Advisory Board
This Board is the Town’s oldest advisory board.         Members:
It was originally established to facilitate receiving   Holly Hugdahl, Chairperson
Design Arts Funding through the County for Rural        George Morris, Vice-Chairperson
Identification Design. The Board oversees creating      Rich Hagen, Secretary
a sense of place and branding for the Town.             Michel Mercure
                                                        Newell Hollingsworth
Members:                                                Council Liaison:      Gary Jablonski
Ken Cimetta Chairperson                                 Staff Liaison:        Juanita Romance
Joan Boyd, Vice-Chairperson
Jan Pushkar, Secretary
Eileen Dunn
Manny Hagen
Council Liaison:      Doug McKay
Staff Liaison:        Lee Rickles
    Stay In Touch with Town Emails
    Have you changed your email address? Would you like to
    be part of the Town Email list? Recent town-wide emails
    have resulted in returns and unknown addresses.

    Receive up to the minute information on time sensitive
    issues affecting the Town of Southwest Ranches.

    Please take a moment to update our list or add your name
    to be in the know! Thank you!

                     (Please Print)

                     (Please Print)


    Submit to Lee Rickles at or fax
    to (954) 434-1490 with your information.

    Please note that Florida has a broad public records law.
    All correspondence via email may be subject to disclosure.
    Your signature denotes your approval to receive Town Emails.

    Town of Southwest
    Ranches Procurement
    At time of publication there were
    no bid solicitations.
    The Town publishes this monthly solicitation of bids
    as a service to our residents. These are current at
    the time of newsletter publication.

    All inquiries should be directed to Juanita Romance,
    Deputy Town Clerk, at
    or (954) 343-7477.

    Check the Town of Southwest Ranches website for additional
    information or updates.

                                                   Code Corner
                      Town of Southwest Ranches
                  Waste Collection Map and Schedule

                Area 3                     Area 2                    Area 1
          Wednesday & Saturday        Tuesday & Friday          Monday & Thursday

 Month      Area 3 (Wednesday Only)     Area 2 (Tuesday Only)         Area 1 (Monday Only)
July-12        7/11/12 & 7/25/12          7/10/12 & 7/24/12            7/09/12 & 7/23/12
Aug-12          8/8/12 & 8/22/12           8/7/12 & 8/21/12             8/6/12 & 8/20/12

 * Scheduled meetings at time of publication. Items subject to change.

     S                  M                         T                       W                          T                F                 S
          1    Aster Knight          2                        3                        4                     5              6               7
               Parks Foundation
               Town Hall 7 – 8 pm
               Country Estates
               Homeowners Meeting         Code Hearing             Independence Day
               Town Hall 8 pm             Town Hall 9 am           Town Hall Closed

          8                          9                        10                       11                    12             13              14
                                          Rec. Forestry,           Drainage &
               Schools & Education        Natural Resources        Infrastructure
               Advisory Board             Advisory Board           Advisory Board           Town Council
               Town Hall 7 pm             Town Hall 7 pm           Town Hall 7-9 pm         Meeting
               AREA 1 BULK                AREA 2 BULK              AREA 3 BULK              Town Hall 7 pm

          15                         16                       17                       18                    19             20              21
                                          Rural Public Arts
               Town Ordinance &           and Design                                        Comprehensive Plan
               Code Advisory Board        Advisory Board                                    Advisory Board
               Town Hall 7 pm             Town Hall 7 pm                                    Town Hall 7 – 9 pm

          22                         23                       24                      25    Setting TRIM
                                                                                                             26             27              28
                                          Rolling Oaks             Sunshine Ranches         and Assessment Rates
                                          Civic Assn               Homeowners Assn          Town Council
                                          Town Hall 7 pm           Town Hall 6:30 pm        Meeting
               AREA 1 BULK                AREA 2 BULK              AREA 3 BULK              Town Hall 7 pm

          29                         30                       31

                                                                                      1                      2              3               4

          5    Aster Knight
               Parks Foundation
                                     6                        7                       8                      9              10              11
               Town Hall 7 – 8 pm
               Country Estates            Code Hearing
               Homeowners Meeting         Town Hall                                         Town Council
               Town Hall 8 pm             9 am                                              Meeting
               AREA 1 BULK                AREA 2 BULK              AREA 3 BULK              Town Hall 7 pm

          12   Town Ordinance &
               Code Advisory Board
                                     13                       14                      15                     16             17              18
               Town Hall 7 pm             Rec. Forestry,
               Schools & Education        Natural Resources                                 Comprehensive Plan
               Advisory Board             Advisory Board                                    Advisory Board
               Town Hall 7 pm             Town Hall 7 pm                                    Town Hall 7 – 9 pm

