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automatic water level recorder


									                           Automatic Water Level Recorder

                       Monitoring of water levels continuously and longly is very useful to illustrate the characteristics of
                the watershed. To get this information is necessary measuring equipment working continuously record
                the water level changes in the incidence of the work automatically. AWLR designed to provide this
                information at an economical price, quite accurate and reliable.

                              Working Principle
                                       Buoys and load (counter weight) is associated with a nylon cord that is placed on a pulley. The buoy is
                             placed in the water, so if there is a change of position of the float will cause rotation of the pulley system.
   Spesifikasi:              Turbulence pulley system uses pulleys taken with a smaller sensor to electronically translated into position sensor.

                                        Data recording is done by time printing on calculator paper printing. The higher the float position will
        sensors float        provide more frequent recording time (short time interval) compared to the low position. Recorded time intervals
         "precision          ranging from 6 minutes to 180 minutes. The dynamics of water level on the state of the flood (water level height) is
     potentiometer" with     more a concern than the normal height. .
      linearity +0.25%
                                       The data to be printed on printer paper input will be incorporated into Microsof Excel-based software, so
                             that the output of the data in the form of graphs or hidrograph water level or discharge to a river of time.
   Pulley sensor diameter
       adapted to the
    measurement range.
            0—1 m
            0—2 m
            0—5 m
            0 — 10 m

   Data recording with PDA

   Power Supply: DC 12 V

                                        Graphic of WaterAltitude                                                                    Beban


Automatic Water Level Recorder

                           Distributor :
                           PT.Tata Aquarindo Perkasa
                           Majapahit Raya No. 2 Depok, (021) 7788292

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