          19                         20   Budget Workshop
                                          Town Hall 7 pm
                                                              21                      22                     23             24              25
                                          Rural Public Arts
                                          & Design Advisory
                                          Board Meeting                                     Town Council
                                          Town Hall 7 pm                                    Meeting
               AREA 1 BULK                AREA 2 BULK              AREA 3 BULK              Town Hall 7 pm

          26                         27                       28                      29                     30             31
                                          Rolling Oaks             Sunshine Ranches
                                          Civic Assn.              Homeowners Assn.                      Residential Bulk may be placed in the
                                          Town Hall 7 pm           Town Hall 6:30 pm                  Swale the Saturday before your scheduled
                                                                                                             Bulk Collection Day. (Ord 2008-07)
In Touch

Town Hall: 13400 Griffin Road / Southwest Ranches, FL 33330 • Phone: (954) 434-0008 • Fax: (954) 434-1490
Town Hall Office Hours: Monday - Friday / 8:30 am - 5:00 pm • Town Website:
Town Council Group E-mail Address:

Phone / E-Mail List:
Elected Officials
   Mayor Jeff Nelson                                     (954)   343-7472       
   Vice Mayor Doug McKay                                 (954)   343-7462       
   Council Member Steve Breitkreuz                       (954)   343-7447       
   Council Member Freddy Fisikelli                       (954)   343-7461       
   Council Member Gary Jablonski                         (954)   343-7456       
Town Staff
   Andy Berns, Town Administrator                        (954) 434-0008         
   Town Financial Administrator,
     Martin Sherwood, CPA, CGFO                          (954)   434-0008       
   Town Attorney, Keith Poliakoff                        (954)   434-0008
   Town Engineer, Willie Nabong, PE                      (954)   343-7444       
   Town Clerk, Erika Gonzalez – Santamaria, CMC          (954)   343-7450       
   Deputy Town Clerk, Juanita Romance                    (954)   343-7477       
   Assistant to Town Administrator, Cheryl Williams      (954)   343-7476       
   Assistant Town Financial Administrator, Peter Brill   (954)   343-7442       
   General Services Coordinator, Lee Rickles             (954)   343-7441       
   Community Services Liaison, Emily McCord              (954)   343-7453       
   Parks, Recreation, Open Space Coordinator,
     December Lauretano-Haines, CPRP                     (954)   343-7452       
   Customer Service Specialist, Jane Feary               (954)   343-7440       
   Administrative Specialist, Susan Kutz                 (954)   434-0008       
   Administrative Specialist, Danielle Miller            (954)   343-7474       
Planning, Zoning, Permitting & Occupational Licenses
Building Department/Permitting     M-F 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
    Lisa Reices                                     (954) 888-9882/Fax: (954) 888-9860
    Building Director, Dave Tringo                  (954) 888-9882/Cell: (954) 605-0127
Planning and Zoning M-F            M-F 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    The Mellgren Planning Group                     (954) 475-3070 ext 803
Code Compliance:
   Code Compliance Official, Stan Morris                 (954) 343-7440         
   Code Compliance Officer, Robert Solera                (954) 343-7440         
Police/Fire/Rescue Services
   Emergency                                             911
   Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO)
     Law Enforcement District 9                          (954) 680-0010
   Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue Station 112                (954) 680-0020
   Southwest Ranches Volunteer Fire Rescue               (954) 343-7466
Traffic and Roadway Services (To Report Signs Down - Pot Holes)
   Pot Holes and Signs: Emily McCord            (954) 343-7453                  
   Paving: Willie Nabong, PE                    (954) 343-7444                  
Waste/Bulk/Recycling Services (Residential & Commercial)
  Waste Management, Inc.                        (954) 974-7500
Water Districts - Canals (Permits)
  Central Broward Water Control District                 (954) 432-5110         
    East of SW 148 (Volunteer) Avenue
  South Broward Drainage District                        (954) 680-3337         
    West of SW 148 (Volunteer) Avenue
Well and Septic
  Broward County Health Department                       (954) 467-4705

             Town of Southwest Ranches                                       prsrt std
                                                                             us postage
             13400 Griffin Road                                              paid
                                                                           S. FL Facility
             Southwest Ranches, FL 33330
                                                                           Permit #622

Printed on Recycled Paper            Time Sensitive Material!!!

                                  The Official Newsletter of Southwest Ranches

                                                                  Deputy Chris Bradley
                                                                  receives the BSO
                                                                  District 9 EMPLOYEE OF
                                                                  THE QUARTER AWARD
                                                                  from Commander
                                                                  Wally Haywood.
                                                                  Deputy Bradley!

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